Tuesday, June 30, 2009

His Majesty's poll is definitely not risin'.

According to Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, only 31% of voters strongly approve of Majesty's job performance -- the lowest level that Rasmussen has yet recorded for His Majesty. With 33% of voters strongly disapproving of his job performance, Majesty's Presidential Approval Index rating (i.e., the 31% minus the 33%) is now Minus 2 -- a level it has only reached once previously. In fairness, Majesty's "total approve" number (i.e. the total of the strongly approve and somewhat approve numbers) is currently at 54%, which is close to where it's been for much of the month. But given the recent jump we've seen in Majesty's disapproval rating amongst us Independents, it can't be welcome news today to see the 31% figure, nor another Minus 2. In the meantime, I'll be independently monitoring...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Here are the facts as we know them tonight.

I begin with crediting His Majesty for our current pullback in Iraq. About time. And if a slimey old coot Neo-Con like Dick Cheney is against it, methinks Majesty is doing something very right there. But the rest of what I have to say is not so complimentary:
Flashback to September 2008, the campaign trail, Dover New Hampshire: His Majesty looks all of us straight in the eye and pledges that no middle class American family with an income of less than $250,000 (me included) will see any form of tax increase. And what have we instead seen in the months since Majesty was coronated?

1. Statements by the Administration (Axelrod) on ABC last Sunday morning that Majesty will not for one second "rule out" the prospect of supporting a health care tax hike in the soon to-be-battled health care reform bill debate, i.e. the taxing of middle class Americans' employee health care benefits. Strange they wouldn't "rule out" such a new tax out given Majesty's campaign pledge. And the most disingenuous aspect to this: Majesty's campaign spent myriad campaign funds on nationwide attack ads villifying John McCain for advocating the very same thing in terms of taxing employee benefits. McCain was wrong, but apparently Majesty was right then, and is now right again advocating the precise opposite position to which he spewed his venom at McCain during the campaign.

2. The increased tobacco tax advocated by Majesty and now passed into law, which is completely regressive in nature, hammering lower income folks very disproportionely, in order to pay for an extension of the children's health care program (yes, an inherently funding-worthy pursuit on its face, but there are other ways to fund things besides hammering lower income folks with huge new taxes during the worst economic downturn we've seen since the early 80's or perhaps earlier (which dems in recent months have loved to take advantage of at every turn, when it serves their purposes, in terms of passing massive new ultra-liberal pieces of legislation with narry an ounce of debate or any federal lawmaker typically being given the chance to even read the legislation before a vote is forced upon it)).

3. The massive "cap-and-trade" bill which just passed the House in the evening hours Friday despite 300 new pages of complex statutory jargon only being added to the bill that morning by ultra-liberal freak Henry Waxman. The Wall Street Journal called this bill the single largest tax hike in American history, hitting the middle class and all Americans significantly hard, which I'm afraid is the truth. The dems have tried to defend it in their typical spin-and-chicken$hit manner by claiming it's "technically" not a new tax since even though all Americans will see a big increase in their regular energy bills from ulility companies, such increase will not be collected "directly" by the federal government, but rather by the ultility companies themselves as they pass-through their heightened costs (resulting from the bill) to all of us consumers. Say what, dems? Sounds like a huge new tax on us regular folks, if you ask me.

So now let's get down to brass tacks (I love that phrase). Let's talk turkey (love that one too): His Majesty made a solemn pledge to us during the campaign -- a promise that he has been willing, and apparently continues to be willing, to break whenever he feels like it. Now, am I going to say that he was lying to us when made that devout pledge? Hell no. I think he believed it at the time. But for him to now go around disregarding that very simple promise, right and left, is to me a sign that Majesty is very little different from basically every president I've seen during my lifetime -- campaign promises are meant to be broken, and prior words mean absolutely nothing. Hardly "Change We Can Believe In."

His Majesty says Honduras coup was "illegal" and Zelaya remains the president.

So much for restraint.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Revolution in Honduras. And Hugo, the Castros, and Obama are all starting to weigh in.

