Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Harsh Indictment? Topless Drunk Splish Splash Man Gets the Good Book Thrown at Him For Taking a Bath in the Holy Water Trough at a Catholic Church!

Take a look at this holy bevy of charges, many of which I gotta think are felonious:  (1) Arson; (2) Criminal Mischief; (3) Damage to Property; (4) Theft; and (5) Possession of Stolen Property; and (6) Probation Violations.

ALL THAT just for trying to cleanse himself in the Waters of the Lord down at the St. Mary's Catholic Church in Ontario, Canada?  Well, he did also allegedly swipe a rosary (what's that, like 10 bucks?!) and try to start a fire (unsuccessfully), but C'Mon!

I might understand if this 26-year-old pie-eyed parishioner had tried to use the Holy Water Trough as a piss-pot or something, but there's simply no indication of anything like that.

I say make him pay restitution for the rosary, clean up the little mess he made, and have him wash down the Holy Water Trough back in the vestibule with a brillo pad and garden hose.

In short, put the joint back to where it was before this filthy follower got his bath on. OR, just toss his dirty bathin' baptismal ass in the hoosegow for 10 years, Canada, if you really have only one oar in the holy water.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Two Out of the Blue: Where Did Britney Spears Get THOSE?!? Now That Opens Up a Whole Host of New Honker Possibilities!

Pics are from recent excursion to the Kate and Lace lingerie store and the Wildflour Cafe in Thousand Oaks, California.  O-h M-y!

I've never seen the former teen idol, now turned 30-something, half-a-has-been, look so good! And how 'bout them huge hoofers?!?

Mesuggests Britney needs to forget the musical career and seek out more contemporary pursuits better tailored to her current sweater strengths and ass(ets).

Like porn, perhaps. Even soft-core. She'd be the perfect Cinemax Saturday Night Special. Coupled with a role on Cinemax's "Banshee" as the fake sheriff's new naked squeeze and gun moll.

Who the hell says every blonde bimbo bubblegum broad on auto-tune steroids must be dead and buried at age 30?  So cliched and short-sighted, such limitations.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Study: conserv*tives & l*berals Smell Different." True Enough (If Nuanced)...

In my experience, right-wingers tend to smell like a moldy old unfinished basement in need of remediation.

Leftists, in contrast, would prefer that you live in a moldy old unfinished basement in need of remediation.

But leftists smell more like the inside of a Michael Moore fat roll.

Subtle difference.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Wardrobe Malfunction: democrat party National Chairman Patty "Wasserman" Simpson in Trouble With party Slimeballs for a Litany of Sins, Including ... Panhandling for New Threads?!?

I'm frankly not sure how "Wasserman" Simpson has made it this long as democrat party Chairman.  She's not exactly what you'd call an appealing face of the leftist party, and her steady stream of lunatic-like gaffes make me think this broad's a few chains short of a Biden (most recently: "Wasserman" Simpson compared right-winger tea partiers to wife beaters).

But her ineffective leadership of the party seems to be the least of her problems. As reported in this week's Politico, democrat party partisans have "turned" on "Wasserman" Simpson for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which are her repeated efforts the past two years to get the party "to cover the costs of her wardrobe."

"Wasserman" Simpson's begging has reportedly included conniving in 2012 for a new free wardrobe for the democrat party National Convention, in 2013 for Mr. 38%'s second inauguration, and again in 2013 for the White House Lackeys' (errrr, Correspondents') Dinner! All such overtures, apparently, were rebuffed by the democrat party (leastways atop the table).

But here's my question: WHY deny this old battle axe some new stitches? Why NOT extend the entitlement state straight to her highly entitled DC front door?

I mean, just take a gander at this silly bastard up above! What, with her steel-stringer hairdo, beady little eyes, gun moll green earrings, and that necklace looking like a yank-chain from an Alabama shithouse...

If ever there was a creature who could use a little charity in the ol' wardrobe department, I'd think it would be this broad. Why not show a little more compassion, democrat party? Your stinginess towards this woman is rather unbecoming.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Match These Two Misogynists in a Cage: GA Man Allegedly Starts Knife Fight w/ Female Pit Bull at Petsmart, While PA Groom Allegedly Feels Up & Tries to Force Drinks Down Pregnant Reception Employee After Wedding!

It could be billed as the Battle of the Sexist Louts, with the East Coast Championship on the line, and I have a definite prediction (besides pain) as to who will win:

1. Cops in GA say a man there allegedly went berzerk and hacked up a female pit bull inside the Petsmart while a gaggle of terrified kids witnessed the butchery. The little bitch's crime had apparently been to nibble on the ears of this knife-wielding maniac's Westie Terrier.

2. Meantime in PA, in an act that may officially cast the perp as Worst Groom since Henry VIII, a 33-year-old newlywed allegedly used the reception as his own personal groping ground -- feeling up a 20-something reception broad while trying to foist booze down her pregnant piehole (allegedly). A bloody melee ensued between Groomy and the broad's 20-year-old BF.

