Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama Proclaims Today, "The American People Didn't Vote For Gridlock!"
The Hell We Didn't.

That was the latest out-of-touch, blinded blast from the impenetrable bubble that is the White House, as Obama talked at the media following a meeting with congressional republicans concerning the December lameduck session that will precede the new GOP incumbents being seated in January (hit first link for full story).

As previously discussed in this space, a primary motivation for American Independents (the people who decide your elections) to vote for GOP candidates on November 2 was to restore a measure of power balance to DC after watching two terrifying years of the far leftists completely controlling the federal government -- a motivation that was only confirmed by polling data on November 2 and November 3 (second and third links at bottom).

Put another way, American Independents weren't voting for the republicans or their incessant far right rhethoric, but rather were voting for the principle that neither of these two awful parties should ever have enough power again to do any significant further damage to this country. That's the textbook definition of GRIDLOCK, and gridlock is exactly what we wanted as a result of the 2010 midterm elections. As I recall posting on my sidebar column on November 2: "I never thought the word Gridlock could sound so beautiful!"

Not that I would realistically expect Obama to ever have even a cursory understanding of American political opinion or the American Independent. He could care less and, even if he did care, the beltway cocoon known as Washington DC would likely never allow him to be anything other than the completely tone-deaf, embarrassing president that he's always been (along with George W. Bush, the two worst presidents of my lifetime). Yes, I bring it pretty hard at Obama, I realize. But if the shoe fits.


Pat Down This: 20-Something Lady "Creates Ruckus," Strips Down Buck Naked on Flight from Chicago to New York!

I'm just seeing this story from over the weekend. Passengers on the Delta airlines flight reportedly "got more than they bargained for" (ya think?) when the young lady, for no apparent good reason, launched into a full-fledged striptease as the plane began its descent into JFK airport in New York City (links to full story at bottom).

Next thing you know, she was buck naked (I still invite anyone to explain to me any meaningful difference between being "buck naked" as opposed to merely "naked"). However, the flight's stewardesses, playing the roles of spoilers and party poopers, quickly tried to cover up the naked lady with covers. That didn't sit too well with this exhibitionist, however, as she reportedly screamed, "NO! NO! NO!" over and over again as the stewardesses tried to veil her buff.

This Strippin' Lady of the High Skies is not expected to be charged with any crime. The New York Port Authority, however, did see fit to classify her with a gratuitous "emotionally disturbed" characterization. For my money, the only deranged ones in this whole escapade were those Grumpy Gus stewardesses, hell bent on ruining the passengers' fun and depriving them of that "extra bargain" which they were not expecting. No Freebies in the Friendly Skies anymore, after all!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Obama to Obese White House Staffer:
Hey Fatty, I Love You, Eat This Salad.

In a new book by MSNBC analyst Richard Wolffe, there's the story of Obama reportedly happening upon a large, fat white house staffer (link to full story at bottom). His Majesty -- ever so caring about his fellow man -- then went out of his way to fetch a salad for the staffer and told him to eat it. "I can take care of my own health," said the portly staffer. But Obama was having none of that, telling the staffer: "I love you, man, and I want you to look after yourself. Eat the salad."

First of all, what is with the absolute preoccupation of this man and his wife with our diets? Do they not have bigger fish to fry (or salads to mix, as the case may be) given the current rotten state of the world and the American economy? And in a job (such as staffer) in which weight has nothing to do with job description or performance, it is so utterly rude and inappropriate for an employer like Obama to raise an employee's weight and single out the employee over his weight.

So what gives? The linked New York Post blog probably has the best explanation for the overbearing, diet-Nazi behavior of the Royal Couple:

"That is the Obama presidency in a plastic see-through clamshell. (Hold the ranch dressing!) The president loves us. He knows what’s best for us. We should bow to his superior wisdom."

That pretty much nails it. Classic liberalism. And completely out of touch with about 80% of the American people.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Greetings From the Newest and (Nearly) Western-Most White Castle Restaurant in the Continental United States!

