Friday, February 26, 2016

Jelly Fish: A Solitary Thought After Watching the gop-er Presidential Candidates Rumble Thursday Night...

...If these gop-er party candidates were ever 1/100th as rough, riled up, and competitive with the democrat party presidential nominee as they are when catfighting each other, the gop-ers might actually win more than one popular vote in a presidential election every 30 years.

Think about that one of these centuries, right-wingers, lest being relegated to being a secondary, regional party is an incessant aspiration.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

South Carolina & Nevada: Hilary, Trump & Rubio the Big Winners. Meantime Good Riddance to the Bush Dynasty!

First and foremost: Bye Bye Bush. Here's hoping we never have to see another one of your family running for president ever again (if only we could get the Clinton and Obama families to follow along). The Bush name should be disqualified from running for president after the bad presidency of the old man and the disastrous presidency of W Bush (who, along with His Majesty King Nothing Obama, is one of two individuals who are the two worst presidents of my lifetime, even surpassing the disgusting likes of the late Jimmy Carter and Tricky Dick Nixon).

The ever-corrupt and dishonest Hilary the Hoary had a great day in Nevada. She beat old-fangled socialist grouch Bernie Sanders by something like 50 points in the black vote in a state where that vote represented only about 13% of the population. OUCH! What happens to Bernie in upcoming states where the black vote is much larger? I've maintained all along that I can see no way how Hilary doesn't get the democrat party nomination (sorry for the double negative, Jeeves), and absolutely nothing has changed in the Rager's assessment.

Next, Rubio the Robot, the young Waterboy from Florida, cemented a spot as the Anti-Trump candidate, recovering quite nicely from that bizarrely bad debate and primary performance he had in New Heroin. It looks like he'll finish second in South Carolina to the entertaining but crazy and cartoonish Trump, but edging out (or in a virtual tie with) Ted "Joe McCarthy" Cruz.  That's a terrible result for Cruz, BTW, who had looked to challenge Trump in South Carolina or AT LEAST finish a very strong second. Neither occurred. Think I heard Cruz won not a single county in the highly evangelical South Carolina. He's gotta be hurtin' more this weekend than even the so-called "Bern"!

Finally, while neither of these two races is over (particularly on the gop-er side), it looks very much this weekend like a Trump-Hilary matchup this fall.  (I believe no gop-er has ever failed to get the nomination after winning New Heroin and South Carolina, as Trump now has). In other words, another rotten choice for America from these two pathetic, extremist, rot-gut parties. My favorite dude, None of the Above (i.e., voting for just about any third party candidate on the ballot), has never looked so good.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Look At This GOOF

In recent days, we've seen Hilary the Hoary, in no particular order:

- Bark like a dog uncontrollably at a rally;

- Speak in a fake "black accent" to Al Sharpton;

- Dispatch old battle axe Madeleine Albright to tell women they'll have "a special place in hell" if they don't vote for Hilary;

- Have yet another extreme coughing fit while trying to speak; and

- Have her minions blame all of her current woes on various capricious media, sexist, and right-wing "conspiracies."

I'm left to wonder: Are all these erratic behaviors and questionable decisions attributable merely to Hilary being really, really, really old?

OR, is there also (or perhaps instead) a certain level of advancing mental dementedness rearing a rather ugly face?

But whether it's the former or the latter, please keep this individual leashed and the heck away from my dog.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Today's Death of Antonin Scalia: Easily the Most Historically Significant Event of the Obama Years and Probably Since 9-11...

Scalia's death gives Obama the opportunity to try to transform the U.S. Supreme Court into a 5-4 leftist majority in what's left of his time in office.  Even if Obama fails, the 2016 presidential election becomes an extremely high-stakes political slimeball referendum on the Supreme Court.

Either way, God help us.

Postscript:  And get ready now for what may become one of the nastiest political fights in American history over whether Obama's inevitable leftist nominee will be acted upon by the Senate and confirmed during the long final 11 months of Obama.  Again, God help us.

