Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Can We Just Put Iowa Out to Pasture? Regardless of the Hilary & socialist Bernie Coin Flips, Iowa Had One Big Winner Monday Night: Waterboy Turned New "Comeback Kid," Marco Rubio...

First a simple truth: Only a country so messed up as to be incessantly controlled by slimeball parties like the democrat party and gop-er party would permit two very small potatoes states like Iowa and New Hampshire to control and ultimately decide every single one of our so-called presidential candidates every four years.  I, for one, wish we could float Iowa and New Hampshire right on out to sea, down the Mississippi, up the old Erie Canal, or through any other viable method that appears somewhat humane.

That aside, the big story of Monday's Iowa caucus that didn't relate to coin flips on the leftist 20 percenters' side of things was one Marco Rubio, and not Ted "Joe McCarthy Clone" Cruz's minor upset of Trump.  The Donald should still win New Hampshire and be competitive for the near future, along with Cruz. Nope, the big winner was Rubio, who way over-performed the expectations of most and finished a very strong third right behind Trump.  Could Rubio take this momentum and pull a New Hampshire upset of Trump (since I can't see Cruz doing so)? Could be most interesting.  And regardless, this is probably gonna be a very long haul on the right-winger side of things.

And what better news could there be for the gop-er loyalists in general (even if many of the "anti-establishment" among them don't realize it)? That's because I think Rubio easily gives the gop-ers the best chance of beating Hilary (although she'd still be a decided favorite), and much more so than the entertaining but crazy Trump and the completely unlikable Cruz. Ya might wanna keep an eye on the thirsty Cuban from Florida, democrat party.