I realize how much I like to beat the drum (i.e. truth) of how our two US extremes control our two B.S. political parties, but please realize also that when I say "extremes", I'm fully cognizant of the fact that there are much more extreme places that politics and hate can take human beings than even the venom we see on a daily basis from our US far left and far right. And we see that playing out in Central and South America on an ongoing basis basically into perpetuity. In those regions, it seems like it's always some VERY far left socialist or communist group or power competing against some VERY far right totalitarian group or power in one country or another. And it appears we're seeing just such a struggle play out yet again right now in Honduras, at least based on the limited material I've been able to read on the situation tonight. Too often in the last several decades, I believe the mistake of our executive branch has been to so quickly takes sides in these battles between REAL extremists. Much too often during the Nixon and Reagan years, in particular, we would routinely and unthinkingly side with any extremist right wing power or regime that we could (no matter how authoritarian or barbaric they were) out of the mantra of the Cold War and the Policy of Containment. And we made some real mistakes in many of those endeavors (e.g., check out sometime the book or the movie, "Missing"). Which is why I call on President Obama (on a serious issue like this, I am not going use my usual silly catch-phrase moniker, "Majesty") to exhibit some of the wise restraint he showed towards the Iranian situation, and not to rush to take sides in the Honduras situation. In case the folks reading this blog haven't noticed (and I know some of you are reading, even if you won't admit it!), I despise the Neo-Cons -- the great Neo-Con experiment of the "W!" days is OVER -- and I want to see a whole lot of restraint from our executive branch in terms of meddling in the affair of other sovereign nations. That means not invading or getting the CIA involved in sovereign nations unless we have one HELL of a good reason for doing so (we did not in Iraq), and it means using common sense, reasonableness, and restraint when it comes to our rhetoric about firestorm situations in other countries. So far, this is one isolated area on which Obama gets a generally passing grade from me (although I'm still waiting to hear what the heck our plan actually IS in Afghanistan), and I look forward to hopefully continuing to generally agree with him in this realm (because I gotta tell ya, it gives me no pleasure or delight that a majority of my posts have so far been critical -- as opposed to agreeing -- with a sitting President). But I will just continue to do my best to call each issue like I see it. (Sorry for the long rambling post, but you'll get that from me sometimes! ;) ).

Saturday, June 27, 2009

As angry as His Majesty has made me by forcing yet another piece of massive ultra-liberal legislation down our throats w/o debate or anyone reading it

...I still would like to take up defending His Majesty tonight against the continuing verbal assault he's receiving from Iranian President Mahmoud ("Mama") Ahmadinejad. Hey Mama, why don't you unequivocally, officially go **** yourself -- that is, if you can bear to tear yourself away from murdering your own citizens who have the gall to disagree with you. Let me tell you something, Mama, you are a flunkie, a lackey, a sidekick, a mascot to the Supreme Leader. And all of us in America know it. You're about as powerful as a rat in a cancer research center. You're about as dangerous as a dead tick in an Alabama $hithouse. As much as some in our American far right might like to incessantly build you up as the second coming of Hitler or Stalin or something, to me and most knowledgeable Americans, you're just our Mama -- and you also make a very dreadful looking mascot, by the way. Trim the beard, dude.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cap-and-trade bill ram-rodded right down our throats by the far left powers-that-be in the House.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that there's something ROTTEN in Denmark when this bill gets expanded by 300 pages (by ultra-liberal freak Henry Waxman) early in the morning of the same day when the dems are dead-set on forcing the House to vote on it. Those were 300 pages that were never read by virtually any of the 219 representatives who voted to approve this bill. Why the big rush? Why did this bill absolutely have to be voted on today (with 300 last-minute additional pages), despite most members of the House not reading it? I think it's pretty obvious: To fast track another piece of ultra-liberal legislation while His Majesty's slipping approval ratings will still allow these kinds of shenanigans to occur in Pelosi's chamber. Today the Wall Street Journal called this bill the single largest tax increase in US history, and it appears to me that WSJ is exactly right. I guess something has to pay for all the bailouts and the "stimulus" bill, right? And here's another thing: The completely disingenuous statements coming out of the mouths of some of these so-called "moderate" democrats tonight. For example: "I'm in a tough spot voting against this bill," said Rep. John Salazar (D-Colo.). AS IF he would have ever voted against it if Pelosi and the radical left powerbrokers who control the House would have ordered him to vote for it. I mean, $hit, he was one of the lucky ones that Pelosi allowed to vote against it since the dems had the votes to pass it. "Tough spot" my ass. And I loved the following sentence from the above-linked story: "Many of those moderate Democrats, like freshman Rep. Bobby Bright of Alabama, also waited until the end of the roll call to cast votes against the package." In other words -- the same thing I was talking about just above: These so-called "moderate" dems were very ready to vote for the bill if necessary to pass it, and only voted against it because it was not necessary for them to support it. My God, people, I've ranted and raved for 3 months now about the slimey way that these two parties conduct themselves in the halls of power of this country on a daily basis. You won't see a better example than what we witnessed today. And you vote for people in either one of these 2 B.S. parties, why precisely? For the record: I do not, and won't start any time soon. I'm not represented by anyone from these two parties, but I'm gonna keep running my big mouth until someone listens. That's a guar-an-damn-tee.
Postscript: Yeah, I'm a bit riled up tonight and it may well be a moot point (maybe) since this unread 1200-page piece of legislation will face a whole lot tougher road in the Senate than in the House. But regardless, this was some slimey politics that we saw today, and I felt compelled to speak my mind on it.

