Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tricky Dick Returns: Obama Administration Cracks Down on Reporter & Amish Farmer, But Grants U.S. Citizenship to Three Suspected Terrorists...

These are tough days to be a serious news reporter or a humble Amish farmer in America. You're liable to have Obama and/or his overbearing federal government minions all over your ass. But if you're a suspected terrorist, have no fear. We'll make you a damn citizen!

This'll Teach Her to Give Obama Unfavorable Coverage!

She just didn't get it. If Obama bestows upon you the illustrious honor of getting to be a part of the press pool covering one of his events, then you had better toe the party line. You better ask the questions they want, and if anything unflattering to His Majesty occurs at the event, you had better ignore it in your coverage!

That was the lesson reportedly learned the hard way this week by San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci. She finds herself now banned from Obama's press pool -- ordered to make like a "Ghost."

Marinucci's crime? Recording and reporting the below video showing singing Obama protesters at an Obama fundraiser in the Land of San Fran Nan. The Obama crew is offering up the rather absurd excuse that the press pool at this event was only supposed to take pen-and-paper notes, as if this was 1973 or something when the original Tricky Dick was in the White House.

This also from an Obama administration that uses modern media techniques and resources (video, social media, etc.) more than any prior administration in order to pump out its propaganda 24/7. I mean, Obama tweets and facebooks more frequently than a new fly strays into in a Mississippi Shithouse.

But if you're a reporter, don't shoot and report any video of Obama unless he approves of it first! Otherwise, you'll be banished.

What's more, you had better not complain! The linked Chronicle story reports that several reporters have said that the White House has been making "implied threats" of "additional and wider punishment" of reporters if the Marinucci banishment became public. Methinks that before you know it, there's not going to be any reporters left in the Obama press pool!

[Late Friday Night UPDATE: This story is really starting to Explode. The latest has the White House denying everything, but the SF Chronicle (hardly a right-wing bastion!) standing beside its story. EXPLODING so much so that this story at Midnight 4/29-4/30 Sits Atop the Drudge Report!]

He Ain't Amish, He's My Brother!

His name is Dan Allgyer, and they were all over this Amish cat's case for a damn year. A yearlong sting operation, to be exact. And they pulled out all the Nixonian stops! This included "aliases, a 5:00 a.m. surprise inspection and surreptitious purchases from [Allgyer's] Amish farm in Pennsylvania."

And now, apparently armed with all the evidence it needs, Obama's FDA announced this week "that it has gone to court to stop Rainbow Acres Farm from selling its contraband to willing customers."

So what exactly was this buggy drivin' bearded man pushing out of his farm? Drugs? Guns? Paca Lolo? Black market cigarettes? Shabby quality horse carts? Black market DVD copies of the film Witness?

Nope. None of those things. Instead, this Amish farmer's sin was to sell milk. Raw milk straight from his own cows, to be precise. Can't have that! Nope. Obama's creeps want you to get your sorry ass down to the supermarket, where Obama-driven inflation now has a pathetic gallon of milk selling for around $4.00 or more nationwide.

And if you do otherwise, then Obama's gonna spend a year of federal government resources and manpower harassing you and trying to build some kind of court case against you. This despite the fact that (1) local patrons are reportedly "extremely happy" with the milk and other products sold on the farm and (2) there have been no complaints. Except from Obama's FDA.

So look for the Milk Wars to continue across Amish America while Obama and his flunkies turn a blind eye to other legal and regulatory areas that don't jive so well with their leftist 20 percenter agenda. As the linked story from the Washington Times states:

"The FDA's actions stand in contrast to other areas where the Obama administration has said it will take a hands-off approach to violations of the law, including the use of medical marijuana . . . and illegal-immigrant students and youths, whom the administration said recently will not be targets of their enforcement efforts."

So to quote (actually butcher) the old song: If you smoke the tree, we'll leave you be. If you jump the fence, we won't dispense. But if you're Amish -- Oh Brother!!! -- Get Back, Get Back, Get Back!

Giving "the Great American Melting Pot" a Whole New Meaning

Even Tricky Dick would agree, I'd assume: We've always been a country that's welcomed the world's immigrants. In the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries, it was such immigrants as the Italians, the Czechs, the Scandinavians, etc., not to mention my ancestors, your Kraut Mick friends.

The broad diversity of our great country is truly something special to behold (OK, in that sentence, I'm actually being very serious for once). Over time, we've welcomed tens of millions of additional immigrants from Asia, Africa, South and Central America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, etc.

And now we can proudly add to that list a new group: Suspected terrorists. The linked story from reports that since Obama took over the crown, three international terrorism suspects have been granted U.S. citizenship.

