Friday, November 16, 2012

I Don't Call Them Deranged Right-Wingers for Nothin'!: First Obama Was a Muslim, Then He Was Born in Kenya, & Now He'll Be Seeking a Third Term Just Like FDR!

The right-winger gop-er types have to be pulling their hair out over the past week over how in the hell they could have lost a presidential election to the hapless likes of the most leftist president (and one of the worst presidents) in American history in the midst of a still absolutely rotten economy.  Hell, it even had me shaking my head.  But here's a major reason why:  So many of these right-winger gop-ers are absolutely nuts! Who would want to vote for them!  To wit:

There seems over the past week to be this new right-winger undercurrent of sentiment claiming that Obama's going to hatch a seedy plan to garner a third term as president!  (No word yet whether he'll launch his third term candidacy in his native Kenya while pointing his snout towards Mecca).  I even heard a damn paid right-winger advertisement on the radio yesterday warning about an Obama third term!

Of course, any Obama "third term" claim or prediction qualifies as prima facie evidence of DSM-IV mental illness.  A little item commonly referred to as the 22nd Amendment would stand in Obama's way.  It would take the passage of a new constitutional Amendment to repeal the 22nd Amendment -- a nearly impossible task that will never occur, since its effect would be to permit a third term for the incredibly divisive political figure that is Obama. A two-thirds vote in both the U.S. House and Senate?  With three-fourths of the states ratifying?  Puh-lease.

But the right-wingers can't help themselves, it seems, with this sort of demented talk.  Just like the leftists in the democrat party, they suffer from this incredible incapability of ever letting simple truths and facts get in the way of their kooky ideas, fears and objectives.  Silly extremists.