It's located in Columbia, Missouri -- the home of the University of Missouri -- and it just opened about a month ago. On Saturday night, I had an opportunity to drop in for the first time as I returned to Kansas City from a weekend roadtrip. Several observations:

First, I have to say this is probably the nicest White Castle facility into which I've ever had the privilege to roll in person. The typical White Castle, in my experience, tends to be a bit of dive for lack of a better word -- you don't go to White Castle for the atmosphere, after all. But the Columbia joint is brand new. Give it some time, and it'll start to feel like a real White Castle.

Second, I was very impressed with the food service at this new White Castle. The kitchen was well-staffed with plenty of numbers, and it showed. Rarely having a chance to visit White Castle (since the chain skipped KC years ago), I took full advantage of this opportunity, running up a $34 tab by ordering a Crave Case (30 sliders in a cardboard brief case) with cheese, a sack of fish bites with tartar sauce, and a sack of onion rings.

Because I had a fairly large order, I had the decency to go into the restaurant to place my order rather than tying up the drive-thru line (hint hint to dumbass drive-thru tier-uppers everywhere). To my amazement, they had my order up in less than 10 minutes!

The White Castle lady even apologized to me for my wait. I responded by telling her that in fact, I was very impressed by how fast they were able to put it together. And this was during the heart of dinner time (six o'clock hour) on a Saturday night, with a full drive-thru line of several cars outside. I took my food, set aside a few sliders for the drive back to KC, and then stuck the rest of it in a cooler for preservation and later consumption.

The Aftermath: By now having devoured almost all of that food between last night and today (I have a few sliders left and that's it), it strikes me that White Castle should come up with an even bigger and more substantial menu item than the mere 30-count and aforementioned Crave Case -- especially for us White Castle fanatics who don't live near White Castles and therefore have to load up on our orders and try to freeze some of it at home. Here's the suggestion that I've come up with today:

A White Castle Crave Pallet! It would be served on an imitation cardboard forklift pallet and would consist of the equivalent of 16 Crave Cases -- 480 Sliders in all -- retailing at $275 (cheese extra). If they come up with something like this, I'm definitely there, dude!

And I even have a suggestion for an opening promotion to accompany the Crave Pallet: Put the word out on the street that if you and 9 of your buddies can come in and devour an entire Pallet in one sitting, then the Pallet's free!!! (Trust me, White Castle brass, there would be very few groups of 10 mortal men who could consume almost 500 Sliders between them in a single sitting -- heck, it would very hard for any group of 15 men to accomplish such a task).

Now, I'm not predicting we're going to see anything like the Crave Pallet anytime soon. I'd rather just see a White Castle in the Kansas City metro area for starters. But I can dream, can't I?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Will the Southern Poverty Law Center Next Designate Barack Obama & His Administration As a “Hate Group”?

In the news this weekend is an announcement by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (“SPLC”) that it will next year designate as a “hate group” the conservative right-winger organization Family Research Council (“FRC”) due to that organization’s “anti-gay views” (link to full story at bottom).

Fine and dandy. The only thing in the world I could care less about than leftist organizations like the SPLC would be right-winger outfits like the FRC. However, what I want to know is whether the SPLC is also going to designate our illustrious president Obama and his administration as a “hate group,” since Obama’s very clearly on record as being opposed to gay marriage?

Or, are we going to see yet again the absolute hypocrisy of the far left in only criticizing the “anti-gay” and anti-gay marriage viewpoints of people who happen to be non-democrats? I won't hold my breath on this one, SPLC -- you hypocrites.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

On This First Turkey Day of the New Decade,
I Must Say That I Have Many Things For Which To Be Thankful…

I spent 2 or 3 minutes today coming up with a random and highly non-exhaustive list of 20 items (in no particular order):

1. I’m thankful that no one has ever tried (yet) to whack me out.

2. I’m thankful that I’ve never become fully twisted, demented, deranged, or sick in the head.

3. I’m thankful because I guess I’d rather be alive these days than in the Middle Ages.

4. I’m thankful that if Obama or Palin or just about any other politician approached me with a glad hand, I would decline and probably laugh at him right in his face.

