Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DAMN it's wonderful to be Independent!

It's a freedom of mind that the 20-25% of this country inhabiting the far right and far left will never enjoy. And you know what, those pathetic people, if they read this, are just saying, "just another nothing moderate." Because that's how the two extremes think -- see my post a little bit below. Only problem -- i'm not a "moderate" and I'm damn angry at these two extremes and the two parties they control. And I have a feeling the same anger is very much out there (just right now percolating) amongst the majority of this country. Just sayin', we haven't gotten together or organized yet, but tens of millions of us in this country are just lookin' for the opportunity. And I'm very optimistic that the same will occur soon as the majority continues to rebel against the extremists who have so much power today in this nation. And as a shout out to some of my far left friends (even though we vehemently disagree on so many issues) -- Hey Rush Limbaugh, my fellow Missourian, as well as Sean Hannity -- Go **** Yourselves, you pathetic far right extremists, you. And to the David Lettermans, Elenoar Clifts, Keith Olbermanns and Bill Maher's of the world -- Go **** Yourselves Too, you out of touch leftist freaks!