Friday, February 28, 2014

No Objection, Your Honor! Young High Court Judge Broad in Bosnia Photographed Sunbathing Buck Naked on Her Desk!

For good measure, Her Honor reportedly started exercising in the buff while she was at it -- right there in chambers! And from what I can make out of this threadbare barrister from the photo, she ain't half bad.

If this is how the justice system goes down in Bosnia, I need to move there and take up bailiff'ing or something. But alas, if it seems too good to be true, it usually becomes that way eventually...

The linked story says Miss Judicial Disrobe got canned by the court after the photos went public because she had "damaged the image of the Supreme Court" -- a real head scratcher. I could understand if this was one of Obama's SC nominees, but this bare-skinned Bosnian Bar babe looks kinda right!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"The Next Step: 3-D Printing the Human Body"! But Will It Allow, Say, Combining the Likes of Obama, Boehner & Pelosi into a Big Frankenstein Hyper Partisan Freak Print Job?

If so, then you'd have in full living color -- albeit with all the same cardboard personality of the real-life creatures -- a well-tanned, chain-smoking, big-drinking, nonsensical, windbagged, corrupt, partisan, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.

With big tits.

And BTW, Obama acolytes, please spare me in advance the question of "Who U Callin' a Chain-Smoker?"

Monday, February 24, 2014

They Tell Me She Looks Like "Hillary Haggard," But She Sounds A Lot Like Every Other Politician...

"Hillary Haggard" was a headline late last week on the Drudge Report, as the high-traffic right-winger news aggregator site took a swipe at Clinton's appearance at an event last week (first link).

At the comparison to Hillary, Merle Haggard would be rolling over in his grave, if only he wasn't still alive. David Allan Coe as well, since he's also previously put in a claim to looking like Merle (second link).

Now, if I can just get through life without having anyone likening my mush to that of Hillary, Merle or David Allan, I will feel as if I have accomplished something. A small legacy to any and all issue, you might say.

Friday, February 21, 2014

"The President Has Seen My Boobs": "True Detective" TV Actress Broad with Best New Rack of 2014 Points the Nipple at Obama...

[This one is dedicated to a very nice, sweet broad with whom I grew up named Kristen...]

She's "True Detective" actress Alexandra Daddario, as she has one amazing pair of cans. So much so that I've officially bestowed her with the title of Best New Rack of 2014...

Daddario's big bare bazongas are on fully display in a recent early episode of the show, when the 25-year-old Daddario's character, Lisa Tragnetti (a single and psycho court reporter), handcuffs married cop Woody Harrelson to a furniture fixture and starts banging the hell out of him right there in her apartment!

Earlier this week it was revealed that "True Detective" is one of Obama's favorite shows (link below), although it's not clear whether that's a result of the scantily clad Daddario or whether His Majesty is just a sucker for good murder mystery.

Regardless, Obama's fandom of said show reportedly prompted him last week to take time out of his busy campaigning and golfing schedule to personally ask HBO executive Richard Plepler for advance copies of "True Detective" episodes (along with the upcoming season of "Game of Thrones").

The bountifully bosomed Daddario quickly picked up on Obama's interest this week, boisterously tweeting that "the president has seen by boobs" (link below).

Now while some deranged right-wingers have predictably criticized Obama this week for tossing his presidential weight around to see episodes of these shows before the public does, I can't say I blame the individual for wanting to see more of Alexandra Daddario as soon as possible.

Although, it is just a tad bit creepy having an out-of-touch leftist monarch and horrific president liking two of the same shows as I do. Maybe I should take some time this weekend to rethink some of my viewing preferences?

Monday, February 17, 2014

McPerfect Monday: Blonde Broad, Booze, Burgers, Bathing Suit, Boobs & Baywatch!

As the story goes, "Young woman dressed in Baywatch costume downs a pint of beer at McDonald's as part of shocking Internet drinking craze" called "neknominate" and aimed at becoming a "viral Internet star" (links below).

But this hot little Welsh number Steph-Lou Jones had me at broad, booze and burgers, truth be told. The rest is just tartar sauce on my Filet-O-Fish stick.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Banana Republic: Leftists in Nicaragua "Scrap Terms Limits" to Allow "President" Daniel Ortega (No Apparent Relation to Carmen) to Serve Endless Terms. Just the Example We Need!

The Nicaraguan leftists' power grab "makes the impoverished country the latest in a string of Latin American nations from Bolivia to Ecuador to give presidents power extending beyond their traditional limits" (link below).

Endless terms. Gee, thanks a lot, Latin America! I can just see the little wheels turning now in the heads of Obama and his hired partisan hack, John Podesta.

