Monday, February 28, 2011

She's "Sad," Alright: Sick Cali Cougar Mom Faces 5 Years in the Freezer for Dating & Having Sex w/ Daughter's 14-Year-Old Boyfriend & Another Boy...

"Sad" in more ways than one. Here's what I don't get about some of these cougar dames:

If you have some perverted desire to get it on with much younger men, then I guess knock yourself out. And if it must be a teenager, then hit on someone who's 18 or 19. But why would you feel the need to go after someone who's underage? That's deranged and criminal.

And that's exactly what we have in the case of 42-year-old Livermore, California, soccer mom Christine Hubbs (pictured variously above). She's just plead no contest to having sex with two 14-year-old boys – one of them the boyfriend of her own daughter! (Link to full story at bottom). And now she's facing up to 5 years in the hoosegow.

Hubbs' no contest plea means that she does not contest one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and three counts of a lewd act on a child. Hubbs reportedly copped the plea in order to avoid a lot more time in the can since prosecutors, in exchange, dropped sixty-three felony sex charges.

But if you think that Hubbs got off too lightly – and she certainly did, and much more lightly than a man charged with the same crimes would have – consider this: In addition to likely having to be on parole for 10 years after her time in the ice house, Hubbs will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her little-boy-lovin' days.

Not only that -- she's also not going to be around too many teenage boys in the joint or likely for a long time to come. Put it all together: Her life's ruined, just like – perhaps – the teen kids she was banging, since doing the dirty deed with 40-year-old broads can't be any good for their mental health going forward.

In addition to being sick in the head, Hubbs also wasn't exactly the sharpest mom in the minivan. Cops says the piece of meat that broke the cougar's back was a nude photo of herself that she sexted to one of the 14-year-old boys. The boy's mama found the racey pic, and Hubbs' sick little show was all but over right then and there.

Cops also say that Hubbs' sexual encounters with these kids were not isolated incidents, but instead occurred over and over and over again throughout the course of over two years.

And it sounds like Hubbs was bangin' these boys from one side of Alameda County to the other. Cops say she would get it on just about anywhere, including in her own car and in cheap motels. (No word yet whether any of Hubbs' "good times" went down in a public $hithouse, although that would seem par for the course).

Cops also say Hubbs would try to keep these kids happy by lavishing them with dough and gifts – when they weren't having sex, that is. Put those costs together with time in the joint and perpetual sex offender registration, and I think you'd have to say this was one of the more expensive cougar affairs in recent memory.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm a Voodoo Chile! Like Something From a Movie, "Witch Doctor" & Woman Engage in Wild Sex Ritual, Literally (& Fatally) Burning Down the House in NY.

[This one is dedicated to Kansas City media icon Bill Grigsby, who passed away yesterday. Grigs always did his own unique thing, which is the only way to be]:

I think this babe might have listened to one too many Jimi Hendrix tunes (first link at bottom):

Much like Cosby Kid Lisa Bonet's wild ass "voodoo chile" character in the old film Angel Heart (in which Bonet has a crazy voodoo-frenzied romp in the sack with Mickey Rourke), cops say a Brooklyn woman got her voodoo on in a big way with her "witch doctor," ultimately igniting a five-alarm apartment building fire that killed one man and left 100 homeless (second link at bottom to the New York Post's full story).

Cops say this dame "was just looking for some good luck in her life" and paid 300 bucks to the "horny holy man" who lived at the apartment building so that he would send some of his special voodoo magic her way. (BTW, cops aren't releasing either person's name, age or description).

Things got rolling when the willing wizard first sprinkled rum on his apartment floor to ward off "evil spirits." But there was a catch! He told the broad that they would have to do a voodoo sex ritual in order for her luck to turn around. I mean, I've heard of "getting lucky," but this absolutely ridiculous.

"The witch doctor and his voodoo doll then proceeded to romp on a bed that was perilously surrounded by a large number of ritual candles." And then this female voodoo chile discovered a very strange thing faster than a ménage a trois suggestion on a "Seinfeld" episode: This whole voodoo sex rite thing -- She was into it!

She reportedly told firemen that "while she was having sex, she was getting aroused, she was getting into it and she didn't realize that their activity had knocked over some of the candles around the bed." And apparently the witch doctor was paying scant attention himself, as the "wild candlelit sex ritual" turned "hot and heavy" – literally.