5. I’m thankful that I’ve never watched a (full) episode of American Idol or Dancing With The Stars.

6. I’m thankful that I’ve had an opportunity to drive down significant portions of Old Route 66. Have you?

7. I’m thankful that the Beatles broke up on the day I was born, such that you can feel free to blame me rather than Bush or Yoko Ono.

8. I’m thankful that while I love pro wrestling, I never tried to enter that crazy world (tough, tough business).

9. I’m thankful that I chose to become educated in two lines of work that encouraged me to think for myself rather than being a mindless follower of some ideology.

10. I’m thankful that I live in American heartland, because people on the two coasts are damn crazy.

11. I’m thankful that I never had to spend a night in a frigid foxhole at the Siege of Bastogne.

12. I’m thankful that I can freely express myself in the United States and on the Internet without ever having to let you know very much about me.

13. I (along with my forehead) am thankful that I’ve never had to face off with Abdullah the Butcher nor New Jack in a hardcore wrestling match.

14. I’m thankful that we still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse, by golly.

15. I’m thankful that no one ever comes down here trying to threaten me under my own roof – especially when I’m eating a slimeball sandwich.

16. I’m thankful that I’ve never learned how to play golf.

17. I’m thankful that I never been able (although I’ve tried) to consume an entire White Castle Crave Case in one sitting.

18. I’m thankful that I can be a jackass on the Internet without ever having to support myself through the same (lack of) genuine talent.

19. I’m thankful for DVR and the digital TV On Demand function.

20. I’m thankful that ladies tend to really like smooching each other.

Gobble, Gobble.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lifestyles of the Rich But Homeless in the New Obama-W Bush America: If You Have Money But Can't Quite Afford a House, Then Just Go Squat in One!

That's the story out of Southern California, where a wave of squatters have been moving into foreclosed homes in and around the LA area (first link at bottom). Of course, the most high profile instance of this came with the recent story that Hollywood actor Randy Quaid (best known for the Vacation movie series) and his wife Evi were busted this fall for squatting in a SoCal guest house (second link at bottom).

And here's the thing: Many of these people aren't your garden variety, down-and-out, destitute-type squatters like you might expect. Instead, many are "professional" or "high-end" squatters who are known to drive fancy cars and will actually formally "move in" to these homes through use of a moving truck. From there, they have been known to fully furnish the homes and to do so quite nicely.

For example, the first linked story tells the tale of one Dawud Walli, who casually parked his big Benzo and a moving truck at one upscale LA-area vacant home and moved in to the home last summer. Walli reportedly fully furnished almost the entire home, but then proceeded to turn it into a "party house," with "booze and condoms scattered about inside." He did, however, try to mask some of the goings-ons by covering the windows with duct tape and garbage bags. And law enforcement officials say this same sort of thing has been going on all across SoCal.

You've probably previously heard the term, "squatters rights," which refers to the legal doctrine of adverse possession. Under that rule of law, a squatter (subject to various legal rules and conditions) can actually obtain title to a home or other real property by remaining in continuous possession of the property for a required period of years (which varies in length from state to state).

I recall from the past that one of those legal conditions to obtaining title through adverse possesson is that the possession of the property must be "open and notorious" and "clearly visible." Well, as discussed, that particular requirement (at least) ain't gonna be much of a problem for this new wave of SoCal squatters. Although, they might want to lay off the ol' duct tape and garbage bags.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's Sit Down Together & Eat Some Socialist Pancakes! What an Oddball Exchange Between Obama & Venezuelan Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez.

This strange stuff started in recent days with a report by CBS reporter Mark Knoller that a new Obama tweet on Twitter purported to joke about diverting Air Force One to Venezuela (on Obama's way home from Europe) so that Obama could pay Chavez a visit.

This week Chavez has taken to the Venezuelan TV airwaves to respond, saying to Obama: "Well, Obama, if you said that, we'll receive you here. I'd shake your hand again." Chavez added that he and Obama would "sit down to talk, to eat socialist arepas" (which are reportedly a type of pancake popular in Venezuela). (Link to full story at bottom).

