Thursday, November 15, 2012

"I Have Yet to Find One Crime Josef Stalin Committed!", Proclaims Leftist College Professor in New Jersey. Get This Guy on the White House Payroll!

Of course, no sane historian on the left or right would ever dispute it:  Communist Soviet dictator Josef Stalin was responsible for the murders and deaths (millions of them) of more people than perhaps any other slimeball in world history apart from Adolph Hitler.  Stalin is one of a handful of the most evil men who've ever lived.

But why let universal truths get in the way of a good leftist diatribe or rant?!?  Thus this week we get some leftist 20 percenter goof named Grover Furr (who sounds like something from a bad "Elmo's World" segment; pictured above) sticking up for and extolling the virtues of the deceased Russian madman dictator.

Appearing at some sort of on-campus Montclair State University debate (link below), an audience member asked Grover Furr what he thought about Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's apology in 1956 for the mass murders that occurred under Stalin's regime: 

"That's Bullshit!", snarled a suddenly riled up Grover Furr.  "I have spent many years researching this and similar questions, and I have yet to find one crime that Stalin committed!", he added.

Now, methinks the White House and democrat party need to get this leftist cat signed up.  And I'm talking yesterday.  This fool's got the right stuff.  The stuff of legends, such as that exhibited by the likes of David Axelrod, Stephanie Cutter, Robert Gibbs, Patty "Wasserman" Simpson, and San Fran Nan...

It's a rare talent, after all, who is not only able (1) to spew glaring untruths easily capable of being proven false, but also (2) to come across as actually believing those words as they ooze out his/her piehole.

So ladies and gentlemen, I give the next White House press secretary -- Grover Furr.  Besides, Jay Carney really looks like he could use some rest over there. (Word has it Carney's even mumbling, "The Video," in his sleep these days).


  1. Is that guy receiving death threats yet?

  2. Nope. See my post from the past week or so: Leftists largely get a pass on the crazy things they say, whether that be from the "mainstream" media or from the type of kooks who make death threats.

  3. Maybe I'll send him a death threat note....I'm vicious! I'd get really creative with it too. You know, threaten to give him the Stalin treatment, see how he likes it =)

  4. That might get fairly complex, since the "Stalin treatment" meant word going through probably a few dozen or more "buffers" (as they say in Godfather 2) before any eradication order ever went out. Stalin was perhaps the most cowardly, purely paranoid mass murderer who's ever lived.

  5. !Dear friends!, Your attitude towards prof.Furr is intolerant and filled prejudices.One more rational attitude is the old Cartesian principle of "omnis dubitandum", ¿why we can not doubt the "received truths" about Stalin.?
    Furr reads and speaks Russian, has over 20 years studying the Stalin era based on primary sources from which in 1986 published his first article on the Marshal Tukhachevsky.
    ¿Please be more even-handed and not let ourselves be carried away by our prejudices and phobias!.

    Rafael granados.Madrid (spain).

  6. Wonder what the official "phobia" name is for thinking Stalin was a bad guy?

  7. Have to love the comments from "Anonymous." They typically come from another country and are largely nonsensical. They should try to gain a firm grasp of the Queen's English before showing up here, just as I wouldn't show up in their joint with broken Spanish (or whatever the language may be in the particular instance).

    And as I think I've indicated before, the only true phobia of mine that I know about is fear of heights. I have a lot of things that irritate me when I come across them, such as insects, titmice, other rodents, partisans, etc., etc. But I would not refer to any of those things as a phobia -- rather more like a general annoyance and nuisance.