Monday, March 28, 2016

Anarchy in the U-Konn: "Parents in Easter Egg Hunt Ramgage; Adults Push Children to Ground, Steal Their Buckets" in Connecticut...

One four-year-old  was "left bloody" and "many toddlers were pushed into the mud" by the "marauding parents," according to the linked story.  Little surprise that a story replete with depraved anarchy, anger, violence, and madness would come from Connecticut -- the state that's seen repeatedly fit to elect old-fangled socialist grouch Bernie Sanders as its U.S. Senator.

Gets me thinking. Maybe I should usurp one of the more controversial ideas of the crazy, cartoonish gop-er frontrunner Trump and espouse building a wall instead along the Mississippi River to keep all the eastern leftists the hell away from all the rest of us? Then at least the kids on Easter could still be kids without the fear of a riot breaking out.