Friday, August 29, 2014

Eating Their Own: Hyper-P.C. Leftists Actually Have the Gall to Accuse Left-Leaning Billy Crystal & Robin Williams of "Racism" for Crystal's Tribute to Williams at the Emmys! REALLY?!?

Is there anyone, anything, at any time, that leftists do NOT scream "racism" over?  I've commented before that most leftists (as well as most right-wingers) don't strike me as overly intelligent human beings (few group-thinkers ever do), and the linked story is only proof positive of that of which I speak...

First, for the record, I have a very low opinion of suicide.  I view it, at least most of the time, as the act of cowardly, highly self-centered and self-important individuals (and I've known a few of those), with no regard for the profound impact such act has on all the people in their lives.

But my opinion is still not fully-formed when it comes to suicide people who suffered from severe clinical depression at the time they whacked themself out.  Perhaps such folks are more acting from mental illness than cowardice, selfishness, or narcissism?  I'll admit I haven't resolved that one yet in my mind.

Williams may have well suffered from such a level of depression, and it's been hard for me to know precisely how to react to him offing himself. But that aside...

I found Crystal's tribute to Williams at the Emmys to be exceptional. It was thoughtful, non-judgmental, and moving.  The Rager, being a person who never becomes emotional in front of anyone, actually had a tear brought to his eye by Crystal's heartfelt tribute.

But, as usual, many leftists just couldn't leave very well enough alone -- taking to the rot-gut culture that is the American social media in order to accuse two of their own (Crystal and Williams) of "racism" for a Williams joke in the tribute that is said to have poked fun at the disgusting, oppressive, murderous and maniacal Islamic "Republic" of Iran (link below).  Good God -- Can't Have That, Now Can We, leftists?!?

And some actually wonder why I oppose these creeps with every single fiber of my being. 'Til they stick me in the ground, leftists, I will be your opponent.  Always.  Deem it a promise.  You slugs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Emmys: "Breaking Bad" Wins Just About Everything It Was Nominated For (Nostalgia/End of Series Factor?), While "True Detective" Is SHUT OUT of All the Top Awards!

Frankly not sure how "True Detective" could be completely left out of all the top Emmy awards Monday night, but I do know two things...

(1)  Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are guaranteed to be saying tonight, "This is the last freakin' time I ever do television -- Fuck This Shit!"

(2)  "True Detective" picked the wrong damn year for Detective Rustin to stop sniffin' smack.


Postscript:  Not just "Nostalgia/End of Series Factor" that might've broke in Bad's favor -- I also wonder if there wasn't a blow back from the voters of the "academy" upon HBO for submitting True Detective as a drama, whereas an almost identically postured series (American Horror Story) has always been submitted under the "Mini-Series" category?

The two shows are identically postured because they involve new seasons with completely different settings, time periods, and stories, with any common actors from previous seasons playing entirely different characters.  My simple solution to the "academy" (whatever the fuck that is):  DEFINE and REQUIRE these submissions to be consistent amongst offerings, such that AHS and TD can ONLY be submitted one way.  This Ain't Rocket Science!  Regardless of which category you require, Make It Consistent!  Duh!

Friday, August 22, 2014

There Outta Be a Law! Bosomy Broad Strolls Around Topless in Public Trying to Fool People with Spray-Painted Bazongas!

This cannot, or least should not, be legal. This Danish model walked the streets recently with what appeared to be a tight-fittin' Chanel T-shirt.  Only problem? It was as fake as her honkers appear to be!

Whole thing was spray-painted on to look like a sexy Tee. But instead of any shirt extending coverage, this big-jugged jokester had 'em out there, uncovered, just a floppin' in the breeze!

However, looks like her melons weren't the only thing she failed to pull the wool over, as onlookers up and down the street saw right through this floozy's little bare-racked ruse.

And naturally, this well-rounded prankster dish needed to sit down for a moment for the obligatory "selfie" (man, I still hate that word) while soaking up everyone's undivided attention.

But I come full circle: Why isn't this little paint job in the freakin' hoosegow? What if I engineered a little Tit for Tat, and took the ol' paint brush to my John Thomas before letting it all hang out in public?

"Those are my gym shorts," I'd implore the copper who would invariably have the cuffs slapped on my sorry bare ass in a New York minute.

So Where's my Equal Protection against such a double standard? There's something rotten in Denmark. And please don't tell me to call Holder and Justice to seek redress. Me's way too pale and way too male for any help from them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Working Moms Have New Breastfeeding Rights Under ObamaCare": I Take Back Every Vile Thing I've Ever Said About that Leftist Legislative Monstrosity!