Left-wing blogosphere up in arms about Slimebaugh blaming Obama for Sanford's recent behavior. The utter disingenuousness of the far left is comical.


These are the same nuts who blamed "W!" for every calamity, domestic and abroad, for 8 years. My personal favorite: Blaming "W!" for causing Hurricane Katrina to occur. Now, is it outrageous for Slimebaugh to blame Obama's economic policies for causing Sanford's bad behavior? Of course it is. That's Slimebaugh being Slimebaugh. He blamed Clinton for everything under the sun during Clinton's 8 years. Now down to brass tacks: This is just another illustration of what I mean when I say the two B.S. extremes that control our two parties are little more than two peas in the same demented pod. Each loves to rant and rave when the other extreme engages in the same kinds of slimey behavior that the first extreme itself routinely employs. Nothing ever changes with these guys. Their world views are intellectually dishonest to the last. It's in my mind not only enjoyable, but indeed a necessity, to be Independent of these goofs. And the "blame" for that lies with no one other than themselves.

Hey media nationwide: TMZ kicked your ass yesterday.

As a person who has occasionally watched bits and pieces of TMZ's daily television show, I have to say that I have never thought very highly of TMZ. Chasing around celebrities and trying to annoy them with silly stupid questions, I suppose, really isn't my cup of tea. But I digress, because I also have to say that I was thoroughly impressed yesterday with TMZ. Not only was TMZ the first to report Michael Jackson's death, but it was well over an hour later before any other media outlet was able to confirm the death and report it as fact themselves. In the Internet era, such lag time between the first reporter and the second is virtually unheard of (sorry Jeeves to end a sentence on a preposition). In fact, I can't recall seeing anything quite like that before. You know what that means? TMZ was all over the story and had sources and information that other media outlets did not (or least did not until well over an hour later) -- a most impressive feat with respect to a story that was very sudden and fast-moving. TMZ should consider branching out in the mainstream national news and political arena, because they might just be able to show the advocates who lurk there a thing or two about real journalism.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

They were a couple of bona fide pop culture icons.

Both were particularly memorable and meaningful to us members of Generation X. Rest in peace.

I would offer comment on His Majesty's ABC-sponsored health care infomercial last night...

But I didn't happen to catch it. And apparently I wasn't the only one (see above link). But I suppose this does take some wind out of the sails of the repubs who were complaining about this event (I complained about it as well in this space). After all, how can you rant and rave too much about a program that nobody watched?

Stick a fork in him, he's done.

It appears that a trip by Sanford to Argentina last year was taxpayer funded. With that, combined with the lies he was having his staff put out to the public about his recent whereabouts, I see no way this guy survives much longer without resigning his governorship. Heck, he should resign. If he somehow survives this stuff, it will be one of the better Houdini acts that I've seen.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

O'Reilly & Barney Frank tonight. I have to say, that was some high entertainment!

To use a phrase I'm fond of, these are two peas in the same pod -- pompous, angry blowhards, and that's what makes it so entertaining the two times they've gotten together on O'Reilly's show. I was literally rolling on the floor at several of their exchanges, because you simply have a combustible firekeg any time you get two people like this together. I view them both as basically cartoon characters more than anything else, which is why tonight was so much fun. As for Frank, I could not disagree more with virtually everything that comes out of his mouth from his blinded ultra-liberal perspective, but I have to say (and may some force from on high strike me down in my tracks for saying this) that I kind of like him a tiny bit more every time I see him in these kinds of situations -- the utter rambunctiousness and pomposity of this individual is something I must admit to having a bit of respect for (sorry Jeeves for ending a sentence on a preposition). Bottom line: Frank would make a great professional wrestling manager. He's totally spot on for that role. Don't care for him too much as a politician, but I think that maybe he's missing his true calling. And one final observation, which I will make in the form of a bit of advice to Frank: Get some semblance of a sence of humor, dude (at least if you want to remain in the realm of politics, as opposed to being a pro wrestling manager who must maintain kayfabe most of the time). As for sense of humor, you have none. As for self-deprication, you have none. That's about the only difference between you and O'Reilly -- he has a tiny bit of a sense of humor, and can self-depricate now and then. But Frank, I must say, I did see you ALMOST crack a tiny smile at the end of the O'Reilly segment. You should roll with that a little more. We could all use to smile just a bit more than we do.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

They traipsed around town buck naked because they just wanted to have a positive effect on global warming.

No. That hasn't really occurred yet. Just speculation on my part as to where a story like this one might lead ("living in the buff has 'a positive effect on global warming, climate change and society'").

