Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Curious Case of Obama & The Dems' Health Care Legislation: Alive or Dead?

Short answer: It's not dead, at least not yet. What sources told Dick Morris earlier this week -- and as passed along in this space -- was clearly not correct. Morris reported sources telling him that Obama, Pelosi and Reid had basically come to agreement that the House would pass the Senate's version of the bill (with Obama then signing it into law), followed by the House and Senate passing an additional bill that would amend the bill Obama signed so that House dems can get some of the things they want (including, perhaps, a "public option") into the bill. The passage of the second bill was to be accomplished in the Senate by use of the "nuclear option," AKA reconciliation -- an infrequently used procedural gimmick that allows a majority party to circumvent the normal Senate rules and pass a "budget-related" measure by a simple majority vote rather than the typical 60 required to avoid a filibuster.

There has clearly not yet been an agreement to pursue that course of action (Morris' sources were wrong). But make no mistake, Obama/Reid/Pelosi are clearly mulling that very same course of action, and just can't seem to make up their minds (see linked story from today's Regardless of outcome, it's going to be fascinating to observe whether the far left powerbrokers ultimately choose to ram-rod something through using the nuclear option or whether the legislation truly does die on the vine (and of course, the dems also have other options, such as trying to pass more-popular bits and pieces of their bill in piecemeal fashion). But keep your eyes open, because the notion of the dems passing a "comprehensive" bill ain't dead yet, folks.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh My! How the Mighty Have Fallen!

Rip Torn -- once the ruler of his own kingdom, master of the massive and powerful Jun horde that pursued The Beastmaster to the edge of Hell, and owner of the highly esteemed title of "High-Priest Sorcerer" Maax -- gets thrown into a Connecticut hoosgaw this weekend for gettin' drunk, packin' heat, and trying to knock over a bank (allegedly). This may be one of the most dramatic falls from grace since footballer Todd Reesing turned Heisman crowing into a 7-game losing streak to wrap up his career at the University of Kansas. Heck, looking even more big picture, Torn's may be the biggest plunge in fortunes since God cast Lucifer out of Heaven and into The Abyss! "He used to rule the world -- Seas would rise when he gave the word..."

Friday, January 29, 2010

"I Am NOT An Ideologue!", Crows Obama Today. Plus, Now He's Considering Having the Justice Department Look Into College Football's BCS System...

First item today: The ideologue denial immediately conjures up for me images of Nixon's infamous "I am NOT a Crook" proclamation, particularly (1) from a White House that has shown some real Nixonian propensities over the past year (most notoriously, encouraging American citizens to report other citizens to the White House if they say anything "fishy" about Obama & The Dems' health care reform desires), and (2) due to the complete absurdity and non-reality that the two statements share.

Second item: The link below is headlining drudge tonight, and discusses how Obama's Justice Department is making noise about investigating college football's BCS system (yes, I emphasize the B & the S in that abbreviation). Should college football toss the BCS system in the toilet and adopt an 8-team playoff system to determine the national champion? ABSOLUTELY. But should the federal government play any role in trying to force that to occur? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Tell me, is there really any aspect of our lives that Obama & The Dems don't want to get their hands on? Well, actually, I'm not sure why I'm even complaining. They are radical left progressives, after all. It's just what they are and what they want. And BTW, SHAME on old republican fat-cat Orrin Hatch for instigating this BCS-investigation silliness in the first place.

Good Cause, First Lady!

Michelle Obama is onboard for a new campaign to fight obesity in the country (first link below). Obesity takes lives prematurely. Obesity drives up health care costs. Any initiative designed to combat it (so long as people are not forced or coerced into losing weight) is fine by me, and I applaud it (because it's damn hard to lose weight). I'll even make my own personal contribution of the recipe for a personal invention of mine -- the ultra low fat Slimeball Sandwich (second link below)!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Grief!

Remind me never to set foot in Rubidoux, wherever the hell that is (appears to be somewhere in Cali). Matter of fact, remind me never to set foot within 2-3 states of wherever Rubidoux is.

Heard the Last 45 Minutes Of the State of the Union. Struck Me As More of the Same.

