Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Top songs of Independence now have a #6!

It's called The Renegades of Funk by Rage Against the Machine. And if you disagree with that selection, you can officially go **** yourself.

The Top songs of Independence now have a #5!

We're Not Gonna Take It, by Twisted Sister! Recall the bad ass teacher in the TS videos, who later played The Maestro on Seinfeld, and earlier played the asshole on Animal House. And in the meantime, My favorite line of his was "I have a good mind to slap your fat face!!!!!!!!!!" classic.

My main observation on Obama's presser tonight: Liberal Alan Combs on Fox News had it right...

...when he observed how the softball-lobbing, hand-picked "journalists" that Obama selected to ask him the scripted 13 questions failed to ask Obama any pointed questions about Afghanistan (yes, there was one question about Afghanistan, but not of much substance). Combs, who is one of favorite liberals, complained how no one could ask questions pressing Obama on Afghanistan, where he has adopted W!'s Neo-Con policies lock, stock and barrel, except that Obama has escalated those policies by sending 25K new troops there with no end in sight (CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!). So much for the anti-War dude who ran for president. And Draconem, please no more links about how Obama said during the campaign that 1 or 2 more regiments might be necessary in Afghanistan -- that's like 4-8K troops, not 25K new ones w/ more to come. And back to Combs -- he complained how no journalist was pressing Obama on what's the exit strategy for Afghanistan? How much are we going to spend there? How many more new troops will we be sending there? What's the plan? Is there one? Damn right, Combs, these are the exact same questions I've been asking, but which the Obama-infatuated-far-left media refuses to ask.

The Top songs of Independence now have a #4!

Fight the Power by Public Enemy. Damn right. I forgot about this one until stumbling upon it earlier today. The far-left controlled dems and far-right controlled repubs are The Power, and let's fight them, because they represent very few of us any more.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's take a pause here -- I will repeat: Who is out there on the Internet saying these kinds of things?

Pointing a big Independent middle finger at both of these two B.S. parties and the extremes that control them? No one except me, that's who. But I KNOW this same voice is out there in droves, and just needs to be stirred to action -- we just have to rile up the folks until a lot more people have the courage to see this country and this world as it is, free of the ideological and partisan blinders. As I often say, I don't have all the answers, rather I'm just trying to get the majority's viewpoint out there, with the hope that some REAL leaders will starting stepping up for the good of us all someday soon, perhaps before it's too late.

And here's why I could never join the repubs (a corollary to my earlier post about how I could never join the far left dems)

In the wake of Specter's defection today, the repubs' far right power brokers, i.e. the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world, made it very perfectly clear that there is no room in their B.S., out-of-touch party for anyone except, get this (I'm SO surprised), people WHO ARE EXACTLY LIKE THEM, i.e. Far Right Conservative Freaks! (see link below). Their world view (just like the far left): "All of your views will organize neatly upon a nice little vertical totem pole on the extreme I choose, or else you are not to even be considered a human being with viewpoints that matter." Do you really think I would ever join these extremist, condescending (much like Obama and his ilk), elitist-ass morons? Not even when Hell freezes over. ****, you, Limbaugh. You're not even a real Missourian in my view, you out-of-touch extremist ****.

Hey Napolitano, etc.: Swine Flu! Swine Flu! Swine Flu!

Terrorism! Terrorism! Terrorism!

Please kindly stop your annoying and condescending practice of suggesting to us which words and phrases to use and not to use. Because I guarantee you, with a fairly high degree of certainty, that if you or some other government official instructs me not to use a certain word or phrase, I'm damn sure going to use it -- over and over again. That is, unless the Swine Flu or some Terrorist takes me out in the meantime.,2933,518272,00.html

Who's the bigger Jackass today? Arlen Specter or Michael Steele?

A tie, perhaps? Specter is no more than a turncoat who switched parties for purely political reasons. The same reflects everything that is bad and wrong with democratic and republican politicians today. If you choose to affiliate yourself with either of these two B.S. parties, then at least have the character and manhood (or womanhood, if such is the case) to stick by that decision during your political career. Now, if one wants to leave one of those two parties and become an Independent -- different kettle of fish entirely -- because that would actually take some real guts, as opposed to the complete opposite that we've witnessed from Specter today (yes, Specter is gutless).

