Monday, January 31, 2011

"While Cairo Burns, Obama Parties"

From Keith Koffler’s "White Dossier" blog over the weekend (links at bottom):

"The Washington A-List was out in force Saturday night at the farewell party for senior adviser David Axelrod, with a roster of guests featuring Cabinet secretaries, big shot journos and – President Obama. As revolution threatened to sweep Egypt and possibly other allies – with the horrifying prospect of Islamism replacing reliable friends – the president was on view partying with the IN crowd."

Koffler also notes that the First Lady did not attend, meaning that at least "maybe she was monitoring the situation in Egypt."

Not that Egypt should take up all of Obama's attention or anything. Just a little damn pesky revolution that could replace a pro-American regime with a decidedly anti-American one right in the heart of the Middle East and a stone’s throw away from Israel.

As Obama and his administration might say: Never let a good crisis go to waste, and certainly never let one get in the way of a good party. Maybe today he can get in a good round of golf.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Hello, Police? My Partner Won’t Have Sex with Me!"

That was the crazy emergency call to police made by an Australian woman whose "old man" refused to have sex with her! (Link to full story at bottom). No word yet whether she was in a McDonald’s drive-thru at the time.

Apparently this deranged call occurred in 2010, but the 35-year-old Aussie (Alison Louise Vince, a "wildlife carer") just appeared in court late this week to answer criminal charges in connection with her demented call to the cops. Vince pleaded guilty to making a false police report (reportedly, she also tossed into her call a false allegation that her "partner" had assaulted her as well).

"It started over an argument with my old man," said Vince. In an apparent reference to Aussie lingo for being intoxicated, Vince further explained: "I was off my face at the time . . . I can’t remember a thing from that night."

And that's apparently for good reason, as this broad gives her chosen profession – "wildlife carer" – a whole new meaning: Vince said she "was drunk, on prescription medication and had taken amphetamines" when she made her maniacal call to the fuzz. Wildlife, indeed.

Finally, there's also no word whether Vince will be making her future phone calls from inside the hoosegow. Not that she would have any use for a phone there: I can't see the nice folks inside the joint refusing her like the "old man" did, can you?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

She Says They Partied All Night w/ a "Briefcase Full of Cocaine" and a "Bevy of Women"! Meet Charlie Sheen’s Latest Porn Star Girlfriend (Allegedly)…

This time her name is Kacey Jordan (pictures above and on left). At age 22, she's a Texas girl (with a subtle Lady Gaga-thing going) who's less than half Charlie Sheen's age – literally (he's 45).

Kacey's told TMZ that prior to Sheen's hospitalization this week for a stomach hernia (and his entry into rehab this weekend), the "Two and a Half Men" star "partied all night" with her, a "briefcase full of cocaine" and a "bevy of other women" (first two links at bottom).

According to Kacey’s "blow-by-blow account," this marathon porn-and-cokefest went on for some 36 hours! Two words: BEN-DER.

But the festivities reportedly came crashing to an abrupt end when Sheen started complaining of severe abdominal pains and had to be rushed to the ER at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in LA. The 911 call came at 6:30 a.m. This weekend Sheen is in rehab and his TV show is on hiatus.

Recently in this space, I profiled one of Sheen's other porn babes – the 23-year-old Bree Olson (third link at bottom). Bree and Kacey have starred in at least one porn flick together, although on the whole Bree has been a much busier pornstress over her short career (about one porno per week, in contrast to Kacey's one per month).

But according to IMDb (final link at bottom), Kacey's porn "filmography" is nothing to sleaze at. All in all, Kacey’s "racked up" nearly three dozen porn titles in less than four years.

From among her titles that are repeatable in a family blog like this one, here's an alphabetical list of 10 of Kacey's top titles (and no, I am not personally familiar with any of them):

1. Barely 18 38 (co-starring Kelly Skyline & Mickey Butders). [I asked around, and this one is reportedly better than the first 20 sequels, but still doesn’t stack up to 24, 29, 33 & 36].

