Monday, September 30, 2013

I Do Not Agree With gop-er party Threatening a Government Shutdown Unless the democrat party Agrees to a Delay or Defunding of Obamacare. And I Have My Own Particular, Independent Reasons...

I really despise commenting on this ongoing drama. I hate letting these two rotten parties dictate anything to me, such as what I must comment on in terms of political stories. But this one is of a magnitude that I would feel negligent if I was not to comment...

As should be obvious, I would love the far leftist monstrosity known as Obamacare to be thwarted or to be delayed. Obamacare is one of the ugliest pieces of legislation ever passed in American history -- massive, historically huge doctrinaire legislation foisted into law, for the first time in history, on a straight party-line vote.

And against the will of the American people, who have consistently opposed this leftist turd before and after its passing. That said, the gop-ers need to find a different route to try to defeat or delay Obamacare.

This is an issue that revolves around the mentality that the "ends justify the means." The leftists who control the democrat party and the right-wingers who control the gop-er party believe, to the last, that the ends always justify the means. Always.

Just like we saw the leftists strong-arm Obamacare into law on a tidal wave of legislative bribery, procedural gimmicks, and utter disregard for the sentiments of the American people. And just like the gop-ers would now use similar tactics, by trying to derail unpopular leftist legislation, which did legally pass, through political standoffs and high drama rather than by legitimately winning enough seats and votes in Congress to bring an end to this ill-conceived piece of leftist cow dung legislation.

I worry about the precedent this will set. Since once the gop-ers do it, the democrat party will look for their first opportunity to derail a passed gop-er law through threats of tying it to some completely unrelated issue (like the continued funding of the federal government, as the gop-ers push now)...

Much like the gop-ers in the future will look for their first opportunity to foist some right-winger piece of legislation into law through buying off senators and shady use of procedural gimmicks like "reconciliation" -- just as the democrat party used to force Obamacare down our throats.

This is a never-ending cycle. These two rotten parties using rotten tactics, incessantly providing the other side with an excuse to do the very same thing in the future. These are not decent parties. They are not parties of good will towards the American people. These are a disease, closely resembling an evil, which this country needs to biopsy, remove and exorcise. Just in case anyone thought that I didn't have an opinion.

Friday, September 27, 2013

"Testicle-Eating Fish Related to Piranha Caught in New Jersey": Sounds Like a Damn Monster Movie!

This fish story from New Jersey (link below) -- documenting a particularly nasty strain of fish referred to, in highly original fashion, as "The Ball Cutter" (a.k.a. "Pacu"; pictured immediately above) -- has me thinking of a new film...

It would be along the lines of the classic horror (parody) film from 1978, Piranha, and its remake of much more recent vintage from 2010 (whose most redeeming value was an all-too-short appearance at the start by Richard Dreyfuss before the fishes ate him)...

Only this time around, as a special added attraction, you'll have the further deal-sweetener that these fish will chomp off all the Jersey men's balls as a part of the carnage. Can you just imagine some of the facial expressions on the dudes' faces as these freak fish first engage down under? This one's got Classic written all over it!

And as always, of course, the Jersey film will need a title, and I've already been working that one out.  Set forth below are some of my current candidates for working titles (once I gots the title in the can, it's casting call time, baby!):

-Bean Bake Under the Boardwalk

-My Balls Was Broken in Hoboken

-Meadowlands Massacre: Those Ain't Hoffa's Huevos

-No Country For Old Acorns

-This'll Fix 'Em:  Ball Cutter Neuters Newark

-Crackin' Paulie's Walnuts

-Jersey Horror: Calling Guido's Gonads

-Now I've Had My Drink -- They Ate Sonny's on the Causeway

-Sack Attack in Hackensack

-Boardwalk Vampire: Nucky Not So Lucky

-Gov. Chris Christie stars in No Fish Can Find My Cojones!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"tea party Seeks Same Treatment that socialist party Gets." GRANTED!

The tea party's request was made to the IRS in recent days, "asking for permission to keep their donors secret -- just like the socialists" (link below). And while I have no authority over IRS matters, I can guarantee the tea party that it will get the exact same treatment in this space as the "socialist party."