Only adding to the shame of Specter's decision is the tremendous and obvious political significance of now handing the democrats a fillibuster proof Senate (presuming Franken ultimately prevails in Minnesota). Having either one of these two extreme-controlled, out-of-touch parties running EVERYTHING is truly a very frightening thought, and it's now about to come to fruition. Not only are we about to have democratic control of the White House and both chambers of Congress, but (to add insult to injury) now a fillibuster proof 60 seats for the democrats in the Senate. This truly is a scary day in America, because even though the constituency and makeup of the Senate is ever-changing, I worry about the kind of damage the far-left controlled democrats can level before the repubs are able to pick up a couple of seats (and regain fillibuster power). Put another way, these 2 parties are both very dangerous in my view: Better for them both to have SOME power so that each can at least have an ability to fight it out and place some type of check on the other side.

Finally, repubs might want to consider giving the axe (and I mean yesterday, not tomorrow or next year) to Repub National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele. This is the buffoon who recently came out with the position that Rush Limbaugh is not the leader of the repubs, only to bend over the next day to the far right and to start apologizing and gushing all over Limbaugh. Today, in response to Specter's move, Steele is now apparently trying to shed his weasel-ness in order to become some kind of newfound tough guy! He says (see link below) that if Specter wins the democratic primary in Pennsylvania in 2010 (when Specter will be seeking re-election), then "get ready to go to the mat, baby, because we're coming after you and and taking you out!" W--T--F is that? Steele is not some fool blogger from a town of 9000 like me -- he's the damn leader of the Repub National Committee! Instead of speaking in a tone appropriate for that position, we instead get his best impersonation of a Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena promotional interview.

The neverending silliness of this sort out of the so-called "leaders" of our only two parties is frankly sickening and just wears me the **** out. The majority of us Americans truly have no one and no party representing us.

For anyone needing their anti-Far Right fix, here it is: Confirming that "W!" IS a lying, neo-con piece of slime...

It occurred to me today that this space has more dominantly been critical of Obama and the dems than the other side. But what the **** do you expect? Obama and the far left dems have nearly ABSOLUTE power in this country now. The repubs, in contrast, have basically NO power and represent, frankly, a dying party (good riddance). So you're likely to see a lot more heat upon the far left in this space for the time being than on the repubs, but as explained, how would it possibly be any other way?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama: "I have a GIFT!"

But since Big Daddy D hails from a town of 9000, "I have little more than a couple of lawn chairs, a log-splitter, and a curious example of rather poor grammar on a consistent basis, Harry." I went on to relate to His Highness, Duke Reid, that he can blame it on my small town edumakation. Or, if not, just blame Bush.

The Top songs of Independence have now added a #3!

It's the Animals version of We Gotta Get Outta This Place! I realize I have two Mann & Weil songs already in my top 10, but sheeeee-ut, they are one the best songwriting teams in history, so go sue me like the Jerky Boys in Punitive Damages or something!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We might want to divert our attention a bit from such monumental issues as gay marriage & prisoner torture, and pay close attention to this Swine Flu

Although it seems very difficult to even guess right now at how big and widespread this flu outbreak might become, the potential seems to be there for something extremely serious.

By the way, what is the over/under in Vegas for how long it takes the far left and/or far right to being politicizing this issue and trying to blame Bush or Obama or some other individual person for causing the spread of swine flu? It would seem ridiculous on its face that the same could even occur to me, but given the ever-worsening political climate in this country that I've witnessed over the past 10-15 years, I've come to fully expect that sort of thing. Sad, to the last.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm looking for suggestions as to the All-Time Top 10 anthems of Independence. So far I've only come with a 1 and 2

1. Peace Sells by Megadeth.
2. The Shape of Things to Come by Max Frost & the Troopers.

Heck, I know literally tens of thousands of rock songs from the last 50 years (I'm like an encyclopedia like that), and thousands that connect with me on some level, but as for songs that kind of tend to sum up my current angst, rage and frustration, those are the only 2 among the 100,000 that I can cite. I would welcome some new suggestions.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Now for my view on CIA "torture"

