Thursday, November 26, 2015

Country Down the Crapper: "1.1 Million Americans Don't Have a Toilet." So OK, I'll Give Some Thanks on This Day of Pilgrims & Indians...

For starters, I guess I should feel thankful for having a working shithouse at my joint. Oh Thank You, Dear Leader in the White House, for still permitting some of us to have these sorts of water-wasting luxuries which we don't absolutely need (when ya really think about it, right?).

I'm also thankful to presently have a job during a time when a record number of Americans do not have jobs in this thing (21st Century monstrosity) referred to as Obama's and W's America. Just think "Progress," people!

And I'm thankful that for now I still have my First Amendment right to tell leftists and right-wingers exactly where the hell they can go with their group-thinking, intolerant, boring (Y-A-W-N) dumb asses. But how long until my dissent becomes just a bit too "offensive" to tolerate for so many of these loony fringe inhabitants of the left and right? We're never more than about one Supreme Court decision away, I've grown to say.

But until then, I'm just gonna stay right here and keep talkin', shittin', eatin', drinkin', and having a good time, as usual. Rager never goes away, you see. He just sleeps it off.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Campus "Protests May Move From College Campuses to Ballot Boxes," Happily Chirps Leftist Kansas City Star: So No More Hiding the Motive and End Game!

See, the leftist 20 percenters and their democrat party have a little problem in 2016: Their candidate, Hilary Clinton, is really really really old, and really really really white, and as a result is not likely to turn out nearly as much of the 20-something-moron or black vote in next year's election as His Majesty King Nothing turned out at historic rates in his two coronations...

If the drop-off in turnout is too drastic, it just might threaten the leftists' hold on the presidency and bureaucracy -- i.e. Their Everything these days since they've been pissing away state and federal legislative seats the last 8 years like a gutter wino around 6:00 a.m.

But what better way for democrat party minions to gin up the turnout than choreographing widespread, Astroturf, faux movements led by student lapdogs across the country and made to seem "mainstream," rather than radical fringe, by the leftists' adoring and fawning national media?

But alas, before I cast too many stones at the nation's yutes, I must proffer this question: Good Grief, was I also this stupid, group-thinking, and gullible when I was a 20-something?

Actually, I'd prefer not to answer that question. I will say that slimeball Bill Clinton owes me (and plenty of others) an apology from '92, and never forget this, kids: You remain a lackey to these creeps going forward (on both political extremes) only if you allow it. Unlike the leftists, and their fair share of the right-winger gop-ers, I believe that you're much better than that.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Crapping on Their Own: Leftist "Princeton Students Take Over President's Office, Demand Erasure of Woodrow Wilson"!

Sometimes I think these leftist 20 percenters just need to make up their minds, or at least take a history course, or probably better yet just have their brains examined by a professional...

Sure, Woodrow Wilson (a democrat party man) was probably the most racist president the country has ever seen. But C'Mon! Since when does conviction (or slimy attributes, for that matter) ever get in the way of leftists supporting any person with the correct letter next to his name?

Moreover, Woody was also the most left-wing president not named Obama in the nation's history -- a sort of father to the modern disingenuous, hypocritical, group-thinking, unenlightened, loony leftist movement.

I mean, this guy should be some kind of iconic hero to these radical black-livers and their fellow leftist goofs all across the country!

Instead, look at what they're doing: Shitting all over the man's legacy!

What's next from these freaks? Demand Franklin Roosevelt (the third most leftist president ever, and another democrat) be taken off the dime since he presided over a segregated military in World War II? (I do love giving these leftists ideas over here).

You should learn and know the historical hands that feed you, leftists, rather than biting them off! Because Lord knows there ain't too many Woody's or Frankie's out there from our centrist American past. Dumbasses.

Postscript:  Nailed It!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hey Kids: Adapting to the Situation Is One of Life's Greatest Skills -- Just Look at This Guy...

He's 26-year-old cosmetologist James Williams (from across the pond in Wales), and he's become a bit of an autumn Internet sensation for getting down on the floor to cut the hair of an autistic boy who was too frightened to sit in the barber's chair (link below).

Williams' improv is a heck of an example of doing what it takes to get the job done no matter how difficult the circumstances. What a great life lesson.

But kids: Never lay down on a public floor unless it becomes necessary.

Friday, November 13, 2015

As Fall Skies Turn Hazy Shade of Winter in Midwest, I'm Going Australia Dreaming, & Mama Cass Ain't Invited...

...That old broad wouldn't be able to make it, anyway, ever since she failed to negotiate that ham sandwich.

Regardless, that be Ms. Blake Lively above, along with her two buoyant beach buoys and sandy asscot.

I'd go skippin' for pissclams down to the beach with this hot little number any damn time. Ahoy yee salty mariners and behold me lively catch!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"I Need Some Muscle Over Here!" Missouri MEDIA Professor Tries to Boot MEDIA From Covering Student Protests on Campus!

You know that spot on my resume that says "University of Missouri"? The J-School and all?

Well, can I get that redacted or something?

Or at least obscured in some meaningful way?

Or maybe just abbreviate it to "University of Miss."?

Then the worst that some will think of me is merely that I hail from Mississippi.

There are worst things than that, after all. Like being associated with having a media-related degree from the University of Missouri these days.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Demented Days: "Man Camps Out for Black Friday 33 Days Early," While "Nearly a Third of College Students Describe 1st Amendment as 'Outdated,'" Too Permissive of Free Speech...

No word yet whether the nation's bright young college students will call for this patient shopping camper to be imprisoned for supporting a date emanating from offensive hate speech. (What, no crackers ever go shopping on the day after thanksgiving?!?)

But I do implore you, you wonderfully enlightened younger generation, you -- at least allow this poor shopper to wait and get his big screen TV before you set out to ruin his life. He, like you, deserves his fair share of being able to behave like a moron, too, no?

Monday, November 2, 2015


I've never seen a team as resilient and mentally tough as this one, and I've been watchin' this stuff for over four decades.  No Outs to Go, and a Team for the Ages!