The toppled candles quickly set fire to clothing and linen on the floor, and the next thing you know, the whole room was on fire! Said the cops: "The sex must have been so good they didn't see it coming. Maybe they should have practiced safe sex." Safe voodoo, more like it.

But this relatively small and contained fire only turned catastrophic and deadly through the comedy of errors that followed. First, instead of calling 911, the voodoo priest – apparently not so much the "flaming" wit (pun intended) -- tried to put out the room fire himself by tossing water on it which he had conjured up from a bathroom sink. Nothin' doing.

Then another man in the same apartment who "was ironing his pants" reared his ugly trousers in this whole debacle. But before we get into that, can you just picture this scene:

Witch doctor roommate and the voodoo doll are having wild ritualistic voodoo sex there in the apartment, and this other roommate dude is off in some corner just casually ironing his britches while it's all going down?! He had his business to attend to, and they had theirs, I suppose!

Regardless, roommate dude only made a rapidly deteriorating situation even worse when he spotted the fire, panicked, and opened a damn window! This let the "wind blow in, which fanned the already-high flames into a massive inferno."

While the roommate, the warlock and his sexy spellbinder were all able to successfully get the hell out of there at that point, they made their third huge mistake when they left the apartment door open behind them!

Firemen say that 40 mph winds then "created a blowtorch effect as winds whipped in through the open window and pushed fire out into the hallway" through the open door.

As the blaze eventually moved through significant portions of the building, a retired school counselor was killed, dozens of tenants were left homeless, and 20 firemen were injured.

As for the sloppy sorcerer and his voodoo squeeze, "no charges are expected" -- quite astonishingly and even despite this voodoo high priest reportedly initially lying to police about what was going on inside his apartment. The woman was only there to "deliver him food," he told cops at first before later fessin' up.

You'd think the cops might at least try to nail the sex-crazed soothsayer with a false statement rap? But maybe the cops were afraid that if they tried throwing the book at the witch doctor, he might hit them in return with some of his sordid sex sorcery and/or toss a curse their way? Prudent police work, methinks.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Must've Been One Bad Box of Thin Mints: Florida "Cookie Monster" Goes Berserk & Launches Into Hardcore Wrestling Match In Tasty Dispute w/ Roommate!

Earlier this week it was a Hot Pocket, and now it's a box of Girl Scout cookies that turned a 31-year-old Florida woman into a rabid animal (allegedly) (link to full story at bottom).

Her name is Hersha Howard (pictured immediately above), and she apparently really likes her Thin Mints! Howard woke up one recent morning, reportedly famished. So she made her way to the kitchen to get at her Thin Mints (what else are you gonna eat for breakfast, after all?). And that's when the dough really hit the oven!

No Thin Mints! Gone like a plate of cookies on Sesame Street. So Howard reportedly stormed into her roommate's room, woke her up, and accused the roommate (Jasmin Wanke) of misappropriating the Thin Mints for the roommate’s own tasty pleasure.

But the roommate denied the charge, saying she actually fed the cookies to Howard's kids after they woke up hungry at 1:00 in the morning. The roommate even offered to pay Howard 10 bucks for the $3.50-per-box cookies. But nothin' doing on that front!

Instead, Howard allegedly went ape and turned into a real-life cookie monster. First she reportedly grabbed a pair of scissors and chased the roommate down the stairs. Once there, Howard allegedly spied an even better potential weapon – a board – and therefore abandoned the scissors.

Cops say that Howard used to board to clock the roommate one right in the kisser. When the roommate tried to escape into the kitchen, Howard allegedly took to biting the roommate right on the boob!

But business was just picking up at this point. After her little breast brunch, Howard reportedly resumed hitting the roommate, who then fled outside the home. But that didn't stop Howard (allegedly)!

Cops say that outside, Howard picked up a big sign (not clear whether it was a real estate or a street sign) and started pounding the roommate with that baby! Just like "Original Gangsta" New Jack in a hardcore wrestling match (sans the guitar)! Cops soon arrived and busted Howard, charging her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery.

They also hauled this cookie monster off to the hoosegow, where reportedly "Thin Mints were not served." No word yet whether during this alleged board-and-sign beatdown, Howard ever uttered the famous words, "That’s just the way the cookie crumbles!"

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Last Straw for CBS? Charlie Sheen's TV Show's in Jeopardy as He Returns to Porn Hound on "Adult Vacation" with Porn Star, Ex-Wife & Girlfriend!