...although I did not catch all of it. What I heard was pretty uninspired. Came across as a professor teaching a class or something. On substance, I heard little to indicate any upcoming Clintonian-style move towards the center. Instead, sounds like he's not moving at all to the center. Heck, he probably could have given this exact same speech a year ago, because very little has changed in his rhetoric or what he wants to pursue. We got the obligatory Blame Bush stuff. And I really don't get how he is still calling for earmark reform when he signed a massive "stimulus" bill that had thousands of earmarks, or how he is still calling for more transparency in Washington when he stood by and did nothing as the Senate dems forged all these slimey back-room deals in order to ram through a highly unpopular health care bill. Sorry, it all just rings hollow and missing in any real conviction. Bottom line: Mediocre stuff. I give him a C (lower likely if I'd heard the entire speech, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for the part that I didn't hear).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts...Who Says I'm Some Deranged Right-Winger or Loony Left-Winger? Or Am I Both at the Same Time?

For example, I'm intrigued by the idea of the spending freeze that Obama had proposed. (Of course, his partisans on the left in Congress reject the idea, while mindless right-wingers of course claim that it doesn't go far enough, and so they oppose it too.) If Obama truly wants to turn over a new populist leaf, however, he should first push for a bill that amends the massive stimulus bill of the past year in order to eliminate all of the pork that was not designed nor intended in any way, shape or form to "stimulate" the economy or to create any new jobs. (Obviously, that's never going to happen, I realize.)

Another thing intriguing to me is the idea of caps on credit card interest rates. I saw today that both the banking industry and the Obama administration oppose such caps. (BTW, that particular combination agreeing on something should probably be your first clue that the idea of caps might have some merit). I'm not up on the issue nor well-informed at the moment, but I would at least be open to the idea. Like I said, random thoughts tonight.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Told You So: Reports of the Dems' Massive Health Care Bill Being Dead Were Apparently Greatly Exaggerated.

I had read and heard that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other high-level dems were meeting this past weekend to talk about possible strategies for saving a large-scale health care bill like the versions that passed the House and Senate last year. Well today, Dick Morris reports on the plan that came out of those meetings. Here's the new plan, according to what sources have told Morris: First, the House will vote to pass the version of the bill that the Senate previously passed. That bill will then go to Obama, who will sign it into law. Of course, radical left progressives in the House hate the Senate bill -- And so why would they ever vote for it? Because in advance of voting for it, Senate dems will promise them in writing that certain changes will be made to the Senate bill after it's signed into law. How can that be, you ask? The changes will be made in the form of new legislation that will "amend" the bill that's already been signed into law.

So next you ask -- How could such "amendments" ever get through the Senate since the dems have lost their 60-seat supermajority? Well, according to Morris, that's where the so-called "nuclear option" (the obscure budgetary procedure called "reconciliation") would come in, with the Senate ramming through the "amendments" by needing only 51 votes -- effectively bypassing the normal legislative process in the Senate, which requires 60 votes to avoid a filibuster.

Now, if there was ever a case in which a person actually hates to say I told you so, this would it. I only wish the dems' massive and widely unpopular health care bill was truly dead. Maybe it will still die (e.g., if not enough House or Senate dems agree to buy in on this new Obama/Pelosi/Reid plan), but it certainly would appear that it ain't dead yet (subject to Morris' sources being way off, which I doubt).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Obama & The Dems: We're Gonna FIGHT! Are They Blind? Or Purely Fatalistic?

The rhetoric from Obama & The Dems this weekend is that of No Retreat, No Surrender, No Movement to the Center. Despite the recent results in Massachusetts, Virgina and New Jersey, they're ready to FIGHT, they claim, and to remain on course with the far left progressive agenda that they've been trying to force down our throats over the past year. Not that any of this comes as a surprise. As expressed in this space and elsewhere, I had little confidence following the Brown victory this week that Obama would show the political shrewdness of Bill Clinton after the repubs took control of Congress in 1994, which resulted in a sharp march to the center by Clinton (saving Clinton's presidency and garnering him a second term).

Do Obama & The Dems really think it's just a little noisy group of conservative republicans and tea partiers who have rejected the far left course that they want to lead this country down? Well, I for one don't think they're that dumb. I think they know full well, or at least have some strong indication, that the opposition to their vision runs rampant among Independents, non-conservative republicans and non-liberal dems alike. I just don't think they really care (even though they risk losing the entire Congress this fall if they proceed as they have been). And that complete indifference to the Will of The People is precisely what makes them so dangerous. We have not yet seen the end of Scary Days, folks.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Folks Are Mad Down in Venezuela Too! Tens of Thousands Hit the Streets Today to Protest the Policies of Socialist "President" Hugo Chavez.