2. The Chloroform Solution to Knotty Problem! (co-starring Diana Doll & Sandy Sweet).

3. Don’t Let Daddy Know 4 (co-starring Mark Wood).

4. Double Vision 2 (co-starring Erik Everhard).

5. It’s a Mommy Thing! 3 (co-starring Beverly Hills)

6. Naughty Book Worms 11 (co-starring Alexis Texas)

7. Not the Bradys XXX 2: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! (Kacey plays "Cindy Brady," which is so wrong). [The Beastie Boys' old lyric about "Sam the Butcher bringing Alice the meat" apparently plays out in this film, as legendary porn actor Ron Jeremy (pictured in third photo above) is credited with playing the role of "Sam the Butcher."]

8. She’s Half My Age 4 (co-starring Joe Blow & Mike Hash). [This film would have been perfect for Sheen himself to star in, but apparently the casting nod went to the more-seasoned porn performers, Blow & Hash.]

9. 69 Bree Street (co-starring the aforementioned Sheen porn babe, Bree Olson).

10. They Tied Me Topless (the all-lady cast includes co-stars Jana Cova, Karlie Montana & Maya Gates).

BTW, I have a friend who has misplaced his copies of Barely 18 22, Barely 18 35 and Naughty Book Worms 9. I you happen to be looking to unload any of those titles, shoot me a line (and I ain’t talkin’ from a briefcase a’ blow).

Friday, January 28, 2011

Teflon John? Will an A-List Actor Finally Play John Gotti in Film, and Will John Travolta Be the (Made) Man?

The next film foray into the life and times of former Gambino family organized crime boss John Gotti will be the upcoming movie entitled "Gotti," and John Travolta is reportedly seriously considering taking the lead role as the late "Teflon Don" himself.

This week the New York Post reports that Travolta and Gotti's son Junior had a bona fide "sit down" a few days ago at a California restaurant to discuss the role. Travolta reportedly has Junior's blessing to take the role, and the two "even exchanged mob-style hugs and kisses as they exited the restaurant" (as pictured above).

Gotti has been portrayed in film twice before, as the third and fourth pictures above depict: (1) The 1998 made-for-TV film Witness to the Mob, in which Tom Sizemore played Gotti; and (2) The 1996 HBO original film Gotti (a.k.a. Gotti: The Rise and Fall of a Real Life Mafia Don), in which Armand Assante played the "Dapper Don."

I have seen both Witness to the Mob and Gotti (1996 version) more than once, and Sizemore and Assante both did a good job in the Gotti role. But neither is an A-lister like Travolta, who could bring to the role the sort of larger-than-life presence that Gotti himself undoubtedly possessed as he paraded around New York City in the 1980’s with his fancy duds and big mouth.

Travolta in this role also makes sense for other reasons. Both Travolta and Gotti are of Italian ancestry (Travolta one-half; Gotti all the way), and both grew up in and around the Big Apple.

I would also guess that Travolta would be able to identify with Gotti in at least one other way: Both men lost sons at young ages – one of the worst types of tragedies imaginable. Travolta's 16-year-old son Jett died in 2009 from a seizure, while Gotti's youngest son Frank died in 1980 at age 12 after being run over by a neighbor named John Favara (who subsequently disappeared and was presumably whacked out by someone).

At the moment, Travolta taking this piece of work is not a done deal, but it sure sounds like the odds are good that Travolta will ultimately put his signature (and not his brains) on the contract. Forgettaboutit.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"WTF"?! The Latest Sarah Palin Antic Has the Reality Star Using that Colorful Internet Acronym to Describe Obama's State of the Union Speech.

From Palin's Wednesday night appearance on Fox News' Greta Van Susteren show (first link at bottom): Palin latched on to Obama's "winning the future" phrase from the State of the Union to start tossing "WTF" (of course short for "What the F*ck?") blasts Obama's way. Spouted Palin:

"That was a tough speech to sit through and try to stomach. His theme last night was wtf, winning the future. I thought, okay, that acronym - spot on. There were a lot of wtf moments throughout that speech."

Apparently impressed by her own "wit," Palin returned for more "WTF" bombs as the interview continued:

"Palin, seemingly pleased with her joke, repeated the line later in the interview while poking Obama for referencing Sputnik in another section of his address. 'That was another wtf moment,' she said."

