Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sequester Pester: Sorry Obama, But Most Americans Have "Cliff Fatigue," Don't Care, and Are Paying Little Attention to Your Latest Contrived Fiscal "Crisis"...

Why would I pay much attention to it? No one else is (despite the best efforts of banner lead stories from the likes of the Kansas City Star, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc., etc.). One poll from recent days (link below) found that "barely one in four Americans said they'd heard much about the automatic spending cuts" known as "sequester" and set to take effect starting March 1.

The cuts reportedly amount to only 2.5% of the huge annual federal budget deficit this year (meaning they would cut merely into the additional spending scheduled to be added to such deficit) and are but a microscopic drop of piss in an Alabama shithouse towards a balanced annual budget -- let alone any impact on the massive $16.5 trillion national debt.

By all accounts, Obama (whose idea the "sequester" was in the first place in 2011) has been almost exclusively focused in recent weeks on politicking and trying to blame the "sequester" on gop-ers before the fact and trying to scare people about its impact, instead of spending even an ounce of time on trying to reach a deal with gop-ers to avert the automatic spending cuts.

But most Americans, it seems, are growing tired of these "sky is falling," so-called "crises" every several months from Obama and are paying little attention. And good for them. Typically what results from these "crises" is very little or no actual cuts in spending, coupled with punting debt issues down the road.

And regardless of whether "sequester" comes to fruition or is averted, we'll have the same result again:  Nothing in the way of meaningful spending cuts. So at the end of the day: I couldn't care less what happens on Friday. You may not even see me featuring "sequester" again as a main blog topic (tonight as the one and only). To repeat, sorry Barry: You're now really boring us over here.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rush Slimebaugh: "For the First Time I'm Ashamed of My Country." Why Don't We Leave "Country" Out of It, Partisan Ideologues?!?

And I'm talking about both sides. Just recall Michelle Obama's famous (and more than once repeated) line that she was never proud of her country until 2008.  But the USA -- the greatest country in which to live in human history -- ain't the problem nor the proper target here...

Rather leftist 20 percenter and right-winger ideologue freaks like Slimebaugh and the first lady are the issue. Put another way, if you want to be ashamed of something, be ashamed of our rotten, corrupt political system and the skunk politicians and talking heads on both extremes (the "bases" of the two rat-bait parties) who inhabit and prop that system up.

That type of shame is not merely excusable, but actually very much warranted and advisable. It's a shame I've held for a long time when it comes to our political system.

But alas, after several decades on this planet, I've come to realize there's very little I can do to change that same sleazebucket system. But no matter. That just gives me all the more motivation never to shut my mouth about it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Political Skunks Eating Their Own: "Tea Party Group Pictures Rove as Nazi"! Now How Long Before This Gives Leftists Ideas?

I think I've now officially seen it all after seeing this story (link below) Tuesday:  Partisan ideologue slimeballs, apparently no longer content with simply calling everyone else Hitlers, Nazis and Stalins, have now taken to hitting up their own membership with this sort of vile foolishness!

After the right-winger tea party's blast towards gop-er sleazebucket Rove this week, I'm fully expecting leftist 20 percenters to soon get in on the act by tossing a few Hitlers and Stalins (as they love to do in general) at some of their own democrat party members. Just for good measure, maybe they can even fit in a few sophomoric "racist" accusations while they're at it?

And why not attack your own in addition to everyone else, after all? They're there, aren't they? Or so goes, I would assume, the partisan ideologue mentality (regardless of side).

I'm left to posit little more than this: These people are sick. They need help. Just don't ever look to me for any, you creeps.

Monday, February 18, 2013

"Illegal Immigrant Tells Congress Not to Call Him Illegal." I've GOT to Try Using That One!

This illegal immigrant dude from last week (link below) has given me a great idea...

After receiving nearly countless speeding tickets from my years out on the streets and open road (including two more just in very recent months), I'm going to take a page from this illegal immigrant the next time a cop sticks his big snout in my window and asks for the ol' license and registration...

"Hey copper, so I may have been going 88 in a 70, but don't call me a speeder," I intend to bark at said fuzz.  Yeah, that's the ticket (in more ways than one).

And if the fool then tries to write me up, I'm gonna threaten to sue his flatfoot ass for discrimination against lawbreaking speed demons, as well as for hate speech ("speeder").

You see: You can learn a lot from an illegal immigrant.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Now THIS Is a Makeover! And Can I Get the Contact Info on Pepper's Makeover Artist So I Can Send It Along to Some Political Slimeballs?