It's similar to my view concerning gay marriage: I don't give a rat's ass. What does this issue have to do with me and the people I care about and am responsible for supporting and protecting, precisely? I largely stay out of this debate because it's the world of far left and far right venom, and they can have at it. But I'll give a few off the cuff observations, even though I REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE ISSUE: I could give two pisses in a Louisiana shithouse about some known Al Qaeda member or connected person being waterboarded or being forced to eat bugs or what ever the **** "caterpillaring" means. Last time I checked, we didn't maim, dismember or even cut off nary a head from any of these freaks. When an American contractor in Iraq gets his head chopped off over there, the far left largely applauds under their breath and sinks into the cliched "blame Bush" talking points. But when a CIA interrogator does anything more than politely make small talk with a known terrorist, it violates the protocol that the far left wants instituted on these exchanges. Like I said before, I don't get all emotional on this issue -- I leave that to the out-of-touch slimes on the far right and far left. I'm just giving my Independent observations over here.

It's been pointed out to me tonight that Obama during the campaign did give some lip service to adding new troops in Afghanistan.

I don't recall that exactly being a talking point of the Obama campaign (LOL!), but in certain instances it was said. But a couple of points here: (1) I still can't find on the Internet anywhere where Obama said he would wratchet up troops by the tune of 25K and more surely to come, nor that tens of billions more in new additional Afghanistan spending would be required; and (2) I still can't find any Obama-supporter justification for why we are hugely wratcheting up efforts in Afghanistan while purporting (although we are not in any meaningful way) to lower our presence in Iraq. Both are currently bastions for Al Qaeda, and you can't have it both ways, either the far left or far right -- Either say we are going to escalate and stay and go crazy in both places, or say we will not do so in either. Otherwise, you're just talking out of both sides of your mouth. I realize, Al Qaeda's influence in iraq has decreased, but they are still there, just as in Afghanistan -- so DON'T give me some kind of party spin about how we need to be in one place but not the other. It just falls on deaf ears.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Somehow, I think if Sarah Palin's fifth cousin four times removed was cited for allowing his dog to run free in public... would also be national headlines amongst the MSNBC's, CNN's, LA Times', etc., of the world.

As I noted in this space previously, I'm not a huge Palin fan (at least of her politics -- wink), but I must say that Lady gets and has gotten a huge amount of sympathy from me because of how excessively biased and disproportionate the far left (errrrr, "mainstream") media's coverage has been of her since Day 1 based solely upon her being second only to "W!" himself in terms of being a lightning rod for the far left's hate. But alas, maybe she really does deserve a lot of this since she is, after all, from a town of 9000.

Here are my views on gay marriage & the Miss California debate...

Here they are: Who gives a rat's ass. I know that I have a lot more important issues to worry about these days than those ones. Don't you?

Might I blame Obama for the suicide of Freddie Mac's CFO?

Of course, that assertion is absurd and ridiculous. And I'd shout down any person I ran across trying to make such an assertion. But after watching 8 years of the far left blaming every natural disaster, bridge collapse and hiccup worldwide on "W!", and after 8 years of watching the far right (most noticeably, his royal Missouri slimeness, Rush Limbaugh) blame Clinton for all such events as well, I say why I can't blame whomever the **** I want for that suicide? Why not? Basic common sense and intelligence never stops you freaks on the two extremes from doing it. Right back at ya.

Say Good Night to the Good Ramen! Nissin is PATHETIC!

Very recently, big corporation Nissin has announced that they are taking their low fat Ramen noodles off the market for very little good reason (the only low fat Ramen that was on the market in a readily findable way in the US), leaving its consumers to just purchase Nissin's extremely high fat ramen products, which pack 14-16 grams of mostly saturated fat per pathetic little package (not to mention the HUGE amounts of sodium and carbs). Nissin now has a permanent place on my consumer-goods HALL OF SHAME. This move, in the worst recession we've seen in decades (meaning college students and many many adults nationwide are looking to cut back on eating expenses and are looking to lower budget alternatives like ramen noodles), which removes the only low fat variety of ramen noodles on the market, absolutely demonstrates Nissin's complete and utter disregard for the health of its customers. Ramen noodles -- so often the dietary choice of the lower income folks -- are so pathetically unhealthy, packing in TONS of carbs, fat and sodium. They fill your belly, and then they quickly send you on your way to the grave at very same time. Nissin should be absolutely ashamed of itself. Nissin is the slimeball corporation of 2009!!!!