Today brings the news that CBS has "pulled the plug" on the current season of Charlie Sheen's highly rated sitcom "Two and a Half Men" – although the door is still reportedly left open for the series to return for a new season in the future (first link at bottom).

The show is obviously in jeopardy of complete cancellation, and I'm left to wonder, what was the final straw? It certainly didn't help that Sheen over the past day, on, challenged his show's creator Chuck Lorre "to a fight, calling him 'a stupid, stupid little man and a pussy punk that I would never want to be like.'" (Second link at bottom).

But let's not downplay the other Sheen news of the past day and its potential impact on CBS' current decision: While Sheen's supposed to be "rehabbing" at home, he's instead reportedly off on a "tropical adult vacation" with 23-year-old porn star Bree Olson, ex-wife Brooke Mueller and 24-year-old girlfriend Natalie "Natty Baby" Kenly (a pot magazine model) all "in tow." (Third link at bottom).

Talk about an oddball threesome (or foursome, if Charlie joins them)! Fresh off his recent and now-notorious 36-hour "sex, drug and booze bender" with multiple female porn stars (all in their late teens or early 20's), Sheen appears ready to let another bender (errr, the good times) roll! According to a source "close" to Sheen:

"Charlie is back to his old self – and that’s not a good thing. So much for rehab at home. He took off with the girls on Wednesday."

His motley crew of counterparts includes the young porn star Bree (the first lady pictured above), who's previously been described as a "girlfriend" of Sheen. Her list of porn titles includes such memorable cinema efforts as Big Screw Review, Rack By Popular Demand 3, Long Don Black Kong, and Lord of Asses.

And while I can see Bree and Kenly (second lady above; a.k.a. "The Pot Queen") agreeing to go along on such an excursion with Sheen, how completely weird is it for an ex-wife such as Mueller (third lady above) to be in on this thing! The grotesque group reportedly flew on Wednesday to a "private island near the Bahamas on his private jet."

What's more, the ink's not even dry on Sheen and Mueller's divorce, but Mueller has also reportedly moved back in to Sheen's mansion (which he's previously referred to as his "sex palace").

As for Bree, she indicated on Twitter Tuesday that she very much looking forward to spending a little "quality" time with Sheen in the tropical paradise.

Tweeted Bree: "Going to a tropical wonder for a little while to relax with friends. :) Minimal tweets so hold tight! Be home soon babies!"

How about Bree's comment telling everyone to just "hold tight"? Yeah. I'll personally be waiting with bated breath for the porn star’s next tweet. Or not.

And what gives with the "babies" blast? Who the hell does she think she's talking to? Maybe that's some odd form of porn smack talk towards another Sheen porn girlfriend – 22-year-old Kacey Jordan – who's now knocked up ("with child," as King Henry VIII might say) in the wake of the aforementioned 36-hour bender?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dancing With the Witch?! What Gives With "Dancing With the Stars" and the Right-Wingers? Can't Leftist 20 Percenters Dance Too?

First it was republican and former House Majority Leader Tom Delay (pictured immediately above), who's since been convicted of money laundering and will have to do his dancing in the ice house once his current appeal's exhausted. Next we had Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol (also pictured above). Then it was republican astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

And now "Dancing With the Stars" has invited deranged right-winger Christine O'Donnell to participate on the show! (First link at bottom).

O’Donnell, the former Delaware GOP Senate candidate, is of course best known for admitting to "dabbling in witchcraft" and once having a "date with a witch on a satanic altar" that only involved "a little blood." (Second link at bottom). O'Donnell is reportedly currently mulling the offer from DWTS.

The linked CBS story posits the questions of whether O'Donnell on the show will dance to such old standards as "I Put a Spell on You" and "Witchcraft." But I have a few additional suggestions. How about the Eagles' "Witchy Woman"? What about "Devil Woman" by Cliff Richard? ELO’s "Evil Woman"?

And since his daughter was once on the show, maybe DWTS can trot out Ozzy to croon Sabbath's "Black Sabbath" (a song from that group's debut album) while O'Donnell gets her boogie on and tosses some hexes the audience's way?

Or fresh off his outstanding Grammys performance, Mick Jagger might agree to show up to sing "Sympathy for the Devil" while O'Donnell struts her stuff?

