Friday, November 30, 2012

"Confident Obama Sees Path to Fiscal Cliff Win" Next Month, Is "Supremely Confident He'll Come Out on Top of a Fiscal Cliff Deal"...

[Preface: The "fiscal cliff," in a nutshell, refers to a group of federal tax hikes and significant budgetary cuts set to take effect in early 2013 if Congress doesn't act. Most economists agree these measures need to be tempered by Congress to avoid the economy slipping back into a definitional recession.]

Good to see Obama's priority is making sure he "wins" the "fiscal cliff" issue from a political perspective.  Couldn't have him out there, after all, placing his priority on such juvenile things as, say, the best interests of the American people "winning" out.

But alas, that's been the Obama we've seen for four (going on 8) devastatingly long years now:  His political fortunes first; his far leftist ideology a close second; and the American people dead last.  Not that W Bush, nor the current herd of gop-er assclowns, were/are any different or better, mind you.  These people all stink. Just wish more Americans could see and/or admit it.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A City Gone to the (Wild) Dogs? "Wild Coyotes Roam Chicago Streets," Including at the Legendary, But Now Overgrown & Dissipated, Wrigley Field...

I knew things weren't going so good in the Windy City. Hardly a day goes by when I don't read about some rampant crime story from Chicago or some other major economic or other crisis there (Tom Kane has been the worst mayor imaginable).  But I didn't know things were this bad...

The new fall NBC TV series "Revolution" exposed the sad dilapidated, overgrown state (pictured above) of historic Wrigley Field, but it gets even worse: Wild canines are now running the Chicago city streets in droves, including in and around the old ballpark (link below).

Reports, "wild coyotes" have been "roaming Wrigleyville streets" (pictured at top).  One local said, "I've lived here all my life and that's crazy," in response to the sight of a "pair of rather large coyotes hanging outside the ballpark looking for a snack."

And it's more than just a pair of dirty dogs:  There have also been reports of wild coyotes "running under the [Wrigley] marquee" and "near the [Cubs baseball legend] Ernie Banks statute."

Man.  Officially chalk up Chi-Town upon my list of cities where I wouldn't want to live, and damn sure don't want to visit, either. They could at least trim the damn ballpark overgrowth!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"BUSH III," Screams Drudge Report's Tuesday Headline Concerning a Possible 2016 Jeb Bush Presidential Run. No Thanks...

Bushes, Obamas and Clintons -- you can keep the whole damn partisan lot of 'em.  With Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton certain to seriously consider presidential runs in 2016, and with Michelle Obama likely to get involved in politics at a high level after 2016, is there any end to this American Nightmare in sight?

By 2016, we will have had nothing but Bushes, Obamas and Clintons as American presidents for 28 straight years.  America managed somehow to survive the first 12 years of what I'll call the BO-Complex (a term part in reference to the general stench of those three slimy political families), but the last 12 years of the BO-Complex have been an unmitigated disaster of horrific spending and debt (not to mention costly and ill-advised foreign wars and incursions) from which this great country may never recover.

I'm to the point where I might just take the likes of Kim Kardashian or a hairlipped hobo over another assclown president from within the BO-Complex. Enough already. And enough, as well, of gop-er threats this week as to whom they may run for president in 2016.  Don't we have enough to worry about the next four years already with a second term Obama running wild?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Larry Hagman Passes, But the Show Will Go On: Season 2 of the New "Dallas" Still Reportedly On Track for Late January Premiere...

I was thinking about it this weekend after hearing the sad news of Larry Hagman's death: I'm not sure how they wheeled his old carcass out there at all in Season 1!  He was over 80 and has been in generally bad health for years now.  Hell, at one point in Season 1, his villianous "J.R. Ewing" character was tooling around the Cattle Baron's Ball with a damn walker!

True enough, Hagman's performance as J.R. was excellent and didn't suffer a bit, although it was clear that his poor health and age limited his on-screen time and limited his J.R. character to almost secondary character status (similar to that of fellow aging "Dallas" alum Ken Kercheval ("Cliff Barnes")).

So my initial gut reaction after hearing of Hagman's passing (i.e., "Well that's gonna be the end of 'Dallas'") was likely premature.  Indeed, word Monday (link below) is that TNT still plans to go forward with Season 2 starting January 28...