For most people, particulary in Internet discourse, there's really nothing wrong with using "WTF." I just used it yesterday in connection with my "Motel Hell" post. But Palin is not "most people."

For someone who holds herself out as a serious political commentator on Fox News -- not to mention as a potential future presidential candidate -- using phrases like "WTF" comes across as crass, sophomoric and inappropriate (three topics that I know alot about). Them's just the facts.

BTW, in other Palin news, I note that the so-called "Todd Palin Sex Scandal" story has gone away faster this week than Sarah Palin's reality show (second link below). As explained in this space last weekend, that "story" from the National Enquirer had very little to it. And, predictably, that appears to be end of "story" on that one. WTF already?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Motel Hell: "This Was No Place to Be For a Vacation!" Tennessee "Resort" Named Dirtiest Hotel in America (READER DISCRETION ADVISED)…

If I needed to shack up for the night, I think I'd rather check in to a trash dumpster than this place: Imagine a resort hotel built brand new in the mid-1970's, but then barely maintained, repaired or renovated thereafter – despite remaining open to this day! That's allegedly the case in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, with the "Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center" (various pictures above).

The good words end with that "Grand" name, as the website has named this allegedly rotten joint the "dirtiest hotel in America," and with good reason if you believe the accounts of myriad guests who have stayed there (links at bottom).

I read only 25 of the 161 negative online reviews of this reported hellhole. But that was more than enough to get the dreaded picture and to be able to take you on a little tour of this alleged fleabag (literally) hotel's so-called facilities. Here's what just the first 25 complainants had to say (read at your own risk):

Entering the Front Lobby

-"This is a very dirty rundown facility that has seen its best days years ago."

-"Beyond the front fa├žade, everything is still from the 70's. No repairs (exit signs & bricks were falling as we watched)."

-"They boasted of a 5 story lighted waterfall in the lobby. I had my doubts of the place when I saw that the 'waterfall' was a stone wall that dripped a few drops of water."

The Conference Facilities

-At the banquet facilities, "we paid outrageous prices and were served what amounted to Dinty Moore Beef Stew over white rice."

-"The air vents were covered with black mildew . . . Many of our [conference] attendees now are sick with a respiratory disease."

The Common Areas

-"Ice water in the indoor hot tub."

-"Piles of dirt and trash lined each floor hallway we went on."

-"Chewing tobacco spit oozing down the halls and corridors."

-"I was not aware that there would be several dozen (or more) dogs on the premises, barking all night, and . . . great lakes of dog urine were in the stairwells."

Entering the Room

-"Our door knob to the room was loose and ready to fall off."

-"We had a friend walk right in into our room with 'their' key. They are real keys and some are so worn down that they work in most of the hotel rooms."

-"There were also a couple of rooms that were broken into and valuables were stolen."

-"It was so nasty and with so many spiders webs that you were afraid to step inside. It looked like housekeeping had just came in and walked back out."

-"A room so putrid and smelly it causes a gag-reflex when you walk in."

The Amenities

-"Fireplace didn't work and they had paper clips on the front screen so no one could open it."

-"Phones did not work. Lighting is dark, dingy, dismal."

-"Don't dare use the coffee maker in the room because the smell in the pot infests the coffee, making it taste like sewer water."

-"Electrical outlet missing cover."

-"TV got none of the major networks or even any local news shows."

-"The AC never got cold."

The View

-"The window was so filthy you couldn't see out of it."

The Bed

-"They didn’t even have any blankets under the comforter."

-"Bedspread Cut."

-"No cover over mattress, when turn bedspread back stained."

The Bathroom

-"Showers either freezing or scalding, water smelled like a sewer, propane smell in room, hair on pillows and sheets and dirty!!!!"

-"I couldn't even take a shower, because the water would change from scalding hot to icy cold. I had to jump out twice to avoid being burned and frozen."

-"The Shower had MOLD growing around all corners."

-"There was dirt at least 1/2 inch thick in the bathtub which was filled with lots of dark hair."

-"The toilet was cracked totally in half."

-"Mix and match bathroom of blue toilet w/ yellow seat."