Chavez should enlist his best buddy, Danny Glover, to help out with this mess -- That is, if Glover can tear himself away from blaming America for the Haitian earthquake. As discussed in the more-distant past in this space, the general policy of appeasement that has been pursued by both the W and Obama administrations towards Chavez -- and the fear of ever saying anything "too harsh" about any of the undemocratic actions or words that emanate from that buffoon -- has been pathetic and an ongoing joke for several years now.

And as also previously discussed in this space: To be clear, I do not advocate in any way, shape or form a return to the old Cold War American way of doing things in Central and South America, including myriad CIA involvements in efforts to topple left-wing regimes. All I'm saying is that the American government needs to stop the rhetorical pussyfooting and smiley glad-handing when it comes to Chavez.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Burger King Joint to Offer Beer with Whoppers. Oh, That'll Work.

It's to be called "The Whopper Bar." The only thing that could be better? If White Castle joined in on this action. I'd be like, "Oh waitress? Bring me a beer and keep 'em coming, sweetie, and while you're at it, bring me a Crave Case of Slyders with cheese and a box 'a Fish Bytes to wash it down -- And don't forget that tartar, honey." Actually, I think I already had this conversation once in a dream. One of these days, they must bring back the White Castle to Kansas City!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Can Act Like a Man!!! (Or a Lady.)
Whatsa Matta With You!

Political opportunist and turncoat Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) today does his best cross-impersonation between Don Vito Corleone and Eleanor Clift, telling Rep. Michelle Bachmann (D-MN) on a radio show, "Don't interrupt me!" (in best whiney Clift fashion), and then telling her, "I'm going to treat you like a lady -- Now act like one!" Hit the link below for the audio. Translation: Shut up, sit down, and know your place, woman. Not that right-winger Bachmann is exactly my cup of "Tea," but Specter comes across here as a sophomoric, incoherent lout (hey, I've been there myself many times). But regardless, you might ask why I would pick this silly item for the subject of the daily blog post when there were, truth be told, much better topics today (such as some the complete meltdowns of the far left progressive media types as they realize they're likely not going to get their massive health care reform bill). Well, anytime I can connect a political item to The Godfather (or any other favorite movie of mine), that's what you're gonna get!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The Angry Independent Wins." I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself.

So I won't try. From an article on today's

"The angry independent wins

Ideologues and hard-core partisans dominate the leadership of both parties and the cable TV debates. But it’s the independents who are the deciders in most elections.

This voting bloc has swung decisively against Democrats, starting this past summer. A review of polling in Massachusetts, in other states and nationally shows the same thing: By about a 2-to-1 margin, independents have turned on Democrats.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that two-thirds of independents would prefer Republicans controlled Congress. The same polls show the voters don’t even like Republicans. A CBS News poll showed only one-third of independents approve of Obama’s handling of the economy — a nearly 20-point drop in less than one year.

In all three big Democratic losses this past year — in New Jersey, Virginia and now Massachusetts — better than 60 percent of independents said they backed Republicans.

It would be a mistake for Republicans and Democrats to chalk this up to the health care bill. Independents consistently tell pollsters they aren’t happy with anything Washington is doing when it comes to the economy and domestic issues.

For the foreseeable future, the wrath of independents will hit Democrats hardest."

Now, the only thing I would add here is that some of the angry Independents need to start running for office in 2010 so that repubs (so often devoted right-wingers) aren't always the only alternative to the leftist dems. Of course, in past American political history, it's typically been very tough for Independents to successfully run for statewide and federal offices. But in case you haven't noticed, this ain't 2004, 1994 or 1984. There's something going on now that I've never seen in my lifetime: Independents, non-liberal dems, and non-conservative repubs -- many of whom have never been vocal or politically active in their entire lives -- are risin' up, makin' noise, and telling these two parties that we have had it with the political system over which they preside. (And I don't think either party yet has a full understanding of what's going on here). As the top of this blog frequently states, "We Are Relevant. And We Are Everywhere." Now we just need some new options in terms of the candidates for whom we can vote in these elections. That's my vision and my dream. Let's start makin' it happen!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HISTORY MADE: Independents Make Their Voices Heard LOUD & CLEAR Tonight in Massachusetts

(Although I seriously doubt that DC dems are going to pay an ounce of attention, but I digress).

