Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Smelly French Family" Given the Boot from Paris Museum When French Patrons Complain of the Awful Stench! But Wait a Damn Minute: FRENCH People Complaining About ANYONE's Stench?!?

This one represents a new low (link to story below) even by French standards. Sure, the French will surrender at the drop of a girlish-lookin' hat...

Sure, they're a bunch of snobs for no good reason, even when their greatest contribution to American culture comes in the form of fried strings of potatoes drenched in saturated fat.

And boy, they sure do stink on the whole (or so I've heard). Pepe Le Pew!

But now add to the list a new description of the French after this new incident at the Musee d'Orsay Museum in which French people actually fingered other French people for their putrid body odor!: Hypocrites.

At least us Kraut-Micks don't go around casting stones at others for getting all liquored up regularly, eating corn beef, cabbage and wiener schnitzel all the time, or blowing their stacks at the drop of a hat. Jeezal Peezal.