For the record, I've never cared much for the seemingly chummy relationship that Obama seems willing to have with Chavez, dating back to the early part of Obama's presidency. Maybe I'm just old school, but I think it's beneath a sitting American president to exchange jokes and glad-hands with authoritarian socialist dictators.

I assume Obama's behavior is probably connected somehow to the policy of complete appeasement towards Chavez that's been pursued by both the Obama and George W. Bush administrations -- a policy with which I do not agree and, regardless, certainly does not justify an American president going out of his way to joke and engage in photo ops with the likes of Chavez. Bluntly, I think this kind of behavior is pretty pathetic and reflects quite poorly on the American presidency. I think that just about says it.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Nuclear Bombshell: U.S. Government Truck Drivers Reportedly Give Whole New Meaning to the Phrases "Getting Bombed" and "Putting the Hammer Down"

A new report today from the U.S. Energy Deparment says that government truck drivers tasked with hauling around nuclear weapons "sometimes get drunk on the job." More precisely, the report details sixteen alcohol-related incidents involving these drivers from 2007 through 2009 alone (link to full story at bottom).

The incidents include one in 2007 for public intoxication and another in 2009 in which two truck drivers were handcuffed and detained by cops "after an incident at a local bar." No word yet whether all these truck drivers have continued their boozin' and partying into the new decade.

And the rocket scientists at the Energy Department are reacting with two of the biggest "Ya Think!" understatements imaginable:

-The report says "the incidents 'indicate a potential vulnerability' in what is described as a 'critical national security mission.'" (You mean, like, the potential for a nuclear weapon to be stolen or to explode while these government goofs are getting plastered?)
-The Department also says that "the number of alcohol-related incidents occurring over the last three years suggests that further action may be needed." ("MAY "?!)

So what corrective actions are being taken? I don't discern, from the linked story, that much of anything is being done except for the Department's apparent effort to nip some of this stuff "in the bud" by focusing on new trainees for these truck driver positions. The Department has reportedly instituted a ban on possessing "beer kegs" for all new truck driver candidates. Boy, that's certainly reassuring!

Let me get this straight: So long as you keep the beer kegs out of these trucks and out of the drivers' hotel rooms, pretty much anything else is OK? Just think of the thought procees of one of these boozer truck drivers: "Vern, while I gas up the ol' truck, why don't you head in to that there liquor store and get me a 30-pack of Stones -- just make sure you don't get a keg, boy!" And these are the transporters of our nuclear arsenal?! Good Grief.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Piss on Palin Weekend: Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dumps on the Reality TV Star, Then a New Poll Piles on For Good Measure.

Sarah Palin might want to call her cable company and cancel CNN. In a new interview with walking sarcophagus Larry King (first link at bottom), Barbara Bush expresses her less than favorable view of the former Alaska governor: “I think she’s very happy in Alaska, and I hope she’ll stay there.” Ouch!

But Barb does have one good thing to say about Palin: “She’s beautiful,” crowed the old bat. [BTW, Old Man Bush, who also participated in the interview, had some rather hilarious and largely incoherent comments when asked what he thinks about the tea party: “Well, I don’t know what it [the tea party] really is, Larry . . . I’m confused by it, frankly.” Maybe it’s time for Barb to put ol’ H.W. out to pasture. But I digress.]

CNN also serves up the proverbial Double Whammy on Palin, releasing a new poll supporting the viewpoint expressed in this space earlier in the week, i.e. that she cannot beat Obama. According to the new poll (second link at bottom), almost half of the American population (49%) already has an unfavorable view of Palin, and the poll has her losing to Obama by 52% to 44% -- a weaker showing than other potential GOP candidates.

But it’s not all stormy skies for Palin. She still has her reality show, her small sliver of the republican party that still supports her, and a husband who still loves her. Sometimes you just have to embrace the little things in life.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Shock Report: ONLY "One in Five Americans Mentally Ill" According to New Government Study.

The new report is from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and it finds that "more than 45 million Americans, or 20% of U.S. adults, had some form of mental illness last year, and 11 million had a serious illness" (link to full story at bottom).

To me, the unbelievable part of this new report is the fact that only 20% of the population is assessed as being mentally ill. Let's see here: Loony left-wingers comprise approximately 20% of the population, and deranged right-wingers represent about 35-40% of the population.

