Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just What I Said on Thursday: "Neither [the democrat nor gop] Debt Ceiling Plan Protects the Nation's AAA Credit Rating," Says Moody's. Pathetic.

While this pronouncement of credit rating agency Moody's came this weekend (link at bottom), the worst part is that Standard & Poor has been telling both of our pathetic political parties the same thing for over a week, and yet the partisan slimeballs on both sides ignored the advice.

Simply put, neither the Boehner republic partisan plan nor the Reid democrat party plan cuts nearly enough from future deficit spending to ensure that the federal government's Triple A bond rating continues.

That means that all this partisan venom of recent days over the two competing "plans" has been insulting to the intelligence, largely irrelevant, and not worth a minute of your time to pay attention to. These slimy parties will likely reach a "deal" very soon to increase the debt ceiling, but the "deal" will very much risk a downgrade in the U.S. credit rating.

There are no winners here. No good guys. Don't give either party any credit whatsoever when they reach their "deal." And most certainly don't afford an ounce of credit to Obama -- who never offered his own plan in this whole debacle and showed all the leadership ability of a swamp slug. If ever there was a need for a strong third political party in this country, it is now. But it's almost too late.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holy Chameleon: Just Listen to Some of the Things Coming Out of the Mouths of the Deranged Right-Wingers on this Debt Ceiling Crisis...

Talk about a broken record. From the congressional floor:

"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can't pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that 'the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt limit."

Can't the republic partisans do any better than that? The same tired old talking points as they try to hold the American people hostage. This is about saving life on this planet as we know it, and these creeps are out there spouting sound bites from 2010 stump speeches?

Oh wait. I think I got this wrong. That's actually a quote from Senator Barack Obama in 2006 as he explained his opposition to George W. Bush's desire to raise the debt ceiling at that time. Sorry about that. Feel free to disregard.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Debt Ceiling Crisis Puts on Full Display America's Two Rotten Political Parties and Why You Should Never Vote For Either One Again.

Let me say first: The corrupt, extremist-controlled (1) democrat party and (2) republic partisan party will probably reach some sort of "deal" in the days to come to raise the debt ceiling and decrease some federal spending. But even so, such "deal" will likely be one that threatens to result in a downgrade of the US government's Triple A credit rating. Here are the simple facts of how these two God-awful parties have put politics first and America last during this whole process:

This ain't rocket science. These slimy politicians have been told by S&P that in order to protect that credit rating, the parties need to come up with a plan that trims $4 trillion from national deficit spending in the years to come -- a fairly meager figure given our $14.3 trillion national debt and the fact that Obama and the democrat party have been running annual deficits of around $1.5 trillion. Yet, the two parties are lobbing around so-called "plans" that don't even come close to a paltry $4 trillion in deficit (NOT DEBT) reduction.

When earlier this week the leftist 20 percenter democrat party (or at least Dirty Harry Reid) seemingly abandoned the absurd and doctrinaire demand that tax increases (during a terrible recession) be included in any "deal," I thought the way was then paved for the two parties to reach a decent agreement. But not so fast. We are dealing with democrats and republic partisans, after all.

Instead, this thing has continued to drag on and, moreover, any plan that does emerge now with bi-partisan support will likely fall short of assuring that our Triple A credit rating continues. Say hello to higher interest rates. Say hello to market downturn. Possibly say hello to the initial chain of events leading to the American monetary collapse that I've been fearful of for over a year (long before "EndOfAmerica[Insert new number of the week].com" ever talked about it).

This destruction is all in the name of politics, with both sides being more worried about whether or not Obama has to deal with another debt ceiling hike in 2012 than protecting America's Triple A bond rating. And all because these two out-of-touch parties can't even fathom a plan agreeable to each side that would trim a modest $4 trillion of deficit (NOT DEBT reduction) spending.

How should we react? Not by trying to blame one side over the other. They are equally to blame. They are both equally corrupt, rotten and, quite arguably, evil. There are no good guys here, rather only unseemly conductors intentionally presiding over the demise of America.

My solution is simple, and it's the approach that I've followed most of my adult life: Never vote for either one of these parties if it can at all be helped. Vote for third-party candidates as a protest vote. Refuse to try to make "lesser of two evil" choices -- because that's what they want you to do.

