Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ouch-O-Bama! Ultra-Boring Mitt Romney Polls Ahead of Obama for 2012 & Columnist Calls Obama "The New W." The White House Must Be Fumin' Like a Feech!

I was rather shocked at new polling data showing that Boring White Male Retread Republican Mitt Romney would beat Obama in New Hampshire by a fairly hefty margin if the 2012 presidential election were held this weekend (link at bottom). Romney is currently thought of as sort of a quasi-favorite to win the GOP nomination for "Election Day" (video at bottom) 2012, with Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump as his strongest potential challengers.

The new poll from Ivy League Dartmouth College's Nelson A. Rockefeller Center shows Romney whipping Obama's ass by eight percentage points (47% to 39%) in New Hampshire if the election was held this weekend. These can't be considered bright numbers for the president seeing as that he kicked McCain's Tired Old Ass by nine percentage points (54% to 45%) in New Hampshire in 2008.

Not to mention, Mitt Freakin' Romney?!? I literally "Laughed Out Loud" when I saw this story. I mean, just look above at this goof (pictured above beside right-wing nut job Sharron Angle), this stiff, this bore, this dupe, this cadaver, this completely uninspiring oaf of a deranged right-winger!

It's why I've been saying for months that sitting president Obama probably wins reelection in 2012: The likely GOP field of challengers -- including Romney -- is about as exciting as swatting flies in a Mississippi Shithouse.

And what, pray tell, might you guess that the linked article from attributes Romney's surprising numbers to (sorry to end sentence on a preposition, Jeeves)? BINGO! Damn Pesky Independents!

Romney leads Obama by eight percentage points -- not coincidentally the very same spread (44% to 36%) by which New Hampshire Independents currently favor Romney over Obama. I don't often say that We Independents Decide Your Election Outcomes for nothing, after all.

Additionally, whatever minions at the White House whom Obama assigns to monitor his weekend news coverage can't be too happy at the linked column from the Arizona Republic, which brands Obama as "The New W."

The column is an interesting read, but hardly original. Hell, I've been comparing and equating Obama and W Bush for at least a year now in this space. Those two fools remain, hands down, the two worst and most destructive presidents of my lifetime (and I've lived through Jimmy Carter and part of Nixon).

Put another way in Rock Legend: "Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss." (Here's hoping that America Won't Get Fooled Again. Watch the video at bottom, and in particular The Madman -- the Greatest Rock'n'Roll Drummer of All-Time, Keith Moon, in what must have been not too far in advance of his 1978 death. Hey, he Died Before He Got Old -- wasn't that the Plan? But I digress).

Indeed, some of this Obama news from this weekend must have the White House fumin' like a Feech, as noted at the top. Specifically, I'm referring to one Michele "Feech" La Manna -- the hilarious foul-mouthed and extremely hot-tempered gangster from Season 5 of "The Sopranos."

The only thing that ever disappointed with Feech was the fact that his run on "The Sopranos" was so damn short. He had such a penchant for constantly blowing his stack at anyone and everyone around him, that even huge-tempered boss Tony Soprano quickly arranged for Feech -- who'd just been paroled out the joint -- to get nailed with a trumped up parole violation in order to send Feech's hot-headed old ass right back to the hoosegow.

Watch Feech's greatest "hits" and highlights from his short run on that show here (my personal favorite is when Feech beats the holy hell out of a lawn & garden man who rubs Feech the wrong way):

Feech vs. Paulie Walnuts YARD WARS:

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Feech was played by Robert Loggia -- a truly badass actor who has just as much of a temper as Feech himself. In short, Loggia's like a Disturbed "Animal."

Loggia got into a physical altercation with Al Pacino while auditioning for Scarface after Pacino was late and "half asleep" for the audition (Loggia says he "shook Pacino's cage"). Following the run-in, Pacino reportedly told the casting director, "I want Bob" in Scarface (in which he did appear as Drug Kingpin Frank Lopez).

Loggia also once threw famed director David Lynch into a wall ("I rattled his cage") when Lynch showed up late for Loggia's audition for the 1986 film Blue Velvet (one of my favorite old films). Lynch, like Pacino, was actually impressed by Loggia's temper and cast Loggia in 1997's Lost Highway (even though Loggia didn't get a role in Blue Velvet). (Check the Comments section below for an article detailing these various Loggia anecdotes).

But more important than any of that, Loggia is also a fellow journalism grad from the University of Missouri (Class of '51), which means that he's well-educated. In contrast, Obama (just like "W" of course) is an Ivy League graduate, meaning he's a condescending, elitist snob.

Give me a fellow hot-headed, ill-tempered Mizzou grad and "Mizzou mafia" member (i.e. MU J grad) any day of the week over your prototypical 20 percenter leftist. Shit, forget Trump. Loggia For President; ROCK AND ROLL!


  1. The Loggia anecdotes were from a "CLIPS REPORT" MS Word document I found by Google searching "Robert Loggia 'Columbia Tribune'":

    "The Columbia Daily Tribune
    Role comes first, actor says
    Robert Loggia recalls MU days.
    By ANNIE NELSON of the Tribune’s staff
    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Robert Loggia, a Class of ’51 University of Missouri-Columbia alumnus, regaled theater students yesterday at MU’s Rhynsburger Theatre with shocking tales about making it in Hollywood.