Hagman had reportedly finished shooting 6 of the new season's 15 episodes, and his death (or least that of "J.R.") will apparently be wrapped into the storyline for the second half of the season -- which itself opens up all sorts of possibilities, including (just a random guess) a "Who Shot J.R. Revisited" cliffhanger episode.

Something like that (and again, just my speculation) may necessitate partial use of a computer-generated J.R.  But that worked well for the final TV scene of Mama Soprano and all of the recent film appearances of Star Wars' "Yoda," so why not also for Hagman and his inconic J.R. Ewing?  Just please trim those nasty devil's horn eyebrows off the CGI J.R.!

Monday, November 26, 2012 From Over the Thanksgiving Weekend: "Republicans, 2016: In Full Swing"...

You know, Politico could have at least saved the threats until the holiday weekend was over.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Be Sure to Rack It In...

Of course I'll be having the typical Thanksgiving meal fare on Thursday afternoon, which always bores me a lot:  Turkey (tastes like cardboard); dressing (always too dry); cranberry sauce (never touch the stuff); and mashed potatoes/gravy (about the only thing I'll eat).  Banquet Meals just ain't what they used to be.  (OK, kidding.)  But...

What I'm really looking forward to are some of my own special eats on Thursday night.  I've got the following feast on tap:
  • A McDonald's McRib sandwich purchased earlier this week. Nothing says holiday season quite like the McRib!

  • Several leftover White Castle Slyders purchased in a Crave Case last December and since sitting and waiting in my freezer for a special occasion just like Turkey Day (!) (thinkin' of my friend Jim Gobble right now).

  • Some Bloomin' Onion remnants (since frozen) from a late summer jaunt to Outback Steakhouse.  Giddy-Up.

  • Perhaps a little Black Pepper Shrimp from Hy-Vee Chinese that I've been meaning to polish off over the past week. Me-needs to get that grub outtahere...

  • And finally, for the coup de grace: A big box of fried chicken gizzards from local fastfood joint "Go Chicken Go." Dip them gizzards in some ranch or red sauce, and they taste just like chicken, baby!
I love Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"PETA to Obama: Don't Pardon the Turkey"; Animal Rights Group Accuses Obama of "Being in Partnership with the Turkey-Killing Industry" For Going Forward with the Annual Ceremony...

[The turkey having wings is the one pictured above on the left]

That's rather odd.  While the effect of conducting the annual presidential turkey pardoning ceremony is actually to save one of "gentle, intelligent [yet tasty] birds," PETA wants Obama to have no part in the whole affair.

Obama for his part has always done the ceremony and probably will again this year -- although maybe his views have "evolved" in this area too, especially now that he's largely unaccountable (errr, in his second term).

Regardless, I have a separate question for PETA, which I've always sort of wondered:  I know your position against eating game and domesticated animals, but what say you, PETA, when it comes to the whole issue of human cannibals gettin' their grub on with fellow humans?

Do you turn a blind calf's eye to that sort of thing since there aren't really any "animals" involved (except in the most technical of senses)?

If not, and if you do oppose the practice of putting a grown man in a stew or through a meat grinder (it happens, as previously detailed in this space), then why have I never heard you say word one about it, PETA?  The silence is truly deafening over here.  Nary a gobble, gobble.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Why Are Retailers Ruining Thanksgiving?", Laments Website After Many Retailers Plan to Start "Black Friday" on Thursday This Year. But There's a Very Simple Solution (As Usual)...

I loved this foolishness from website early this week:

"Say goodbye to Thanksgiving -- and Black Friday while you're at it.  Retailers are wrecking holiday time for shoppers and shop workers alike. This year will see unprecedented move by the big boys of retail to open their stores earlier than ever on Thanksgiving Day, putting pressure on traditions -- from indulging in an oversize dinner to loafing around watching football -- that many families hold sacred."

Good Grief -- You'd think that "Christmas Break" had just been turned into "Winter Break" or something!

Memo to Marketwatch and anyone out there who's about to let retailers "ruin" their Thanksgiving by being "forced" to attend "Black Friday" sales on Thursday:  Then Don't Go, For Chrissakes! Stay the Hell Home! Only an idiot would let "Black Friday" sales on Thursday dictate his/her actions that day.

