Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"BUSH III," Screams Drudge Report's Tuesday Headline Concerning a Possible 2016 Jeb Bush Presidential Run. No Thanks...

Bushes, Obamas and Clintons -- you can keep the whole damn partisan lot of 'em.  With Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton certain to seriously consider presidential runs in 2016, and with Michelle Obama likely to get involved in politics at a high level after 2016, is there any end to this American Nightmare in sight?

By 2016, we will have had nothing but Bushes, Obamas and Clintons as American presidents for 28 straight years.  America managed somehow to survive the first 12 years of what I'll call the BO-Complex (a term part in reference to the general stench of those three slimy political families), but the last 12 years of the BO-Complex have been an unmitigated disaster of horrific spending and debt (not to mention costly and ill-advised foreign wars and incursions) from which this great country may never recover.

I'm to the point where I might just take the likes of Kim Kardashian or a hairlipped hobo over another assclown president from within the BO-Complex. Enough already. And enough, as well, of gop-er threats this week as to whom they may run for president in 2016.  Don't we have enough to worry about the next four years already with a second term Obama running wild?