So who wins a grudge match between these two male chauvenist creeps? I put 10-1 odds on Jason from GA, to wit: If that guy slices up a canine to death for tugging on his pooch's ears, just think of the number he'd do on a Groom who took to tugging on his old lady's tits? Just hope the Lucky Bride is a jigsaw buff.


Friday, September 12, 2014

right-winger Website: "Ten Birthday Presents Bill Clinton's NOT Allowed to Have" This Summer, Including Irina Shayk & Kate Upton. Really right-wingers?

Jeezal Peezal, right-wingers!  It's been 16 years since Bubba (who just recently turned 68 this summer) was last caught (or even accused) of prodding a young female subordinate to speak into his married mike or to clinch down on his contraband stogie.  What difference, at this point, does it make?!?

I might even call statute of limitations on these deranged right-wing creeps, if not for the loony leftist 20 percenters still blaming that idiot W Bush daily for every car accident, upstart terrorist organization (see ISIS), natural disaster, murderous act or common cold that pops up anywhere on the human grid.

But that is the incessant mindlessness that is just about any right-winger or leftist whom I've ever known: Once a light bulb flashes and a talking point is thunked up by one of their so-called minds, they feel it best to run it into the ground for years and years and then some.

That sort of foolishness, after all, is what non-intellectual partisan ideologue buffoons of all stripes are best at, regardless of the letter (D or R) next to the name.  But don't blame the feeble-minded.  They can't help it.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good Grief! Just Look at Her!

I CANNOT believe how so completely tacky and shamelessly gaudy that awful necklace is!

I guess I never realized before that they have Dollar Tree five-and-dimes in Manhattan proper!

Next time, hire a personal shopper, Princess Preggers.  Puh-UKE.


Friday, September 5, 2014

The Ol' Bait & Switch? Kansas democrat party U.S. Senate Candidate Quits, Leaving Only "Independent" Greg Orman To Take On right-winger gop-er Incumbent Pat Roberts. And POOF Goes My Enthusiasm for Orman...

I know. I gots some 'splaining to do! Let's start here:  It's rare to see an Independent candidate make waves amongst the democrat party and gop-er candidates in a national political race. And it was fun while it lasted here in Kansas. But no longer...

"Independent" Greg Orman had been polling decently enough against democrat party candidate Chad Taylor and career politician right-winger fat cat Pat Roberts (scowling pic above). Hell, Orman was even bringing in enough campaign cash to run a steady stream of campaign ads on TV stations in Kansas City and elsewhere in the state. I was enthusiastically looking forward to voting for him. Until Thursday.

The democrat party Taylor's sudden, unexpected departure from the race (even if the right-winger Kansas SOS Kris Kobach still requires Taylor's name to appear on the ballot) was almost assuredly due to extreme levels of political pressure from democrat party slimeballs having tentacles all the way up (or down, depending on your perspective) to Senate Majority Slug Harry Reid and even that individual we currently have as a president (or should I now just refer to him as "Mr. 38%"?). I wonder what assurances Orman might have given to those sleazebuckets before they put the ol' screws to Taylor?

And, look no farther, as well, than the leftists' reaction to Taylor's withdrawal on Thursday: It was all celebratory pats on their own back (see, e.g., the Daily Kos' linked treatment of the topic) for increasing the chances of Roberts' ouster and increasing perceived democrat party chances of keeping the Senate after the November midterms. If the leftist 20 percenters suddenly say that they love a candidacy (here Orman's), excuse me if I suddenly sour on it.

(For good measure, the leftists even went apeshit Thursday night (see, e.g., second Daily Kos link below) at the thought of the Kansas SOS leaving the democrat Taylor's name on the ballot following Taylor's withdrawal!!! The absurd hilarity! Although not difficult to understand.)

My from perspective, Jennifer Duffy of the Cook Political Report, as quoted in Thursday's Kansas City Star, absolutely nailed it: "Orman might have been much better off in a three-way race. Running now as sort of the de facto [d]emocrat does change what this race looks like and changes how voters will see him." BINGO! Orman now smacks of little more than a lackey (whether true or not) for the democrat party.

I'm not saying yet that I won't still vote for Orman (sorry for the double negative, Jeeves), but my prior certain vote for Orman is now in definite doubt. Instead, I now may well vote for a third party candidate. I'll decide that over the next two months. But make no mistake: My previous Independent enthusiasm for Orman is now gone. Damn shame.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Got Dementia? "MSNBC Host Mike Dyson Says Barack Obama & Eric Holder Would Be 'Great Choices' For the Supreme Court." RIGHT!

...Just like Whitey Bulger and Tony Soprano would be outstanding choices for FBI Director.

And like Mel Gibson and Archie Bunker would be ideal picks to head up the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Or how Elizabeth Warren or George Custer would be perfect selections to lead the American Cherokee Tribal Council.

"You Didn't Build That Sweat Lodge!," I can already hear the angry leftist 20 percenter Warren ordaining from on high.