That makes at least half of the American population certifiably demented, sick in the head, and perhaps in need of a lobotomy, shock therapy or some other form of treatment. Methinks SAMHSA needs to revise its numbers. Or maybe SAMHSA's the one who's deranged?


Thursday, November 18, 2010

President Trump? I Would Say Stranger Things Have Happened, But When Would That Have Been?

"Business tycoon and publicity hound" Donald Trump continues to drop hints that he might run for president in 2012 as a republican (link to full story at bottom). My offhand reaction? I say go for it, Donnie Boy.

We've seen the republican establishment have its feathers ruffled by a non-establishment right-wing movement (i.e., the tea party), and I think it would be great to have that same establishment shaken up a bit by a rogue non-establishment candidate from the center, such as Trump. I think I can fairly accurately predict that Trump would have positions and ideas all over the place (which I can admire), and that he would hold up pretty damn well in a debate.

And here's another thing: He would have to be taken seriously. He would have plenty of money to pour into his own campaign, and he wouldn't be running as some sort of Ross Perot third-party candidate. The best performance of any third-party presidential candidate in American history was the very charistmatic former president Teddy Roosevelt in 1912, and he was only able to get a paltry 27% of the popular vote.

Put another way: Third-party candidates don't win the presidency. Trump running in the republican field would be critical to him having any chance. So we'll see if he actually runs. And as indicated -- if he does, he might just be dangerous.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fox News Executive Decrees From On High: "Obama Has a Different Belief System Than Most Americans." NO WAY!

Those were the words of the ancient head of Fox News, Roger Ailes (pictured on right), in a new interview with The Daily Beast (link to full story at bottom). And just for good measure, Ailes adds the obligatory "socialist" blast: "The president has not been very successful. He just got kicked from Mumbai to South Korea, and he came home and attacked republicans for it. He had to be told by the French and the Germans that his socialism is too far left for them to deal with."

Now, leaving aside that I really don't care too much for heads of news divisions going around spouting their own personal political views (maybe I'm just old school like that), Ailes' pronouncement that Obama has a "different belief system" than most Americans strikes me as perhaps the biggest "No Shit, Sherlock" statement that I've heard in at least a few weeks. The facts are simple, and they sure as hell ain't rocket science:

Obama is a member of the far left. That's his world view -- always has been, always will be. The far left represents about 20% or less of the American population. So of course he's out-of-step nearly all the time with about 80% of the country. It really doesn't take some genius or Washington insider to tell us these things.

What I love is when the leftists still try to argue to this day that Obama is some form of "moderate." Moderate compared to what? I could answer that question, but I'll decline since it takes us down a road that I don't much like to travel. Suffice it to say that it's not necessary to use such words as "socialist" and other similar labels when it comes to Obama. Such argumentative phraseology means different things to different people and ultimately just bogs down the discussion with endless debates over what a "socialist" is.

Obama is a far leftist. There is no need to go beyond that description, nor to act like one is imparting some great wisdom by proclaiming that Obama has a "different belief system" than a majority of Americans. Only the blinded partisan ideologue or the liar (same difference?) would claim otherwise.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Poll: Only 26% of the Public Thinks Obama Will Be Reelected.
But I Say, Not So Fast!

The Drudge Report calls the new poll a "Shock Poll" (link to full story at bottom), although I don't really find anything shocking about it. However, I do disagree with it since I think the odds of Obama being reelected are a hell of a lot higher than most people think. At this point, a full two years out, I'm going to go ahead and handicap Obama's chances at 50/50. Here's why:

First, I think it likely we'll see some improvement in the economy and the unemployment rate over the next two years. That will mean some bump in the bad polling numbers that Obama has been pulling over the last year plus. Second, with the new Congress, Obama no longer has the power to foist massive unpopular leftist legislation down our throats. The leftist who can't act is the leftist who can't offend (or at least not nearly as much as if he had the ability to act).

But here's the most important factor for why Obama has as good of a chance as anyone of winning the 2012 presidential election: His republican opponent. As a preliminary matter, if Sarah Palin runs and can somehow obtain the GOP nomination (which I do think is a real longshot), then game over: Four more years for Obama.