Concerning her decision whether to appear on the show, O'Donnell is reportedly soliciting opinions on her Facebook page. But I think I'll pass. I don't want to rub her the wrong way and then get leveled with some sort of curse on my ass.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Say Goodnight to "the Bad Guys"? New Memoir Portrays Sarah Palin As a Nutty, Petty, Self-Obsessed Dragonlady Who Avoided "the Bad Guys" in the Media!

…And with quite the potty mouth and penchant for name calling, to boot! As first reported in the Anchorage Daily News and as featured in today's (links to full story at bottom of post), the manuscript was authored by former Palin aide Frank Bailey and contains not only his personal observations and opinions with respect to Palin, but also a bevy of purported e-mails from the "Mama Grizzly" herself.

The picture painted is that of a rather loony, shallow, self-absorbed lout who obsessed over her image and media coverage, and who often made bad coverage and rumors worse by focusing on them and thereby exacerbating the situation. And perhaps the most entertaining aspect of it all is Palin's propensity for referring to democrats and the media as "the bad guys" like she's some sort of conservative variant of Tony Montana from Scarface!

Her Public Image

Bailey writes that Palin was obsessed with her image, that she would often write her own letters to the editor with glowing self-praise and then send the letters using someone else's name as the purported author!

When an Alaska TV station had an online poll asking if people agreed with Palin's decision to reject federal stimulus dollars, Bailey writes that Palin and her people tried to sabotage the poll with myriad phony votes from them! Cookin' the ol' votes, you might say!

Bailey writes: "[They] invested time, energy, and emotion into linking our computers and utilizing our software into generating votes in favor." E-mails referred to "refreshing the results [of the poll] to run up the votes."

And reportedly this little charade actually worked for a while, much to Palin's pleasure!: "When an aide said Palin was initially leading the unscientific survey, the governor responded, 'Oh thank God!' "

Her Family

Palin is portrayed by Bailey as obsessing about any and every rumor regarding her family, not matter how obscure or preposterous. He writes that this would lead her to make the issue worse, such as when she repeated the ridiculous "Todd is not Track's dad" rumor in an e-mail to supporters. Palin also fired off an e-mail to an aide describing the rumor as a "dumbass" and "bullshit lie."

Her Job

Palin is depicted as obsessing about her national image rather than Alaska issues in the time period preceding her quitting as Alaska Governor. "I hate this damn job!", she reportedly once proclaimed in an apparent reference to all that damn pesky Alaska business that was always getting in the way!

The Democrats

While still Alaska's governor, and during a time when her poll numbers were dropping, Palin's handlers reportedly tried make in public "the unsubstantiated case that she was being targeted by the Obama White House and the Democratic National Committee." In an e-mail, Palin seemed to acknowledge that such claim had nothing to support it, but she appeared to believe it nonetheless as she dropped her favorite "bad guys" phrase on the democrats, along with other colorful language:

"We have no smoking gun that proves we're being targeted by the bad guys, so it probably sounds to many like I'm a whining bitch who stubbornly refuses to govern in the public's best interest."

The Media

Bailey quotes Palin as promising to avoid appearing on any television network other than Fox News because she thought the people at the other networks were "the bad guys." For good measure, Palin spewed: "I am through with the idiots who use and abuse us . . . I hate giving them ratings boosts."

Now, do those other networks tend to be left-leaning in their slant and have they often seemed obsessed with negative Palin coverage? Yes. But that hardly means every reporter at the other networks is a "bad guy" or an "idiot." That's just ludicrous.

And apparently to Palin, even sometimes Fox News is "the bad guy." Palin reportedly fumed over some people on Fox criticizing her for not saying enough in defense of Carrie Prejean, the beauty pageant winner stripped of her crown for being opposed to gay marriage. In one e-mail, Palin bragged about having "the balls" to say anything in Prejean's defense.

It also reportedly bothered Palin that talking to the media typically meant that the reporter – and not Palin – would control the substance of the questions to her (Imagine That!). Said Palin: "If I call those reporters then I'm on the hook to answer all their other questions they want."

After Palin's poor performance during her now-infamous June 2009 interview with CBS' Katie Couric, Bailey indicates that Palin has continued to hold a "grudge" against Couric. Wrote Palin: "She SUCKED in ratings before she stumbled upon her little gig mocking me." Palin also pats herself on the back for saving Couric's job by giving her the interview: "She did almost lose her job before the VP interview." My, are not we full of ourselves (I think I said that about Lady Gaga recently)!