The threesome was reportedly naturalized as U.S. citizens after Obama's Department of Justice convicted them of crimes as a result of a "terrorism-related" DOJ investigation. (You know, I've heard of the Bizarro-world phrase "crime does pay," but this is ridiculous!). We welcomed these sleazebags with "Open Arms"!

The result of all this foolishness is that I'm afraid the New Colossus plaque at the Statue of Liberty is going to have be modified and amended, as follows:

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses -- and toss in your criminals and pato puffers too -- yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse and hive of scum and villiany of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, the terrorists, tempest-tost to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door to all measure of ex-cons, slimeballs and scuzjackets alike. Welcome Aboard! (But Amish people and serious news reporters need not apply)."

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tornadoes Kill 300 People in the South; Leftist 20 Percenters Blame Global Warming. But I Blame Bush, Racism and the Lack of Civility & Gun Control.

Where's Gore? Can we get him on the set? We need a sound bite. We need a big name to go on record agreeing with the 20 percenter leftist murmurs (links at bottom) blaming global warming for the string of tornadoes that have devastated the American south.

When the midwest was hit with 2 feet of snow in one day earlier this year, Gore stepped up to the plate to blame global warming. We need him again! PLEASE, come out from your massage parlor, ol' Exalted Inventor of the Internet, you!

But until that happens, my take is that the leftist 20 percenters really need to start thinking outside the box. I mean, I get the whole concept of never letting a good crisis or disaster go to waste -- but blaming every single weather event on global warming has become, frankly, very cliched. You can do so much better, leftists. Good grief, do I have to do your work and thinking for you? Guess so. Well, here goes:

Blame Bush

You can never go wrong with this one, as you leftists well know. You can even tie it in to global warming, as you did with Hurricane Katrina. Recall: Bush policies cause global warming, which caused Hurricane Katrina, meaning Bush caused that hurricane to occur. As if he pushed a "Cause Hurricane" button at the White House during a bad "Whiskey Hangover."

That you leftists would be going around raising global warming in the abstract as the cause of these tornadoes -- without any tie to Bush -- really demonstrates that you guys have lost a step or two recently in the bullshit department. You clowns goin' soft?

Blame Racism

As Obama's approval ratings recently have begun to really tank to down around 40% (most alarmingly, 35% among Independents, the ones who decide your election outcomes), I've noticed a new theme developing amongst the leftist 20 percenters in recent days: It's a sort of general angst and worry about the 2012 presidential election, with the possibility of losing being tied to the "racism" of Americans. Yeah right. The same Americans who voted Obama's sorry ass into office in the first place! But my obviously racist white ass digresses.

Why not tie racism to the tornadoes? Granted, you probably again need a global warming and/or Bush connector to pull it off. But I'm just sayin'. How about: Bush, all republicans, and any other person who would vote against and/or criticize Obama are racist -- and since those kinds of terrible people have caused global warming, they are also to blame for the tornadoes. See, that wasn't so damn hard!

Blame Lack of Civility; Palin; Tea Party

After two weeks on the campaign trail sniping at republicans with some fairly harsh rhetoric and scare tactics, our illustrious president said Wednesday that the two parties need to stop all the partisan sniping.

Just like he and his fellow 20 percenter leftists called for everyone else to act with more "civility" after the Gabby Giffords shooting -- only to follow it up with myriad examples of non-civil behavior. They even blamed the shooting on Sarah Palin and the tea party -- never mind that the nut job shootist had no connection whatsoever to either. But again, my racist Archie Bunker white hide digresses.

With all of that background in mind, let's tie lack of civility, Palin and the tea party to the tornadoes. The theme here: Bad Influence.

First, Palin and the tea party like to run their mouths -- really spin their wheels -- a mile a minute. I mean, they just will never shut the f*ck up! So what happens when a tornado sees that awful example? It starts spinning around a mile a minute too, all Helter Skelter and shit.

Moreover, Palin and the tea party like to place people in their cross hairs. Just like a damn tornado does! So even if lack of civility, Palin and the tea party might not be directly to blame for the southern tornadoes, their influence certainly has not helped out matters. I will leave it at that.

Blame Lack of Gun Control

It seems to me that the issue of gun control has been rather unfairly confined by the 20 percenter leftists to instances when some demented freak (or freaks) goes on a shooting spree. Within 10 minutes thereafter, the leftist "mainstream media" is always in full gun control mode. But why pigeon-hole gun control like that? I think you leftists can get a lot more mileage out of it, no?

