Friday, September 25, 2015

Ben Breaks Even Badder After His Muslim Statements, Says "Big Bang Is a 'Fairy Tale' & Darwin's Evolution Theory Is Work of Devil"! But Is There Really Anything to See Here?

So Ben's a little old fashioned?

Is that really worth a Federal Case?

Name one bad thing that ever happened at a Best Buy parking lot?

But to get down to ass tacks, and for the record, I could never vote for Ben, even if he was to sport Charles Darwin White-Bearded-Face at the next debate while working in a "survival of the fittest" reference every third sentence...

Dude's a devout right-winger, and as about my cup of tea as any of the Geritol-poppin' ancient candidates of the tired old democrat party.

But I do like Ben and am thoroughly enjoying how he's currently driving the leftist 20 percenters nuts, not to mention their lackey "mainstream" media acolytes...

And it's not because Ben's the best looking and best dressed candidate in the gop-er party field, either (which, as I've observed before, ain't saying much).

Rather, I enjoy watching Ben play because he represents everything that the leftists loathe to the highest degree...

In short, Ben ain't conforming with the leftists' black person monolith.

Ben, as a black man, is SUPPOSED to be either a leftist group-thinker or, at the very least, an enthusiastic devotee and voter for the current leftist incarnation of the democrat party.

And I struggle to think of a human being that American leftists hate more than a minority member or female who breaks the monolithic mold that bedrocks the leftist world view...

Indeed, in my experience, the leftists see their chief enemies in this world (forget Islamic State, Iran, Al Qaeda, etc.) in THIS order: 

Third, American Independents such as myself who refuse to ever vote for them;

Second, American gop-er party members who will never vote for them; and

FIRST, American minority members like Ben who go off the democrat party reservation, buck the monolith, think for themselves, and just refuse to *** damn act like they're supposed to (like good little minority voters).

So God Bless Ya, Ben Carson.  I won't be votin' for ya, but we sure as hell could use a lot more of ya, truth be told. You ain't supposed to be actin' like this, man!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grace Jones: "I'm 5000 Years Old!" This Is BIG...

...Because methinks the democrat party might now have another presidential candidate up its sleeve!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Second (& MARATHON) gop-er Debate: Who's UP, DOWN, or Exactly the SAME From the First Go-Around? And Ponder This: Can Any of You See a Fiorina/Carson Ticket?...

-Donald Trump: DOWN.  First, I'll answer the question none of these candidates would answer: I for one "would not feel comfortable with Trump's finger on the nuclear button." But I've already said I ain't votin' for this crazy circus performer, even if he does often make me laugh. As for tonight's performance: Not so funny.

-Carly Fiorina: UP.  Presents well, and looks and talks fairly presidential. Her critique of the gruesome Planned Parenthood videos was easily the best and most effective passage of the night. And she handled well her retort to Trump's recent first grader comments about her appearance, as well as Trump's other attempted salvos tonight. This definitely seems like a candidacy on the rise.

-Ben Carson: UP.  Not only the best looking person in this debate (as in the first), but also the best dressed in the joint! He had me at hello tonight, even if the moderators (just like the first debate) seemed to hardly ever call on him.

-John Kasich: DOWN.  I thought Kasich wasn't nearly as on as he was in the first debate (maybe he just ain't so good outside of Ohio?). And saying that as president he may not touch Obama's terrible Iran deal sure as hell ain't gonna improve his current down lot in the polls.

-"Jeb" Bush: DOWN.  "I Am Not a Puppet!" Thanks for clarifying, Tricky Dick. More resembled his idiot brother tonight, stuttering and stammering around like a skid row wino. And, like some sort of Obama-style wimp, he repeatedly allowed Trump to interrupt him. Can we just put the Bush Dynasty (and its Clinton Twin, for that matter) out to pasture already?

-Marco Rubio: UP.  I liked his poking fun at his previous, notorious Water Bottle Speech as well as his granddaddy story, how he held his water (pun intended) against Trump, and (inexplicably) being the ONLY candidate to raise the repulsive $18 Trillion Obama/W Bush National Debt. Also seemed to get stronger as this grotesquely long debate got even longer, showing a better stamina than most or all of the others.

-Rand Paul: DOWN.  I didn't think it possible -- his hair actually looked worse tonight than in the first debate!  This guy's gotta go from the main debate stage next time around. He has J-V written all over his beaver pelt melon.

-Scott Walker: SAME.  An unlikely character to get in Trump's face tonight, and I thought he held his own. But otherwise bored the living hell out of me.

-Chris Christie: UP.  Came across as personable and in control, for the most part, rather than as the hothead that is his stereotype. And he was the only candidate that I heard invoking in any way the plight of the American worker during the Obama years (even if he missed, at the same time, the opportunity to specifically raise the dreadful household income and wage stagnation of those same Obama years).