-"The fixtures in the bathroom are so old, they can't be repaired because there are no parts available to fix them."

-"It had a window unit AC in the wall above the double sinks that was blowing black chunks of something out into the sinks while trying to brush my teeth."

-"Pubic hair stuck to the bathroom floor in some unidentifiable, gelatinous liquid."

The "Roommates"

-"BED BUGS and other bugs in the bathroom ceiling and above the king bed."

-"There were at least 50 stink bugs flying around the room."

-"Bugs all over the rooms, ants, fleas, etc."

-"The room is no more than a dog house with a bunch of fleas running around."

-"We found three roaches."

-"There were ants in the room and a corpse of a black beetle."

-"There were dead bugs all over the place except for the yellow jacket which I killed."

-"A bug or a spider bit me in the room one night."

-"I came home with bug bites on my arms and legs from staying in this 'resort.'"

The Asbestos

-"The textured ceiling (asbestos) was falling down in at least 10 places and chunks of the ceiling were on the floor."

The Terror

-"I was booked here for 3 nights but my kids were scared to go to sleep."

The Staff & Hotel Policies

-"Our rooms were non-refundable" and the "entire stay is collected in advance."

-"They told me there was never a manager on duty."

-"No maid service for three days even though we requested it."

-"The employees at the Grand were beyond unpleasant and crossed over to nasty."

-Staffer responded to complaints by saying, "it's not like we hogtied you here sir, you can leave whenever you want."

Suggestions for the Future

-"The Health Department needs to close this place."

-"Health inspector please"

-"Run for your life!!!!!!!!!"

-"Stay away"

-"The best thing that could happen to The 'Grand' Resort is that a meteor fall from the sky and reduce it to rubble."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Tale of Three Speeches. And I'm Only Referring to One of Them.

Obama's State of the Union, of course. I didn't even watch Michele Bachmann's speech. I did watch Paul Ryan's short response speech to Obama and have a few observations. But Obama's speech was by far at the Top of the Bill tonight and deserves the most attention.

First, let me say that these are the off-the-cuff reactions, having just now watched Obama's speech on DVR, of a non-partisan and political Independent. I purposefully did not watch any pundit reaction to these speeches tonight, nor did I read any news coverage or analysis, before preparing this blog post.

From my Independent perspective, I would generally divide Obama's speech into three logical and very predictable parts (and thus my reference to "three speeches" above): The beginning, middle and end. Perhaps by design, perhaps not, the beginning and end were replete with passages that I would credit, even given the fact that I am certainly no Obama supporter, did not vote for him (nor McCain), and will not vote for him in 2012. As often stated in this space, I think Obama and W Bush are the two worst and most destructive presidents of my lifetime (and I was alive during Carter and part of Nixon).
So let's get it rolling:

The Beginning

I thought the first third of the speech was chock full of purposefully centrist messaging aimed to appeal first and foremost to centrists and Independents, as Obama continues down his current path of trying to appear "moderate" and trying to save his presidency. I think that from an ideological perspective, he's always been and always will be a far leftist and really doesn't mean a word of these messages; however, they're decent messages nonetheless, and if he follows through upon them, what do I care if he doesn't really means them? Here goes:

-I liked the nod to nuclear energy as a part of a comprehensive energy strategy.

-I support the call to more young Americans to become school teachers.

-If true, I applaud Obama's expressed devotion to working with republicans to pursue comprehensive immigration law reform, including a component of securing the borders ("protecting the borders," to use Obama's phrase).

-I generally liked how Obama criticized the fact that the US has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, and how he called for that rate to be lowered (paying for it by removing tax loopholes benefiting only particular corporations).

-Although it came a tiny bit later in the speech, I also liked the assertion that Obama will propose to Congress legislation aimed at merging, consolidating and streamlining the federal bureaucracy. Again, will any of this ever be pursued or followed through with? Who the hell knows. Doubt it.