Take these tornadoes. What parts of the country do these things always hit? The south and the midwest, obviously. And what do those regions have in common? Answer: Plenty of gun-totin' bitter clingers (Obama's words, not mine). I mean, when's the last time you saw a damn tornado hit an enlightened city such as San Francisco or Washington DC?

The solution: Make all of the country more like those cities. Outlaw all guns. Every - Single - One. Second Amendment, Schmecond Amendment! Then these tornadoes wouldn't have any bad people left to take their wrath out upon (sorry to end sentence on a preposition).

This concept is so simple, even a deranged right-winger or caveman could follow it: Get rid of the guns, then you get rid of all the bad people, and then the tornadoes have nowhere to strike. The ultimate use of the policy of appeasement! Neville Chamberlain would stand up in his grave, and Hugo Chavez would grin in agreement.

So at the end of the day, I really don't want to hear any more tired old talk about global warming causing these tornadoes. That's so boring. So business as usual. So yesterday. So 2009sville. Put your Thinking Caps on, leftist 20 percenters! You could do so much better. You're disappointin' me over here!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birth This: She Ain't Dead & Buried Yet, America! Talk About a REAL Three-Ring Circus: Trump & Palin in 2012?!?

It just hit me like a ton of bricks today. I was listening to the 1 p.m. news on 980 KMBZ in KCMO and Sarah Palin's latest tweet proclaiming, "Media: Admit it. Trump forced the issue" (link at bottom).

This was in reference to Donald Trump's recent "birther" push aimed at appealing to the deranged right-winger tea party types who still subscribe to the now long completely debunked and "Trumped up" theory that Obama was born in Kenya.

Obama lowered himself to the "birther" level on Wednesday and gave the issue legitimacy by releasing some new form of his birth certificate that he had previously not released. Obama said it's now time to focus on serious and important business, such as taping appearances on "Oprah," which he did later on Wednesday.

Obama's release of another version of his birth certificate provided Trump with a grand opportunity to fly in on his Trump chopper, go on national television, and declare victory ("I'm very proud of myself," raved Trump as only he can) about having forced Obama to do something that he had previously refused to do. The Donald adds, "I'm really honored to have played such a big role" in the new version's release:

The intended effect of Obama's move -- to pull a big "Gotcha" on Trump -- is not what I saw occur on Wednesday. I didn't see Obama putting any dent in Trump at all. I think Obama would've been better served politically to stick to his proverbial guns on this issue and bitterly cling to the prior form of the birth certificate that his minions released. But I digress. Let's get back to Palin.

We've seen this repeatedly from Palin in recent weeks. Every time Trump pulls one of his crazy stunts or antics, Palin chimes in with approval on Twitter or elsewhere like some sort of Rush Slimebaugh dittohead.

Actually, a better comparison would be to a sidekick, a flunky, a lackey, a second fiddle, a lapdog. The Ed McMahon of the new millennium! I fully expect Palin's next Tweet to say something like, "You Are Correct, Sir Donald, YES! HiYoooo!"

And so as referenced above, it finally hit me today: Palin's likely angling for a Vice President selection should Trump grab the GOP nomination. That seems perfectly clear to me, and it also makes perfect sense. Palin is damaged goods. The combination of an endless left-wing (media and otherwise) barrage against her plus her own incessant dumb behavior & sound bites has resulted in completely tanked polling numbers -- so much so, that I say no way she even runs for the GOP nomination.

Which leaves a vice presidential selection as Palin's best future hope. But what GOP candidate in his/her right mind would ever select her? Nobody. But the one GOP candidate who is clearly not in his right mind is Trump. I could see him actually selecting Palin. He's just that crazy. And as noted previously in this space -- crazy like a fox just as much as he is legitimately crazy (Trump dangerously wraps both into the same package). I mean, This Man Is Sick -- He Needs Help!...

In short, Trump typically appears to do crazy things, but for a reason. Why do you think Trump's been pushing the ridiculous "birther" issue? Because it's garnered him huge favor with the GOP's far right wing -- the people necessary to garner a GOP primary nomination.

And Trump has a problem: Does he really stand for much of anything? He's flip-flopped on various issues more times than Al Gore in a massage parlor ("Take Care of This!"). That fact will only be exploited in the GOP primary by Trump's opponents, which may well make it to his advantage to have a close allegiance with Palin (who likely won't be running). Such an alliance would help Trump shore up the GOP's right-winger base, since that "Crazy Bitch" preaches the gospel to those fools. (Plus, she is hot).

The price of Palin having The Donald's back in the primary may just be a promise of vice presidential selection if Trump wins the GOP nomination. Now, I'm not saying all of this is necessarily going to happen. I'm just watching Palin and telling you what I think her angle is.