As to today's events: First, I must start by noting that over half of the registered voters in Massachusetts are registered as Independents. Those folks voted overwelmingly today against the radical-left-progressive-controlled Washington DC that's been created by Obama & The Dems, electing republican Scott Brown over dem Martha Coakley to fill the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by the deceased Teddy Kennedy. This is one of the biggest political upsets of my lifetime, and almost certainly the most significant one, because it puts a decent-sized dent in the total control of DC that Obama & The Dems have had over the last year, ending the filibuster-proof block of dem votes in the Senate formed by 58 dems and two left-leaning "independents."

Now, you won't hear me celebrating tonight that a republican won in Massachusetts -- I'd would have much preferred for all those Independents there to have put up their own Independent candidate in this race. But no mistake, I think it's wonderful that a bit of Obama & The Dems' grip on federal power has been loosened tonight -- And moreover, that Independents were responsible! And it also just goes to demonstrate what I've been talking about since I started this blog last spring: There are more of us angry Independents out here than dems and republicans can count, and we are fed up with this political system. And we ain't going away anytime soon. Make book on it.

(Postscript: As stated in this space earlier this week, I'll still "believe it when I see it" that Brown's victory means the death of the Obama & The Dems' massive and unpopular health care legislation. I still think these people are going to try to find some way to ram that thing right on through, although I'd certainly love to be wrong on that front.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Dems Are Blaming Bush For the Surging Polls of Massachusetts Republican Senatorial Candidate Scott Brown. Right!!!

(See linked story). And Brown's surge of course has nothing to do with, say, (1) an inept, unenthusiastic and gaffe-laiden campaign run by dem Martha Coakley nor (2) the hard left progressive agenda that Obama & the Dems have been trying to shove down our throats over the last year which has resulted in a populist, anti-establishment tidal wave sweeping the country. Nope, Bush caused all this, just like he caused so many hurricanes, bridge collapses and deadly new forms of influenza. You know, I'm starting to think that 50 years from now, when I'm probably lying six feet under, the dems are still going to be blaming Bush for all of the world's calamities and events gone wrong. But at least then, I won't have to listen to it anymore.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr., Day to All

I'm not much of an historian, and King was before my time, and I'm certainly not the most well-read on him. But one thing I have read previously is King's Letter From a Birmingham Jail (link to text below) which he wrote to fellow clergymen. Probably the most striking thing to me about this letter is that King -- like most great leaders -- is clearly on a level of moral plane that most human beings never reach. (I doubt that I ever could or will, for example). This is exhibited in the passages concerning why he at times broke laws that then existed. Also striking are many of his written words, from succinct yet extremely powerful sentences (e.g., "I am in Birmingham because there is injustice here," "Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever") to longer sentences and passages that are truly inspirational. Perhaps the best example of the latter would be the sentence that King uses to close his letter:

"Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away and the deep fog of misunderstanding will be lifted from our fear drenched communities, and in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

DC Dems Floating Trial Balloons About Using the Nuclear Option to Ram the Final Health Bill Through the Senate, If Necessary. Stop the Press!

Obama & The Dems appear to be anticipating that using the obscure procedural mechanism sometimes referred to as reconciliation or "the nuclear option" (meaning 51 votes suffice rather than the typically required 60) could conceivably become necessary if repubs pull an upset in the Massachusetts Senate election next week, thereby leaving the dems with only 59 votes in the Senate. (Of course, another vote in the Senate will be necessary on the final health care bill, which "merges" (i.e. incorporates myriad back-room deals that none of us know about) the two versions of the bill that previously passed the House and Senate.)

Here's my reaction: Of course they'll use the nuclear option if it becomes necessary, although it likely won't be. Even if the repubs pull off the Massachusetts upset, it would seem unlikely that the new repub even gets seated before the dems are ready to vote on the final bill in the Senate. And here's my thing: Even if both of those events occur (an upset plus the new guy gets to vote on the merged bill), do you really think for one minute of your life that the current radical-left progressive-controlled dem party that controls Washington is going to let ANYTHING occur OTHER than a massive and unpopular health care monstrosity get rammed right down our throats? Sorry, that ain't happenin'. These people will do whatever it takes on this health care bill. And if you don't believe that, then you've been paying absolutely no attention to how the current breed of DC dems has acted over the past year.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Almost Always Disagree With Obama's Left-Wing Politics, But I Do Try to Give Him Credit When I Feel It's Deserved...