But even in the likely event that Palin is not the GOP nominee, the remainder of the GOP field leaves much to be desired -- essentially a motley crew of boring white male retreads, has-beens and never-weres: Newt Gingrich; Mitt Romney; Mike Huckabee; Tim Pawlenty; and Haley Barbour. Nothing says excitement and energy quite like that particular cast of characters!

Now, do the republicans have some up-and-coming talent that just might be dangerous in a presidential run? Most def. But men of action such as Chris Christie and Paul Ryan, and men of soaring rhetoric such as Marco Rubio, won't be running in 2012. So let's give Obama at least a 50/50 shot in 2012, and perhaps I'm even underestimating his chances.

Final comment: I'm largely an impartial observer in this whole thing. As an Independent, and following what we've witnessed the past two years, there's only one thing that matters to me in this rotten two-party system with which we must deal: Balance of power.

I think Obama, along with W Bush, is one of the two worst presidents of my lifetime, but it's not like the GOP is going to be putting up some wonderful candidate in 2012, because they won't be. If Obama is reelected, then so be it, just so long as the democrat party never again has supermajorities in the House and Senate along with a democrat party president. That was the primary issue in the 2010 midterm elections, and it will likely be the most important issue for me and many Independents for the rest of our days.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Say Hello to My Little Deal Sweetener:
It's a Getaway Driver's Dream, As Florida Car Dealer Offers Free AK-47 With Truck Purchase!

If you've recently set your sights on knocking over a gas station, pulling a bankjob, or hatching a fat property heist, then the Nations Trucks used car dealership in Sanford, Florida might just provide you with some very convenient one-stop shopping. Over the past week, the dealership (whose website sports the motto, "We sell trucks, Not Gimmicks") has been offering a free AK-47 assualt rifle with your used-truck purchase and has seen sales more than double in the process (link to full story at bottom).

I can just imagine some of the haggling conversations that have been going on at this joint over the past week: "Look Mac, I talked to my manager and we can't go down on the price any farther, but if you'll just sign the damn papers, I'm in a position to be able to offer you six free oil changes here at the lot, a free undercoat before you leave, and a free AK-47 assault weapon in case some jerk tries to cut you off in traffic. Whataya say, Mac?"

When asked why the dealership picked an AK-47 rifle, in particular, to be the freebie at the heart of the current promotion, the general sales manager cited the weapon's (1) popularity with the local crowd ("Our clientele is not gonna complain about a gun") and (2) apparent ability to create a buzz when contrasted with other, more-pedestrian deadly firearms ("An AK-47 was gonna be controversial").

However, at least one local man opposes the promotion, observing that "an AK-47 is a very dangerous weapon." And he's correct, but doesn't such a matter-of-fact concern tend to miss the entire apparent point of the promotion (i.e., pleasing the locals)? BTW, no word yet on local law enforcement's reaction to this promotion, although I'd assume the cops would be thrilled at the thought of any effort designed to get more military-style weaponry off the shelves and out there into the streets.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loony Left-Wing Tub of Goo & Apparent Homophobe Michael Moore Rants at Barack Obama: "Take Off Your Pink Tutu!"

That was the blast from the demented Moore on this weekend's "Real Time With Bill Maher" on HBO, with Moore's point being that Obama needs to get "tougher" and start "fighting" harder for his far leftist agenda and policies.

You really have to love how these leftist freaks are always the first to condemn any person they view to be a homophobe (just so long as that person is not a democrat or fellow leftist), but yet they are free and are the first to drop mindless homophobic rhetoric whenever they see fit and without any repercussions (e.g., the equally wacko leftist Maher had no adverse reaction whatsoever to Moore's blast). Just another day in the life of the mindless partisans and ideologues who inhabit our two esteemed political parties.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Is This World Coming To?
Florida Woman Allegedly Fired Because
Her Breasts Were Too Big!