To wit, and to memorialize:  I, T.I.R. Rager, do hereby solemnly promise and covenant, to always express the very same level of ridicule, disdain, disgust and disrespect towards the right-winger tea partiers and other gop-ers as I do towards the leftist 20 percenters who serve as the base of the democrat party, not to mention all leftist 20 percenters who refer to themselves as "socialists" or members of the "socialist party."

So there you have it. I do not discriminate. As always, I'm an equal opportunity Independent over here.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Infanticide Now: democrat party Official in Cali Wishes Death on Children of Aide to gop-er U.S. Senator, While Leftist Kansas Professor Wishes Death on Children of NRA Members...

But I don't really see why either of these matters (links below) is much of a news story. It's not like the party official or the good professor was wearing an Obama mask at the time.  Yael?

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Shame: Montana democrat party Politician "'Accidentally' Liked Picture of Breasts on Facebook," Then gop-ers Try to Make a Political Issue of It!

Last week I was agreeing with a leftist, and this week I'm talking about voting for one. Maybe I've developed early stage Alzeimer's like Reagan in the mid-80s?  Regardless...

With the slimy passage of Obamacare in 2010, I recall stating that I doubted that I could ever bring myself to vote for a democrat party politician again. The intervening years have only cemented that sentiment: The leftists of today who control that party are a scary, loony, creepy bunch of creatures. But alas, I should never say never...

Because if I lived in Montana, I would actually consider voting for this John Walsh character (reportedly the democrat party's top recruit in Montana to run for U.S. Senate) -- primarily just to spite the tactics of the prudish old WASP right-winger gop-ers who control their equally rotten party.

It seems Walsh (link below) hit the like button on a picture (shown at the top) of a big rack that he saw on Facebook. Oh the Humanity! Walsh claims accident (it would actually be much cooler if he admitted intent), but whether or not that's true is entirely beside the point: Because who gives a rat's ass if dude likes a big pair of cans! Who doesn't?!?

But along slink gop-er "operatives" to pounce on the screenshot (which Walsh almost immediately scrubbed) and feed it to the media, and then to try to make political hay of it. How repulsive. In response, I would be very tempted to vote for the jug-likin' Walsh if I lived in Montana.

So that's the sorry state of things in what's become of America in 2013: They only way I can vote for gop-ers is if it's necessary to restore gridlock (see 2010), and the only way I can vote for the democrat party is out of pure spite for the antics of the gop-ers. We'd be better off running some slugs and snakes for political office. But same difference?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Better Not Call Me Yella': New "Defensive Weapon" Smartphone Cases Like Yellow Jacket "Feature Stun Guns, Pepper Spray & Concealed Knives"!

They are the new Swiss Army Knives for the current rotten age (links below):  Smartphone cases that not only protect your phone, but also your sorry hide, by allowing you to hack up another man with a knife, blind him with a blast of pepper spray, and electrocute him with 650,000 volts. All at your immediate fingertips.  Suave.

But being the prickly consumer that I am, they're gonna have to toss in just a few more special features and sweeten the deal if they want me to plop down a couple of C-notes for their pint-sized arsenal.  Some suggestions to Yellow Jacket for further enhancements (in no particular order):

-An anthrax pouch:  Sure you'll probably contaminate yourself -- but just wait'll ya see the other guy.

-A shot of castor oil:  It'll cure almost anything that ails ya. One way or the other.

-A dinner fork, given its high-level multi-tasking abilities in terms of both an eating utensil and a nifty foreign object that can gouge a creep's forehead before he ever knows what hits him.

-Deer antler spray:  You'll fly right under the radar at that next random drug test!

-A "Give Me All Your Money" ticker tape strand:  Ideal for both bank jobs and assorted street stick-ups. Combine with the fork.

-A pinch of Vaseline:  Nothing's more lubricating and soothing for a bad pair of chapped lips.

-A corkscrew (or, alternatively, a good grappling hook):  Ever try to get your cheap wine on without one?

-Agent Orange mist:  You just never know when the need may arise to defoliate some pesky timber overgrowth.

-A squirt of Go Chicken Go's special red sauce:  That chicken joint never gives me enough of that stuff with my gizzards.