For months late last year and early this year, I knew her only as "Pepper" -- the grotesque, yet personable little lunatic on FX's "American Horror Story: Asylum."  Yes, Pepper could get down on the dance floor (see the "Name Game" music video from "Asylum"/link below), but she sure was a bit of a frightful freak to look at. Leastways, that is, 'til Pepper Got Pizzazz...

The photos above and linked story below reveal that since the end of Asylum's filming, Pepper (actress Naomi Grossman) has undergone one of the most miraculous makeovers since Alice Brady turned into cousin Sergeant Emma on the "Brady Bunch."

And now I want a little taste for myself. Just enough to wet my beak over here. I want to know the name of Pepper's makeover artist and want to pass along said artist's Outlook Contact or business card to others similarly in need. It's just my helpful nature.

I mean, just in the sleazy political world, you've got plenty of gruesome trolls long overdue for a good makeover: We're talking, just by way of example, the loutish likes of (1) literal greaseball Ted Cruz (gop-er senator), (2) multi-chinned Mitch McConnell (gop-er senate minority leader), (3) Captain Kangaroo offspring David Axelrod (Obama's rather hideous hatchet man), and (4) the notorious Anthony's Weiner (whose still-aspiring political career itself needs a complete makeover), just to name a few.

But I'm officially reserving the first politician makeover to an individual who perhaps needs it the most: A peculiarly slippery creature who needs a new hairdresser even more than Rihanna apparently needed a bath. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the pathological, hypocritical, and always unbearable -- Patty "Wasserman" Simpson!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If You Missed Obama's State of the Union Last Night, I Gots Ya Covered Over Here...

Here's a quick summary (and, truth be told, about all you need to know) from Obama's latest February snooze-fest:

"I," "me," "my," "mine," "fair share," "fairness," "balanced approach," "revenue," "reckless cuts," "deficit reduction alone," "progress," "reform," "invest in growth," "corporate profits," "wealthiest Americans," "the wealthiest and the most powerful," "the well-off and the well-connected," "billionaires," "grow the middle class," "roads and bridges," "guns," "thank ya honey," "climate change," "heatwaves, droughts, wildfires and floods," "Green energy," "unfinished task," "finish the job," "Executive Order," "If Congress won't act, I will," blah blah blah, blah blah...

There you have it. So many fresh, new transformational ideas last night. Ya know, after three years of actually (and for no good reason) doing full-length blog posts following these late-winter leftist laugh-a-thons by Obama, why would I bother again? I thought I'd just go ahead and rest on my laurels (why do people always say you can't do that?).

Plus, it was such a better use of my time last night just to take in this SOTU crap as background noise, like so many bad TV shows. And not for nothing, but I did have better things to do Tuesday night. The weekly supermarket flyers had just come in the mail. And the shithouse was much overdue for a good cleaning.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Deranged: In Advance of State of the Union Address, Obama Claims "Job of Debt Reduction Nearly Done"!

If that piece of work is truly "nearly done," it gives a whole new meaning to the concept of a half-ass effort. But regardless of whatever incredibly disingenuous, demented spin Obama and his fellow leftist democrat party minions try to put on the issue, the facts here are pretty simple:

-The national debt has exploded during Obama's presidency and now stands at $16.5 trillion.  (It stood around $10.6 trillion when Obama took office thanks to almost equally reckless spending by that idiot, W Bush -- something which Obama back then actually called "unpatriotic").

-Obama's federal government has been running annual budget deficits of $1-1.5 trillion every single year, with no end in sight.  That means adding $1-1.5 trillion to the national debt every year going forward.

-Obama has done nothing to change this course or to try to make some reasonable headway towards a balanced annual budget, let alone any actual reduction in the accumulated national debt.  He couldn't care less.

-Obama's democrat party-controlled Senate hasn't bothered to pass a budget since 2009.

-When Obama and the leftists talk about "debt reduction," they typically mean this: "Well, there was supposed to be such-and-such amount of large spending increases in the years to come, but thanks to us, the spending increases won't be quite as large as they were supposed to be!"  They call that "debt stabilization." Please.

Don't listen to this crap. When Obama likely says something similar in his State of the Union tonight, feel free just to laugh at him.  That always seems to work well for me.

Monday, February 11, 2013

So: "Marco Rubio to Deliver gop Response to State of the Union Address in Spanish," While Obama to Deliver the Main Address Tomorrow in Leftist. I Gots to Thank 'Em Both...

...Since either way, I won't be understanding a word of it.

Gives me a great excuse to pay absolutely no attention and instead focus efforts on much more constructive pursuits tomorrow night...

