Friday, January 29, 2016

Glad You're Around to Tell Us These Things: "Federal Reserve Says Growth in U.S. Has Slowed"...

Really?  Anemic economic growth this decade? First I've heard about anything like that.

Gets me thinking: Someone should bestow this Federal Reserve with a now-worthless University of Missouri journalism degree and commission said Reserve to write wire headlines for news stories across the country.

Then I'd look forward to what we'd get next from the Fed -- likely profound gems such as "Stifling National Debt Threatens Nation's Future," "Obama Not Actually a Moderate," "Trump Trends Crazy," "Hilary's Really Really Really Old," and "That Breeze In Here Is Probably Because the Front and Back Doors Are Open."

After all, while we may not need a Weatherman, we could certainly use some more of these helpful Fed pronouncements to know which way the wind blows.