[Aside note: Maybe in a couple of weeks, Charles Krauthammer will tell you the same thing. Two weeks after I said the very same thing in this space (link at bottom), Krauthammer was on the "O'Reilly Factor" on 4/26/11 comparing Trump's potential candidacy to that of Al Sharpton on the democrat party side years ago. Get your own damn material, you deranged right-wing freak! And "here comes my left blow (since I fight from a southpaw stance)..."]

As for Palin: Sorry leftist 20 percenters. Sorry GOP establishment fat cats. She ain't dead and buried. Not just yet, leastways. And how 'bout ol' Trumper?! I still say he's crazy and I doubt I could ever vote for him -- but he's damn sure entertaining the hell out of me these days. What more can you ask for?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leftist Professor Calls Independents Ignorant, Scary, Clueless, Confused, Disinterested & Stand-for-Nothing. Just Whom Is He Calling Disinterested?!?

Never heard of him before. Could use to never hear from him again. He's some poopy 20 percenter leftist called Michael Kazin -- reportedly a professor at Georgetown. Big whoop. But I couldn't help but notice his rather scathing indictment of American Independents in a new column that allegedly appears in the New Republic (I read it on -- link at bottom). Methinks this assclown deserves the full Rager treatment, no?

Those Damn Blasted Independents!!!

Far from blowing my stack after reading this fool calling Independents every name in the book (add to my list at the top: myopic and thoughtless), I accepted his column as a badge of honor and laughed at his obvious motivation: This leftist hates the fact that we Independents decide his election outcomes and he admits it! I love his hate! "Never Enough," as far as I'm concerned.

Of course, partisans on both sides hate Independents. It's just that they try not to show it, since they know we control elections and don't want to piss us off too much. As always, when a leftist (or a deranged right-winger, for that matter) shows his true colors through honest words (a very rare occurrence), I have to give that a fair amount of credit. And therefore some credit goes to Kazin on that front. But not on any other front -- read on...

A Leftist 20 Percenter Tutorial

Simmering just below the surface of Kazin's column is classic 20 percenter leftist thought (they like for it to be referred to as "liberalism" or "progressive," and therefore I say 20 percenter leftist): They know what's best for us, and the rest of the population is too stupid to figure it out.

Following that line of thinking to its logical conclusion, the leftist ultimately questions whether we really need all of those damn pesky American democratic institutions, elections, freedom and basic constitutional rights.

To wit: We get loony far leftist old hags like Nancy Pelosi (until very recently, second in the line of succession to the presidency) spouting lines like, "Elections shouldn't matter as much as they do." (That one from the past few weeks). And we get columns from the leftist likes of Kazin, who actually seems to suggest that maybe -- just maybe -- all of us dumb Independents shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Nope, he doesn't come right out and say that -- but it's there, again percolating just below the surface (like so many of the leftists' true intentions). Kazin (allegedly an historian), for example, cites back to the 1920s and some oddball anecdote about Walter Lippmann and John Dewey discussing the issue "about whether ordinary citizens could be trusted to make sound decisions about which policies to favor and which politicians could be trusted to carry them out."

Lippmann was a leftist "journalist," political commentator and (scary enough) multiple-time presidential adviser who once crowed that he had "no doctrinaire belief in free speech." (Nice dude, uh?) Kazin notes that Lippmann (in a viewpoint obviously embraced by Kazin) "thought the public was easily manipulated by clever propagandists and ideologues; a complex society required public-spirited experts to run the show."

Translation: Far leftist elites are the only ones smart enough to "run the show"; everyone else should just shut up, get out of the way, and take it (i.e., take whatever policies the leftists think are best for us and learn to love it).

Or, alternatively and at a bare minimum, the leftists would say that only partisans on the left and right should allowed to vote and make policy: Independents (those "ordinary citizens") are just too stupid to be granted such exorbitant rights. (Cheery folks, these leftists!)

This Ain't Your Granddaddy's Democrat Party

The disheartening reality is that anti-democratic far leftist thinkers like Kazins and Lippmans do "run the show" in the sense that people like them bankroll and control the democrat party. It's just not the same party it was four, three, even two decades ago. The last great American president in my estimation -- JFK -- would have no place in the democrat party of today.

And that's why I'm fairly confident I will never again vote for another democrat party candidate in my lifetime (not that I plan to vote for many republican politicians, either, mind you). In short, today's democrat party is just too scary (to use one of the good professor's favorite words). No joke.

