Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gotta Love the Far Left! When Obama & The Dems' Polls Head South, They Attack the Messenger.

In the linked story, today reports that the far left is stepping up attacks on independent pollster Scott Rasmussen for polls showing declines in support for Obama & The Dems and their policies. You have to admire the very limited playbook of the far left: (1) Anyone who disagrees with them on anything is a right-wing extremist, racist and/or nazi; (2) Any poll that shows bad public opinion numbers for their politicians or their policies is biased and flawed; and, (3) finally, dem politicians never do anything wrong or, if they do, the republicans did the same thing or worse at some point, which makes it right. Absent from said playbook, of course, is any real proof of intelligent thought or character, but instead just an incessant lack of desire or caring to address the substance or merits of issues or what the American people think about them. Or, much more simply put, it's called being out-of-touch, aloof, and drunk with power. A most dangerous combination.