-A mustard gas pellet: Cross the red line, use this baby on someone's ass, and watch Vladimir Putin take Obama to school all over again in the aftermath.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Business as Usual: "Obama Tears Into [gop-ers] on Budget, Debt Ceiling Amid Navy Yard Attack" Monday Morning...

What I don't get is why this individual would be so brazen and arrogant as to open himself up to such easy right-winger criticism by lobbing partisan bombs during a speech while a shooting rampage situation was ongoing Monday morning...

Especially since no one is listening to what this individual has to say about anything anymore, anyway. So why bother?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Finally Something That I Can Agree Upon With a Leftist: Obama's Education Secretary Calls For Later Start to High School Days. Can We Channel This Concept to the Workplace Too?

Says Obama's education secretary, Arne Duncan:  "I am serious about it. I think there is lots of research and, again, sort of common sense that a lot of teens struggle to get up at 6:00 in the morning to get on the bus, or 5:30 in the morning to get on the bus . . . They aren't awake, they're groggy, they aren't able to pay attention in class."

Amen, but let's extrapolate that research and common sense to the American workplace. I have simply never been a morning person, and millions of American workers are no different.  And who in the hell invented the rule that the workday must begin between 7 and 9, anyway? Farmers? It may make sense for them, but why for the rest of us?

I'd be in favor of pushing off the workday start to 1:00 p.m. (or, alternatively, 11:00 a.m. at the earliest).  My favorite job ever was one that I had for a year when I was about 23. It didn't pay much ($13K/year as I recall), but I loved the schedule: 

I'd show up by 3:00 p.m. and get off around 11:30 p.m.  Then I'd head home for some late night eats (usually a Banquet dinner and some tater tots), Sportscenter and TV, and then fall asleep around 3 or 4 a.m., and get up around noon to watch the "Kung Fu" reruns on TNT along with a frozen pizza. Then off to work to do it all over again!

Man, those were the days. Kinda makes me wanna push Arne Duncan for president over here! See, sometimes you can learn a lot from a leftist.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Is One Sick Man: "Paralyzed Base Jumper Knows No Fear As He Throws Himself Off 1,100ft Bridge in a Wheelchair"!

This guy needs some help. And BTW, I thought that landing in a parachute was the equivalent of jumping off a 2 or 3 story building? Meaning, you have to land by bending your legs and rolling or you risk a compound fracture. How the hell is this Lonnie Bissonnette character pulling that one off in the two-wheeler?!? (Link below/pictures above of LB wheeling off New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia).

The most deranged part of this story is that this guy was paralyzed in the first place by pulling one of these crazy jump stunts. Ya know what -- that's it. That's enough already. I don't want to see anymore of this story. People need to keep their damn heights to themselves. I'm outta here...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Are You Ready for Some gop-Ball? "NFL Owners Spend Big on Campaigns and Political Action Committees," With gop-er Donations "Dominating"...

Hey all you right-winger NFL owners -- the democrat party has three words for ya:  I-R-S.

And if the taxing authorities don't kill ya, the democrat party's second favorite bullying tactic (errrr, word) probably will: 

Going against The Man.  What the hell are these NFL owners thinkin'?

Friday, September 6, 2013

"Outrage" Over Shithouse Labeled "Obama's Presidential Library": But C'Mon, Leftists -- This Ain't Even in the Same League With that Overblown Rodeo Clown!

If one must peruse reading materials on the life and so-called legacy of Barry Obama, then the crapper seems as good of a location to me as any. It's called multi-tasking. Dispensing with two raunchy tasks both at the same time. So I can see where this guy in New Mexico (links below) got the idea...

And what's so wrong with it? Why the reported "outrage," leftists? This sure as hell ain't the Missouri State Fair rodeo clown who wore the Obama mask last month. Although completely overblown by leftists, at least there they could cling to the nugget that the clown and PA announcer had incited the crowd to cheer for a bull to run over said Obama masked clown.

But I don't see (nor smell) any such bodily harm suggestion nugget in this southwestern shitter that's been erected to serve as Obama's Presidential Library. So what is it now, leftists? Any making fun of His Majesty is to be met with nationwide outcry, now matter the silliness or the harmlessness of the gesture or criticism? Talk about a cult of personality.

