Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Study: Right-Wingers Better at Dieting, Exerting Self-Control, than Leftists...

No word yet, however, how the study may have been impacted by its apparent exemption from consideration of the 2016 gop-er presidential field.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

"You're in MY House," Rants Obama to White House Protester, Underscoring at the Same Time a Key Difference Between Him and W Bush...

If W Bush was to utter such an asinine statement, it would be because he's too imbecilic to know any better (i.e., he'd actually believe that he had an ownership interest in the White House during his years in office).

Obama, in contrast, makes that statement simply because he's an arrogant, unpresidential jackass. It's not your house, Obama, you leftist lout, as you know full well. It belongs to the United States and, therefore, the American people -- ya know, that large, diverse group of souls of whom you represent about 20%?


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Big Bowl a Kamikaze: "Japan Airlines Pilot Suspended for Cockpit Selfie with Stewardess" While in Flight...

She was a "stewardess"?  In his "cockpit"?  Assisting in a career suicide move by an airplane pilot who just happened to be Japanese?

The only things missing from this un-PC pile of journalistic purgatory are some midgets, a missing manhole cover, and a few hims whom you best refer to as hers if you know what's good
fo-yo ass.

And for the record, I don't think June Cleaver was channeling either Bruce Jenner or Rachel Dolezal that time on the Airplane when she interjected that, "Oh Stewardess, I speak Jive."

Rather, I always attributed that to pillow talk that June had picked up over many years of Ward being a little hard on the Beaver.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Storm Rube: This Subhuman Slimeball Gives Dylans Everywhere a Rotten Name...

But I don't want them to whack this creep out with the death penalty. Not on your freakin' life. WAY too easy...

Rather, stick this slug in the state hoosegow with several life sentences and no possibility of parole, and make sure he lands in Gen Pop.

There, he can learn a whole new meaning for the phrase, "they rape our women."

And for Sagan's Sake, South Carolina Cons, please give this punk a new first name upon his arrival. I'm kinda partial to LouAnne, myself.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

THANK GOD We Don't Have Many Politicians Like the pope, Who Preaches in Recent Days of Computers Being "Bad for the Soul" and Full of Internet "Filth"...

...Couple those old Grumpy Gus sentiments with the pope's frequent proclamations in favor of leftist economic policy (see Monday's leaked "climate rant" from the pope) (HEAVENS to Betsie!), and here's the creature that this guy appears to be:

A social right-winger and an economic leftist.  MY GOD, the worst of all possible worlds!

At least the modern extreme incarnations of the American democrat party and gop-er party still occasionally spout a thing or two that I can GOD DAMN agree with from time to time.

The pope on the other hand? Well, he's gots that big fancy joint at the Vatican. Here's hoping he resolves to stay there most or all of the time going forward. GOOD GOD.


[Postscript: I don't mean to be all negatory over here about ol' popey, who looks like the product of a harmless pre-gay marriage civil union between Stan Laurel and Alan King. Compare that with the "evil incarnate" look his predecessor (Mr. Benedict) had going on -- equal parts Emperor Palpatine and George Soros. Now that was one scary pope-dude, for CHRIST SAKES!]

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Doublespeak for the Dimwitted: Obama Brags About Ending Iraq War, Then Sends EVEN MORE Troops There!

The lyin' leftist really does have absolutely no shame. After recently boasting again that he's responsible for ending the war in Iraq, Obama announced Thursday that he's sending 450 more boots on the ground (errr, "advisors") to the desert nation...

This latest increase brings things to a total of 3,550 American troops on the ground in Iraq sent there by Obama. And the immoral dirtballs of the leftist 20 percenter democrat party and deranged right-winger gop-er party barely bat an eye.

The leftists couldn't give a shit because Hypocrisy is their M.O.: Raise hell in the streets about foreign military involvement, but only if the current president has an "R" next to his name. If it's instead a "D", then circle the wagons and either remain silent or defend the dolt democrat no matter what he/she orders.  Such Guts and Conviction!  Douchebags.

The right-winger slugs ain't gonna say much either, because most of them embrace (or are at least highly sympathetic to) the view that it's America's job to kill bad guys, topple evil regimes, and otherwise police the world -- no matter how many young American men and women have to die for very little reason in the process...

That's classic W Bush/Cheney neo-con thought, which even Obama over the years has been shown to accept to a degree, and it's horseshit. The U.S. government has no business ever getting our military involved in foreign wars or incursions unless it's absolutely necessary -- which is almost never the case.

The last time a democrat party president gradually built up an army of military "advisors" in a foreign land, we got the disastrous Vietnam War campaign of the 60s and 70s -- a terrible era that left lasting scars upon the soul of the nation that never seem to heal almost 50 years later.

Today, the demonic "islamic state" poses plenty of threats to us at our borders and within our country, but poses no threat to us in Iraq and Syria. Obama should get our 3,550 troops the hell out of there. Yesterday.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Poll: "8 in 10 Back Voter ID Laws" -- Leaving a Loony Little Fringe of 2 in 10 (Including Hilary & His Majesty) Who Would Let Just About Anyone Show Up and Vote...

But hey, several years back I didn't coin the phrase "leftist 20 percenters" for the base of the democrat party for nuttin' over here!


Friday, June 5, 2015

The Idiot Outpolls the Jackass: CNN Poll This Week Shows That For First Time Ever, W Bush Polls More Popular than His Majesty...

In what's being called "the first time in more than a decade that Americans have expressed a favorable view of Bush," the CNN poll reported that 52% of Americans view Bush favorably, while only 49% view favorably the individual we currently have for a president ("the individual").

But I call it something different entirely:  As in, keep this 52% and this 49% the fuck away from me and mine.  Because they live in the blissful ignorance of a Joe Pantoliano Matrix dream, and that's no place that I ever wanna be.

It's simple stuff: Idiot Bush and the individual are the two worst and most destructive presidents of my lifetime, and I've lived through freakin' Jimmy Carter.  And they're two of the very worst presidents in American history.

If you're one of the fools that views either of these two louts favorably, then shame on you. And open your freakin' eyes for once in your life. The view might not be so great, but at least for the first time ever you'll be something other than just what the leftists and right-wingers want you to be.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Drop Your Cocks & Grab Your Socks: Hilary's Scheduled to Visit Missouri In Person in June! WOOT, WOOT!!!

No word yet whether Hilary will be uttering any words or other sundry audible noises during the visit (other than to herself).

But what difference, at this point, does it make?

Point is, Hilary will be gracing us with her petrified presence from the past.

So give praise.

And all glory and honor.

She's entitled.


So make way.  (To the back of the line, that is).

She's Hilary the Hoary, not sugar honey ice tea, damn you.