And in the meantime, curse these two parties, insult them, take them on, and stand up to their partisans every waking hour of every day. These two parties and their politicians do not deserve your respect or to be treated with an ounce of dignity or respect. They don't even deserve to be called the names that they've chosen for themselves (therefore, I don't). That's my approach. That's what I do. What's your excuse?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot Cross Bum: Hobo Allegedly Attacks Woman Twice Her Age with Giant Weiner!

These are rough times in Obama's America, and the last thing we need to be doing these days is wasting food by using it as a weapon of attack. I just hope 31-year-old hobo Tajuana Banks of Des Moines now gets that message (allegedly).

Cops say the homeless tramp Banks makes a habit of showing up at the digs of 63-year-old Connie Jones and trying to get the older woman to throw down in a cat fight. And it was deja vu all over again this week when this brawlin' bum allegedly started giving Jones the business as usual by "yelling profanities at Jones in an attempt to get her to fight."

But this time was different. Very different. The fightin' floater upped the ol' ante and then some (allegedly). Some pickles and onions on this bindlestiff babe! To wit:

When Jones "kept her cool and refused to fight," the nasty nomad Jones allegedly grabbed a big bratwurst and tried to get the fight started all by herself. Cops say the vicious vagrant clocked Jones right in the chest with the sizable sausage and provided not so much as even a small side of coleslaw or sauerkraut to go with.
And it ain't just a case of Jones' weenie word against that of the wandering witch. No Sir-ee Bob. That's because even if Jones' account by itself can't cut the mustard on the big bratwurst, the cops have documented physical evidence: "Grease marks on Jones' clothing."

When cops showed up and busted the dreadful drifter, she allegedly said that she'd relish the opportunity to pull another bratwurst job on the elder Jones. Specifically, "Banks yelled that she would do it again if provided the opportunity."

Now Banks may have to wield her ballpark franks from the inside of the local hoosegow, as cops have charged her with assault. No word on whatever happened to the brat itself. But to the extent that Banks lathered up that link with horsey sauce and gobbled it down after the alleged attack, then I'd think that an additional charge of spoliation of evidence might also be in the weiner works.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Messin' with Marines -- Bad Move: Ex-Marine Grandpa, 72, Puts the Hammer Down on Armed Robber, Ramming the Life Right Out of the Scum with His Car...

The slimeball picked the wrong great-granddaddy to f*ck with. The robber in Houston apparently thought he had a couple of easy marks in the form of 72-year-old Kenneth Kobobel, Sr. (pictured on the right), and his brother. Cops say the sleazebucket broke into Kobobel's office late last week brandishing a 9mm handgun and screaming, "Give me the money! You're dead!"

Kobobel reportedly handed over 20 bucks, but the crumjob robber wasn't satisfied. Cops say the scuzball then patted down the elderly Kobodel and -- finding an additional 800 bucks on Kobobel -- proceeded to pistol whip the old man right in the mush. The slug then scurried away after ordering Kobobel and his brother to count to 100.

But what the skunkshow robber didn't count on was that Kobobel was an ex-Marine who still had plenty a' piss and vinegar running through those old man veins. Kobobel's son described his old man as a guy who "doesn't put up with a whole lot of nothing" (I know the feeling).

First off, you can take that 100-count and toss it right in the shithouse. Cops say Kobobel waited only about 20 seconds after the robber's departure before he called 911 and then hopped into his 1997 Lexus sedan (shown above in bloodied and bashed up form) to chase after the goon. And being a typical jackwagon goon, the creep was none too bright and apparently hadn't figured on the benefits of a getaway vehicle. As such, Kobobel quickly ran across the beast, on foot, within about a block.

As Kobobel drove his car towards the neanderthal, Kobobel says (and the cops' eyewitness account backs him up) that the brute took a quick pot shot at the old timer with his gun. Being fired upon, Kobobel says he then rammed his car into the crook, who merely jumped backwards and tried to fire off another round at the old codger.

That's when Kobobel (defending against deadly force with an equal amount of force) reportedly rammed the dirtbag again and pinned him against the metal fence pictured above ("I hit him pretty good that time," says Kobobel). The crudwad was in bad shape by that point and later died at the scene.

Kobobel says he feels like he did what he had to do, but also says he's not happy that the scoundrel gunman ultimately died: "I thought it was good that I caught the jerk who'd robbed me, but what I didn't like was that this man was laying there and his life was ebbing away. I would have given him the $800 if he'd still be alive."