Hugo Chavez -- What a guy! Part 2.

Noticed a couple of very flattering items on the Internet today regarding His Majesty's favorite third world dictator -- In case you might suspect that it would be any different in Venezuela, today came the COMPLETELY SHOCKING revelation that if you are a prominent member of a dissenting group in said country, you will either be tortured or forced to flee the country. Boy, shocking stuff, here. I'm at a loss.

Well, good ole Hugo, I must say, is trying his very best to work me, like he did His Majesty last weekend, but I still gotta say I'm not yet totally converted. Still gotta say, I'm not yet ready to extend the glad hand and the smiles and yucks to the Good Dictator. Not just yet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liberal deflection (i.e., changing the subject)

I have to post on this tonight after seeing the Huffington Post response to Obama glad-handing and yucking it up with Hugo Chavez, which response was to show a picture of "W!" holding hands with whomever the hell that was, the Saudi King, the Kuwaiti High Clown Prince, the Jordanian Rear Admiral -- it doesn't really matter. I've been amazed how during Obama's administration, the A-#1 response to any criticism of His Majesty or liberal ideals is to change the subject and point fingers at the republicans and "W!". See here's the problem, you slimely liberals, you. For those of us who hate repubs and "W!" just as much as we hate YOU, that kind of 4th grade level argument just makes us want to puke. Here's a suggestion to all these supposedly intellectual, look-down-upon-the-majority-of-the-populace far left liberal freaks -- try to actually substantively rebut an argument one of these days! I know, it's so much easier just to blame Bush for Hurricane Katrina, the Minneapolis bridge collapse, and for the flu that I got back in December, but maybe, just maybe, answer an argument with an actual response one of these decades? If you did so, I would give you credit. But alas, you no such ability. Silly, short-sighted, hate-filled, doctrinaire, far left. And as a last thought -- conservatives and all members of the far right: Go **** yourselves too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

UFCW Union taking another run at unionizing...

...the Wal-Mart workers. You go, my fellow working people, and I hope you succeed. Will it increase my prices at Wal-Mart -- yeah, but who cares. These workers have every right to organize for themselves, and should be permitted to do so. Note: I've said all along in my posts on this blog that I only try to speak the truth as best I can, realizing I don't have all the answers, and I can be wrong just as much as the next guy, and I'll admit (rather than blaming Bush or Clinton or Obama) when I'm wrong -- and the corollary to that is that I have viewpoints all over the place -- some that would be considered to the left (see above), some that would be considered to the right, and plenty in between. I happen to think that any free thinking individual who divorces himself from the corrupt BS of these two extremes and our two political parties would be exactly like me -- not the same in opinion with me on all issues or even close -- but devoted to becoming as informed as possible on an issue and then letting your viewpoint come out where it may. That's what being free in the most wonderful nation in the history of this world is all about, folks.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here's why the political hate has grown exponentially in this country the last 10 years

It's all Internet. This occurred to me today. The Internet has given a faceless, anonymous crowd a vehicle to spew their hate all over the place -- and 99% of these far right and far left freaks on the blogosphere would not have the courage to so much as fart in another person's direction if it was not for the anonimity of the Internet. The Internet has ushered in a completely new age of humanity, with so much wonderful information out there that was not readily available when I was growing up. But the negative repercussions have been very signigicant -- it has created an entire culture of cowardly, pathetic, in-Mama's-basement types of far right and far left freaks trying to claim they have some significance because they can spew out a tiny bit more hate than the next freak. Oh well, it IS progress in the sense that the Internet has very much advanced the world's intelligence through all of the information, and I guess we just couldn't help thru the same process to create a few unfortunate negative after-effects, although in this case, those pathetic human beings have played a huge role in creating the current Climate of Hate that we see in our American political discourse. But as I always say, who cares -- I'm an Independent, so I take it from both extremes, and am perfectly willing to shoot the HATE right back at their sorry asses. I gots no problems with that shit!

"W" & Obama -- two peas in the same extremist pod!

