Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Look At This GOOF

In recent days, we've seen Hilary the Hoary, in no particular order:

- Bark like a dog uncontrollably at a rally;

- Speak in a fake "black accent" to Al Sharpton;

- Dispatch old battle axe Madeleine Albright to tell women they'll have "a special place in hell" if they don't vote for Hilary;

- Have yet another extreme coughing fit while trying to speak; and

- Have her minions blame all of her current woes on various capricious media, sexist, and right-wing "conspiracies."

I'm left to wonder: Are all these erratic behaviors and questionable decisions attributable merely to Hilary being really, really, really old?

OR, is there also (or perhaps instead) a certain level of advancing mental dementedness rearing a rather ugly face?

But whether it's the former or the latter, please keep this individual leashed and the heck away from my dog.