For the record, I'm all for finding cheap deals and sales (I Love that sort of thing!), but I've never been able to get into the mass hysteria and "everyone's doing it" mentality that is "Black Friday."  Thus, I've never gone out shopping that day. Not once. And I sure as hell won't be doing so on Thursday.

Nope, I'll be lying around stuffed, probably watching "Walking Dead" or "Boardwalk Empire" reruns, and laughing at local news coverage of all the fools out there standing in long "Black Friday" lines on Thanksgiving. I'd just like to thank them in advance for the entertainment.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Harsh (Homeless) Indictment? Cop in Florida Tosses Hobo in the Hoosegow for Having the Gall to Charge Up His Cell Phone at a Public Park!

I guess my first response to this story (link below) would be: If you don't want members of the public using the electrical sockets at a public park picnic shelter, then don't put those sockets in the publicly available shelter to begin with!  Jeezal Peezal, the matter of good government and policin' ain't rocket science.

But that didn't stop a cop in Sarasota, Florida last week from throwing the book at a hobo (a regular Al Capone over there) who was trying to charge up the ol' cell on the public dime down at the Gillespie Park picnic rotunda...

"Theft of city utilities will not be tolerated during this bad economy!", the cop reportedly bellowed at the bum before heaving the tramp in the can for the night.  And I see copper's point:  That cell charge probably took the City to the tune of, what, maybe 3 or 4 cents?

The vagabond couldn't afford the $500 bond and had to spend the night in the stir.  But alas, a happy ending:  The hobo's now been set free "after a judge threw the case out, saying the [cop] lacked the legal justification to make the arrest." Sure ain't no picnic, being a vagrant (or much of anyone else) in 2012 America.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I Don't Call Them Deranged Right-Wingers for Nothin'!: First Obama Was a Muslim, Then He Was Born in Kenya, & Now He'll Be Seeking a Third Term Just Like FDR!

The right-winger gop-er types have to be pulling their hair out over the past week over how in the hell they could have lost a presidential election to the hapless likes of the most leftist president (and one of the worst presidents) in American history in the midst of a still absolutely rotten economy.  Hell, it even had me shaking my head.  But here's a major reason why:  So many of these right-winger gop-ers are absolutely nuts! Who would want to vote for them!  To wit:

There seems over the past week to be this new right-winger undercurrent of sentiment claiming that Obama's going to hatch a seedy plan to garner a third term as president!  (No word yet whether he'll launch his third term candidacy in his native Kenya while pointing his snout towards Mecca).  I even heard a damn paid right-winger advertisement on the radio yesterday warning about an Obama third term!

Of course, any Obama "third term" claim or prediction qualifies as prima facie evidence of DSM-IV mental illness.  A little item commonly referred to as the 22nd Amendment would stand in Obama's way.  It would take the passage of a new constitutional Amendment to repeal the 22nd Amendment -- a nearly impossible task that will never occur, since its effect would be to permit a third term for the incredibly divisive political figure that is Obama. A two-thirds vote in both the U.S. House and Senate?  With three-fourths of the states ratifying?  Puh-lease.

But the right-wingers can't help themselves, it seems, with this sort of demented talk.  Just like the leftists in the democrat party, they suffer from this incredible incapability of ever letting simple truths and facts get in the way of their kooky ideas, fears and objectives.  Silly extremists.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"I Have Yet to Find One Crime Josef Stalin Committed!", Proclaims Leftist College Professor in New Jersey. Get This Guy on the White House Payroll!

Of course, no sane historian on the left or right would ever dispute it:  Communist Soviet dictator Josef Stalin was responsible for the murders and deaths (millions of them) of more people than perhaps any other slimeball in world history apart from Adolph Hitler.  Stalin is one of a handful of the most evil men who've ever lived.

But why let universal truths get in the way of a good leftist diatribe or rant?!?  Thus this week we get some leftist 20 percenter goof named Grover Furr (who sounds like something from a bad "Elmo's World" segment; pictured above) sticking up for and extolling the virtues of the deceased Russian madman dictator.

Appearing at some sort of on-campus Montclair State University debate (link below), an audience member asked Grover Furr what he thought about Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's apology in 1956 for the mass murders that occurred under Stalin's regime: 

"That's Bullshit!", snarled a suddenly riled up Grover Furr.  "I have spent many years researching this and similar questions, and I have yet to find one crime that Stalin committed!", he added.