I posted this earlier on a political message board, but it really just occurred to me today: W was very dangerous (and I'm very glad he's gone) because he had the power to foist his far right and neo-con world views and dishonest rationales all over our foreign policy. Obama, in contrast, is MUCH more dangerous, because there are no such limits on his power. His far left vision and world view is not only free to run wild in foreign policy (although, strangely, he seems to have many elements of just continuing and escalating the W neo-con strategy in places like Afghanistan), but also free to run wild all over the non-liberal, non-conservative majority of this country in DOMESTIC policy. Recall that W had NO POWER on that front, not with the makeup of Congress and with, in all frankness, how much of a general idiot the man was. But Obama has all the power, to disregard the plain language of the constitution, as the winds are blowing, and to open up federal government files on people like me who happen to disagree with him. It's a very trying time right now to be an American, even more than the last 38 years (given the clowns they've sent into the oval office my entire life), but oh well, let's just keep survivin', right folks!

See also:

The Far Left wonders why I could never join them, given my disdain for the far right

Well, here's just another text book example: The constant references to tea party attendees as "teabaggers", which was featured very prominently on the CNN and MSNBC commentary (big surprise there), and now is featured on every far left blog in the galaxy (just look, e.g., at that pathetic Huffington Post -- BTW, Larry David, a man I idolize for your comedic genius -- shame on you for being associated with that extremist rag site). Here's the thing: In even the most simple of educated personal discourse, the act of hearing someone you disagree with and, in response, calling the person a derogatory name, equates to simple-minded, ad hominem, third grade sort of silliness. And the far left (and I'm being generous here) lives and inhabits the third grade level on a daily basis with all their hate and name-calling. You really think I could join up with you pathetic creatures, ever in my life? You gotta 'nother thing coming right there. For the record, for all of the ill-advised and pathetic republican interventions into these tea parties, there was a HUGE presence of folks like me attending -- folks just damn mad for a whole lot of reasons at BOTH of these two bull**** parties and how neither represents the majority of this country. It was truly, in primary part, a GRASSROOTS effort. Go teabag yourselves, far left, and if you have a problem with me saying that, go teabag that person lying beside you in mama's basement.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zac Greinke w/ the 9 inning shutout of the Rangers & their bad*** offense

First Royals shut out of the ex-Senators in Arlington since 1985. Boy -- 1985 -- that sure has a good sound to it. I'm still under no illusions. The Royals have plenty of holes in starting pitching and in offense, but it's still fun for them to get off to a solid start for the second season in a row. It's much more fun watching the games when they aren't already buried come April 15! And Greinke now with something like 33 straight scoreless innings going back to last season -- if you watched him tonight, you had to think that this a dude with premier stuff in MLB and now poised to take that next step to actually being one the premier starting pitchers in MLB. And just under ink to a brand new Royals contract to boot. That was very nice watching that.

KC Royals' Mike Jacobs with another homer last night

I think this guy in the long run is going to annoy fans to no end with all his strikeouts and low on base percentage, but I have to say I enjoy watching him -- dude takes a monstrous cut every single time he swings. I think it's hilarious. 0-2 count -- shorten up your swing, try to make contract, right? Not with this guy -- if anything, Jacobs takes an even bigger rip in those situations. You have to admire that kind of devotion in a guy.

Israel stands to bomb Iran -- this is bad

Perhaps His Majesty could turn his attention to this rather serious situation, if only he can tear himself away from yucking it up with Hugo Chavez for a few moments. But as we continue to only increase our escalation in Afghanistan, I wonder if His Majesty really even cares is there's a new escalation and war breaking out in the middle east? I would think (based largely on his words during his campaign) that he might be more of a mind to try to, say, avoid these kinds of things occurring. Maybe? (But what do I know -- I'm just from a town...OK, I'm going to try not to run that one into the ground.)

Hugo Chavez -- what a guy!

I don't really think much commentary is necessary here. Some pictures truly do speak a 1000 words:,4644,7067,00.html#7_55

I'm fairly confident that I would not glad-hand, all smiles, with that particular individual, a totalarian dictator (see, e.g.,, but maybe I just don't get it since I'm from a town of 9000.

see also:

As a pop culture aside-my two fav videos...

of recent years -- appear below.

