Saturday, April 11, 2009

An initial post re my angst

This is just a little blog that hopefully may develop into something. For now, will just be my random thoughts from day to day. But it is written from the perspective of a 30 something dude who grew up in the 80's and who feels that this country and this world remembles little of the very cool world I recall back in the day. I speak from the perspective of a person who is fiercely independent, and damn proud of it. I don't like conservatives. I don't like liberals. I don't like republicans. I don't like democrats. My "rage" grows out of the fact that our two political parties are completely controlled by the two extremes, which fund those two parties. As a result, 60-65% of this country, me included, are not represented by ANYONE. Here we are now, represent us! If there's a new way, I'll be the first in line. (Wink to Nirvana and Megadeth.) But alas, it is so DIFFICULT to make waves in our two-party system because all the moneypeople come out of the two extremes. I guess there's something to be said for the fact that only HATE motivates people to give up money and time to make political parties go -- just look at the democrats and republicans. The democrats get bankrolled by the far left, hate-filled freaks likes Soros, etc., and by the slimey personal injury plaintiff attorneys (they call themselves "trial lawyers"). Meantime, the republicans are bankrolled by the pathetic blue bloods who don't think they should be taxed anything as well as by the wholly zealot and out-of-touch religious right. To anyone reading this, I'm just speaking truth -- if only in my own little way through this little blog. But someone needs to be saying these things. And I intend to continue. And just hope I can pick up nice far left and far right hate along the way! I love it when those people hate me -- means I'm doing and saying something right and true. So here's hoping this is a start to a decent little blog!