His Majesty made the White House press corps look like fools and flunkies yesterday.

But I wonder if many of them really care that much. I would think that the calling of pursuing a journalistic career would not include a desire to be used as the tool of a sitting president, but I guess that just shows my complete naivete.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

His Majesty apparently now in cahoots with the media to choreograph the questions that will be asked at press conferences.

As I've echoed multiple times now in this space, it's difficult to get too outraged over this kind of stuff anymore -- it's just become too par for the course in terms of our advocacy-driven national media. But that still doesn't mean it ain't slimey, nevertheless (sorry for the double negative).
Postscript: On the lighter side of things, it is amusing that His Majesty and the particular advocate in question (I think I will cease calling these people journalists or reporters) could have apparently used a little rehearsal time together beforehand. It looks like Majesty went off-prompter for a moment (always a surprise), which appeared to trip up said advocate, who launched right into his scripted question without paying much attention to what Majesty had just said to him (see above link for the precise exchange). Heck, these people might be throwing journalism out the window, but I will commend them for at least entertaining me in the process.

She's b-a-c-k.

This time to put the kibosh on a spy satellite program started under "W!". But she's not saying much. And I wouldn't exactly put this item high on the controversies list -- sounds like this was program that had never really gotten off the ground anyway. Oh, for the good old days of just a few months ago when Napolitano was good for at least one asinine quote per day. But His Majesty has since very effectively strapped the muzzle on her and locked her down in his wine cellar. Set Janet free, Majesty! Set her free, I say! I need material on slow news days (look no further than yesterday's two posts).

Monday, June 22, 2009

On a very slow news day, in which I actually posted about a South Carolina governor, I'm at a loss over here. So how bout revealing my beer of choice.

After all, the blogosphere is waiting with bated breath for this one! Smooth as a wild turkey's tail feathers, 5.9%, and very reasonably priced. Keystone Ice. Damn right.

What a weird story from South Carolina: The Governor's been missing for days, but no one seems too concerned.

Says the South Carolina First Lady: "I don't know where he is." Since Sanford is the "I'm drawing a blank" guy with whom the liberal blogosphere fell in love last year, I assume they'll also have a field day with the current story (assuming the governor is actually OK, obviously). Strange stuff.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Obama Job Approval Slips to 58% for First Time."

That's the headline currently on drudge report. But when one considers that His Majesty's approval rating in Gallup tracking has averaged around 63% since he took office (see linked article), the 58% number does not strike me as some earth-shattering figure on its face. However, much more significant to me is a breakdown I saw on Meet the Press this morning, indicating that Obama's disapproval rating amongst us Independents -- a figure that was only at 31% in the past -- has now ballooned to 44%. Might want to keep your eye on the Independents, Majesty.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thanks again to the far left for reminding me why I'm doing this.

Watching Meghan McCain's appearance on Maher's show last night, and watching a "panel" of looney liberals trying to gang up on and beat her around, just reinforced for me again how and why I could never be a part of a democratic party that is basically controlled by these types of hateful, mean-spirited individuals on the far left extreme. As for Meghan McCain, she's republican (I'm not) and I think she's certainly to the right of me -- but I do find to her to be a refreshing and free-thinking individual, which is all I ask of any person. That's also the kind of person that the far left and far right hates with a passion, as evidenced by Maher's and Begala's slimey performance last night.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Loony left at it again: If you dare to disagree with them on any issue, they will come after you with all of their resources.

Today we have radical far left outfit Moveon.org actually taking out radio ads against a DEMOCRAT, Lousiana Senator Mary Landrieu, for having the nerve to disagree with His Majesty concerning Majesty's health care reform proposal. Just like I was talking about in the blog post immediately below, these nuts on both extremes will attack you with everything they have -- and even eat their own -- if you voice so much as any disagreement whatsoever with one of their tenets or with one of their most highly annointed leaders. As to the far-left, the only person in the country allowed to stray from the reservation a bit is His Majesty himself (see, e.g., the far left largely running for the hills on issues like Afghanistan and Majesty's opposition to gay marriage), but even he's not completely immune (again, see today's earlier post below).

I've observed that this practice of the two extremes always takes one of two paths. First, the two extremes sometimes try to label anyone disagreeing with them as simply inhabitating the opposite extreme. This is what we saw with the Tea Parties: Although such events had a huge turnout of non-liberals, non-conservatives, Independents, and even some democrats, the far left national media tried to paint the events as the folly of tens of thousands of radical right-wing extremists. This first approach is also a favorite of Rush Slimebaugh, just to give an example on the other side.