Now, methinks the White House and democrat party need to get this leftist cat signed up.  And I'm talking yesterday.  This fool's got the right stuff.  The stuff of legends, such as that exhibited by the likes of David Axelrod, Stephanie Cutter, Robert Gibbs, Patty "Wasserman" Simpson, and San Fran Nan...

It's a rare talent, after all, who is not only able (1) to spew glaring untruths easily capable of being proven false, but also (2) to come across as actually believing those words as they ooze out his/her piehole.

So ladies and gentlemen, I give the next White House press secretary -- Grover Furr.  Besides, Jay Carney really looks like he could use some rest over there. (Word has it Carney's even mumbling, "The Video," in his sleep these days).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Brotherly Love? Romney Reportedly Loses 59 Voting Divisions in Philadelphia by a Vote of 19,605 to ZERO in Favor of Obama!

A similar phenomenon also played out in myriad Ohio precincts.  All this "despite little hard evidence of [voter] fraud," proclaims the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Oh.  Well in that case -- guess that one's cleared up.  Nothin' to see over there.  What evidence?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Stay Away from My Guy!": Did General Betray-Us, Or Betray-Her? Or Both? And Regardless, What a Hot Little Blue-Eyed Number!

He's certainly come a long way (or maybe not) from the days of leftist propaganda website "" notoriously proclaiming of the then-Iraqi Commander General and the "surge" in forces: "Is It General Petraeus, or Did General Betray-Us?" Unfortunately, for him, however, betrayal is still at the very heart of the sordid current controversy surrounding the (not so) good General...

Want the CliffsNotes version?  Here it is (links at bottom):
  •  The 60-year-old Petraeus is a former four-star General and Commander in Iraq and Afghanistan who retired from the military in 2011 to become Director of the CIA.

  • Petraeus (a self-proclaimed gop-er republic partisan) has been married almost 40 years and has two adult children.

  • Petraeus' biography came out earlier this year, entitled "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus" and authored by above-pictured 40-year-old career military hottie Paula Broadwell -- who's also married with two young sons.

  • It turns out that Broadwell herself had something to with Petraeus' "Education," since the General was (by his own admission) banging this broad Broadwell for months in 2011 and 2012. ("Just a soccer mom having a good time," Broadwell actually told the Don Imus radio show on Monday -- Good Grief!).

  • With Petraeus' guilt (among other things) swelling to the surface, he resigned as CIA Director last Friday.

  • But Petraeus' hand was forced (at least when it wasn't on Broadwell's ass) by the results of a recent FBI investigation, and he may now reportedly face criminal charges related to the admitted affair:

  • Enter 37-year-old Jill Kelley (not too bad looking herself; pictured below) -- a State Department/military "social liaison" and all-around "socialite." It's not at all clear whether Petraeus was boning that babe (also married with three kids) as well, but this much is clear: Broadwell thought he was.
  • To wit: Broadwell, apparently thinking herself to be a spurned mistress, reportedly fired off a slew of threatening emails to Kelley with such commentary as, "Stay away from my guy!", "I know what you did," and "Back off." 

  • So Kelley went to the FBI, which reportedly traced the emails to Broadwell and also "in the process discovered tawdry messages between [Broadwell] and Petraeus" describing their elicit affair, including wild talk about "sex under the desk" (OH MY!).

  • Finally, the AP reported Monday that Petraeus' longtime wife Holly "is not exactly pleased right now" over this situation (where would we be without the AP to tell us these things?!?), with "furious [being] an understatement," according to a family friend.
Now, this raunchy story has also crossed over into the slimeball realm of the gop-er republic partisan party and the democrat party, with questions over:
  • First, whether the FBI suppressed this story until after the election; and 

  • Second, whether this was some kind of sleazy maneuver to try to keep Petraeus from needing to testify in an upcoming congressional hearing over the Obama administration's so-called "handling" of the Benghazi terrorist attack -- including this week's new angle (straight from Broadwell's words during a recent public appearance; oh, the tentacles of all this!) over whether the Obama CIA's holding of Libyan prisoners in Benghazi caused the terrorist attack (in order to free said prisoners), as opposed to the story to which Obama and his minions clung for 1-2 weeks after 9-11, i.e., "The Video, The Video and (Even More) The Video".
Make no mistake, however: This story's only become big national headlines this week because of sex, celebrity, infidelity and betrayal (mostly sex and celebrity, truth be told).  Most Americans seem to care about little more than those sorts of issues, anymore. (But I'll roll with it, on occasion, when in the mood).