Ya know, Obama and his fellow leftist 20 percenters could sure use to work a lot more tits and ass into their sleazy ways. Breastfeeding ain't a bad place to start.

Hows about now, a new ObamaCare regulation protecting the right to bear bare asses in public? We could go places with this, leftists.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Won't Share Yer Meatballs, Uh? Well, He Gots Some Meatballs For Ya! Chinese Healthcare Worker Allegedly "Cuts Off Four Patients' Testicles After They Didn't Share Their Meatball Stew With Him"!

This one may sound like another horror story from Obama's and W Bush's V.A. system, but instead it comes from China, where apparently they're paying some workers little more than room and board -- with "board" being redefined like so many slop troughs in a pig sty...

46-year-old worker Wang Fan -- whose mental state has been described as a couple chains short of a Joe Biden -- was reportedly hired by a Chinese care home in exchange for "a place to sleep and was allowed to eat the food left over after the patients had been fed."

I guess one could surmise where such a contingency-based renumeration scheme might take things south for a famished care worker like Fan, but not this far below the belt: When several male patients polished off the entirety of their meatball stew without so much as leaving behind a solitary morsel, Fan allegedly went to work on the patients like a cheap butcher on chumpchops...

This crazy cojones carver -- reportedly no Fan of cleaned plates -- allegedly "tied down the men" and did a number on them with a "razor blade to cut off their testicles."

One 62-year-old victim said he "thought [Fan] was tying me down because of some medical procedure but then I realized actually something was wrong and I yelled and screamed, but nobody came."

And in case you were wondering whether Fan might employ the ol' "a man's gotta eat" defense, the answer would appear to be yes:

Cops say this huevos-hackin' half-wit "planned to cook and eat the testicles" for their nutritional as well as "medicinal properties" -- which itself raises a whole host of new questions as to which doctor might have told Fan to take two balls and call him in the morning?

Friday, August 8, 2014

"Pretty in Pink": Victoria's Secret Model Chanel Iman Takes Her Bum to the Beach in Mexico for a "Hard Day of Posing"!

If only they had instead cast this 23-year-old hot little number Chanel in the old John Hughes picture of the same name ("Pretty in Pink"), James Spader might still have hair on his head. Then it might actually make sense to call him "Red" on NBC's "The Blacklist."

But an even better idea? Get this beach broad Chanel into SOMETHING (TV or film) TODAY! Personally, I'd prefer something on one of the subscriber TV networks so that we can see the unclad version of the Chanel in the privacy of our own homes.

I'm going to propose Cinemax's "Banshee," where Chanel can don an Amish bonnet and bang the fake Sheriff.  Or maybe HBO's "Game of Thrones," so that little midget can have a go at her.

Point being: Earn your damn money and Get This Dish on the Set, producers! What the fuck ya waitin' for -- an engraved invitation? Jee-sus.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why Don't We Do It In the Road? 48-Year-Old Texas Science Teacher Allegedly "Had Sex Repeatedly With 14-Year-Old Student For Over a Year," Including "ON A ROAD" Near the Lad's School!

I guess Teach (Kristina Lynn Moore of Katy, Texas) thought no one will be watching us, so why don't we do it in the road?  (Allegedly)

But apparently someone was a watchin', and now this pervert (allegedly) is charged with sexual assault on a child.

On a positive note, now Charles Manson has some competition as worst offender for taking lyrics from the Beatles' White Album way too far. Skank (allegedly).

Friday, August 1, 2014

So All It Takes to Get the Paparazzi to Chase a Broad Around Is To Be a "Former BFF" of Kim Kardashian?: "Nikki Lund Shows of Bikini Body at the Beach"...

I'm trying to follow the logic here (or lack thereof). The Kardashians draw incessant pop culture media coverage for doing, well, not much of anything. As best as I can tell, they have no talent whatsoever in virtually any area other than annoying people and stickin' buns in the ol' oven. What do they have going for them?  Big tits, huge asses, and pretty faces, fobia-surety. But are they even literate?

And moving even farther down the talentless toots trough lands one at "friends" and "former BFFs" of the Kardashians. Such skirts apparently deserve notoriety as well, as we see in the linked feature stories on a recent beach romp by someone named Nikki Lund -- a "former BFF" to Kim and now a New York fashion designer "with her own line" (I'm sure there ain't too many people who have those).

But alas, these are just are minor quibbles. Little more than passing observations, really. Because who the fuck's complaining over here?!? Just look at the tatas and torso on this Lund lassie! I'd love her to model some of her line over to my joint and show me her swallops and assclam. I might even let her mark me down for a blouse after that.