Second, and alternatively, the two extremes -- if they know that trying to paint the dissenter as a radical on the other side is unlikely to work -- will instead try to brand the person as a type of creature that they hate almost as much or more as the opposite extreme -- the so-called mealy-mouthed "moderate." That's the strategy employed for people like Landrieu and Joe Lieberman. And nevermind that neither one of those two politicians is anywhere close to the center if you consider all of their positions in their entirety. But that doesn't matter to the two extremes. Rather, it only matters that you had the nerve to disagree with them on an issue or two. Once you've done that, you're going to get the full #1 treatment or the full #2 with all of the resources these two extremes have to pour into it (which is typically almost limitless).

As expressed earlier today, our political system is simply broken. Most of us aren't represented by much of anyone, and those that might actually strive to represent us a little bit get villified and demonized by the two extremes. It's a rather pathetic state of affairs, and I guess all I can do is to just keep talking about it as loudly and often as I can. Which I will.

It can't be easy being a democratic politician. Too many powerful far left interests and creepy little groups to cater to all at once.

His Majesty's got PETA people beating him up for swatting a fly. He's got radical Nancy Pelosi, the ACLU and loony left editors at the New York Times trying to undermine his position opposing the immediate release of the detainee abuse photos. The gay rights groups are all over him for taking a position (opposition to legal recognition of gay marriage) that is in step with the majority of this country.

But for much the same reason, it likewise can't be easy being a republican politician. They similarly (only on the opposite extreme) must deal with powerful conservative interests and weird little right-wing groups.

And the problem is, so much of the money that funds these two parties comes from all of these right-wing and left-wing freaks. The result is a broken political system comprised of two parties controlled by their extremes and out of step with the majority of Americans. If you try to remain somewhat in-step with the 60-65% (or more) of this country which is neither far-right nor far-left, then the two powerful extremes will attempt to brand you (and are usually successful) as a mealy-mouthed moderate who is to be even more loathed than the opposite extreme.

That's the situation we have in this country right now, and I don't know that it will change any time soon. We have a firmly entrenched two-party system in our political culture, and it's very difficult for a third party to surplant one of the two dominant parties. But that doesn't change the fact that there's something very wrong and broken about our political system -- a system in which most of us folks aren't represented by much of anyone. I may not be able to do a damn thing to change it, but I'm going to keep pointing it out as loudly as I can until the damn cows come home. You've got my promise on that one.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So make nice with His Majesty, give him some "positive" treatment, and a member of the media might get a nice presidential appointment?



Look, I'm not even going to pretend to be all outraged over here; after all, we saw this same kind of silliness during the "W!" years (Tony Snow immediately comes to mind). No, the reason I'm blogging about this is because of the further consideration that has occurred to me: If Brokaw can get a commission appointment merely by being on His Majesty's good side, then what kind of even more lucrative appointment might a reporter receive who takes things a few steps further, e.g. a reporter who goes so far as to bow to His Majesty?


I mean, could we soon be seeing a Brian Williams coronation ceremony ushering him in as the next Earl of Baltimore or Duke of New England? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

His Majesty attacks Fox News, is all up in arms that only 95% of the national media is devoted to reporting "positive stories" about him.

The unmitigated gall of His Majesty. (I've always wanted to use the phrase "unmitigated gall," and here it seems very appropriate). You have almost all of the national media in your back pocket, but you want it ALL. Good grief, man. Such audacity, such arrogance. And people ask me why I refer to you as Majesty. And by the way, as someone who actually went to journalism school (and a pretty damn good one at that), let me just inform you, Majesty, that it is NOT the media's job to tell "positive stories" about you. It's the media's job to cover you in a fair and objective fashion, striving always to keep personal biases out of the equation -- an endeavor upon which our national media (including Fox News) has become a completely dreadful failure.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My immediate reaction to this apparent June 24 marriage between ABC News & His Majesty to push Majesty's health care reform agenda...

This joint White House/ABC News primetime media event, which will apparently exclude opposing viewpoints, strikes this old J-School grad as a perhaps unprecedented media excursion into the realm of pure advocacy under the false guise of objective journalism. In short, it's pathetic. But am I shocked or overly surprised? Not really. And that might be the saddest thing of all.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Methinks O'Reilly made a Royal Jackass of himself tonight with KC Star's Mary Sanchez.