Their only challenge would be overcoming that damn pesky 22nd Amendment. But that's nothing that can't be overcome by a few nuclear options or executive orders amongst leftists, no? (Although, I really shouldn't be giving these people any ideas over there).;_ylt=AwrBJR9_A.hSOB0A4wjQtDMD

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

They Don't Call It GAS for Nuttin': Heifer Hurt After "Flatulent Cows Start Fire at Dairy Farm"...

And despite its vague references to portly creatures and passing gas, this is one news headline that actually has nothing to do with Chris Christie for a change:

"Methane gas from 90 flatulent cows exploded in a farm shed, damaging the roof and injuring one of the animals," reports Reuters (link below). "One cow was treated for burns," say cops.

Now while this one is mildly amusing (except for the burnt burger), is it really news?

Say, on the other hand, Chris Christie was involved and ordered the herd locked in the shed in the first place as retaliation against a democrat party rival who owned the bovines?

That one's at least a little better, even if it does have a bit of a been-there done-that, "cow dung stinks," "Obama lies," sort of dated stench to it. Wasn't it Eddie Murphy who once said, "Tell me something I don't know, Mother Fucker!"

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Legislation Even I Can Support: "Bill Would Add 'None of the Above' as Choice on Election Ballots"...

It gets tiresome when I go to the voting booth. I'm there, typically, to cast my habitual protest vote against the rotten, extreme-controlled democrat party and gop-er party, meaning I vote for a 3rd-party candidate. But those candidates tend to be some real rotten choices themselves. Real slim pickins...

Most often the third-party route comes down to a choice between some extreme right-wing libertarian freak or some loony leftist "green" party goof (or other similarly unappetizing options). Flip a coin, as far as I'm concerned. But maybe soon there will be a much better option...

A new bill in New Hampshire would add "none of the above" as an option to select on every election ballot. Nevada already has this option available on its ballots (pic at the top), and it's great the possibility's starting to crop up elsewhere.

I couldn't say it better myself than the sponsor of the New Hampshire measure, who says: "Voters should have the chance to express their dissatisfaction with all the candidates for a given office . . . Real choice means people have to be able to withhold their consent."

Of course, the slimy two-party apparatus of our current corrupt political system doesn't want you to have any real choice. They want to brainwash you with ancient antiquated notions of it being your "civic duty" to "pick a side" between far leftist and right-winger parties who do not reflect a majority of the people in this country.

Give me "none of the above" over those two non-choices any day of the week. "None of the above" won't lie to you. Won't destroy your health care. Won't run up $17 trillion in national debt. Won't send your kid off to be whacked out or maimed in needless wars. But "none of the above" does have the potential to fully embarrass the people who have done all those terrible things. And that ain't nothing but nothing but good.

Monday, February 3, 2014

20 Items OR ELSE: Old Florida Curmudeon Allegedly Batters Disabled Walmart Patron with Shopping Cart for Going Through Express Line with Two Items Too Many!

Ya know, I'm not so sure that the ol' "20 items or less" restriction at the Walmart express line is exactly what you'd call a hard-fast rule of law over there. If you happen to have a few more items than that, who really gives a rat's ass? But don't tell that to 77-year-old William Golladay (mug above; link below). He keeps count...

And that was bad news for 67-year-old John Malherbe recently after Malherbe drove his motorized scooter through the express line with -- get this -- 22 items in tow! How unlucky for him that Golladay just happened to be next in line behind him!

As if clairvoyantly sensing that Malherbe was trying to pull a fast one, Golladay reportedly took to counting up the total number of items that Malherbe had placed on the checkout counter -- Every Single One. And when that count reached 22, this old coot Golladay had reached his own limit!

Malherbe says Golladay first started screaming at him that "he had too many items and he couldn't use that register." When Malherbe was apparently undeterred, Golladay next allegedly went and grabbed his shopping cart and battered the express line cheater right in his elbow with the cart!

Walmart managers quickly ushered Golladay out of the store, but the old battle axe still reportedly wanted a piece of the scooter-bound Malherbe.  So after a short respite, Golladay allegedly reentered the store "with both fists raised," looking to take a swipe at his express line adversary.

Workers again escorted this ossified rule stickler Golladay out the joint, where finally the cops showed up. Even then, cops say Golladay was uncooperative and kept "ranting about how the man in front of him was in the 20 item express lane attempting to purchase over 20 items."

Now Golladay's next appearance in line may be the morning head count down at the hoosegow, since he faces a felony charge of battery on an old fart. No word yet whether or not Malherbe -- for his own part in this bargain store brouhaha -- will be ticketed himself for express line abuse.