Journey with us into the life of a free thinking individual!

I invite any new visitors: Read ALL my posts below...

And then name me the person in your life or on the Internet somewhere who speaks this much truth. I'm waiting. No one says the kinds of things I say, no one pisses off as many people as I do once I get going, but alas, that's only because there is 60-65% of this country who inhabits the true majority and typically has better things to do than going around ranting and raving on the Internet like we see almost exclusively from the HATEFUL far right and far left. I'm an exception, because I'm so angry that I just like to spew the hate right back AT the far right and far left. But most of that same majority is a little better well-mannered than me (much to their credit, LOL!), but that doesn't mean that ALL OF US aren't still out here (sorry for the double negative) just THIRSTING for someone, ANYONE to purport to represent us! And many of us are not going to shut up, and not going to stop pissing you off, until we start getting some folks who represent us, thank you.

The teaparties are NOT evidence of repubs...

making some kind of comeback in this country. The far right and far left, as usual, have no concept of the truth when it comes to viewing the significance of these myriad tea party events. As I said earlier tonight on a politics discussion board, we're currently in a cycle that I've watched for 30 years now: The democrats have power, p*** everyone off, and the republicans look like fools for having no power. Then, a few years later, the republicans have power, p*** everyone off, and the democrats look like fools for having no power. It's an endless cycle of two bulls*it parties not representing much of anyone in this country except for the big money extremists who fund them. That's why the tea parties were so encouraging. Not because of the far right elements that had their little hooks into these events, which they did, but because there were so many other folks (YES -- FAR LEFT -- GRASSROOTS FOLKS -- GO F*** YOURSELF FAR LEFT) not aligned with the far right who were just out at these events because they (like me) are just ****ED OFF at these two pathetic parties and the extremes that control them. I see a potential for a new third party to possibly emerge. In a 2-party system, it's extremely hard for that to occur, and it only occurs when the third party basically replaces one of the two existing parties. But I'm open to all possibilities! Anything is better than the bull**** we have now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

National media bias -- out the ass

OK, now I'm going to address this topic. The national (note: not necessarily local) broadcast and print media are so pathetically biased in their news coverage and in their story selection and placement, that these slimeballs should absolutely be ashamed of themselves for ever using the letter J anywhere in their title. An overwelming majority of them are heavily biased to the far left -- most putridly, MSNBC, but also CNN, CBS, ABC and most of the so-called rags "of record" such as the NY Times and LA Times (will those two pathetic entities even exist a year from now? -- LMFAO!). BUT let's not forget the equally pathetic entity, FoxNews -- as much (or at least close) to as rabid far right as MSNBC is pathetically far left. These "news" organizations are not news or journalistic endeavors in any sense of those terms. All of these various entities are basically propaganda outlets, for whom Joseph Goebbels would be extremely proud. They are not journalists, they do not employ journalists; rather, they employ Propaganda Ministers. As a graduate of the oldest and finest J-School in this country (i.e. The University of Missouri-Columbia), I have to say -- MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NY Times, LA Times, FoxNews, and all of your equally pathetic ilk -- a big go F*** yourselves is very well deserved. Because all ya'all SHAME me and shame true journalists going back in time for hundreds of years.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Old School AWA Rasslin' on right now

Pro wrestling has always been a nice escape for me. And particularly these days, a way to get away from the destruction and hate and chaos that these 2 parties want to thrust upon all of us. Right now, in this circa 1987 exhibition, we have this little beer-bellied guy with a thick beard known as Jake the Milkman Milliland (i do remember this guy from back in the day) who looks like a sad cross between Fidel Castro & and an Amish buggy driver. And he just got his ass kicked by Mr. Magnificent Kevin Kelley, whom I think later became Nailz or something in the WWF (a rabid, deranged ex-con coming back to stalk the Undertaker or Kaine or someone). By the way, for any of you other pro wrestling fans who happen to be in Missouri, I have on my calendar April 23 (I'm pretty sure about that date, but not 100%) as the evening when they will be showing a locally produced documentary on pro wrestling in Kansas City -- they will be showing it at good old Memorial Hall in KCK -- the famous situs of Bob Geigel's weekly Central States All-Star Wrestling shows back in the day. Harley Race, Geigel, and other old superstars of the Central States will be on hand. I'm hoping to make it. I think it starts at 6 or 7, although not certain about the exact time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My take on the tea parties