From everything that I've observed and read, Obama's reaction to the disastrous Haitian earthquake, and the American response that he's led, has been very appropriate and spot on. Now, we'll continue to monitor things, of course, in the days and weeks to come. But as of right now, I say good job, Obama.

And by the way, Rush Slimebaugh, who has incessantly criticized the swift American reaction to the Haiti situation, can kiss my big round real Missourian ass. Slimebaugh's about as Missouri as a pickled beak of jayhawker. And don't even get me started tonight on Pat Robertson or Danny Glover...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama, White House Claim "A Victory" By Cutting Another Deal Behind Closed Doors for Disparate Treatment: Some High-End Policies 2B Taxed, Others Not?

...Those aligned with special interests powerful enough to garner a deal for their high-cost health insurance policies (i.e. union members) do not get taxed for the next 8 years, but everyone else gets their high-end policy taxed for no reason other than the fact that they were NOT aligned with some powerful left-wing special interest group to which Obama will bow down. Tell me, this is "A Victory" for what? Slimey Washington politics and business-as-usual? Yeah, I guess they damn well have a point there. They were victorious on those fronts. Although, all of the back-room mystery and dealings by the Obama & The Dems on one of the most transforming and substantial pieces of legislation in American history even goes beyond the pale of mere "business as usual" in Washington. It's pure ugliness. Folks, far from a rock star or a Messiah, Obama in just one year as president has revealed indisputably what he truly is: Just another typical politician, distinguished only by how dangerous he is as a result of his own far-left leanings and willingness to answer to the radical left progressive destroyers who control his party. Scary Days. (That's correct, I'm not in much of a joking-around mood tonight).

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Come Any Time a Natural Disaster Occurs, We Get Right-Wing & Left-Wing Goofs Comin' Out the Woodwork and Trying to Blame It on Humans?

And so it was today that we get religious right freak Pat Robertson blaming the Haitian people themselves for causing yesterday's earthquake. Robertson says that Haitians previously brokered a "pact with the devil" which has rendered them "cursed" and which caused the earthquake. And, just for good measure, Robertson observes that the earthquake -- which is estimated to have killed between 100,000 and 500,000 people -- might be a "blessing in disguise" since it will allow Haiti to be rebuilt.

Not that the far left is innocent in this type of absurd, mindless behavior. I haven't seen any of them yet try to blame Bush for the Haitian earthquake, but I wonder if that's because the "blame Bush" statute of limitations has started to run now that the old neo-con fart's been out of office for a full year. When he was in office, I can still recall some loony left-wingers blaming him for causing Hurricane Katrina to occur, not to mention him having that same causative touch when it came to tsunamis and bridge collapses as well. As I often say: The scariest thing? That it's extremists just like these ones who control the two American political parties. And some think that I'm the one whose nuts for being an Independent!

Postscript: Get a load of Robertson's decrepit old mug above! If not for his age, I'd otherwise think he must be the bastard son of a union between Alfred E. Neuman and George W. Bush. And just take a gander at those nose hairs! Those things are even scarier than Robertson's deranged comments today!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drunken Lout/Schoolteacher Who K-O'd Reality Star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of MTV's "Jersey Shore" Officially Gets His Walking Papers.

(Linked story below). You have to love the writing style of New York Post stories. They use my kinda language. Choice selections from the linked story include:

- " 'Jersey Shore' slugger to get the ax."

- "Tanked teacher . . . is being bounced."

- "Officials will soon mail Ferro his pink slip, which gives him 30 days' notice before he's technically knocked out."

- [My personal favorite]: Ferro sought "to silence Snooki with a sucker-punch right to the kisser."

- An MTV promotional video brought "scrutiny to the then-anonymous brute."

Great stuff. The only things missing that might have made this story complete would be worked-in references to "giving the business," "why you, I oughtta," "rough-housing," and the phrase "what gives." Include just two of those delicious gems, and the story would have had me at Hello.

(BTW, I am appropriately pre-judging this slimeball with my above remarks: He's already been found guilty of assault in a criminal court of law -- which begs the question: how did this bully last so long on his job as a high school teacher before said school lowered the boom? School's Got Some 'Splaining to Do, methinks).

