Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rush Slimebaugh today: "Independents are nothing but liberals who don't have the guts to admit it."

(This was from a few minutes of his radio show that I heard at lunchtime.) Now, here's the weird and funny thing: I didn't even find this blather particularly angering. Slimebaugh is just so completely wrong and misinformed on that viewpoint, and just so stuck in his doctrinaire world view (in which there only exist liberals, conservatives and mealy-mouthed "moderates"), that I kind of feel sorry for the guy. I suppose if there had been even some small iota or grain of truth in what he said, I might have gotten all riled up (as I tend to do easily) and started dropping "go **** yourself"s and such, but here the guy's just so out-of-touch and incorrect that I found it impossible to get irritated. I must say, though: Hey Slimebaugh -- why don't you read just one page of this blog, any page at any time, and take in 5-10 posts. And if you still believe that this Independent is really just some cowardly liberal, then I'll be forced to believe that you are simply beyond all reason and professional help, man. Sort of like the guy at the funny farm who claims he's Napoleon even after shock therapy and a frontal lobotomy.