Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Endless Campaign: Once You've Known One Leftist 20 Percenter -- Same Talking Points; Same Rotgut Reactions; Same Tired Tactics "All the Time"...

In reference to devout leftist Big Apple mayor Bill de Blasio, the following passage struck me this week from a New York Post column by Michael Goodwin (one of America's most entertaining political columnists, for my money):

"'All politics, all the time for de Blasio' -- The quote of the week from [local democrat party broad Cathy Nolan on de Blasio's politicking on education]. 'Everything with the de Blasio administration is a campaign,' she told the Wall Street Journal."

Continues Goodwin: "In his second year, just like his first, Bill de Blasio would rather campaign than govern. He panders to his 17 percent base as though that’s all there is to leading and managing an international city of 8.4 million people. It’s all politics, all the time."

Gee whiz, that description seems to sound rather vaguely familiar. Let's see: Constant campaigning rather than governing? Concerned with the 20% of the population that groupthinks his ideology, to the complete exclusion of everyone else? Politics before everything, "all the time"?

Well, anyway, the name will come to me. Until then, I'm just glad we've never elected an American president who was like that. Such a dude would probably have to go down as one of the worst ever. Don't 'cha think? 


Friday, March 27, 2015

Methinks She Needs Lasik Surgery Instead: "Human Barbie" Says She's Getting Her 37th Plastic Surgery to "Look Like" the Doll!

I'm confused over here. Not precisely sure what doll this "Human Barbie" Lacey Wildd is trying to emulate?

Simply put, the children's Barbie doll has never had gigantic tits like this Wildd freak (now approaching a QQQ cup size!). What damn doll is this bosomy broad looking at?!?

Now, if Wildd was trying to be a retread of, say, Dolly Parton or a pale version of old school porn hottie Ebony Ayes, then yes -- I'd say she gots something going on...

But the Barbie thing just ain't workin' out so well for ya over there, Lace. Sorry doll.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Y-a-w-n: Greaseball & Joe McCarthy Clone Ted Cruz Becomes First gop-er to Declare His Candidacy for the Presidency in 2016...

But there's little need to waste more than a single sentence on Cruz, since this greasy, one-dimensional right-winger is easily summarized in one word:  Unelectable.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Gentlemen Prefer Her: "Once Dubbed Kim Kardashian's Protege," Hot Little Number Lauren Stoner Steps Out on Her Ownsome (& Better Yet, On a Miami Beachsome!)

Oh My! What a Tight Toots! And mebelieves this buoyant bayside broad has officially rendered as Servant her former Master...

Give Big Daddy ALL THAT any day of the week, year or lifetime before Kim's huge fat ass, farcically fake tits, and profoundly retarded IQ.

Has the Rager begun to grow on ya yet over there, Stoner?!?


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just Shut the Fuck Up Already: Miami Man Shouts on the Street at Temple-Goers, "Allah Akbar, We Will Cut Your Heads Off!" Uh, No You Won't, Tough Guy...

...Not if I bust yer jaw for ya and punch ya right in the cock first, asshole.

Take your slimy carcass over to the "islamic state" or the Persian Shithouse of Iran, you prick.

Because I won't offer ya even so much as one jobs program or wimp treaty before I split your head as a favor, slug-job.


Friday, March 13, 2015

"Pert Derriere"? Not the Precise Same Two Words that 1st Came to Mind For Me, But They'll Do: Zoe Kravitz Shows Off in Miami, Set to Appear in THREE Big Films the Next Few Months...

This hot little number Zoe (of course the fruit of the loins of Lenny Kravitz and old Cosby kid Lisa Bonet) seems to be at a career-exploding moment at present -- about to show up in short order in THREE hot new releases: (1) a new take on the 80s Road Warrior blockbusters ("Mad Max: Fury Road"); (2) a "Divergent" sequel called "Insurgent"; and (3) "drone-strike drama Good Kill".

Personally, I was already planning to check out the re-imagined Mad Max picture. But now I may also have a Good Kill and an Insurgent in my immediate future. After viewing the below-linked stories concerning this Zoe broad, truth be told, those two additional films had me at Ass.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Her Crime, My Gain: Looks Like I'll Be Getting Back that Ill-Advised Grand That I Previously Sent to Hilary's Clinton Foundation!

You see, it seems that after my contribution email reached Hilary's home server, she lost it.

Guess the old warhorse doesn't give my money quite the same royal treatment as dead presidents from Algeria and Qatar.

Instead, she treats my email like a garden-variety piece of State Department business or something.   

But oh well.  What difference, at this point, does it make?  Personally, I blame everything on "The Video."

Incidentally: Given Hilary's current Email-Gate (which just might turn into something a bit serious), it's still not too late for Obama to ink an executive order ordaining his eligibility for a third term, is it?


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

God Damn! "Florida School Bans 'God Bless America' From Morning Announcements," But What If the School Tries to Go Even Farther?

It seems little Joey (not his real name) was supposed to read the morning announcements (they still have those?!?) over the ol' school intercom (those too?) and took the opportunity to inject a "God Bless America" right at the end!  Good God, can't have that, now can we?!?

Some "offended atheist" (see picture illustration for "redundancy" in the dictionary) students complained, some "atheist activist" (there I go again!) group got involved, and yada-yada-yada -- suffice it to say that little Joey won't be spouting the announcements again until maybe sometime in graduate school.

But the story got me thinking on a couple of different levels over here (I know, I know -- there's a first time for everything):

-First, what if the "offending" phrase had instead been "God Damn America"? Ya know, in the vein of Obama's preacher, the Good (and above-pictured) Reverend Wright, not to mention the same as the sentiments of many leftist 20 percenters everywhere. Would we then instead hear the rallying cry for "tolerance" and "diversity" of speech on high school and college campuses on behalf of little Joey (then suddenly transformed into a leftist hero)?

-Second, and moreover, there's the question of where little Joey should take this from here. These pesky atheists claim that Joey's "God Bless America" was wrapped in a school announcement, making it an impermissible endorsement of religion by a government entity (said school) under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Fine and dandy... 

But that still doesn't mean that little Joey is without his own First Amendment rights, of the free speech variety, there at the school. Sure, Joey can't go around disrupting the educational environment by shouting "God Bless" in people's faces and shit. But if it was me, I have some fun with this...

Like when someone does something deserving a "Thank you" around the school, instead tell them, "God Bless." Hell, toss in an "America" if you want. (An example situation might be when the Cookie gives you your Michelle ObamaMeal at lunchtime, although I'm cognizant that such may be more likely to induce a horrified shriek than a "thanks").

Or another example occasion: When that final bell sounds at the end of the day, let loose on a "God Bless America" at that point to express your pleasure. Or heck, let the phrase fly when you're done with your business down to the school shithouse after Michelle's lunch.

Point being, the school cannot out-and-out ban students from ever uttering a "God Bless" or "God Bless America" on school grounds without running afoul of that same First Amendment the atheists like to wield like a cudgel. So I'd try to pick my spots and just hope an atheist or two gets offended in the process. Since, after all, is there anything more fun or satisfying on the planet than offending a kooky, goof leftist or right-winger nut-job?