That's why for this one and many Independents, the 2008 election and the two years that followed were like "getting hit with a sucker punch from somewhere in the back." So we "lit up their world like it was the Fourth of July" in early November 2010. That was cool! And we'll do it again, if need be. After all, we decide their elections. (And Kazin HATES that so!)

Sticks & Stones, "Professor"

Concerning the various insults that Kazin tosses our way: Granted, there are Independents who don't follow politics too closely and make last-minute decisions on whom to vote for (sorry to end a sentence on a preposition). But to label the entire group with broad-brush swaths such as being stupid and stand-for-nothing is stereotypical mindlessness. (Well, he is a leftist!) "Can't Truss It!"

Not to mention, I have little doubt there are plenty of people out there who consider themselves democrats or republicans who also pay scant attention to politics, but instead just show up on election day and mindlessly vote for their partisans. Hell, I come from a whole family of people like that. Yeah! We Independents are the stupid ones!

Independents a Small Minority!?!

Not sure where Prof. Leftist is getting that one. I guess never let facts get in the way of a good piece of propaganda. I just hope this guy's not out there Gettin' Stoned like Hinder, because the assertion that Independents are just some tiny little minority is flat-out false and provides prima facie evidence that someone just may be Puffin' the ol' Paca Lolo until at least 4:20 in the morning.

Specifically, I've seen very consistent polling data on this subject in recent years. Independents, as well as people who consider themselves neither "liberal" nor "conservative," make up roughly 40% of the American population. It's about the same for people calling themselves "conservative" (35-40%).

It's the leftists who are the tiny minority! Self-described "liberals" and "progressives" make up about 20 percent of the population! Hence the phrase that I coined in this space many months ago: Leftist 20 percenter (or 20 percenter leftist, if you please) -- you know, the ones who control the democrat party?

Rarely Boring, and Never "Disinterested"

Now, I realize this whole subject matter area might be a bit boring for some or for many. (Hey, I worked in some bikini ladies and rock music up above -- whatdaya want from me over here?). But when I see some snobbish, elitist, out-of-touch, leftist 20 percenter nobody propagandist of a beltway insider college professor (allegedly a professor) shitting all over my fellow Independents, I gotta say something. I roll that way.

Finally, getting back to my line at the top: I think you can accuse me of being many things, but I really don't think "disinterested" would be among them. (Not anymore, leastways). You just take that back, leftist -- Them's Fightin' Words! (Note: I personally wouldn't waste your time reading this goof's drivel; yet, I felt compelled provide a link since it was the subject of this post).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is It "Winning" If Your Porn GF Tells You to Buzz Off? Porn Chick Serves Charlie Sheen w/ Pink Slip Via Text! But Will Lindsay Lohan Be a Replacement?

It had been a match seemingly made in heaven: The previously dashing 45-year-old psychotic television star and the 24-year-old porn babe (Bree Olson) who has starred in nearly 200 pornos over the course of a short four-year porn career. This Fabulous Moolah of the money shot had appeared to have found her Prince Charmless.

They had even embarked together -- along with Sheen's other girlfriend (24-year-old pot model Natalie Kenly) -- on Sheen's current and infamous "Violent Torpedo of Truth" road tour. But Bree Olson has now reportedly taken her show on a different road, hitting the Hollywood has-been actor with his walkin' papers in recent days.

Adding insult to injury, the well-endowed porn blondie didn't give Mr. Winning the news in person or over the phone. Well, actually, she did use a phone allright -- but to send him a damn text message telling him to go jump in Lake Winner without a life jacket.

Now Sheen is left with only Kenly as a sidekick on his tour. His two "goddesses" have dwindled down to a single piece of garbage. Sheen's running out of "Bodies" faster than Drowning Pool 10 Years Ago. But might there be some big help on the way?

Sheen has reportedly "extended an invitation to embattled actress Lindsay Lohan," who stands accused of pulling a jewelry heist earlier this year in L.A. and who last week was sentenced to 120 days in the can for a probation violation.

Apparently, Lohan wouldn't even have to give a firm commit up front. Instead, Sheen just wants to her come and "hang out with him for 24 hours." Sort of a "winning trial period," I suppose. Duh. Sheen says "I would hug and let her know it's going to be OK." How sweet.

Only problem it seems to me? I'm fairly certain Lohan (who's currently out on bail on the probation violation) cannot leave the L.A. area unless she wants to lam it.

So Sheen would either have to (1) start doing all his lame shows in L.A. (I'm sure the crowds would be huge -- or not) or (2) stop by and pick up the wayward actress so that the two drug addicts could strike out on some sort of weird Wild At Heart OR...

Natural Born Killers OR...