Important Postscript: Kids -- NEVER strike a female.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Like Looking at Palin as Much as the Next Dude, But I Really Don't Need to See Her on My TV Every Night.

That's my immediate reaction to the news today that FoxNews has signed up Palin to be a regular FoxNews "contributor" (i.e. political talking head who appears regularly on FoxNews shows). I think my views on Palin have been made pretty clear in this space over time. I like her on a personal level, I think she's hot, I respect her smalltown background (which the Dems viciously attacked from the moment McCain named her as his VP candidate -- see The White Grill feature in the right-hand sidebar), and I defend her when I see the radical left attacking her in mean-spirited, unfair ways.

But I seriously doubt that I could ever vote for her for president because I'm not a right-wing conservative and, moreover, I just have never been convinced that she has what it takes to be a good president. (BTW, I thought the very same of Obama, Biden and McCain (at least at his age) in last year's campaign, but I digress). And I really don't need to hear from her on a nightly basis on my television. But I guess I'll look on the bright side: Maybe she'll steal some of the airtime away from the slimey Karl Rove, whom FoxNews splashes all across its prime time lineup like whitewash on a Hannibal, Missouri picket fence.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not So Perfect.

So much for all the talk from the University of Kansas ("KU") Fan as to whether this year's team will cap off their near-certain national title with a perfect season. That all went up in flames today at Tennessee, at the hands of a very under-manned Vol team which was swimming in its own controversies and adversities, which was running a bunch of walk-ons out there, and which only played with 6 scholarship players. Ouch. The best part? A nerdy looking walk-on named Sylar McBee plunged the absolute dagger into the Jayhawkers' hearts! And KU Fan thought this would be a walkover and would be coupled with a Missouri loss to Kansas State in order to form the perfect KU Fan weekend. They thought wrong. As for that other game, MU had it covered.


I'm just reading today that females describing their bra color is apparently now all the rage on Facebook (reportedly with some connection to breast cancer awareness). In the past week, I noticed some of these odd single-word messages consisting of only a color, and I had no idea what it meant (nor did I spend any time investigating). I tend to be a bit slow on the uptake from time to time, as you might imagine. I guess that's what I get from reading nothing but political and celebrity websites all the time, not to mention only a limited amount of time each day to even go online. I need to broaden my horizons or something! But back to the bra topic: What's my current status this night? Decidedly Green.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sheeeeeeeee-ut, NEGRO!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid apologizes this weekend for 2008 remarks in which he did his best Samuel L. Jackson/Pulp Fiction impersonation (link below) and referred to Obama as "light-skinned" and as having "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." First, let me say, in the whole scheme of Harry Reid's complete sliminess as a human being, particularly that which has been on display in recent vintage through the "health care reform" process, his 2008 comments referenced above register pretty low on the proverbial totem pole. Plus, unlike with his more-recent behavior, Reid has actually apologized for the 2008 remarks. So you're not going to hear me ranting about those remarks tonight.

Second, and with that being said, doesn't the "Negro" reference tend to exhibit just how completely out of touch with the country this Reid goof really is? I mean, Good Grief! In my almost four decades on the planet, the word "Negro" has never been commonly used nor considered appropriate to use. You would have to go back to at least the 1960's (before my time) to find an era where that word was in widespread and accepted use. Jeezal Peezal, even if Reid had used the word "colored," at least then he would have only been dating himself by about 35-40 years. The dude's simply out of stride with America, and apparently by a very significant measure. And this, along with radical left progressives like Pelosi, and progressive wannabes like Obama, are the folks that completely control our federal government? As I like to say, Scary Days. Very Scary.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Should Independents Look to Attend the Tea Partiers' National Convention Next Month?
No Thank you.

As commented previously in this space, I identify very little with the tea party movement. It strikes me as a predominantly far right conservative effort. It did exhibit some merit early on when it was more true grassroots, but since then the far right-wing powerbrokers have dug their little tenacles into the movement such that much of its original grassroots spirit seems to be only feigned these days. And as also previous noted here, I've yet to see any effort by the tea partiers to reach out to anyone but fellow conservatives.