As a preface, you are correct: If there's an oddball story and it involves boobs, then it probably will find its way to this blog. With that behind us, what a weird story from Orlando, where a behavioral health organization employee named Amy-Erin Blakely (pictured on right) has filed a lawsuit against her employer, The Devereux Foundation, which allegedly canned her because of her cans -- they were allegedly too large! (Link to full story at bottom).

And Blakely's employer had better watch out, because Blakely has enlisted powerhouse "high profile case" attorney Gloria Allred to represent her. The lawsuit filed by Blakely and Allred this week includes various DD-Size allegations which center around Blakely's rack and which, if true, make the company's management team look like a real bunch of slimeballs:

-Blakely accuses Devereux's managers of "humiliating" her by "focusing on my breasts as opposed to my performance on the job." (Perhaps they just suffered from double vision?)

-She says one of the managers "talked about how large my breasts were and that I needed to 'hide' them" around the workplace. ("Damn pesky distractions," I guess was the thought process).

-She says her managers accused her of being "too sensual" for the workplace and wouldn't promote her because of her "sensuality." (What did they want her to do, anyway? Put on a burka?)

Devereux CEO Robert Krieder, who would probably be best advised to keep his mouth shut, is nevertheless firing back at Blakely and her various busty allegations, denouncing them as "purposefully inflammatory, and either spurious or twisted in content and context." Yeah, tell it to the jury, pal. And have fun with Allred. Maybe you can try and "hide" from her, which might actually be your best course of action.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Outrage: California School Dumps Upon the First Amendment Rights of 13-Year-Old Student, Bans Him From Displaying the American Flag on His Bicycle.

The Sacramento middle school student is named Cody Alicea, and he says he's been flying the American flag for two months on the back of the bike that he rides to school (links to full story at bottom). He says he flies the flag on his bike to express his patriotism and to express his appreciation for American veterans, such as his grandfather. Alicea reportedly treats his bike flag with the proper respect, folding it and putting it in his backpack during the school day.

The Denair Middle School didn't care about any of this until this (Veterans Day) week, banning Alicea from flying the flag on his bike as he arrives at and leaves from school. The school district superintendent, Edward Parraz, says the school took this action after some Hispanic students "complained." Parraz blamed potential "racial tensions" for the decision to ban Alicea's American flag, saying that such tensions "boiled over" at the school earlier this year around the Mexican Cinco de Mayo holiday.

I recall when that stuff happened, and my recollection is that it involved punks wearing American flag attire from head-to-toe in an obvious attempt to stir shit up with the Hispanic students. Well guess what: That's certainly not what we have going on here.

You know, I'm not much on the "sue everybody" mentality that pervades the nation nowadays, but if I was Alicea's parents, I'd go see a constitutional law attorney. Believe it or not, minors do have First Amendment rights, subject to the school's ability to place reasonable time, place and manner restrictions upon student speech in order to protect the integrity of the educational environment.

And when it comes to a reasonable restriction upon speech, this sure as hell ain't it in my opinion. If this school actually has students deranged enough to want to start trouble with Alicea for merely sporting an American flag on his way to and from school, then the school needs to gets its ass in gear and take steps to protect Alicea from those slimeballs. That's the damn answer, not imposing a prior restraint (i.e. censorship) upon the political speech of a student contrary to the very fundamental American right of free expression as set forth in our First Amendment.

And I note that this story emanates from Sacramento, California. Gosh, what a surprise there. Because central and southern California might as well be completely separate countries from the America we know here in the heartland. To the students who "complained" about an American flag while living in America, and to this idiot superintendent Parraz who lent merit to those asasnine "complaints," why don't you come out here to the midwest and try to ban our young people from sporting the American flag if they see fit. Here in Missouri and Kansas, we still wave Old Glory at down at the courthouse (to quote the old song), and if have a problem with that -- Kiss My Generation X American Ass.

Update: Reports on the Net tonight indicate that the superintendent, obviously in response to a public outcry across the country, has today reversed course and will permit the boy to wave the flag on his bicycle. But that still doesn't change the fact that the school district initially made a decision that in my view violated the free speech rights of this kid, and that decision stayed in place for days until today's sudden reversal. This school district should be absolutely ashamed of itself even regardless of today's about-face.