When daughter Bristol's baby daddy Levi Johnston appeared on the "Today Show," Palin blew her stack yet again. "Sickening, sickening," ranted Palin, further spouting: "Journalism ethics are non-existent. They sat there and let the coached puppet spew one lie after another."

Her Handlers

Palin reportedly made things a nightmare for her schedule staffers (1) by "her frequent backing out of commitments" coupled with (2) eating staffers alive for their difficulties in dealing with the almost impossible situation. Wrote Bailey:

"Getting Sarah to meetings and events was like nailing Jell-O to a tree. On the campaign trail and as governor, Sarah went through at least ten schedulers, with few lasting more than a few months. Nobody wanted the job because Sarah might fail to honor, at the last minute, the smallest commitments, and making excuses for her became a painful burden."

Palin reportedly reduced one schedule staffer to tears, causing the staffer to quit. Still another staffer hit the road after Palin copied the staffer "on an e-mail from Sarah trashing her."

Fellow Republicans

The GOP congressional campaign committees once took back an invitation for Palin to speak at a fundraising dinner when they had trouble confirming with her that she would even attend the event. Newt Gingrich got the invitation instead, and Palin hit the internal e-mail route once again to start blasting away!

First, Palin referred to Gingrich and the GOP as "egotistical, narrow minded machine goons." Next she credited God for seeing to it that she would not have to appear at an event at which she would have to praise Gingrich.

Palin reportedly said that any such praise would have come back to haunt her because Gingrich eventually "would have shown his true colors," and then she'd be accused of "prostituting" herself by "acting like that good ol’ rich white guy is the savior of the party." [That stuff, BTW, just strikes me as completely delusional. Who has ever called Gingrich a "savior" of the GOP, leastways in the past 15 years? Now, is he a typical republican boring white male retread presidential candidate? Most def.]

With respect to thanking God for her not having to go to that GOP fundraiser, Bailey writes that Palin also had another reason that she was greatful "to the almighty." Said Palin in an e-mail: "Plus, I had nothing to wear, and God knew that too"!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Was One Generous John (Allegedly): Italian Prime Minister Reportedly Lavished 17-Year-Old Hooker With $300,000 in "Gifts"!

As recently detailed in this space, 74-year-old PM Silvio Berlusconi has been indicted in Italy for allegedly paying for sex with the pictured 17-year-old prostitute and belly dancer "Ruby the Heart Stealer" (a.k.a. Ruby Rubacuori and Karima el-Mahroug). The latest in the story this week reveals the alleged "Teflon john" allegedly paying for his sex with Ruby in more than just cash – a lot more.

All in all, the 24 "gifts" allegedly totaled around $300,000 in value and had one thing in common among them: High-end. The various gifts reportedly came in connection with at least 15 meetings between Berlusconi and Ruby (following the exchange of some 67 telephone calls and text messages between them) (links to full story at bottom):

The Dress

Berlusconi allegedly gave Ruby "a red and black Valentino dress encrusted with pearls as a special gift on Valentine's Day 2010 to mark 'our first meeting.'" That first meeting, BTW, allegedly involved an invitation to dinner at one of the PM's mansions, followed by him inviting Ruby and 30 other women into an underground "bunga bunga room" (described as a harem sex room) for an after-dinner snack (i.e., him!).

The Watches

Berlusconi allegedly gave Ruby two Rolex watches, but apparently they didn't much strike her fancy to any great degree, and the PM had to up his game. Berlusconi reportedly gave Ruby a "Dolce & Gabbana Swarovski crystal designer watch." Cops say Ruby told them that the PM got her that third watch "because I told him that I didn’t like the Rolex watches."

The Jewelry

The lavish jewelry given by the PM to Ruby allegedly included:

-A "diamond necklace made by Recarlo, a Valenza-based design jeweler."

-A "Swarowsky-Tiffany diamond bracelet . . . engraved with the initials of her nickname, R.R. for Ruby Rubacuori (Ruby the heartstealer)."

-An "array of diamond bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings – many featuring diamonds and violet-colored amethyst, her 'favorite color,' from top brands including Bulgara and Tiffany."

-An "expensive 'brooch' which was bought on Via Montenapoleone, Milan's premier shopping street."

The Shoes and Fur

I assume you couldn't have a set of gifts from a billionaire like Berlusconi without some fur, right? And sure enough, one the 24 gifts he allegedly tossed Ruby's way was a Helen Yarmak red fox fur stole. For good measure, Berlusconi reportedly threw some Versace designer shoes into the mix.

