Saturday, March 26, 2016

Big Doings in the democrat party Agenda:
Hilary the Hoary "Pushes 'Area 51' Reveal."
But Why Stop There?

While she's at it, Clinton ougtta go the whole nine yards and really add some meat to the democrat party platform for November.  I'm thinking along the lines of creating a new federal Department of Cryptozoology that could once and for all get to the bottom of that whole Bigfoot thing...

And maybe -- finally -- a blue ribbon federal panel (or at least a red ribbon one) to tackle the unsolved mystery of why extracted spiral notebook paper always seems to dump those white little chads all over the damn place (can I get a Racism, please?).

Or maybe a new federal committee to get at the heart of the obvious longstanding conspiracy to preserve the sperm of Joe McCarthy for future nefarious genetic experimentation (see Ted Cruz).

The possibilities are truly endless.  All we need is a frail, pallid old septuagenarian like Hilary to conjure 'em all up for us!