With those prefatory remarks in mind, I come to the subject of this purported "National Convention" that the tea partiers are holding next month. As a preliminary matter, I must say that nothing says "grassroots" quite like the $549 per-head fee that they will charge to anyone who wants to attend. But even more noteworthy, I was reading today about the line-up of speakers, and frankly it reads like an attendee list at a Barry Goldwater birthday party. First, you have zany, nutty right-winger Sarah Palin as keynote speaker (although she is hot). Next, you have "members of the GOP's far-right flank" in Congresspersons Michele Bachmann and Marsha Blackburn. Finally, and just for good measure, you get a few samples of those wonderfully tolerant folks known as the Religious Right -- former Alabama Supreme Court justice Roy Moore and Jerry Falwell disciple Rick Scarborough.

To me, the idea of sitting and listening to this motley crew rant all day is about as appealing as the thought of (1) sitting in on an Obama/Reid/Pelosi back-room meeting or (2) contracting a nice healthy pack of hemorrhoids -- Pick Your Poison. And so as to the question of whether Independents should pay any attention or interest to this event next month? I don't think so -- Unless a cast of characters like that described above happens to float your boat. And if it does, I got news for ya -- You ain't an Independent.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love! The Big E Would Have Turned 75 Tomorrow.

Here's a Rager salute to Elvis Presley, one of the greatest entertainers ever known to man. The linked item documents tomorrow's occasion and also posits a poll as to the #1 Elvis Leading Lady of all-time from the Big E's various pictures. I confess to not being overly familiar with several of said ladies, so I'll go ahead and go with Sinatra's daughter by default.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Woman Goes Berserk, Goes Ape, Tosses Cash Registers, Mop Buckets & Assorted Other Items at McDonald's Crew Who Won't Refund the Price of Her Hamburger

This lady in Kansas City didn't care for the way the hamburger had been made. Hey, I'm not going to jump all over her. Certainly, she should have handled the situation more diplomatically and without the destruction of property (which is a crime). But in the famous words of the Michael Douglas character in the movie Falling Down (pictured above), haven't these McDonald's employees ever heard the phrase, "The Customer is always right"? If not, someone should remind them. If this woman didn't care for how the burger was prepared, refund her damn 90 cents already. What, are you worried about setting the dangerous precedent of ladies nationwide ordering a burger, taking a bite, and then demanding a refund!?! Please. In my book, McDonald's (which I already do not like due to the lack of healthy food choices on its menu for those of us who don't care much for eating cardboard-like-tasting "grilled chicken") is just as responsible for this ugly situation as the lady referenced above. That's right, Equally Responsible. 50-50.

Obama Disregards Pledge Made 8 Times to Permit C-SPAN Coverage of Health Care Bill Negotiations: I Have a Different Take Here Than the Far Right.

I'm going to give Obama the benefit of the doubt: When he made this pledge over and over on the campaign trail in 2008, I don't think he was lying; rather, I think he probably believed at the time that these negotiations could be on C-SPAN. So I don't really agree with all the "liar" venom coming out of the conservatives. That being said, there's plenty to criticize here. First, to make such a promise over and over, and then to do so little (basically nothing) to try to actually make it come true is just plain disingenuous. Second, to believe and then to state that belief over and over that there would be open negotiations, when in fact he should have known that his own party's leaders would throw up considerable roadblocks to that ever occurring, shows a concerning lack of judgment in the first instance -- and certainly a lot less judgment than I would expect to see from a person who is President of the United States. But was Obama knowingly lying to us? Again, I'm not going to go there on this one, first and foremost because I simply don't think it's true.

Please Tell Me Something...

Why is it that if one side had committed myriad thousands of new troops to a war with no clear objective in Afghanistan, the Far Left would be out in droves, as they were in all the years preceding 2009, protesting to the hilt, but then that same Far Left goes almost completely silent when their Hero is in office and ratcheting up those troop levels to huge new expansions? I'll tell you why. Because the Far Left, and the Radical Progressives who control it, have very few if any principles to speak of. They have no character. They are no different from the Far Right and the Conservatives that control that little swath of things that they call a republican party. And in the meantime, the overwelming majority of us Americans just sit around peacefully, remain silent, and let all this B.S. occur, day after day, year after year, decade after decade. We're not represented by anyone. And Time Has Come to Change That. I ain't running for office, but at least I'm out here making my voice heard and rufflin' plenty of feathers. That's what All of You need to start doing. Express Yourselves. Until we do, things are always going to remain the same -- Two bullshit out-of-touch parties just foisting upon us any damn thing they feel like. I've been noisy, and you folks NEED TO GET NOISY TOO. There's a lot at stake. So do it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

San Fran Nan, Long Lost Cousin to Baghdad Bob, on Obama & The Dems' Health Care Bill: "There Has Never Been a More Open Process For Any Legislation"!