Like servicing the wood chipper, or hitting the shithouse for an extended stay.

Still, though, I may (or may not) still watch.  Will probably largely turn on whether both Obama and the right-winger provide me with an interpreter.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dicey Ding Dongs: "Doctors Warn of Worrying Rise in DIY Penis Implants" Using Dice & Other Household Objects! How (Non) Hard Up Would You Have to Be?

I've seen Do-It-Yourself ding-a-lings before, but this takes the tallywhacker (link below). Why they're at it, maybe these guys can also give themselves a DIY heart procedure, some amateur head-and-neck surgery, and maybe even a little homespun frontal lobotomy for good measure?

The linked story (which warns of the risk of fatal infections -- glad they let us know) says these nimrods have been using such objects as "dominoes" and "toothpaste caps, buttons, dice and deodorant roller balls" to try to plus-size the ol' peter.

"Dice," BTW?  I'm sure the old lady really appreciates that one!  There's a reason why they don't sell a Rubik's Cube dildo down at the sex shop, after all (they don't, right?).  Blockheads.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Smelly French Family" Given the Boot from Paris Museum When French Patrons Complain of the Awful Stench! But Wait a Damn Minute: FRENCH People Complaining About ANYONE's Stench?!?

This one represents a new low (link to story below) even by French standards. Sure, the French will surrender at the drop of a girlish-lookin' hat...

Sure, they're a bunch of snobs for no good reason, even when their greatest contribution to American culture comes in the form of fried strings of potatoes drenched in saturated fat.

And boy, they sure do stink on the whole (or so I've heard). Pepe Le Pew!

But now add to the list a new description of the French after this new incident at the Musee d'Orsay Museum in which French people actually fingered other French people for their putrid body odor!: Hypocrites.

At least us Kraut-Micks don't go around casting stones at others for getting all liquored up regularly, eating corn beef, cabbage and wiener schnitzel all the time, or blowing their stacks at the drop of a hat. Jeezal Peezal.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Saved By the Boobs: 80s Teen Sitcom Broad Tiffani Amber Thiessen Garners Huge Page Views for New Sexy Spread on Tumblr.Com. But She Was Never the ONE I Had the Hots For...

Just take a look above at this late-30s-something hot little number Tiffani Amber Thiessen, from her new appearance on's "Me and My Place" blog -- which searches out D-through-Z-list celebrity hotties to show in scantily clad attire within their own homes (purportedly "without makeup," but I ain't buying that one)...

Tiffani Amber Thiessen, the daughter of the NFL's Boomer Esiason and niece to Boomer's old man, Joe Theismann (after he changed the pronunciation of his name), is of course the actress who played Kelly Kapowski (she never looked Polish, although I get the "Ka-Pow" part) on late 80s/early 90s sitcom, "Saved By The Bell"...

The linked video below (provided by St. Louis' Brad Choat) explains that Miss Tiffani Amber's new pics have become some of the hottest and most viewed ones in the history of Tumblr and "My Place"...

Which only goes to show, huge hordes of Generation X males (and likely, females) are still out here who have always lusted after the young hot tail (about their same age, truth be told) that they watched back in the day on "Saved By the Bell."

Regardless, as mentioned in my headline above, it was never Tiffani Amber who got me going.  Nope.  I had a Big Thing for one Lisa Turtle (see below), played by the (back-then) ultra-hottie, Lark Voorhies.  And to think, Lark never needed a big huge Boob Job to gain attention.  B-U-S-T-ed, Tiffani!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Best Yankee Switch-Hitter Ever? Mayor Bloomberg Comments on BOTH a Young Lady's "Ass" and a Senile Old Man's "Balls" in the Space of 48 Hours This Past Week!

(Story links below). For the record, I don't much care for Bloomberg. He's the worst example I can cite of an "I(Don't)-No" -- "Independent In Name Only."

There's nothing Independent about that dude. Whatever the hell he may have been in the past (if anything), he's now a bona fide leftist ideologue in most respects.

But all that said, when he recently barked, "look at the ass on her" towards a young lady, followed by complimenting Alzheimers-suspected vice presidential clown prince Joe Biden for his "set of balls," I gots no problem with any of that. Really though...

Mayor likes his balls and ass, regardless of sex, uh? Not my cup of teabag, but you go, Mayor: As I sit here in middle America sippin' out my ice cold 52-ounce sugary soda right about now, I raise my huge, oversized styrofoam container in a big tolerant toast to your chosen lifestyle! Land of the Free, Baby.