As best I can tell from what was described on O'Reilly's show, Ms. Sanchez took the stand in a column which was very similar to my stand in this space and which was actually very defending of O'Reilly -- i.e., that all these far left freaks, including the Star's Mike Hendricks, who came out and said that the anti-abortion crowd was basically an accomplice in the Tiller murder, are full of crap. So O'Reilly gets this poor lady on the air, and rather than paying any attention to her basically defending him and standing up for her correct viewpoint here (i.e. that it's wrong to blame anyone for Tiller's murder other than the actual slimeball who went in there and killed Tiller in cold blood), O'Reilly rants and raves in full bullying mode about her disagreement with him on the late-term abortion issue. His behavior on this particular segment is about as bad as I've seen it from O'Reilly (and in the interests of full disclosure, I also oppose late-term abortions, which is an entire area outside the Roe v. Wade decision and its progeny). O'Reilly was pure bully tonight and purely disrespectful to Ms. Sanchez. I've said previously in this space that I can more or less take or leave O'Reilly because he is so often no more than a bully and a pompous blowhard. And that's precisely what he was tonight, reminding me very much of a certain jackass sports talking head that we have here in KC called Kevin Keitzman. I may just referring to O'Reilly henceforth as "Keitz!", because he pretty much deserves that after his performance tonight. And by the way, O'Reilly, why don't you get me on the air one of these nights, Mr. So-Called, Alleged "Independent" (which you are not for one day of your life), and then why don't you try bullying me around? I'd LOVE to see how that would work out for ya!

I'm getting a little tired of the predictable far right stance that His Majesty should be ranting & raving & jumpin' off curbs about Iran's election

First of all, I for one have had plenty (way too much) of the failed neo-con revolution of the last 8 years, which was convinced (so much so as to outright lie to us about the pretense for invading Iraq) that it is our job to go around spreading our cultural and political system throughout the world. That is not our job. When we embark upon that course, it's a very dangerous road and it costs us many, many (way too many) lives of young American troops. Second, His Majesty is in a difficult pickle here -- If he comes out swinging about the likely fraudulent nature of the election -- when in all likelihood this is all going to die down with the Ayatollah still firmly in charge -- it will undermine, at the very least, this so-called backdoor deal with Iran about them not meddling in the Iraq situation. So while I freely and openly (as is my RIGHT as a FREE American) criticize His Majesty when I see fit, I won't here. This is a very delicate situation, and I respect the delicate way he is handling it so far.

Big bloated mean-spirited liberal Bob Beckel on Hannity tonight: "Obama is the greatest president this country has seen since FDR!!!"

Good grief, far left, can we stop the INCESSANT hero worship towards His Majesty? He's been in office not even 6 months yet, even if you do happen to Ditto-Head (to borrow a Slimebaugh catch-phrase) every single thing The King does even when it is inconsistent with your basic core values (see gay marriage, Afghanistan). And by the way, in my estimation there has not been a "great president" in my lifetime, dating back to the early 1970's. The last person I would consider to be a "great president" would be JFK, although apparently Bob Beckel doesn't entirely agree, given his above quote. But I'm sure also that JFK wasn't nearly liberal enough to suit the likes of Beckel's giant saturated-fat filled leftist mug.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

On this Flag Day, here's a very small way to support our wounded troops.

Wounded Warrior Project is a charitable organization devoted to supporting our severely injured Veterans when they come home. Go to Wounded Warrior Project's above link, click on the freelanthropy.com link, and you can download a very small tool bar (it's much narrower from top to bottom than the usual google or yahoo tool bar) that will allow a small, free contribution to be made to the Wounded Warrior Project for every web search that you do through the toolbar (such searches are powered by Yahoo, an outstanding search engine, and so you are basically just doing yahoo searches through this particular tool bar). I am committed to doing all of my searches through this toolbar. The contribution is only a penny a search, but if enough people latch on to this, and if many of those people do as much internet browsing and searching as me (!!!), we together can start making a difference here. You'll notice after you download the toolbar that this is a fairly new endeavor and they've only raised small peanuts so far from this search thing. But let's change that. I've noticed that Two and Half Men's Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer are now being seen on Wounded Warrior Project television ad spots (which I applaud them for), and so I'm hopeful that this and the other volunteer ways to get involved with this Project (which I'm very much interested in) are going to really start taking off going forward. Website to check out: www.woundedwarriorproject.org God bless our wounded warriors for the incalculable sacrifice which they have made for us and which they have made for everything that makes this the freest country in which to live in the history of the planet (at least in this dude's view).

Happy Flag Day to all!

Hadn't noticed this before, but His Majesty may need a new Royal Shoe Cobbler.

(Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.)
I see a few holes developing in those soles. What gives, Majesty -- same shoes every day? The risk -- badass foot odor faster than you can say Janet Napolitano May Be Watching Me Since I Used the Phrase Swine Flu.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ahmadinejad blames the media. The far left blames Bush. The far right blames His Majesty. I get blamed by family members for causing 9-11.

