Thursday, November 27, 2014

No Turkey Day Porker Any Longer: A Healthy Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Sweater Suckles in "Ultra-Sheer Top"!

Damn.  Thems, I mean she's, lookin' good these days (pics from a recent stroll in the Big Apple with her old man).

And Methinks me sees some nipsicles! Which itself raises a critical point:

I've never understood why so many broads eschew the ultra-sheer?!? It's downright boring having only the cleavage to stare at all the time.

After all, a bazonga without a bullseye is kinda like an ass without a hole.  What the fuck good is that for anybody?

Friday, November 21, 2014

So He Finally Gets Around to It After All These Years? Obama Announces He Will Ordain by Executive Order that Five Million Illegal Immigrants Shall Be Deemed de facto "Legal"...

"I Will Make It Legal," scowled Senator Palpatine. But no worries -- Palpatine didn't become The Emperor until much later on. Besides, I have always since the start thought that Obama carries himself (and is treated) much more like a monarch than an emperor or president. But regardless...

Ya know, I absolutely hate for either (1) Obama and his leftist democrat party minions or (2) the right-winger gop-ers to ever dictate to me what I'm going to talk about on a particular day just because they happened to pick that day to pull some of their slimy partisan horseshit.  But I do gots a few quickies here when it comes to His Majesty's TV "announcement" (of what we've known for almost a year is coming) on Thursday night:

-Strikes me that the Congress (with a gop-er party so beholden to the Chamber of Commerce and big business lobby) will probably pass immigration legislation in the next few years that will accomplish the same thing Obama is now set to dictate through executive order. So what's so freakin' earth-shattering here? Well, not so earth-shattering except, that is, for the putrid U.S. job market, which needs this cudgel blow to the gut like a midget needs a playful frolic through a car crusher. But explain to me when Obama has ever during his presidency given a rat's ass about jobs or the ongoing plight of the "stupid" American worker? Except for doing damage, Obama's done little on the jobs issue over the years apart from espousing the bare "minimum," in more ways than one.

-When a future president with an "R" next to his name cites to the current precedent being set by Obama in order to sign a similarly sweeping, constitutionally overreaching executive order that should be left to Congressional legislation (as Obama said to Hispanic audiences myriad times in recent years before taking the opposite position now), and when the leftist 20 percenters start going their typical apeshit and marching in the streets over said action by the "R" guy, I am going to laugh out loud (literally) right in all of their sleazy little leftist faces. Hypocrisy and taking opposite positions when convenient are the den of group-thinking, dim-opinioned dolts, after all, and never a more hypocritical lot will you meet than the leftist ideologues -- an angry, rotgut group of clones who take "the ends justify the means" mentality to the deepest depths of human depravity.

-Obama could have easily pushed (and had the Congress pass) immigration legislation in his first two years in office (recall those now long-gone democrat party House and Senate super-majorities?), but chose instead to ignore the issue back then (plus more important issues like jobs and exploding debt and deficits) in favor of a year's worth of groveling over Cap'n Trade (first) and Obamacare (for an excruciatingly long second). Gosh, what a warrior for the immigrants!!! Far from being "forced" to decree this executive order now, the truth about the ever-deceitful Obama is that he simply didn't care enough to ever push the immigration issue until he had the chickenshit political cover of his lame-duck presidency. I mean, do you have any idea how many rounds of golf this individual could've gotten in this week if not for all the time he had to spend on this whole executive order thingy? But never fear. He's in Vegas today. He'll make up for lost time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rotten Guys Finish First? Hot Little Number Anna Hansen Is STILL With Disgraced Bike Jockey Lance Armstrong!?!

Look at that broad! Good Grief, she's healthy! Which is why I don't understand why she continues to stay with her cheatin', dopin', lyin' humiliation of an old man?

Put another way, I don't imagine there's a company, organization, celebrity or public figure worldwide that would touch Lance Armstrong with a ten-foot pole these days, but this biker babe still allows him to touch her headlights and bike basket with his grubby little paws and ten-speeder?

When the Dodgers' old manager Leo Durocher coined the phrase, "Nice guys finish last" in 1946, I wonder if this is what Leo The Lip had in mind? (Maybe not, since I've never seen a broad in one of them '40s pictures that looked anything like Anna Hansen).

At the very least, however, maybe I should look into this whole "act like dirt, get up a skirt" thing. Worst case scenario: The dish calls me an asshole and tries to take a poke at me. But I'm already used to that kinda treatment.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bossified: Old-Fangled Bruce Springsteen Angers "Concert for Valor" Crowd with Ancient Anti-War Song, But Says Not Word One About Obama's Current Bombing of Iraq & American Boots on the Ground There...

At this week's Veterans Day "Concert for Valor" on the Mall in Washington DC, the old leftist 20 percenter warhorse Bruce Springsteen perturbed concertgoers by performing a tune almost as old as him (and he didn't even write it) -- John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival's old protest song, "Fortunate Son."  "I ain't no military son!", screeched the old-timer to jeers from the crowd.