The Middle

I found the middle of the speech to contain all of the most maddening, disingenuous and outrageous aspects of the speech, from my perspective as an Independent. I assume full well that this was by design, as the oldest rule in the book when it comes to any written or spoken work is to make sure you have a strong beginning and ending -- just hope they forget the middle part, if need be:

-Really disliked Obama saying that parts of Obama & The Dems' health care monstrosity need to be changed or overhauled. This from a guy who ram-rodded that pathetic creature through Congress on a party-line vote against the will of the American people just as quickly as he could without ever reading it. This was the perhaps the most angering part of his speech tonight. It only cements for me why I didn't consider voting for him in 2008, and won't consider doing so in 2012.

-His big plan to freeze domestic spending for 5 years. Of course, this falls well short of the sort of serious proposal that needs to come out of DC for even making a small dent in the federal debt and deficit.

-Clinging to the ridiculous talking point that repealing Obama & The Dems' health care creature will actually add to the debt and deficit. I realize that a huge component of the liberal world view is that most people are stupid, but sorry, Mr. President -- we're not that stupid.

-For a second year in a row -- pure lip service to the idea of meaningful medical malpractice tort reform. As if the president's biggest bankrolling interest group (the plaintiff personal injury attorneys) would ever allow that to happen!

-"Stick it to the rich": More devisive rhetoric about it being OK for us in the middle and lower classes to keep our current tax rates, coupled with a call to raise taxes on those damn millionaires. Sorry again, Mr. President, but what you intend for any swath of America, you intend for me. Class warfare is the realm of the mindless.

-Joking about how 2 different federal agencies deal with salmon, depending on what type of water they swim in. As if this president really cares about that. Did he read the omnibus stimulus bill and all of the ridiculous things upon which it spends money? Did he read all the crap that was tossed into the "tax compromise" bill at the end of last year?

-His pledge to veto any bill having earmarks. Completely laughable. Like the omnibus stimulus bill you signed? Can't imagine a throwaway line that could ring more hollow.

-Afghanistan: Trumpeting success there after we just had our bloodiest year there yet in 2010 in the 10 years of that endless war? Sorry -- pathetic.

The End

Like I said, this portion of the speech returned to the more meritorious points of the first 1/3 of the speech:

-I think I have to credit Obama for raising a gay rights point (gays in the military, albeit only very briefly) in this stage of the speech. If you've read me at all, you know that gay rights are as low-on-the-totem-pole of an issue as it gets with me. They are typically right vs. left pissing match issues, which I like to avoid like the plague. Plus, not being gay, I just don't care that much. But gay rights issues are not overly popular in the country, and politicians also typically avoid them like the plague, which is why I give an ounce of credit to Obama for raising one tonight.

-Liked Obama's call for all college campuses to open up to military recruiters. The military isn't for everyone, but why shouldn't everyone have the same convenient opportunity to talk to its recruiters if they wish? And where was Obama's latest Supreme Court nominee on this point in the past? (Wrong side of it, of course).

-Finally, just to Top It Off, Obama finished his speech with several minutes of soaring rhetoric about the American dream. I fully expected him to trot out professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes at any moment. Whatever. That stuff sounds good, and no one will publicly disagree with any of it. But alas, I'm again left to question just how much Obama really believes what comes out of his own mouth.

So my pundit-free, news-coverage-free verdict on Obama's entire speech? From a purely political perspective, it at least seemed well-organized: The messages likely to reach Independents (the people who decide your election outcomes) were stacked into the beginning and end of the speech, while the controversial stuff was buried in the middle. And regardless of any of my doubts, I'll say again: I don't really care if Obama truly believes some of the better ideas he spouts -- for as long as he follows up upon them, who really cares what his true beliefs are?

Short Postscript: Paul Ryan's response speech

It's a thankless job, being tasked with delivering the opposing speech to a State of the Union address. The main guy gets a lot more time, and a lot of applause. The second fiddle gets a sterile environment with no audience and nary a single clap.

Ryan -- although way to the right of me, and as well too devoted I think to doctrinaire supply-side ideology -- has nevertheless impressed me previously with his ability to speak on his feet and to come across as a genuine, intelligent, plain-speaking advocate for getting our potentially fatal national debt and deficit under control.

