Friday, April 24, 2009

It's been pointed out to me tonight that Obama during the campaign did give some lip service to adding new troops in Afghanistan.

I don't recall that exactly being a talking point of the Obama campaign (LOL!), but in certain instances it was said. But a couple of points here: (1) I still can't find on the Internet anywhere where Obama said he would wratchet up troops by the tune of 25K and more surely to come, nor that tens of billions more in new additional Afghanistan spending would be required; and (2) I still can't find any Obama-supporter justification for why we are hugely wratcheting up efforts in Afghanistan while purporting (although we are not in any meaningful way) to lower our presence in Iraq. Both are currently bastions for Al Qaeda, and you can't have it both ways, either the far left or far right -- Either say we are going to escalate and stay and go crazy in both places, or say we will not do so in either. Otherwise, you're just talking out of both sides of your mouth. I realize, Al Qaeda's influence in iraq has decreased, but they are still there, just as in Afghanistan -- so DON'T give me some kind of party spin about how we need to be in one place but not the other. It just falls on deaf ears.