Bonnie & Clyde-inspired road trip and debauchery spree:

Jeezal peezal. But if it must be one or the other of those two options, please make it the road trip. Then head east out of L.A. along the path of old Route 66. Hell, I might even drive down to meet up with 'em. Like something from an old Country Song -- I'll be standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"IMF Bombshell - Age of America Nears End": More Dire Economic News; Meantime the "Mainstream Media" Largely or Completely Ignores It This Morning.

Today comes the news that the International Monetary Fund "has set a date for the moment when the 'Age of America' will end and the U.S. economy will be overtaken by that of China" -- just five years from now in 2016. The significance of this? As we move towards that direction, there is an extremely high risk that the U.S. loses its status as having the world's reserve currency -- the impact of which would be devastating to the U.S. economy and could well even usher in a monetary and economic collapse in the United States.

Not that any of this is really new. It's been in the air for at least a year. You've probably heard on the radio these "End of America" commercials. I checked out that dude's website recently, and he's not talking about some over-the-top preposterous event occurring. Instead, he's just talking about the very same thing -- the end of the American dollar as the world's reserve currency. There's hardly anything new or original about that. He just says it will occur this year, which I do tend to doubt. But make no mistake -- it's coming.

If we lose the world's reserve currency status, say Goodnight Sweet Prince to Obama's favorite economic policy of simply printing more money to pay off debt. That won't work anymore. Instead, printing a bunch of more money at that point will result in massive hyper-inflation, e.g. something you're paying $5 for now may quickly cost $15 or $30 or $50. Great Depression all over again.

What's the solution? Reverse course. Drastically cut federal spending and the massive size of the federal government. At a minimum, start balancing our annual federal spending budget. But no one seems serious about doing these things. The democrat party couldn't care less and often almost seems like it wants an economic collapse so that a new far leftist state can rise from the ashes (free of all those damn pesky "restraints" of the U.S. Constitution).

Some radical leftists have made this clear as their goal. Am I at the point where I'm going to specifically accuse the likes of Obama of wishing this? No. Because I can't see inside the man's head. But I'm not going to put it past him either, because he has been an absolutely destructive president, along with W. Bush.

Meantime the republicans don't seem serious about reversing course either. Few of them have any balls, real convictions or principles. That's how we get that shameful 2011 budget deal a few weeks ago that was a complete fraud, as detailed in this space. Shit, the republicans are just as responsible for the current dire situation, given all of the huge budget deficits of the Bush years, not to mention the massive amounts of new debt added through the fighting of an unnecessary bullshit war in Iraq and remaining in Afghanistan long after we should have been out.

And as for today's news about the IMF's prediction, I note that I see this story appearing on the right-winger DrudgeReport and right-winger Fox News. Incredibly, but not so shockingly, a quick perusal this morning of websites of left-leaning CNN and and leftist propaganda outlets MSNBC, ABC and CBS found not one single story or mention of today's IMF news. That's because, after all, bad economic news doesn't jive so well with the best interests of Obama or the democrat party.

Instead, what you get from those outlets are myriad stories that tend to prop up the economics of Obama's beleagured presidency, such as: Stories pointing a finger at Big Oil for high gas prices; Stories trying to say that last week's S&P downgrade in the U.S. credit ratings outlook was actually a blessing in disguise; and Stories detailing and listing out the worst of America's gas guzzling vehicles. Sad, sad stuff, all the way around.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ouch-O-Bama! Ultra-Boring Mitt Romney Polls Ahead of Obama for 2012 & Columnist Calls Obama "The New W." The White House Must Be Fumin' Like a Feech!

I was rather shocked at new polling data showing that Boring White Male Retread Republican Mitt Romney would beat Obama in New Hampshire by a fairly hefty margin if the 2012 presidential election were held this weekend (link at bottom). Romney is currently thought of as sort of a quasi-favorite to win the GOP nomination for "Election Day" (video at bottom) 2012, with Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump as his strongest potential challengers.

The new poll from Ivy League Dartmouth College's Nelson A. Rockefeller Center shows Romney whipping Obama's ass by eight percentage points (47% to 39%) in New Hampshire if the election was held this weekend. These can't be considered bright numbers for the president seeing as that he kicked McCain's Tired Old Ass by nine percentage points (54% to 45%) in New Hampshire in 2008.

Not to mention, Mitt Freakin' Romney?!? I literally "Laughed Out Loud" when I saw this story. I mean, just look above at this goof (pictured above beside right-wing nut job Sharron Angle), this stiff, this bore, this dupe, this cadaver, this completely uninspiring oaf of a deranged right-winger!