I think an awful lot of how the folks who attended these things are much like me -- just plain angry at our current political system for a whole variety of reasons, and many of them Independents. I'm proud of those folks for getting out, showing up, and showing that it's not only the far left who can hold protests and make noise. That said, I was disappointed in the tenacles that the republican party had into these protests (even though I believe these protests were LARGELY true grassroots efforts) as well as by the appearance of republican politicians at many of the protests. And FoxNews basically being an advocate for these protests? That's not journalism, it's advocacy, and it's reason why I am always just as critical of FoxNews as I am of the far left media outlets like MSNBC and CNN. But I digress. The republican appearances and republican connection to many of these protests, in my view, really did a disservice to these events. For example, it gave the far left media outlets and far left blogosphere ammunition to claim that these protests were no more than republican-choreographed events attended exclusively by far right conservatives -- which clearly was not the case. I read several accounts from the far left media that did just exactly that, including a particularly disingenuous account on MSNBC. But that one criticism aside, I'm very proud of "the folks" tonight -- turning out in anger at our political system on such a widespread basis is really not something that I can remember occurring during my lifetime, and certainly not from a group of people that is not far left in persuasion.

DAMN it's wonderful to be Independent!

It's a freedom of mind that the 20-25% of this country inhabiting the far right and far left will never enjoy. And you know what, those pathetic people, if they read this, are just saying, "just another nothing moderate." Because that's how the two extremes think -- see my post a little bit below. Only problem -- i'm not a "moderate" and I'm damn angry at these two extremes and the two parties they control. And I have a feeling the same anger is very much out there (just right now percolating) amongst the majority of this country. Just sayin', we haven't gotten together or organized yet, but tens of millions of us in this country are just lookin' for the opportunity. And I'm very optimistic that the same will occur soon as the majority continues to rebel against the extremists who have so much power today in this nation. And as a shout out to some of my far left friends (even though we vehemently disagree on so many issues) -- Hey Rush Limbaugh, my fellow Missourian, as well as Sean Hannity -- Go **** Yourselves, you pathetic far right extremists, you. And to the David Lettermans, Elenoar Clifts, Keith Olbermanns and Bill Maher's of the world -- Go **** Yourselves Too, you out of touch leftist freaks!

Re socialism resurgence, DHS's "far right extremist" pronouncement

My post from earlier tonight on a wonderful Message Board known as pretty much sums up my views on those two issues, so why try to re-create the wheel here? Here's how I feel: My take is that something wicked this ways comes today in this country. There is an ill wind blowing around that I have not experienced in 38 years. it's suddenly becoming cool to think socialist, and to hate any person who goes out, works their ass off, and accomplishes something in their life. It's a sad state of affairs, trumped only by the concurrent demise of the popculture into incessant celebrity hero worship and YouTube high schooler fight viewing parties. This sure as f*** is not the country I grew up with. Although, I should keep my mouth shut, because I may be next target of a federal government open file -- since ObamaWorld is giving all the appearances of a complete and total reincarnation of the Nixon years -- i.e. investigate and harass anyone that criticizes you. I guess that ONE ASPECT of America is the same as it ever was -- but pretty sad when such gestapo tactics are my only source of nostalgia!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kellie like EJ! We can't go wrong there!

Not in any way, shape or form!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Disregard my opinion. I'm from a town of 9000.

I still recall the first words out of the Obama campaign's mouth when Sara Palin was chosen to be McCain's running mate: "Senator McCain has chosen fit to select a former mayor of a town of 9000 people to be his running mate." As one of the pathetic lot who sort of grew up in such a to-be-loathed town of 9000 (by the way, how is it that I can actually put complete sentences together?), that was sort of the Death-Nell (much like that which befell the KU Jayhawker basketball program on 3/18/05) for any remote chance that I would vote for a far left liberal like Obama for president. Hey Obama campaign -- go F*** yourselves for that kind of sentiment. But for the record, I didn't vote for McCain. I like him (as I do Obama) on a personal level, but I think he was a tired old man who had no business being nominated for president. And Palin, I like her too -- Babe has it goin' on all the way hot! -- I could probably never vote for her, because she's far right to the last, but alas, the same had little to do with her being from a town of 9000 or a former mayor thereof. You lost me right there forever, Obama. Have a nice day, pal.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

There are things other than conservatives, liberals and moderates.