-Ted Cruz: SAME.  Same ol' Slick Willy with a Joe McCarthy mask on.  Still unelectable.

-Mike Huckabee: DOWN.  Boot this fat old has-been from the stage at the same time that Paul gets the axe.

-Finally, the ENTIRE gop-er FIELD: DOWN.  I thought tonight was, mostly, a real snoozer (even before CNN carried it into its third excruciating hour). Very few "Yeah!" and "Damn right!" moments. And not a ton of bona fide entertainment. Yawn. And why not even one of these candidates would say moderator-be-damned and talk about today's "news" (already known) that American workers have not gotten a raise during the Obama years, I have no clue. That's red meat for every American out there who is not named "leftist 20 percenter"...

Instead, these candidates accepted -- hook, line, and sinker -- Tapper/CNN's incessant questions from the left-wing agenda (pot legalization, vaccinations, Trump insults, and "anchor babies" -- REALLY?), which were mostly aimed at getting the candidates to fight each other rather than addressing the leftists louts who've been running amok in America for 7 long years now. Always ones to play by the imposed rules, these gop-ers. And that is one of the principal reasons why they fail.

[Postscript:  Anyone think that any of the few democrat party debates that the cowardly Hilary The Hoary will participate in will go on for 3 freakin' hours, like tonight's endless event? Nope. Hell, all 3 of the Golden Girls (Hilary, Bernie and Joe -- sounds like a bad late-60s folk song) would be fast asleep, like Reagan or something, at around the 90 minute mark!!].

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


...Or, sans cake, I assume a tortilla shell, 3-tater-tot, bacon bits Michelle ObamaMeal will do just fine, no?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Washington Post Hack: "The Amazing Honesty of Joe Biden!" But That Ain't Honesty You're Smellin' There, Numbnut...

...Rather it's the feel, taste, and diagnostic certitude of at least Stage One Alzeimer's.

But there he is, Biden -- Dan Quayle's Daddy, and the new Great (and REALLY Old) White Hope of the democrat party for 2016!

I swear that if these leftist 20 percenters next conjure up a death bed Jimmy Carter to garner the "D next to his name" vote in 2016, I'm gonna be clamoring for the good ol' harmless days when Teddy Kennedy forgot why he wanted to be President, but at least exhibited a basement-level literacy level somewhere under the age of 72.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Lunacy: Hilary Losing by 9% to Bernie in N.H. & by 5% in General Matchup with Trump, Who (BTW) Is Getting 25% of the Black Vote! Can Hilary the Hoary Right the Ship?

Hilary may truly need a Hail Mary very soon to save her foundering candidacy. Since I think a sudden jaunt into granny porn is out (Hilary ain't no Sarah Palin, let's face it), methinks some real outside-the-pantsuit thinking will be required. A few quick ideas:

- Since Hilary really needs to shore up that black vote (I doubt any gop-er has won 25% of the black vote since Bell conceived the telephone), she needs to announce NOW that the first black president of the U.S. -- i.e. Hilary's old man Bill -- will be her V.P. running mate. Not to mention, I can't imagine any other running mate who would actually be considered a bigger slimeball than Hilary herself. She'd shine in comparison!

- Hilary should also consider making no further campaign appearances for at least 6 to 9 months. Talk about a drab, dry personality that's about as connecting and warm as a Mount McKinley ice cap. She does herself no favors going in front of cameras. So just don't do it anymore! It sure as hell can't hurt.

- Hilary should use that time away from things to engage in some hijinks to soften her image. I'm thinking of a YouTube channel in which Hilary stars in a new madcap skit every week or two. The first one could be entitled, "Server? I Need an Assistant to Wipe My Own Ass With Like a Cloth or Something!"

- Speaking of whom, top Hilary flunky Huma's Weiner (pictured above) needs to be more front and center in the campaign. That broad has a great body, and I'd always prefer to see and hear from Ms. Weiner instead of the Hoary One. Let's get Huma in a bikini and Hilary in a cave, I say, and you just watch this campaign get right back on track!

[Postscript: I still can't believe I dish out this kind of Grade-A campaign and political advice to these sleazewad politicians free of charge. I do hope these louts realize that my charity does have its limits over here.]

Friday, September 4, 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Denali Distraction: I For One Welcome Obama's Focus on Renaming Mountains and Running Wild on Reality TV Shows in Alaska...

...If these things are the kinds of foolishness with which Obama is going to consume his presidential time over the next 17 months, His Majesty is doing us all one heck of a favor.

Hell, let's sprinkle in even more vacation and golf course time while you're at it there, King Nothing!

But alas, never fear: I'm sure he'll go right back to wrecking the country and giving America its just comeuppance as soon as Alaska's in the rear-view in a few days...

Plenty of time for sleepin', after all, when he's out of office and fully entrenched in D.C. as the most obnoxious ex-president the country's ever seen before.