Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pig in a Ballot: "600 lb. Hog Shows Up at New Hampshire Polling Place"! But I Cries Foul (or at least Swine)...

...Chris Christie should not be allowed to vote in the primary.  He's from Jersey for chrissakes!


Postscript: As the New Heroin results come in tonight, it looks like Christie could've used his own vote, since he didn't get too many others, and he has now been cut out of the next gop-er debate due to his putrid NH performance. As for the other NH results:

Nothing too groundbreaking (and far from the "Revolution" that Drudge proclaimed, since party loyalists bucking party establishment for alternative partisans is about as "revolutionary" as Hatfield rats movin' over to the McCoy estate for a better taste of cheese):  The two huge favorites Trump and socialist Sanders won as expected, and after his terrible last debate, Rubio came in behind even Kasich and Bush.  (Lack of) Fallout...

I still see no way the corrupt, ever-dishonest Hilary doesn't get the democrat party nomination, but the gop-ers remain very wide open amongst the crazy Trump, unlikable Cruz, and dare I say Mr. Dynasty Default Dumbass, Bush. Get ready for yet another awful pair of choices from these two rotten parties this November, my fellow Independents. 'Course, I look forward to votin' for my favorite candidate, None of the Above, as usual. You should join me there for once.