Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Political Skunks Eating Their Own: "Tea Party Group Pictures Rove as Nazi"! Now How Long Before This Gives Leftists Ideas?

I think I've now officially seen it all after seeing this story (link below) Tuesday:  Partisan ideologue slimeballs, apparently no longer content with simply calling everyone else Hitlers, Nazis and Stalins, have now taken to hitting up their own membership with this sort of vile foolishness!

After the right-winger tea party's blast towards gop-er sleazebucket Rove this week, I'm fully expecting leftist 20 percenters to soon get in on the act by tossing a few Hitlers and Stalins (as they love to do in general) at some of their own democrat party members. Just for good measure, maybe they can even fit in a few sophomoric "racist" accusations while they're at it?

And why not attack your own in addition to everyone else, after all? They're there, aren't they? Or so goes, I would assume, the partisan ideologue mentality (regardless of side).

I'm left to posit little more than this: These people are sick. They need help. Just don't ever look to me for any, you creeps.