Monday, November 12, 2012

Daniel Craig Says James Bond's Not Gay, & George Clooney's Sister Says George Ain't Gay. But Whom Am I Gonna Get to Speak Up on My Behalf?

Both of those stories (links below) were from late last week.  Since for some reason the act of affirming that one's not gay seems to be all the rage in Hollywood right now, I'm left to ponder what high-profile public figure can I get to put in a word or two for me on my sexuality?

When one doesn't exactly know any high-profile public figures to begin with, it makes for a pretty tall chore that I'm facing over here.  But one time at rat trap I did talk to a dude whom I swore was William H. Macy at a bar (although he denied that it was him). 

What do you think of the chances that ol' Willie might help me out if I can get him on the blower? And would it make any difference to this whole equation whether or not the particular joint in question was a gay bar?  And what if I was sporting a pompadour and a pink cumberbun at the time?

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Nation Gone to the Dogs? "Controversy" Erupts as "Health Group Scolds Obama" for Eating Hot Dogs & Other Junk Food in Public...

The message she gives to the nation's kids is "Let's Move!", meaning cut way back on your calories and eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables.  New federal regulations now require it of school lunches...

Apparently, however, the same message is never given to Michelle Obama's old man, who's garnering more sharp rebukes for his own diet this week after shoving a whole host of hot dogs, cheesesteaks, barbecue and pizza down his piehole on the campaign trail during the past few weeks.

But before one can so much as utter the phrase, "do as we say and not as we do," some group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) says it ain't gonna take this kind of thing any longer! The group is imploring Obama to institute an immediate "dispensation" of his habit of "eating junk food in public now that the election season is over."

But not everyone's in agreement.  "Let the president eat his hot dog!", bellowed the Center for Consumer Freedom (a trade group funded by the restaurant, food and beverage industries).  For good measure, the Center is apparently ready to go to war with the PCRM, calling that outfit a "phony doctors group" with a "covert vegan agenda" (of all the agendas to be accused of!).

The linked story also goes out of its way to point out past criticisms of the PCRM's "provocative campaigns," which reportedly included a slew of billboards that read, "Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer!"

So things are gettin' uglier here than a ladle of sauerkraut sloshed over a Brainard Bratwurst.  And stinking almost as bad as that brat would be this "story," methinks.  What national debt?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"I'm So Glad We Had that Storm Last Week," Spouts Leftist Chris Matthews on Obama's Reelection. I Couldn't Get Away With That!

Matthews' statement was in reference to the perceived bounce that Obama got from Hurricane Sandy after Obama showed up for a couple of hours in New Jersey to be photographed embracing fat-ass gop-er governor Chris Christie.  Since the storm apparently helped Obama, the storm (which killed over 110 people) was only a good thing in Matthews' estimation.

You know, if I was to make such a statement in front of a client, my employer (which is a diverse mix of both parties) would likely give me my walking papers right there on the spot.  But hardly anyone notices when Matthews utters that sort of thing on national TV.

If only I wasn't so intellectually opposed the leftist world view, I might be tempted to join up with these leftist 20 percenters and the democrat party.  After all, these dudes pretty much get away with saying just about anything, no matter how ugly, inappropriate, insensitive, or moronic.  We just watched an entire campaign chock full of these types of statements from the leftists (as documented in this space).  How 'bout giving me a stacked deck like that just once in my life!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Rotten Years (Goin' On 16). But We Still Have Gridlock, Sweet Gridlock...

I recall waking up the day after Election Day 2008 quite terrified.  The leftist democrat party suddenly had complete control of the federal government, with the presidency and super-majorities in the Senate and House.  That ain't the case today.  Not by a long-shot.  We're still in a close position to where we've been since the 2010 Midterms, meaning the presidency, House and Senate divided between these two rotten, corrupt, extreme-controlled, out-of-touch parties (known as the democrat party and the republic partisan "gop-er" party).  I never want to see either of these two archaic relic parties again have the kind of total control that was the nightmare of 2009 and part of 2010.