No charges are pending against Kobobel in the death of the lowlife, which is great to hear. Sounds to me like the old dude just went after his money and didn't take to trying to run the reptile over until the jackass was firing off shots at him. Bye bye, slime.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Prepares to Throw Book at This Slimeball Killer of 76 People: For Only 21 Years?! Scuzbags & Gangsters Everywhere Should Move to Norway...

He's Anders Behring Breivik, the subhuman right-wing slime who killed seven people at an Oslo bombing before slaughtering dozens of kids and others at an island summer camp over the weekend. A crumjob like that is sure to fry, right? Nope. No death penalty in Norway. But at least he'll have to rot the rest of his life in a maximum security hoosegow, no? Wrong again.

This sleazebucket will reportedly face a maximum of 21 years in the can for mowing down 76 people in cold blood. That's because 21 years is also reportedly the maximum sentence for murder in Norway (links at bottom). Good grief, haven't the Norwegians at least ever heard of the concept of "multiple counts"?! In other words, 21 years for one murder, 21 years for the second, etc. Apparently not.

Even more outrageous and obnoxious is that this dirtbag stands a good chance of only serving 14 years in the pokey since killers can be released after serving two-thirds of their terms and in Norway "few killers serve more than 14 years."

Translation: This right-wing slug now gets to benefit from an ultra far leftist criminal justice system in Norway. Talk about the worst of all worlds: Right-wing crud meets left-wing looniness. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was watching the American debt ceiling negotiations playing out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stop the Press: Amy Winehouse Dead. As If This Wasn't as Predictable as the Morning Sun.

She was like Elvis Presley on steroids. Charlie Sheen times 20. She went through life in a drug-induced haze as if it was a badge of honor. There would be no rehab. She scoffed at the notion. Her mom only stated the obvious when she said her daughter's death was "only a matter of time."

But don't let that stop the American and British pop culture from expressing all of the alleged widespread "shock," "sorrow" and "disbelief" over Winehouse's death late this week at age 27. The same rotten pop culture that created the drug freak that was Winehouse is actually feigning sadness and horror at her death. Please.

And BTW, one of the drugs that Winehouse obtained the night she died was the horse tranquilizer ketamine (along with ecstasy and cocaine)??? Good grief. Yep, that'll do it, alright. Or as everybody else might say: I'm shocked!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Great to See that At Least Businesses Who Are in Obama's Back Pocket Can Still Be Successful in this Near Depression... General Electric paid not a dollar in taxes on its massive profits last year, and reports a 21.6% rise in profits this year to the tune of $3.8 billion.

But if (unlike GE) you happen to make $251,000 or more a year, then to Obama and his little leftist 20 percenter minority that runs the country, you're a "millionaire and billionaire" and an enemy of America who needs to have your taxes raised sharply even in a Near Depression and even though the most left-wing economist in the country would never advocate raising taxes on anyone in dire economic times.

Seems to me that the only enemies of America in this particularly ugly equation are the delusional, incompetent and destructive likes of Obama and the corrupt corporate minions who prop him up, such as GE's head propagandist and chairman of Obama's "jobs council," Jeff Immelt (pictured above with The Messiah).

Ultimately, Obama may succeed in bringing America the just comeuppance that he and the leftist 20 percenters believe we deserve (with 9-11 not being enough in their eyes). Ultimately, he may succeed in flushing the America we know down the toilet through his little Obanzi Scheme to "transform America" into a European-modeled, quasi-socialist state.

But that still won't stop me from cursing his name and that of George W. Bush until the day I die. Gotta problem with that leftists and right-wingers? G-F-Y.

(And if you think that I and other non-partisan Americans are angry now, wait'll you get a load of us in 2012. I'm going to be the anti-GE, going around and bringing only bad things to life).

Friday, July 22, 2011

"The Once Idealistic Obama Crusade Has Become Yet Another Soulless Political Behemoth."

That's the reason given by for key 2008 Obama fundraisers (called "bundlers") "fleeing" his 2012 campaign machine faster than an olfactory tester from a Kentucky shithouse (link at bottom). But while the perfume may now largely be off the turd, don't worry leftist 20 percenters:

Obama will still have plenty of money for 2012. And he'll need it, even despite the fact that he'll likely be running against a total stiff (to quote the Trumper) on the GOP side of things (and/or a candidate as far out on the right-wing political fringe (see Rick Perry) as Obama inhabits the loony leftist fringe).