All this blame, and my head just starts to spin like a shithouse toilet paper dispenser on a Mississippi construction site. The blamegame is the device of the doctrinaire, the simple-minded, the anti-intellectual, and the slimey politician looking to appeal to the lowest common denominator. For all of those who engage in it on a regular basis, why don't you **** yourselves.
(As an aside, my thoughts on the Ahmadinejad re-election: Seems to be a lot of accusations flying around about fraud in the election results. NO! No freakin' way! I really cannot believe that! Not for a damn moment. But regardless, what does it matter? As I have expressed in this space before, Ahmadinejad is a cartoon character, a flunkie, a lackey, a lapdog, a sidekick. The Ayatollah leads Ahmadinejad around like Michael Vick's body guard detail at a PETA convention. Which is why it's so completely absurd how your Hannity's and Slimebaugh's and other far right freaks of this country try to prop up this buffoon in their rhetoric as the next coming of Hitler or Stalin or something. It simply doesn't jive with reality.)

God Save The Queen...AND The King!

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth for the celebration of her 83rd birthday (frankly, I thought she was at least 96) -- it's been quite a ride. And as for His Majesty, his royal subjects will be celebrating the same come August 4. My question: Have there yet been any rumblings about a possible Holiday? Will I be getting that day off? I could use one.

Lady Gaga! She should record a cover version of Queen's Radio Ga Ga.

I might just be buying.
Also, it occurred to me that I need to get more ladies into this space. I mean, just look at some of the regulars: Sarah Palin is absolutely HATED by a large swath of society, and Carpethead Janet Napolitano is, well, Carpethead Janet Napolitano. So I'll try better.

I have to give California gay rights groups credit tonight for sticking up to His Majesty.

I've previously made myself clear in this space that I couldn't give a rat's behind about the gay marriage issue, but I have been very critical of the far left for attacking beauty pageant contestants on this issue while being almost completely silent towards His Majesty and not having the guts to question his position (never retracted) that he opposes gay marriage. At least these groups in California have the resolve and conviction to consistently stand up for what they believe in -- something that can't be said about most of those inhabit both of our two political extremes.

OK, at Draconem's request, I took another Political Compass test tonight.

I've taken this damn thing at least twice before, along with a number of other "political gauge" tests. And as I was telling Draconem, these tests almost always tell me that I am slightly left of center, even though in my own biased personal opinion, I think I am slightly right of center. Here were my political compass numbers, consistent with past takings of the same "test": Economic Left/Right: minus 0.75 (meaning ever so slightly to the left); Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: minus 4.36 (meaning leaning a bit more to the left, but not a huge amount). But as I commented to Draconem, who the hell knows what intentional or institutional spin or bias this survey tries to place on things (in my experience, EVERYONE, and EVERY WEBSITE, has an angle). It's quite possible that this site tries to slightly veer people to the left out of the website's own personal interests. But who the hell knows. I don't. Me: Frankly, I really couldn't give a rat's ass. Because I know who I am: A truly free-thinking Independent who has some liberal views, some conservative ones, and a whole host of other ones somewhere in between. That's how it should be for any intellectually honest, free-thinking human being. And ultimately, my goal is to encourage anyone who reads me to strive to be just such an individual. As I like to say, THAT'S what I'm talkin' bout!
(BTW, Draconem is the cool dude behind Master Blog Report, along with SoCalTigr -- these two fools have been crazy enough to give me a forum for my rather unique panoply of viewpoints, and I would encourage all readers everywhere to check out their very cool new website! -- http://www.masterblogreport.com/).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picture, Transcript has now been released from His Majesty's most recent telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Transcript -- His Majesty: "So Benny. How you doin’, man! I’m just sittin’ here, kickin’ back in the ole Oval Office. I’m about to light up a fag, as I think they say in your country. No wait, that’s Gordo – sorry, man – my bad – wrong prime minister. So anyway, Benny, what’s happenin’, what’s shakin’, what gives, man? So Benny, dude, ever thought about ditchin’ the old PM thing and becoming a Monarch? You oughta try it out a few months – it rocks, just like my main gal, Hillary, especially now that I got her officially on the backburner. But yeah, I was just telling Gordo the same $hit the other day about turning himself into a King, but Gordo said they already gotta a monarch over there. Now, I gotta say, Benny, I’ve only got a few minutes over here – my main man Hugo’s supposed to be shootin’ me some texts here pretty soon. Huey's startin’ this crazy-a$$ government-run cell phone industry down there, and he’s just itchin’ to try it out. Yeah, the government runs the cell phone business and gives out free phones to all the subjects. If this $hit works out good down there for Big Huey, then maybe we’re on to something here. I mean, I got Nancy and Harry down there on the Hill, and they’d take over the portable $hithouse industry if I so much as snap my royal fingers at ‘em. What’s that you say? Iran ??? What you talkin' 'bout, man? Dude, I’m gonna have to talk back at ya on that one – I really need a drag, and I think I just heard Big Huey givin’ me a shout out on my royal blackberry. Damn, man, and I didn’t even get a chance to talk to you ‘bout Beni Hana – I wanted to see if you’re related to that dude. I love that man’s joint when I don’t have time to wait on a damn cheeseburger. Anyhoos, I so gotta run, Benny – talk to ya, babe."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OK, KC Star's Mike Hendricks & far left: Isn't anyone who's a repub or right of center to blame for the actions of this slimeball?