As for Obama, I think he's one of the two worst presidents of my lifetime, along with W Bush, and he will undoubtedly continue the path of he and W running this great country right into the ground over the next four years with untold additional federal spending, debt and deficits (not to mention a healthy dose of incessant leftist 20 percenter divisiveness and bullshit).  His Obamacare monstrosity will only intensify the impact. The American people seem oblivious, and there's little I can do about that except to just keep on expressing.  And whether I do that here or elsewhere, I'll never stop.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Election Day 2012: Regardless of Whom You Plan to Vote For...

Get out there and vote, damn it!

Myself: I'm going to be out there in person in order to vote -- see if you can spot me.

For any eligible voter who stays home and doesn't vote, the Rager is very disappointed in you.


Monday, November 5, 2012

I've Waited Until the Last Possible Moment to Give My Official Endorsement in the 2012 Presidential Race. And Here It Is...


That's correct, I'm officially going on record with how I will vote tomorrow.  And, just like every presidential election since 1992 (when a slimeball named Bill Clinton hoodwinked a young, dumb Rager into voting for him), I will be voting third party candidate (any third party candidate) on Tuesday.  There's typically at least a few there to choose from, and one of them will get my vote.

As always, I refuse to make a lesser-of-two-evils choice between two democrat party and gop-er candidates, whom I don't much care for, based on some lofty notion of "civic duty" (put another way, I won't act like these two parties want me to act).  Instead, I will cast a protest vote against this molding, disgusting two-party political system and the steady stream of assclowns that the two parties foist in front of us.

As for King Flipflopper Romney, I refuse to vote for any person whom I believe doesn't truly stand for much of anything.  I totally get not voting for Romney, and I won't be either, but let me ask this:  Unless you're a part of the leftist 20 percenter base of the democrat party, how in the hell could one ever vote for Obama, especially after witnessing his hapless presidency over the last four years?

Let him/her who has understanding and ears hear me now, for I am not just spouting my Independent talking points at this moment:  Obama is the most left-wing president in American history in a 2012 America that is only 20% leftist.  He seeks a radical transformation of the Constitutionally-based American republic into a far leftist, quasi-socialist, western European-type state that hates individuals and embraces mindless group-thinking subjects.  That ain't America.  Leastways, not one this Independent ever wants to live in.

The point here is that there are other options, even if you view (as I do) voting for Romney as not being one of them.  The third-party route, as a conviction-based protest and rebellion against our rotten two-party political system and the tone-deaf two parties that inhabit it, is the option I choose to exercise.  I realize most won't do the same.  But please, at least reject the brainwashed notion that you have some "duty" to anyone or anything to pick between the leftist democrat party and the right-winger gop-ers.  You don't.  Since we're still, for the moment, the Land of the Free.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Prediction: Pain. Don't Look for the Presidential Election Winner to be Decided Tuesday Night...

...The race is just too close, and expect "shit" (and plenty of it) to happen.  There will almost certainly be one or more states where the losing side legally contests an apparent razor-thin loss (calling for recounts, filing lawsuits, etc.).  There are certain to be widespread allegations on both sides of voter fraud and improper voter disfranchisement -- again potentially involving lawsuits or other legal maneuvering.

And then there's Ohio.  That state may be to 2012 what Florida was to 2000, meaning the outcome there decides who wins, and that outcome is going to be very tight.  And alas: There was a story from Ohio Thursday (link below) claiming that a "little known change" in Ohio election law may mean that 250,000 or more "provisional" ballots cannot be legally counted in Ohio until TEN DAYS after the damn election (thereby possibly holding up the national result)!!!

Regardless, just expect plenty of electoral mayhem and chaos Tuesday night (absent one of these two joker candidates opening up a bit of a lead in the final days, which I don't see happening).  American politics has never been uglier or more extreme than it is today, and expect nothing less than a close election Tuesday bringing out every bit of ugliness that these two rotten parties (not to mention the leftist "mainstream" media and right-winger blogosphere) can possibly muster up.  You've been warned.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

War on Women: "As They Say in My Business, I'm Going to Give You the Whole Load Today!," Crows Joe Biden to Female Crowd on Wednesday...

Living in an underground cave, I guess I hadn't realized before that Biden formerly toiled in the adult entertainment business. 

But I can definitely see how Reed Rothchild could've easily been based on the oafish, brain-dead buffoon whom we call a vice president.

Wonder if Biden ever gave that Rollergirl broad the whole load? Good Grief.