To the far right and far left, only two categories of other people exist in their pathetic, blinded, hateful world view: (1) The people on the other extreme; and (2) something they call "moderates". To these two bullshit extremes, they hate the something they call "moderates" even more (on many levels) than they hate the other extreme. To them, this ambiguous third category they call "moderates" consists of wishy-washy, stand-for-nothing, split-the-difference-for-no-good-reason, mealy-mouthed jelly fish. I haven't met many too people fitting that description in my life, have you? And yet, to the far right and far left, there is no other kind of human being that exists (besides their two extremes) except for such a pathetic, virtually non-existent creature. This all just reinforces how out of touch these two extremes (who CONTROL our two political parties) really are -- They have absolutely no inkling, in the doctrinaire little islands that they inhabit, that 60-65% of this country is NOT with them in any way, shape or form, and is (likewise) not "moderate" as they define that pathetic term. Rather, we have a majority of people in this country whom (like me) have some liberal views, some conservatives ones, and plenty of other ones somewhere in between. This is not a world of extremes or truths aligning up in some kind of magical totem pole on the far right, far left, or center. Free minded persons looks at every issue, become as informed as they can about the issue, and then let their viewpoint come out wherever the hell it comes out. To the far left and far right, this is an alien way of thinking that they can NEVER understand, grasp or accept. These 2 extremes hate the 60-65% of this country who is not with them, and they hate us with every fiber of their being. Well, as a part of the forgotten, non-represented majority, i Say, hate right back to ya, far right and far left. Go F*** yourselves, because you are doing absolutely NOTHING for us, The People.

Team didn't run up 100-0 score?

My main issue here is trying to decide who is the more pathetic -- this Micah Grimes "head coach" piece of slime, or the parent who refused to give the entire game tape to the media, claiming it would somehow be taken "out of context" (the desperate cry of last resort for every idiot who's ever said something dumb to the media). How exactly does an entire game get taken out of context, precisely? But I shouldn't be outraged -- not from a culture that glorifies grown men getting inside a cage and then beating another man's head into the canvas for 30 seconds before a stoppage comes, or from a culture that first videotapes and THEN puts on Youtube thousands of brutal fights between high schoolers. 100-0 and "it was just another game" and "we don't want this taken out of context" are just par for the course these days.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

An initial post re my angst

This is just a little blog that hopefully may develop into something. For now, will just be my random thoughts from day to day. But it is written from the perspective of a 30 something dude who grew up in the 80's and who feels that this country and this world remembles little of the very cool world I recall back in the day. I speak from the perspective of a person who is fiercely independent, and damn proud of it. I don't like conservatives. I don't like liberals. I don't like republicans. I don't like democrats. My "rage" grows out of the fact that our two political parties are completely controlled by the two extremes, which fund those two parties. As a result, 60-65% of this country, me included, are not represented by ANYONE. Here we are now, represent us! If there's a new way, I'll be the first in line. (Wink to Nirvana and Megadeth.) But alas, it is so DIFFICULT to make waves in our two-party system because all the moneypeople come out of the two extremes. I guess there's something to be said for the fact that only HATE motivates people to give up money and time to make political parties go -- just look at the democrats and republicans. The democrats get bankrolled by the far left, hate-filled freaks likes Soros, etc., and by the slimey personal injury plaintiff attorneys (they call themselves "trial lawyers"). Meantime, the republicans are bankrolled by the pathetic blue bloods who don't think they should be taxed anything as well as by the wholly zealot and out-of-touch religious right. To anyone reading this, I'm just speaking truth -- if only in my own little way through this little blog. But someone needs to be saying these things. And I intend to continue. And just hope I can pick up nice far left and far right hate along the way! I love it when those people hate me -- means I'm doing and saying something right and true. So here's hoping this is a start to a decent little blog!