As a result, the sitting president Obama probably wins next year, but only by default. It's 2004 all over again, meaning (probably) another four-year continuation of the two worst and most destructive presidents of my lifetime.

Yep, the 16 years that doomed the great nation of America as we know it. Maybe I did something to deserve that fate at some point, but the American people sure as hell didn't.

Postscript; and case in point: Figures I saw Thursday night on the Bully O'Reilly show:
Daily Increases in the National Debt:
-Clinton presidency: $547 million increase daily
-W Bush presidency: $1.6 billion increase daily
-Obama presidency: $4.1 billion increase daily
Those pathetic figures make me feel like Archie and Edith longing for the "good ol' days" of Herbert Hoover (or in this case, Slimeball Clinton) again.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just How Many Bean Burritos Was She Looking to Buy? Hobo Allegedly Tries to Pawn Off Her Baby at Taco Bell for 500 Bucks.

So what's the going rate on a hobo's kid? Seems to be $500, although some bums will apparently take bids that can ratchet up that price tag a lot higher. That's what cops in Vancouver, Washington say a homeless hag there tried to pull off down at the local Taco Bell this past week.

No word whether 36-year-old Heidi Lynn Knowles (pictured on left) hated the kid or whether she was just really, really hungry. Or both maybe. But cops say the vagabond made a run for her neighborhood Taco Bell and started "taking bids" on the three-day-old baby from the joint's patrons.

The vagrant allegedly opened up the bidding at 500 bucks, but it apparently quickly swelled up to $5,000. However, Knowles was reportedly a bit drunk (NO!) and ended up slinking back to a motel room without finalizing any deal. Too bad, because while Knowles is on welfare and food stamps, that five grand could've undoubtedly come in handy:

"Uh yeah, Mr. Soda Jerk Counter Attendant -- I auctioned off my kid and I got five thousand big ones just burning a hole: Give me 3000 of them there bean burritos, without onions, and a thousand nachos supreme with extra 'maters. And you better break out your Fire Sauce stash."

Anyway, when cops showed up at the dive where this tramp was holed up, she reportedly told them that she "had no idea when her baby was born or who the father was." But she'll likely have plenty of time to regain her memory in the local hoosegow, as cops have hit her with a charge of "child selling" (that's a new one to me) plus a bevy of charges from outstanding warrants. That's one Sad Sack of tacos.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Potential "Gang of Six" Senate "Compromise" Debt Ceiling Plan Seems Acceptable on Its Face. But Sue Me For Being Plenty Suspicious...

The "Gang of Six" ("GO6"), BTW, is an ever-changing group of so-called "moderate" and/or "pragmatic" Senators in both parties (now actually with 7 members) who in the past have purported "to put partisan divides aside" to come up with compromises that other Senators have sometimes been able to sign off on. (Yes, I'm ignoring today's House GOP passage of "Cut, Cap & Balance" since that thing's dead in the Senate).

Today, this "Gang of Six" announced a plan on the debt ceiling issue that appears to have some general popularity in the Senate at large and with Obama himself.

On its face, the GO6 plan seems perfectly acceptable to me as a first step in serious debt and deficit reduction. To wit:

-The net deficit reduction and cuts to the national debt over 10 years would reportedly be $3.7 trillion. A somewhat legitimate starting point, although a bit concerning is that much of those cuts are not specific but rather would be farmed out to Congressional committees to "come up with" in the future.

-$500 billion in more-specific immediate budget cuts.

-The plan reportedly contemplates a coupling of comprehensive elimination of tax deductions (a.k.a. "loopholes") with across-the-board tax rate cuts on all tax brackets, including reducing the top tax bracket of the so-called "millionaires and billionaires" from 35% to 29%.

-The GO6 plan claims that the result of those tax cuts and tax deduction eliminations would be a $1.5 trillion net tax decrease.

-Presumably the debt ceiling would be increased as a trade off for these various measures.

SO, that's it, as best as I can cobble together so far. But Obama saying today he's in favor of this plan gives me plenty of reason to pause, because I've yet to see that individual in nearly 3 years ever sign off on much of any legislation that wasn't completely to his political advantage (or, at the very least, just a politically motivated surrender when left with no other choice -- see the extension of the "Bush" tax rates at the end of 2010).

Also, the leftist 20 percenter blogosphere seems very silent on this plan tonight, which is also very odd. So I'm very suspicious.