Friday, February 12, 2016

"Economic Catastrophe Close" for socialist Venezuela, Leaving His Majesty King Nothing, Sean Penn, & Danny Glover All Utterly Dejected...

...And it doesn't reflect so well, either, on today's democrat party, which flirts this year with making old-fangled socialist grouch Bernie Sanders its nominee for president.

But I know, I know, leftist 20 percenters: The only reason socialism and far left policies have failed time and time again during the course of human history is that American leftists have never been the ones in charge of them, right?

Sort of like the disastrous DeBlasio regime in the Big Apple. And the economic malaise and debt of His Majesty's nearly 8-year reign. And the depravity of the budgets and deficits of California state and local governments.

If only we could get some Americans in charge of this socialism stuff, it would all be different!  All they need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and all would be fine! Man, I swear I'm gettin' too old for this shit.

And ya know, maybe I should stop referring to the right-wingers as the ones who are deranged. After all, as funnyman Bob Einstein once said of insanity: It's doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Or was that Juan Epstein?

Postscript:  With all of these dire Venezuela headlines, Hugo Chavez and Jimmy Carter must be rolling over in their spacious, palatial mausoleums.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pig in a Ballot: "600 lb. Hog Shows Up at New Hampshire Polling Place"! But I Cries Foul (or at least Swine)...

...Chris Christie should not be allowed to vote in the primary.  He's from Jersey for chrissakes!

Postscript: As the New Heroin results come in tonight, it looks like Christie could've used his own vote, since he didn't get too many others, and he has now been cut out of the next gop-er debate due to his putrid NH performance. As for the other NH results:

Nothing too groundbreaking (and far from the "Revolution" that Drudge proclaimed, since party loyalists bucking party establishment for alternative partisans is about as "revolutionary" as Hatfield rats movin' over to the McCoy estate for a better taste of cheese):  The two huge favorites Trump and socialist Sanders won as expected, and after his terrible last debate, Rubio came in behind even Kasich and Bush.  (Lack of) Fallout...

I still see no way the corrupt, ever-dishonest Hilary doesn't get the democrat party nomination, but the gop-ers remain very wide open amongst the crazy Trump, unlikable Cruz, and dare I say Mr. Dynasty Default Dumbass, Bush. Get ready for yet another awful pair of choices from these two rotten parties this November, my fellow Independents. 'Course, I look forward to votin' for my favorite candidate, None of the Above, as usual. You should join me there for once.    

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Can We Just Put Iowa Out to Pasture? Regardless of the Hilary & socialist Bernie Coin Flips, Iowa Had One Big Winner Monday Night: Waterboy Turned New "Comeback Kid," Marco Rubio...

First a simple truth: Only a country so messed up as to be incessantly controlled by slimeball parties like the democrat party and gop-er party would permit two very small potatoes states like Iowa and New Hampshire to control and ultimately decide every single one of our so-called presidential candidates every four years.  I, for one, wish we could float Iowa and New Hampshire right on out to sea, down the Mississippi, up the old Erie Canal, or through any other viable method that appears somewhat humane.

That aside, the big story of Monday's Iowa caucus that didn't relate to coin flips on the leftist 20 percenters' side of things was one Marco Rubio, and not Ted "Joe McCarthy Clone" Cruz's minor upset of Trump.  The Donald should still win New Hampshire and be competitive for the near future, along with Cruz. Nope, the big winner was Rubio, who way over-performed the expectations of most and finished a very strong third right behind Trump.  Could Rubio take this momentum and pull a New Hampshire upset of Trump (since I can't see Cruz doing so)? Could be most interesting.  And regardless, this is probably gonna be a very long haul on the right-winger side of things.

And what better news could there be for the gop-er loyalists in general (even if many of the "anti-establishment" among them don't realize it)? That's because I think Rubio easily gives the gop-ers the best chance of beating Hilary (although she'd still be a decided favorite), and much more so than the entertaining but crazy Trump and the completely unlikable Cruz. Ya might wanna keep an eye on the thirsty Cuban from Florida, democrat party.