As for me, I will continue to criticize and make fun of Obama as I see fit. Dude's a jackass. I don't even need to head to the privy to figure that one out. I've already read all too much about it for five long years now.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Senator McShame: Leading gop-er Supporter of Obama's Neocon Plan to Attack Syria, John McCain, Has the Gall to "Play Poker During War Hearing"...

Tuesday's hearing -- of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations -- saw top Obama minions like the completely hypocritical leftist SOS SOB John Kerry trying to lay out the bullshit case why the U.S. should attack a sovereign country that hasn't attacked us in order to help out a Syrian rebellion propped up by Al Qaeda terrorists...

But this subject matter apparently bored Tired Old Man McCain, who basically "voted present" at the hearing (as he was so fond of accusing Obama in 2008) and disgracefully sat there playing video poker on his iPhone (as pictured above). He later Tuesday on Twitter even had the unmitigated nerve to make light of his pathetic actions -- in essence also making light of congressional proceedings on the trivial issue of whether America should go to war (link below). Guess it's all just a game to the half-senile old man.

McCain is not only so old and worn out now that he has no business serving as a U.S. Senator (I question his basic competency to hold office, frankly). And he was not only (in 2008) one of the most sad, pathetic and ill-conceived presidential candidates that I've seen during all my years (a Georgia shithouse could've been the democrat party nominee and beaten McCain that year)...

More important than any of that, McCain's also been one of the greatest enablers of the absolutely destructive neoconservative foreign policies of W Bush and his successor, Barack "Bush-Lite" Obama. When the old codger should be seriously questioning those policies, he's instead more interested in ante-ing up at the ol' Texas Hold 'Em table. 

McCain needed to retire years ago. He does a continuing disservice to his country and home state by dragging his sorry old sack of bones and diminishing mental capacity into the Senate on a regular basis. And don't away mad, Old Man, but do please, please, please just go away. I mean, just think of all the time you'll have in retirement to yuck it up some more over the fun you have playing poker, blackjack and all the various games of chance!  Neocon Creep.

Postscript:  Gotta love how, thus far, the leftist "mainstream media" and leftist blogosphere have mostly ignored or done their very best to downplay (i.e. join the Old Man in joking around about) this story about McCain's disgusting actions, since this story very much tends to undermine McCain's helpful propensity for backing the Neocon ways of a president who has a "D" next to his name.  Leftist hypocrites.  Same as it ever was.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Ludicrous: "Boy, 11, Begins Freshman Year at College, Majoring in Quantum Physics"! Ya Know, I Can Certainly See Why There's a Rush to Get Into the Job Market These Days...

An incessant American unemployment rate at 7.5 to 8 percent is referred to by leftists in the media and elsewhere as "the new normal." Translation: get used to it and don't expect the democrat party to raise a finger to address it -- a lot of unemployed and destitute people, after all, give them ever more welfare recipients and a lot of potential voters. Or, as Obama might simply put it, "What Jobs Council?"

And that unemployment rate's actually much higher, of course, since it doesn't account for the millions and millions of Americans who have just given up and left the workforce during the Obama regime. What's left is a terrible American job market that has rendered so many new college degrees more worthless than the paper they're printed on, for the first time in American history.

Even some traditional careers previously viewed as safe and secure to pursue -- such as the legal field -- face a glut of new graduates who simply can't find a job this side of McDonald's. The jobs just aren't out there, and neither rotten party could seem to give a rat's ass about it.

So it's with this cesspool labor environment in mind that I get to this 11-year-old in Texas named Carson Huey-You (easy for You to say), who's just begun his freshman year of college at Texas Christian University (link below)...

You's parents should be commended. It's important to push a kid to skip as many grades as possible, graduate high school before the age of 12, and toss his teenage years in the garbage. The ultimate goal should be a college degree by 15, an age when most kids have developed a very distinct level of maturity -- even if they're not allowed to drive, vote, or buy smokes or a drink just yet.

These principles become especially important in a current job market best described as a graveyard. If I was a strappin' young lad, I'd just be a' itchin' too these days to break into the mighty American workforce. Roll me out there at age 16, I'd say! Or, as John Fogerty and Steve Buscemi once said, "Put me in Coach!" But better just hope Coach doesn't run out of money to pay your unemployment benefits.