Never mind that it's the leftist hero of Springsteen and 20 percenters everywhere -- Mr. 38%, Barack Obama -- who's currently bombing the hell out of Iraq and who announced this week that he's going to send even more boots on the ground (errr, "advisors") over there...

What an Inconvenient Truth, of course. So ol' Brucey Boy made damn sure to keep his mouth shut about that. Courageous. Jonathan Gruber pats on the back to the broken down old bossman.

And so goes the timeless hypocrisy of the ideologues, whether leftist or right-winger:  Make noise, protest, march in the streets, and go apeshit over this issue or that one just so long as the President has the appropriate letter next to his name! Otherwise, shut your piehole and sing some old songs or something.

Meantime Springsteen's 60s-flashback performance this week only buttresses the growing national talking point that the leftist democrat party is ever-increasingly the party of moth-eaten old fossils like Springsteen, Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid, Claire McCaskill, "Bernie" Sanders, Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi -- with the party's youthful bench all but depleted given the 2014 election wipeout and Obama's forced retirement in two years...

To which talking point, I have to say:  Grandpa and Grandma, you never looked so awful!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scrub Out: Nurse Allegedly "Killed Up to 38 Patients Because She Found Them Annoying"! But Here's Some Tips For Dealing With This Broad If You Draw Her at the Hospital...

Look at that sly little grin! She's 42-year-old Italian nurse Daniela Poggiali (pictured above), and she's suspected of whacking out up to 38 of her patients... 

But, believe it or not, it ain't actually the end of the world if she gets assigned to your bed down to the hospital. Here are some of my best suggestions for interacting with this hardcore healthcare worker if the need should ever arise:

- "My stool has just been the tops, Nurse Danny, ever since you came on shift today."

- "Don't you worry about my bedpan. I'll clean it. You gots more important things to do."

- "No, the commissary didn't bring my supper, but I'm still absolutely stuffed from that scrumptious Shepard's Pie they brought up for lunch!"

- "I'm not paying any attention to that TV news. You go ahead and switch it right on over to Oprah."

- "Some hobo came in here and pushed that call-nurse button. I really don't need a thing. And I'm gonna call security on that bum."

- "Doc wrote down that I was complaining of bed sores? No, I was just remarking that Mr. Horowitz in the next bed snores."

- "I don't need no sponge bath. If anything, I should be comin' down to the nurse station and waiting on you!"

- "Pain level? That would be a big fat Zero, Nurse Danny. Gout of the left tit never felt so good!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

gop-er party Takes U.S. Senate Majority, & Adds to Its Majority in the U.S. House: Who Gives a Fuck?

Right-wingers nationwide hail this as a great victory, while leftist 20 percenters cried before the election (even if many now spin to the contrary) that this Senate shakeup means the world's coming to an end. But Bullshit to both of 'em, as usual... 

I would like anyone to explain to me how anything on the national landscape is any different today than it was yesterday? Yes, gridlock still rules, which is good, but we already had gridlock and it accomplishes little apart from preventing either rotten party from causing too much damage. And yes, the gop-ers will probably now depress the "nuclear option" button pushed by Senate Majority Leech Harry Reid and the democrat party for judicial and executive nominations, which is also good, but most Americans have no idea what that even means and it has no impact upon existing Senate rules regarding the passage of legislation.

So how are things really any different today?  How are they any different than yesterday for the average working American who isn't a partisan ideologue and simply wants a job with an ounce of job security and an opportunity for advancement and higher wages/salary through hard work?  How is anything any different for the average working American whose main goal in life is to see his kids do a little better in life than he did?

Ans: It's not any different today, and nothing's changed. Even simple, rather modest dreams like having a fighting chance to better yourself and the future of your children are increasingly a thing of the past in the utterly depressed America of W Bush and the individual (Mr. 38%) we currently have as a president.  Household incomes remain stagnant, people can't find decent jobs and continue to leave the labor force in droves, and the young people today of all races and ethnicities face a far bleaker future than any group of American young people in generations.

And things won't change as long as we continue to bitterly cling to this rotten two-party system and the radical democrat party and the gop-er party (a foul mix of extremists and political fat cat career politicians) that inhabit that same system. These people don't give a shit about you or your family, but rather care only about cementing and continuing their own political power (first and foremost) and forcing their radical horseshit world views down your throat (second and not far behind).

Until we tear up this corrupt, self-interested, extreme-controlled political system and start electing Independent men and women of good will who care about the best interests of the American people, this country will only continue its rapid decline down the shitter. And no change from "D" to "R" (or vice versa) in the presidency or the Congress is gonna make any freakin' difference...

Or, you can just keep voting for these two creep parties over and over and over again, never dreaming of or demanding anything better.  That's ultimately your choice, not mine.  But you can be something so much better, America.