    Loggia, 76, took the stage to applause from a standing-room-only crowd that was ready to pick the brain of the film and TV star who is well known for his roles as Feech La Manna in "The Sopranos," Frank Lopez in "Scarface," Byron Mayo in "An Officer and a Gentleman," and MacMillan, Tom Hanks’ chopsticks-dancing co-star in "Big."

    Loggia’s filmography includes about 200 credits. The actor has 50 years of experience in the industry under his belt. He has worked with greats like Tennessee Williams and played everything from an Italian mobster to an FBI agent. In 1985, he was an Academy Award nominee for best supporting actor in "The Jagged Edge."

    Loggia said he grew up in tenement housing in Depression-era New York City. Both his parents were born in Sicily, Italy, and indoctrinated him from birth that he would end up as a reporter at the New York Times.
    "I would go to Mizzou, to Columbia, then to the New York Times," he said to explain how a boy from Manhattan ended up in the Show Me State.

    During his time at MU, Loggia studied at The Columns and joined a "real animal house" fraternity on Paquin Street. He worked for radio station KFRU and had a beat at the Columbia Missourian.

    Loggia shocked students with a tale of auditioning with theater great Stella Adler. Loggia, who was fresh from a stint in the military, said Adler took one look at the good-looking young man in front of her and said, "Sit down."

    "She put my hand inside her dress, right on her breast," he said. "She looked in my eyes and said, ‘Tell me about yourself,’ and she gave me a scholarship."

    The audience chortled.

    A female student in the second row tried to get advice from Loggia on how to handle rejection, but he said he’d been lucky and never had to suffer rejection.

    It hasn’t been all wine and roses for Loggia, who recounted a midlife crisis when he and his first wife divorced and he left acting. "I got off the train in 1968 and didn’t get back on until 1974," he said.

    During that transition, Loggia said, he went from being handsome leading man to a broke, 44-year-old actor. He credits his second wife, Audrey O’Brien, with getting him back into acting. Most of the roles he is remembered for today happened after his crisis.

    Loggia attributed his temper with getting him a couple of roles. He said he threw director David Lynch against a wall while auditioning for the 1986 film "Blue Velvet" after Lynch kept him waiting for hours in 95-degree heat.
    He went to another audition with Lynch a decade later for the 1997 film "Lost Highway," sure he wouldn’t get the part of Mr. Eddy. "Before I said anything, he said I had auditioned for the part by rattling his cage."

    Loggia almost passed on a role in "Scarface." He said he almost left the audition in New York when Al Pacino failed to show up on time. When Pacino did arrive, Loggia was not impressed.

    "Pacino came on half asleep and played his role. I shook his cage," Loggia said.
    Flying off the handle landed Loggia the role, he said. Pacino "said, ‘I want Bob.’ ""

    [BTW, I recalled reading about these anecdotes in a Columbia MO newspaper in recent years past, so I searched Trib and came up pay dirt, as usual].

  2. BTW also, has a stupid 4096 character limit on Comments (first time tonight I've seen that), which forced me (against my will) to delete several paragraphs from the pasted Loggia article. I guess I could have continued the article on to 2 comments, but I chose to fit it all on one comment, thank you.

  3. Nice post! I love that Duran Duran song, and it was cool to read about Loggia - sorry I missed seeing him in 2006, not sure what I was doing to miss that....

  4. I'm not surprised Romney is beating Obama in NH at all... it's right next door to MA, where he was fairly popular, and has leaned a bit more to the right in the last few years.

  5. I'm not sure why you're not surprised (sorry for the double negative). Obama won there handily in 2008. We're talking a 17 point swing from now til then. And Romney ain't Mr. Excitement. If it had only been a tiny Romney lead, then yes maybe you could say no surprise. Regardless, it's all moot: All kinds of time until November 2012.

  6. I'm not sure why that video's title refers to Duran Duran. It was actually offshoot group Arcadia, although Arcadia did have a lot of Duran Duran members. Anyway, I recall that song from summer of 1988 (I believe), back when I was 17 and still indoctrinated with the leftist influence of those around me. I actually wanted that freak leftist Dukakis to win on "election day" 1988. The follies of youth. If that election was today, I would vote third party candidate, because I doubt I could ever bring myself to vote for old man Bush (although he was sure a hell of a lot better than his son, which ain't saying anything).

  7. I didn't watch the Arcadia video b/c the background Nirvana is playing too, but I noticed the title and assumed it was a remake of Duran Duran's version....I'll check it out on you tube!

  8. Remember: Just hit the play/pause button on the Nirvana box at the bottom to turn Nirvana off! I might consider deleting the Nirvana gadget but (1) I really like how it generally annoys people and (2) I don't think I'd be able to add it back if I deleted it. When I search available "" gadgets, that one is no longer available. So I may have to keep it until 2025. That's the year I figure I hit 1 million page views finally, if not earlier.

  9. Thanks for the tip, IR, I'll try that! I like the Nirvana, you should keep it =)

  10. I've actually grown to be very annoyed by Nirvana. But that's from hearing it constantly over the past 2 years. So I always mute. I've also had people tell me that they find the automatic Nirvana on this blog highly annoying. Therefore, I do plan to keep it into perpetuity!