Thursday, August 27, 2015

Murderer of Reporter In Virginia Was "Censured [By His TV Station] for Wearing Obama Sticker While 'Reporting' on Election Day": But Why Such a Harsh Indictment For that Offense?

As Jorge Ramos would proclaim, "We have a right to act however the hell we see fit as shill, activist, advocate, flunky ideologues who call ourselves journalists!"

Maybe next the Supreme Court can write that one into the 14th Amendment too? Any means that it takes, after all, to get to those desired leftist 20 percenter ends, no?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

As Mentally Challenged Joe Biden Inches Towards Presidential Run, It's Easy to See Why democrat party Prides Itself on Being the Party of "progress"...

What we're dealing with here, after all, is truly groundbreaking...

1. Biden gives the democrat party a great shot of putting up perhaps the most dimwitted presidential candidate in American history not named W, not to mention the most dementia-drenched dupe not named Reagan. Moreover:

2. The democrat party would also be fielding (I gotta think) the most ancient field of presidential candidates in American history, with Biden's entry boosting the average age of the front-running democrat party candidates (including Hilary the Hoary and and Bernie B. Old) to a hip, cool, smooth old age of 72 on Election Day -- no small feat given that no one in American history has ever been elected president for the first time in his 70s.

Now if all this shit ain't exactly your "progress!" cup of tea, you still sure as hell can't claim it's not, at the very least, astoundingly historical.

We'd then only need Elizabeth Warren as the VP selection to round out this exciting piece of history, as the first American Indian ever to run on a major party ticket.  And to think Chief Left Fist would only be 67 -- a welcome younger face to compliment whichever one of these old pasty-white graybeards that ends up topping the democrat party ticket!

Friday, August 21, 2015

How's About THESE Anchor Babies?!?

If that's politically incorrect, scoop me up a big bowl a' wrong over here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Say Hey, Hilary: As Her Campaign Continues to Founder, It Strikes Me that Today's democrat party Is Just Like a Baseball Team in the 19th Inning...

...As in:  N-O  B-E-N-C-H.

And we're well past the trading deadline.

But never fear, democrat party: Maybe in 2020 or 2024, you'll actually be able to conjure up a few breathing presidential candidates not yet in their 70s.

Isn't it amazing how a few midterm elections can so deplete a party's younger bench when said party runs around for 8 years foisting leftist 20 percenter policies down our throats and governing against the majority will of the people?

Maybe Obama can just try to ban those damn pesky midterms via executive order? Something needs to be done. The so-called party of "the young and the hip," after all, should never be made to look so damn old.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Had No Idea Lefty Day Falls This Week! And I Don't Need USA Today's Advice on "What to Buy for the Special Lefty in Your Life"...

To know any of these people is to know just the sort of things they'd love to receive on their anointed day.  Here are some of my best gift suggestions:

- A seaworthy fog horn to drown out anyone who dares to say that all lives matter.

- A giant scrap yard magnet good for wipin' the ol' server clean, since the only bad email is a non-spoliated one.

- A year's supply of Botox treatments, aimed at helping people in their late 60s and 70s from looking quite so ancient to the millennials.

- A Bombardier Learjet, necessary for traveling to that next world climate change conference.

- A smokeless, odorless barbeque grill that snaps its top down on your paws if you try to cook anything other than seaweed and vegetables on it.

- A 1000-buck check to charity in the lefty's name, so they can say they gave something for once.

- A bag full a' Planned Parenthood schwag, complete with an infant-sized Mr. Potato Head.

- The quintessential American flag bathroom accessory kit, complete with Old Glory toilet tissue and bowl scrubbers.

- An adaptation of traditional circus clown attire -- a fake boutonniere that sprays liquid in the face of anyone uttering something politically incorrect. And if you really wanna make your lefty's day:

- A personally autographed Obama executive order -- the gift that just keeps on givin', all of the next 18 months long.

Friday, August 7, 2015

First gop-er Debate Aftermath: Who's UP, DOWN, or (& Get Ready for a Lotta) NEITHER as a Result of HIS (see not HER) Debate Performance...

- Donald Trump:  Neither. He was typical Trump -- no more, no less. (His Rosie O'Donnell line had me rolling, for the record).

- "Jeb" Bush:  Up.  I'm no fan at all of "Jeb" or the Bush dynasty, but I was surprised that he was as good on his feet as he was. At least in that respect, he definitely ain't his idiot brother!

- Scott Walker: Neither. Workmanlike performance. (Great Hilary email line, however).

- Marco Rubio:  Up -- if mainly based on his improvement over past performance.  He's come a bit of a ways since his Drink-of-Water Speech and was very solid, if not spectacular, in this debate. BTW, is there such a thing as ear-reduction surgery, Mr. Spock?

- Rand Paul:  Down.  Only a fool would get in the face of both Trump and Chris Christie in the same debate (and I even agree with Paul on the NSA issue). (And for Sagan's Sake, Paul, do something about that hair!)

- Ted Cruz:  Neither.  See my Trump and Walker comments.  Still Unelectable.

- John Kasich:  Up.  I rarely say anything like this, but he actually MAY be one gop-er for whom I could vote in 2016.  Seems to me to have the best overall message of any of these candidates. (These sentiments are academic and moot, of course, since Kasich AIN'T gettin' the nomination).

- Mike Huckabee:  Down. He's the biggest also-ran amongst these 10 candidates, and I'd like to see him replaced in the debate next time around with Carly Fiorina.  Huckabee's a decent talker, but alas, it ain't 2008 no more, governor.  All we are saying, is give Broad a chance.

- Ben Carson:  Almost Down, But a Rebound!  Ben ain't no politician, and I generally like him except for his devoted right-winger world view.  Carson is also easily the best looking man amongst these 10 candidates (although perhaps that ain't sayin' much).  But he seemed very stiff in the first half of the debate and much like, frankly, a non-politician. Loosened up a fair amount in the second hour, however, to garner a "Neither" from me. Nice comeback.

- Chris Christie:  Neither.  Christie failed to seize on his best opportunity to run, in 2012, and now I put him in a similar also-ran, been there/done that category as Huckabee.  See also my Trump comments.

Monday, August 3, 2015

New Poll Eviscerates Obama's Third Term Boast: You Don't Represent Independents, Mr. President. Matter of Fact, You Don't Represent Much of Anyone...

Following Obama's recent brag in Africa that he could win a third term if only the damn pesky Constitution would allow him to run, new polling data (link below) shows that a resounding 63% of likely American voters say they would outright reject a third term for His Majesty. Ouch.

Beneath that figure are 68% of Independents who say, "no thanks, jackass," to the third term notion.  Hell, even 43% of people who call themselves members of the democrat party can't say they would vote for Obama for a third term. Beatdown.

But none of these numbers is surprising. Obama's favorability ratings have remained consistently in the 40s during his second term. Moreover, Obama has never represented even the democrat party as a whole, rather catering to and representing only the leftist 20 percenter base of said rotten party (people who call themselves by the L-word and P-word, for those of you joining us from Webb City, Missourah). You reap what you sow, leftist.