The Car

Finally, Berlusconi allegedly promised Ruby a brand new Audi R8. But alas, he reportedly welched on the wheels and Ruby never so much as made it into the driver’s seat.

At the end of the day, I'm wondering if that little slight (allegedly) is what led Ruby to final blow the whistle on the "Teflon john" and rat him out? Either that, or maybe she didn't much appreciate having to share the PM with 30 other ladies at the "bunga bunga" party (allegedly)?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Proof Positive That Microwave Food & Valentine's Day Do Not Mix: Hot Pocket Beatdown Allegedly Results in Kidnapping of 3-Year-Old Girl in New York.

It was Valentine's Day, and 29-year-old Steven Fleming "came home hungry after a hard day's work at a construction site." He apparently wasn't expecting any big Valentine's Day dinner from his 16-year-old girlfriend (more on that later), Aliyah Austin (pictured on right). But he at least was "ready to sink his teeth into a Hot Pocket." And that's when all hell broke loose! (Link to full story at bottom).

Fleming took a gander in the freezer and fumed as he realized that someone had polished off his last Hot Pocket! Fleming then woke up his girlfriend Aliyah and "confronted her about scarfing down his snack." Apparently not satisfied with the answer he received, Fleming allegedly clocked her one right in the kisser.

End of story, right? Wrong. "In a cold dish of revenge," Aliyah the next morning allegedly kidnapped Fleming's 3-year-old daughter after Aliyah's old man (much older man) had gone back to work at the construction site. Cops say Aliyah snatched the toddler and absconded from Staten Island to Manhattan on a ferry.

Fleming for some reason didn't return home that day until midnight (apparently a Hard Day's Night to celebrate a hard day's work). After finding no daughter or girlfriend present at the home, he called the cops and the search was on. (It's not clear whether he first went for a Hot Pocket before discovering that the two girls were gone).

Not being the brightest bulb on the marquee, Aliyah soon after the kidnapping reportedly took to taunting Fleming on Facebook and in text messages about the fact that she had his daughter. (No word whether she stuck out her tongue as she fired off those blasts).

Cops were able to track down Aliyah and the little tike through Aliyah's cellphone signal, and the kid was unharmed. It looks like Aliyah may have to finish off her Hot Pockets in the hoosegow for a long time to come, as she faces kidnapping charges and is being held for bail of 25 grand.

According to her attorney, Aliyah's defense is that "she took the baby because Fleming was late coming home." So let me get this straight: Aliyah kidnapped the kid not because of the slap in the mush, but instead kidnapped the kid because her boyfriend stayed out late?

I've got to try out that defense the next time I get pulled over for speeding: "Yeah, copper, I wasn't speeding because I wanted to exceed the speed limit; I was actually speeding because I wanted to get home faster!" Or for an accused murderer: "I didn't kill him because he hit me; I killed him because he made me angry for other reasons entirely!"

Regardless, Aliyah's arrest was finally the end to this story, correct? Of course not. We're still left with the little matter of the adult Fleming having a 16-year-old "girlfriend." Cops say the couple had met earlier in the week on the subway and "she began crashing at his house."

Aliyah denied to cops that she had a sexual relationship with Fleming, "although investigators believe the two are romantically involved." Translation: Those two may be holding their next Hot Pocket bout together in the pokey.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

No One Knows "Civility" Quite Like the 20 Percenter American Left That Inhabits the Democrat Party...

...That's why when it comes to "civility," those on the American left are the ones who get to lecture the other 80% of the country on the topic. Hypocrites. As usual. (And no, it’s not as if the republicans are much, if any, different).


1. The photos above are obviously from the Wisconsin public union protests this week and weekend and refer variously to Wisconsin governor and republican Scott Walker.

2. For those of you in Generations Y and Z, and as it pertains to the "Dread Scott's Decision" picture above, the pre-Civil War Dred Scott decision of the United States Supreme Court ruled, among other things, that slaves were property and not citizens. Translation: The republican Wisconsin Governor -- in addition to being a Nazi, a dictator, Adolph Hitler, Hosni Mubarak, a rapist, an uneducated idiot, a dick, a crosshairs target, a terrorist, and (they apparently hope) a dead tyrant -- is also a racist who believes public union members are not citizens. Put it all together: The textbook definition of "civility."