I thought his speech tonight was adequate, but that's about it. It was too laiden with typical conservative talking points, the like of which we've heard over and over again. Ryan didn't pull a Bobby Jindal, i.e. great on his feet but awful on prompter. But I'd assess Ryan as great on his feet, and only OK/mediocre on prompter tonight. Plus as stated, the text of his speech was too inclusive of cliched conservative talking points rather than the plain speaking that typically pervades Ryan's impromptu appearances.

BTW, basically as an aside, and concerning the Off Promoter/On Prompter Divide: (1) Speaking extemporaneously and (2) Reading from a script are two very distinct skills. Rarely does any politician excel at both. JFK, the last great American president (in my humble opinion), did excel at both. Prominent Examples -- (1) Obama: Very good on prompter (didn't he call this "a gift" once?), but mediocre off prompter; (2) W Bush: Terrible at both; (3) Reagan: Same grades as Obama; (4) Clinton: Like JFK, very good at both, but he's still a slimeball!

Anyway, I've gone on long enough. Certainly longer than intended. I rarely watch political speeches since I tend to dislike most all politicians, regardless of party! But I watched tonight and felt compelled to blog about it.

I've Heard of "Darkhorse" Candidates, But This Is Ridiculous: Ill-Intentioned, Bad-Talking Vampire to Run for President in 2012!

Do we really need "new blood" in politics this bad? His name is Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey ("Impaler" being his actual nickname) (pictured on right and immediately above), and the New Jersey resident and self-described vampire -- who has previously run for governor of Minnesota -- has tossed his bat into the ring to run against Obama in 2012.

The Impaler has filed the required registration with the Federal Election Commission, and so his candidacy is officially off and bleeding (link to full story at bottom). And if you're looking for a "tough on crime" candidate, The Impaler may definitely be your ghoul:

"I won't be bullied, I won't be blackmailed. Criminals and terrorists will fear me along with corrupt law enforcement officials. I will not tolerate crime or terrorism."

The Impaler may also be a bite of fresh blood in the sense that he doesn't appear to mince words like so many of your garden variety, mealy mouthed democrats and republicans. Said the Impaler:

"Certain criminals, instead of being put in jail, they should be brutally tortured and impaled. Upon them being found guilty of their crimes I'll beat them, dismember them and decapitate them."

I guess they don't call him "the Impaler" for nothing. And while many politicians like to spend their off-time with such blue-blooded pursuits as a round of golf, a trek around the equestrian course or a nice game hunt, the Impaler has them beat there too, as he prefers to occupy his life with more red-blooded American activities:

"Sharkey says that he drinks the blood of his 'girlfriends and mistresses' [what's the difference?] two times a week."

But the Impaler does seem just a bit delusional when it comes to assessing his odds of turning a state dinner red anytime soon:

"Yes, I have a chance of winning. People like Sarah Palin are making it quite easy to pull off."

While that last quote would seem very accurate coming out of the mouth of Obama himself, it doesn't work so well for the Impaler, who unfortunately will have just a little more competition than only Mama Grizzly (who's unlikely to get the GOP nomination, anyway).

But what if the Impaler could face Palin in a straight up race, just the two of them? I'm afraid that I'd have to give this crazy vampire a real bitin' chance in that one.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Giving a Whole New Meaning to "Happy Ending"? Hardly: Female Nurse Loses License for 20 Years for Having Sex w/ Terminally Ill Male Hospice Patient.

The Oklahoma dude had six months to live when he and his hospice nurse, 33-year-old Amber Van Brunt (pictured on left), did the dirty deed. Van Brunt admits the affair occurred but claims it was OK since she wasn't "on duty" at the time. (Is that really the best she could come up with?!).

Meantime, the dude -- 43-year-old food salesman Chris Reiter -- was a married father of two who claimed that Van Brunt had "seduced" him (links to full story at bottom).

The fling went down at the terminally ill Reiter's home (apparently right under his wife's nose), and it looks to cost Van Brunt her nursing license for a long time after the Oklahoma Nursing Board suspended the license for 20 years. (BTW, if you're going to make it 20 years, why not make it permanent?). Van Brunt does have an ongoing appeal, however.