My suspicions lie in three areas. First, there's probably something here that doesn't meet the eye. Something the GO6 isn't disclosing. Something highly advantageous to the leftist 20 percenters that is not being reported.

Second, this GO6 plan may be a total non-starter in the much more right-wing House. If the plan is what it appears to be, it seems inherently reasonable. Perhaps Obama is banking on the House killing it, giving him the high ground to say that the GOP is blocking a reasonable plan. And if that happens, he'd actually be right (if the plan is what it seems), although I'd also say in that instance that he's only supporting it because he knew the House would not.

Third, there's the possibility that Obama is finally making what so many predicted following the 2010 election outcome: A bona fide move towards the center, like Bill Clinton did after 1994, calculated to boost his re-election possibilities.

But I really don't care a whole lot about these various political considerations apart from just having fun with political analysis. As an Independent, my bottom line is: Is the measure/plan reasonable and acceptable. If so, I'll support it regardless of whom it benefits politically. And if this GO6 plan is what it appears to be (which it may well not be -- let's keep following this in the days to come), then it is something that I will support.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

His Words, Not Mine: democrat party Member & Billionaire Businessman Steve Wynn Bashes Obama as "Socialist" and Enemy of "Business, Progress & Jobs"

With friends like that that, who needs deranged right-wingers? This isn't them ranting. This isn't me ranting. From the mouth of Las Vegas real estate mogul and democrat party member Steve Wynn (who voted for Obama in 2008, voted for "Heinz" Kerry in 2004, and is one of the biggest supporters of democrat party Senate Majority Leader "Dirty" Harry Reid) -- Says Steve Wynn:

"I'm saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime. The guy [Obama] keeps making speeches about restribution [of wealth], and maybe we ought to do something to businesses that don't invest or hold too much money. We haven't heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists."

Wynn also observes that Obama is, simply put, just way out on there on the American far leftist fringe:

"The business community in this country is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the president of the United States. Until he's gone, everybody's going to be sitting on their thumbs."

Hey leftist 20 percenters: Your man's words, not mine.

Ouch! Sarah Palin Propaganda Film "The Undefeated" Taken to the Cleaners By Critics, While the Public's Lukewarm. Hey, She Ain't No "Machete"...

I've talked about this before: I despise propaganda films, at least ones that are pure propaganda with no entertainment value whatsoever. I've never seen (and never will waste my time), for example, with far leftist Michael Moore's drivel. Same goes for the Inventor of the Internet's "An Inconvenient Truth."

I get enough propaganda from the leftist "mainstream" media and right-wing websites on a daily basis, and I sure as hell ain't gonna pay money to watch it. But I will say this for the pathetic likes of Moore and Gore: At least their crap made money from the jump.

Same can't be said for Sarah Palin's new propaganda film, "The Undefeated." Its opening weekend was a complete disaster with film critics, and the reports were mixed at best as far as attendance -- ranging from a few limited full houses to reports of virtually no one attending other showings. You know things have not gone particularly well for a propaganda film (or hell, for any movie) when:

-The film gets a zero rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

-The film takes in a seemingly paltry $65,000-$75,000 in opening weekend box office. The "Palinistas" are spinning that the film will make more when released in additional theaters, but C'mon!

-A number of theaters reportedly debuted the film to nearly empty audiences.

-A journalist for The Atlantic attends a showing of the film in California and reports that "the audience consisted of himself, two women who left after 20 minutes and a brief visit from a couple of young lovers [making out]."

-Movie critics across the country dismiss the film as an "advertisement" and "two-hour infomercial for Sarah Palin" -- chock full of "hero-worshipping," not to mention "crescendo-edited at a dizzying pace, thunderously repetitive and its own worst enemy."

-The founder of The Razzies comments that Palin and her film are "what the Razzies are all about."

Jeezal peezal! If Palin ever has the lack of compassion for America to actually do a sequel to this apparent bomb, she really might think about spicing it up with some sex and violence. Her sex appeal is her top(enhanced) selling point, after all.

Just this past weekend, I watched last year's film, Machete. That film contained more left-wing propaganda and shameless use of right-wing stereotypes than a ten-minute segment of MSNBC, but it still entertained me through its combination of funny lines, cartoonish extreme violence, hot ladies, and not taking itself too seriously. Before her next film (if there ever is one), Palin should watch Machete and take a few notes.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ban 'Em, Danno! Deranged Right-Winger GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Says American Communities Have the Right to Ban Mosques from Existing.