...by virtue of all such people being responsible for creating an "atmosphere of hate" (or some other such ludicrous catch-phrase you'll invent) which is squarely to blame for the act of murder perpetrated by this freak. That this or very similar sentiments will quickly be coming out of the far left blogosphere is like getting ready to watch the local Thanksgiving day parade comin' up Main Street, just like the obligatory gun control stories we'll likely see out of the so-called "mainstream" national media tomorrow. Big yawn.

Rush Slimebaugh today: "Independents are nothing but liberals who don't have the guts to admit it."

(This was from a few minutes of his radio show that I heard at lunchtime.) Now, here's the weird and funny thing: I didn't even find this blather particularly angering. Slimebaugh is just so completely wrong and misinformed on that viewpoint, and just so stuck in his doctrinaire world view (in which there only exist liberals, conservatives and mealy-mouthed "moderates"), that I kind of feel sorry for the guy. I suppose if there had been even some small iota or grain of truth in what he said, I might have gotten all riled up (as I tend to do easily) and started dropping "go **** yourself"s and such, but here the guy's just so out-of-touch and incorrect that I found it impossible to get irritated. I must say, though: Hey Slimebaugh -- why don't you read just one page of this blog, any page at any time, and take in 5-10 posts. And if you still believe that this Independent is really just some cowardly liberal, then I'll be forced to believe that you are simply beyond all reason and professional help, man. Sort of like the guy at the funny farm who claims he's Napoleon even after shock therapy and a frontal lobotomy.

And while I'm thinking about it. I'd like to give a shout out to my fellow "from-a-town-of-9000" friend, Russell B!

I recall some shit that went down back in the day that meant that Russell hasn't had the easiest of roads since high school. But I think ole Russell is "alive and doin' fine" right about now. A very nice guy. And it was a pleasure to hang out with him Saturday night and to buy him a classic White Grill "The Mess" come Sunday morning! Man, that $hit was fairly delicious. Not quite "The Stretch" of Broadway Diner standards in Columbia MO, but fairly close and damn tasty!

FoxNews in its right wing slant now sees fit to expose us to a "debate" from Slimebaugh-esque "ditto heads" Mark Levin & Sean Hannity.

I swear these people just will never get it. There are people, a majority of this country, who is NOT WITH THEM and deplores them on the far right and far left. Listening to these 2 far right freaks "debate" things is kind of like listening to a locust dropped to the bottom of a Mississippi Shithouse with a shot of toilet bowl cleaner aimed its way just for good measure (if you ever want to hear the true sound of what Hell might sound like, just try that trick (divorced from the Shithouse, obviously)). The far right and left will NEVER get it, and therefore I will NEVER shut up, at least until we hairlip these freaks two sheets to a southwest Missouri mudhole. Listen no further than my Top 2 Songs of Independence from a few months back -- Megadeth's Peace Sells and Max Frost and the Troopers' Shapes of Things -- and you will experience a great feel for what the **** I am talking about.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Methinks His Majesty made a REAL Jackass out of himself today. (Hey, I've been there myself, BUT I don't purport to be our Sovereign Monarch either).

His Majesty pointing Bill Clintonesque fingers around at people and telling them to watch their spending and that we now need to "spend as we go". (BTW, what's with these dem presidents pointing their fingers, literally, at people all the time -- I was always taught that such was rather rude -- but I digress). I mean, His Majesty giving that kind of advice or directive to ANYONE reminds me very much the His Majesty's slimeball-in-arms on the other extreme -- the inherently corrupt and intellectually dishonest Newt Gingrich -- pointing his own putrid finger recently at the inherently dishonest Nancy Pelosi and calling her a "liar, despicable, dishonest, vicious and trivial." Much like the finger-pointing thing, I and decent Americans everywhere have always been taught that pots should not call kettles black.
(Yes, I'll use just about any excuse to link up my Slimeball Sandwich recipe and post on a current post!)
But I must say, Majesty, you are starting to continue to really disappoint me on a daily basis, which means you're trending the absolute wrong direction. And believe it or not, Majesty, even though I may be from a town of 9000, I think that I at least have somewhat of a pulse on the mainstream of this country. Have a nice day.