I had in mind to bust out some variation of an old Henny Youngman one-liner (from Goodfellas: "Patient with six months to live told doctor that he couldn’t pay his bill; doctor gave him another six months"), but then I read the very sad ending to this story:

It appears that Van Brunt broke the guy's heart when (after they'd already been between the sheets) she broke the news to Reiter that she was pregnant by another dude. And she reportedly didn't even spill the beans in person, instead sending Reiter a text message stating, simply, that she had been "knocked up" by someone else. (How nice).

Reiter shot her a text back (can I still say "shot," CNN and democrat party?) that said, "You broke my heart babe." Reiter reportedly attempted suicide after that, and he died a few months later. His wife claims that Reiter didn't die from his terminal condition (ALS), but rather starved himself to death.

The moral of the story: Professionals, regardless of profession, should never get sexually involved with patients, clients or customers. It could potentially impact the professionalism with which they do their jobs, and (moreover) it's just slimy. Rarely a "happy ending," I would assume.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Nominate the Wall Street Journal This Weekend For the Worst Headline of the Year: "Obama to Push New Spending."
Stop the (Money Printing) Press!

I thought the point of a headline is to grab attention? To very succinctly state the newness or uniqueness of the story, or to at least cleverly entertain through use of puns and phraseology. The point of headlines is never to bore or to extend a full invitation to the reader to look elsewhere for a story to read.

In that vein, words and phrases like "ongoing," "continues," and "remains the same" are to be avoided like the plague in headlines and news writing. Such terms mean that nothing's changed. Nothing's new. So why is the journalist writing about it? What's new? Where's the news?

Which brings me to a Wall Street Journal headline and story this weekend (link at bottom): The headline reads, "Obama to Push New Spending," and the story's first sentence says that "President Barack Obama will call for new government spending on infrastructure, education and research in his State of the Union address Tuesday."

Obama to push for new and bigger spending? Why not just write a headline that says, "Sun Rises in the East." Or how about, "Winter Expected to be Cold." Or I got it: "Alabama $hithouse Wreaks." Or maybe: "Lady Gaga Shocks."

Well, invitation accepted, Wall Street Journal. I read that headline and first sentence, and it was on to the next story for me. But I will leave you with a boring and obvious headline of my own, under which you can feel free to file this one away: "Rager Says Entertain Me."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The "Todd Palin Sex Scandal" Is a Sexy Story, But Probably Not True: Just Look at Whom He Was Allegedly Cheating With!

Her name is Shailey Tripp, and she's featured in the first and second pictures above from the National Enquirer's "story" (as found on the website, "Hollywood Dame" -- links at bottom). Tripp is a massage therapist who's reportedly been busted for prostitution.

As best as I can tell, the only possible link the Enquirer has between Shailey Tripp and Todd Palin comes in the form of mysterious "documents" that allegedly show that Tripp "contributed free massages to an anonymous person working for Sarah's campaign for governor of Alaska."

Those "documents," plus an anonymous e-mail alleging that Todd received some "happy endings" from the masseuse, are the basis of the Enquirer's story. There you have it! There must have been an affair! Very flimsy stuff.

But nevermind that this "story" is very short on facts and evidence and long on innuendo. Nope, what truly makes it utterly unbelievable is its most basic premise: That Todd Palin would actually cheat on his very hot wife with that!

If he did, that would make Todd demented. Deranged. Sick. Twisted. In need of a lobotomy. Shock therapy. Or at a minimum, the "First Dude" is legally blind. That would be the best case scenario.

And that's why I call "bunk" on this whole story until the Enquirer comes forward with something more and until something other than tabloid and left-wing websites pay any attention to it.

One very odd coincidence (or is it?) in this whole thing that few seem to be talking about: That the son of Todd and Sarah's daughter, Bristol, is named "Tripp." Maybe the Dancing With the Stars "sensation" Bristol was the "anonymous person" on the Palin campaign who received the free massages? And Shailey Tripp did such a great job that Bristol named her child after Tripp?

Of course, that would be outlandish speculation -- very much like the Todd Palin affair allegation itself, at this point. But if it does ultimately turn out to be true, it's sure going to be fun to blog about it. That much is fo' sho'!