It's why I've been saying for months that sitting president Obama probably wins reelection in 2012: The likely GOP field of challengers -- including Romney -- is about as exciting as swatting flies in a Mississippi Shithouse.

And what, pray tell, might you guess that the linked article from attributes Romney's surprising numbers to (sorry to end sentence on a preposition, Jeeves)? BINGO! Damn Pesky Independents!

Romney leads Obama by eight percentage points -- not coincidentally the very same spread (44% to 36%) by which New Hampshire Independents currently favor Romney over Obama. I don't often say that We Independents Decide Your Election Outcomes for nothing, after all.

Additionally, whatever minions at the White House whom Obama assigns to monitor his weekend news coverage can't be too happy at the linked column from the Arizona Republic, which brands Obama as "The New W."

The column is an interesting read, but hardly original. Hell, I've been comparing and equating Obama and W Bush for at least a year now in this space. Those two fools remain, hands down, the two worst and most destructive presidents of my lifetime (and I've lived through Jimmy Carter and part of Nixon).

Put another way in Rock Legend: "Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss." (Here's hoping that America Won't Get Fooled Again. Watch the video at bottom, and in particular The Madman -- the Greatest Rock'n'Roll Drummer of All-Time, Keith Moon, in what must have been not too far in advance of his 1978 death. Hey, he Died Before He Got Old -- wasn't that the Plan? But I digress).

Indeed, some of this Obama news from this weekend must have the White House fumin' like a Feech, as noted at the top. Specifically, I'm referring to one Michele "Feech" La Manna -- the hilarious foul-mouthed and extremely hot-tempered gangster from Season 5 of "The Sopranos."

The only thing that ever disappointed with Feech was the fact that his run on "The Sopranos" was so damn short. He had such a penchant for constantly blowing his stack at anyone and everyone around him, that even huge-tempered boss Tony Soprano quickly arranged for Feech -- who'd just been paroled out the joint -- to get nailed with a trumped up parole violation in order to send Feech's hot-headed old ass right back to the hoosegow.

Watch Feech's greatest "hits" and highlights from his short run on that show here (my personal favorite is when Feech beats the holy hell out of a lawn & garden man who rubs Feech the wrong way):

Feech vs. Paulie Walnuts YARD WARS:

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Feech was played by Robert Loggia -- a truly badass actor who has just as much of a temper as Feech himself. In short, Loggia's like a Disturbed "Animal."

Loggia got into a physical altercation with Al Pacino while auditioning for Scarface after Pacino was late and "half asleep" for the audition (Loggia says he "shook Pacino's cage"). Following the run-in, Pacino reportedly told the casting director, "I want Bob" in Scarface (in which he did appear as Drug Kingpin Frank Lopez).

Loggia also once threw famed director David Lynch into a wall ("I rattled his cage") when Lynch showed up late for Loggia's audition for the 1986 film Blue Velvet (one of my favorite old films). Lynch, like Pacino, was actually impressed by Loggia's temper and cast Loggia in 1997's Lost Highway (even though Loggia didn't get a role in Blue Velvet). (Check the Comments section below for an article detailing these various Loggia anecdotes).

But more important than any of that, Loggia is also a fellow journalism grad from the University of Missouri (Class of '51), which means that he's well-educated. In contrast, Obama (just like "W" of course) is an Ivy League graduate, meaning he's a condescending, elitist snob.

Give me a fellow hot-headed, ill-tempered Mizzou grad and "Mizzou mafia" member (i.e. MU J grad) any day of the week over your prototypical 20 percenter leftist. Shit, forget Trump. Loggia For President; ROCK AND ROLL!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Would Any of the Best Dads in History -- Ward, Cliff, Charlie, Don Vito, Archie -- Ever Whack Out Their Own Son Like This Piece of Work (Allegedly)?

[Preface: Don Vito Corleone's son did whack out his own brother, but that's a different matter. The hits carried out by an adult son should not be extrapolated to the father -- especially after the old man had long since keeled over dead out in the vegetable garden.]

The Greatest Old Mans in History

Would Ward Cleaver ever push a button on The Beaver? Or on Wally for that matter?

Would Cliff Huxtable ever take out a contract on Theo's head?

Would Archie Bunker ever go dingbat and order a rub out of his beloved Little Girl Gloria?

Heck, even Charlie Sheen by all accounts is a decent father apart from the awful example he sets for his little shits.

[Note: I purposefully excluded from my list of best historical Old Mans both (1) Homer Simpson (whom I seem to recall trying to strangle and/or kill son Bart at various junctures during the ongoing 63-year run of "The Simpsons")...

