Friday, July 22, 2011

"The Once Idealistic Obama Crusade Has Become Yet Another Soulless Political Behemoth."

That's the reason given by for key 2008 Obama fundraisers (called "bundlers") "fleeing" his 2012 campaign machine faster than an olfactory tester from a Kentucky shithouse (link at bottom). But while the perfume may now largely be off the turd, don't worry leftist 20 percenters:

Obama will still have plenty of money for 2012. And he'll need it, even despite the fact that he'll likely be running against a total stiff (to quote the Trumper) on the GOP side of things (and/or a candidate as far out on the right-wing political fringe (see Rick Perry) as Obama inhabits the loony leftist fringe).

As a result, the sitting president Obama probably wins next year, but only by default. It's 2004 all over again, meaning (probably) another four-year continuation of the two worst and most destructive presidents of my lifetime.

Yep, the 16 years that doomed the great nation of America as we know it. Maybe I did something to deserve that fate at some point, but the American people sure as hell didn't.

Postscript; and case in point: Figures I saw Thursday night on the Bully O'Reilly show:
Daily Increases in the National Debt:
-Clinton presidency: $547 million increase daily
-W Bush presidency: $1.6 billion increase daily
-Obama presidency: $4.1 billion increase daily
Those pathetic figures make me feel like Archie and Edith longing for the "good ol' days" of Herbert Hoover (or in this case, Slimeball Clinton) again.