He seems like an affable enough dude, even for a deranged right-winger. And I do like to see women and minorities buck the democrat party and be something other than leftist 20 percenters all the time. But C'mon, Herm! Ban all Muslim mosques?!

Better whip out that ol' pocket Constitution and take a look at that pesky little thing called the First Amendment. In particular, the Free Exercise Clause. It may just make for some enlightening reading.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

OH MY! If I Grow a Pot Belly, Buy Some Short Shorts & Get a Zany Straw Hat, Can I Date This Buxom Bombshell Broad Too?

She's 36-year-old former Playboy playmate Victoria "Bamm Bamm" Silvstedt, and the linked story says this weekend she's "primped, preened and ready to party!" But with that guy?

That's boyfriend Maurice Dabbah "Dabbah Doo" (Meet the Flintstones) in the "#3" polo shirt, and he looks to be like a foot shorter and a whole lot older than his big-boobed blondie.

Translation: Dude's gotta be filthy rich -- undoubtedly living off the royalties from his former career as 70's country crooner Freddy Fender.

The couple was reportedly "living it up" late this week in St. Tropez (in the South of France), riding around on the old man's yacht, although the shapely Swedish model and her meatballs apparently found some time to break away to "strut her stuff" around for the paparazzi.

And thank God for that. Best pictures I've seen all weekend. Sure beats the hell out of looking at the sorry mugs of the republic partisans and democrat party, no?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sheila "Jackson" Lee of democrat party Says GOP Is Making It Hard for Obama to Raise the Debt Ceiling Because He's Black: I Say OUTRAGEOUS & WRONG!

I couldn't disagree more with the democrat party congressman's statement. After all, everyone knows the republic partisans are out to get Obama because he's a Muslim. Race has got nothing to do with it. It's factually reckless and irresponsible statements like that which only serve to give these two otherwise fine political parties a bad name.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The "Men of Good Will" Have Left the Room, and I Ain't Talkin' About Obama Storming Out...

Following this story of the so-called "debt ceiling negotiations," I'm reminded of a line from Kevin Costner's Kenny O'Donnell character (a JFK aide) from the film Thirteen Days concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis. Commenting upon his hopes for a last-ditch attempt, through back-channel negotiations, to broker an end to the crisis with the Soviet Union's Khrushchev and avert a likely escalation into nuclear war, the O'Donnell character says: "If the sun comes up tomorrow, it is only because of men of good will. That's all there is between us and the devil."

Men of good will don't reside in Washington DC. Not anymore, leastways. I see a far leftist-controlled democrat party banking on the GOP caving and the democrats therefore not engaging in good faith negotiations in any sense of the phrase (offering up a paltry $2 billion in 2012 budget cuts). I see a far right-controlled republic partisan party completely fearful of and beholden to the right-winger tea partiers to such a degree that they largely refuse to even consider eliminating some tax deductions, (the partisan phrase is "loophole" or, alternatively, "raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires"), as sought by the democrat party.

I could well be wrong, but I only see this situation ending badly. Very badly. I don't see Obama and his leftist 20 percenters agreeing to any significant measure of necessary budget cuts. Put another way: I don't see them caving. But republicans, ever more fearful of the left-wing advocacy organization known as the "mainstream" media than they are of even the tea partiers, may well cave and agree (as they did earlier this year) to some gimmicky proposal that purports to make significant budget cuts when it really doesn't.

Or the other possibility: No agreement is reached on raising the debt ceiling. While the House GOP members may then try to pass their own version of a debt ceiling increase and force the Senate or Obama to kill it, I believe the Senate or Obama probably would kill it (maybe I'm dead wrong there, but don't think so), relying on the democrat party's media to still point the finger of blame at the GOP. As stated above, I doubt the democrat party caves here. There's also talk of a "McConnell compromise" in the Senate, but I think that'll probably be a total non-starter with GOP House members (even if House Golfer John "Party Time" Boehner seems open to it).

So that means no agreement and we come to the point next month when the United States allegedly won't have the ability to borrow enough money to pay all of its then due-and-owing debts. Much of that concern -- driven by outright lies by Obama and his minions -- is bullshit. Social security checks will keep going out. Our military personnel will continue to be paid. But how are the markets going to react? The credit rating agencies? That's the very scary thought. That, and the fact that the men of good will have long since left the building.