At the same time today, she rejects C-SPAN's request to be allowed to televise the Dems' back-room negotiations to reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. Is there much more to be said here than what I've already said in this space about 1,000 times before? Let's see. "Never a more open process"? And right means wrong. And left means right. And I always tell the truth, even when I lie. And I am the spitting image of Brad Pitt. And my shit truly hasn't stunk in years. Really though. Just believe me. Yawn.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Book: Warren Beatty Slept With 12,775 Women Over 35 Years. No Wonder Carly Simon Said He Was "So Vain"!

I'd be vain too. An upcoming biography of Beatty authored by Peter Biskind reports that Beatty slept with around 12, 775 women "give or take" over a 35-year period from around 1955 to him meeting Annette Bening (his current wife) in 1991. That basically equates to a new gal every single day over that period. I recall Hank Williams, Jr.'s famous lyric about liking "to have women I've never had," but this is ridiculous. My first thought was to wonder how Beatty's stats stack up with The Legend himself, Wilt Chamberlain. Well, I looked it up again and Wilt claimed to have bedded 20,000 different women during his life. So on first blush, you might think Beatty has some work to do. But not so fast. The Beatty biography author Biskind offers a very significant caveat to his 12,775 figure, pointing out that it does not include "daytime quickies, drive-bys, casual gropings, stolen kisses, and so on." Methinks that if one was to include some of that action, plus Beatty's pre-1955 and post-1991 liaisons, he might just be right up there in Wilt's league or perhaps even exceed it. In short, more empirical data and research are necessary.

Post-Script: I was at first embarrassed to mention that I have no earthly idea what a "drive-by" means in the sexual context. So I was a bit relieved to see that the linked LA Times blog on Beatty's conquests also apparently asks the very same question ("If anyone can offer a good definition of what might constitute a Warren Beatty 'drive-by,' we'd love to hear it."). And also for the record, while I do believe that "daytime quickies" (as I understand that phrase) should be added to and included within the Beatty tally, there's no way that you include "casual gropings" or "stolen kisses" in any credible count of sexual activities. I wanted to make my position very clear on that point.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We Don't Need Stuff Like This. Obama Hung in Effigy in Georgia. Whether the Far Right or Far Left Is Responsible, I Hope the Perpetrator Burns in Hell

If you disagree with our president, as I most often do, then the same is to be expressed in words, thoughts and ideas. Not in hate. Not in violent-tinged actions or symbols. Now, those comments are of course based upon the presupposition that this was some right-wing freak who is responsible. The probabilities are that it was such a freak. At the same time, I didn't just fall off the proverbial turnip truck over here. I realize that something like this could always be the work of the far left, aiming to create a propaganda event in favor of their ilk. Such is the very concerning world and country in which we currently live. But regardless of which extreme's person is to blame, "I'd love to spit some Beechnut in that dude's eye," as one of my favorite old songs goes. I remain true to my view that we are ultimately a nation of free ideas, debate and conversation -- from which better leaders become elected and poor ones ultimately are retired to the private sector. That's America. And regardless of what anyone else might think, and regardless of how much the two extremes might try incessantly to change that dynamic, I think that essential core value of what makes us American ain't going away any time soon.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gotta Love the Far Left! When Obama & The Dems' Polls Head South, They Attack the Messenger.

In the linked story, today reports that the far left is stepping up attacks on independent pollster Scott Rasmussen for polls showing declines in support for Obama & The Dems and their policies. You have to admire the very limited playbook of the far left: (1) Anyone who disagrees with them on anything is a right-wing extremist, racist and/or nazi; (2) Any poll that shows bad public opinion numbers for their politicians or their policies is biased and flawed; and, (3) finally, dem politicians never do anything wrong or, if they do, the republicans did the same thing or worse at some point, which makes it right. Absent from said playbook, of course, is any real proof of intelligent thought or character, but instead just an incessant lack of desire or caring to address the substance or merits of issues or what the American people think about them. Or, much more simply put, it's called being out-of-touch, aloof, and drunk with power. A most dangerous combination.

Friday, January 1, 2010