...and (2) Tony Soprano (who may have largely left son A.J. alone but neverthesless whacked out both his own nephew Christopher and his own cousin Tony B -- recall the whole Joey Peeps fiasco referenced earlier this week).]

The "Vinny Gorgeous" Trial

Which brings us to the other Old Man pictured at the top: Dominick "Quiet Dom" Cirillo -- a former acting boss and high-ranking member of the Genovese organized crime family in New York. A videotape recording introduced in a New York courtroom this week indicates that Quiet Dom actually gave the order to whack out his own boy!

[They called him "Quiet Dom," BTW, because he tended to keep rather quiet -- it wasn't one of those Bizarro World nicknames, like calling a big fat tub of goo, "Tiny," or anything like that].

The locals in the Big Apple call it the "Vinny Gorgeous trial." In a Brooklyn federal court, former acting boss of one of the other New York crime families (the Bonannos) -- Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano -- is on trial for his life on a murder charge. (The Bonannos, BTW, were the crime family depicted in the motion picture Donnie Brasco).

This week, the jury in the case watched a videotape recording in which Vinny Gorgeous was talking to another former Bonanno acting boss -- Joseph Massino. What Vinny Gorgeous didn't realize at the time (2005) was that Massino was working with the feds and had arranged for the secret recording to take place. (It seems that Massino was willing to turn rat to avoid the death penalty on a murder rap of his own).

During the recorded conversation, Vinny Gorgeous and the rat fink Massino started talking about Quiet Dom's son, Nicholas Cirillo (whom I'll call Nicky, since there's no way he wasn't called that (sorry for the double negative)). Nicky was a lower-level gangster associate in 2004 and not yet a "made" member of La Cosa Nostra (an important fact -- read on...).

Nicky Gets Whacked Out

During that time frame, the 41-year-old Nicky reportedly got into a physical and verbal altercation with Vinny Gorgeous' son Junior (close to being "made" at the time) and Bonanno Capo Dominick Cicale (obviously a made man given his caporegime position).

Nicky vanished in 2004 and his body was never found. Suffice it to say he's either with Luka Brassi sleeping with the fishes or he's with Jimmy Hoffa trying to push up daisies through the concrete foundation of the Meadowlands stadium (allegedly).

It's widely thought that Nicky got whacked out because he had assaulted a made man (Cicale), not to mention a near-made man and son of Vinny Gorgeous (Junior). You can't do that shit. Ever seen Goodfellas?

[In that film, Joe Pesci's Tommy DeVito character (not yet made) whacks out Billy Batts (a made man played by Frank Vincent) over a shoe shine boy slight, but ultimately Tommy gets whacked too for breaking the rules: Until they open the books and make you, you can't kill or even lay your hands on a "Friend of Ours."]

So we have Nicky gettin' whacked over the Cicale/Junior "row," with the only question being who gave the order? You might think it was probably Junior's daddy Vinny Gorgeous, wouldn't you?

Rats, Revelations & Videotape with Vinny Gorgeous

But not so fast! And now back to that videotape: Vinny Gorgeous and that rat Massino are talking about this very issue of who ordered Nicky's killing, and Vinny Gorgeous says to the rat (he says, he says), "That came from Dom, that came from Dom."

While it seems fairly obvious that it "came from Dom" means the order to whack Nicky came from Nicky's old man, Quiet Dom (since "is" still means "is" even after Bill Clinton), that point was only confirmed and hammered home by Massino's trial testimony this week.

When asked what Vinny Gorgeous meant by "that came from Dom," Massino testified: "I understand that he's telling me Quiet Dom killed his son." Ouch. Methinks even Slick Willie himself couldn't talk his way out of this one.

But It Wasn't Just That Damn Pesky Videotape!

There seems to be plenty of other corroborating evidence as well. First, Quiet Dom and son Nicky were reportedly "estranged." Second, Quiet Dom refused to cooperate with the cops investigating Nicky's disappearance and was reportedly "evasive" when cops questioned him about it.

Third, there's another rule in the mafia that whacking out a made man's son means that you'll get whacked -- even if you're a made man yourself. So it would have been some real serious slimeball shit between the Bonannos and Genoveses if the Bonannos' Vinny Gorgeous -- rather than the Genoveses' Quiet Dom -- had ordered Nicky to be massacred.

So what we're left with is a very strong case that Quiet Dom actually ordered the murder of his own son, as if the boy was some kind of "Bad Girlfriend." The whole thing even went down on Mother's Day 2004! I mean, Homer Simpson and Tony Soprano would have waited a month for Father's Day to roll around, at least!