Friday, April 27, 2012

"Mainstream" Media: Marco Rubio as VP Pick Would Be "Another" Sarah Palin. Translation: Please (PLEASE!) Pick Someone Else, Romney!

Expect in upcoming days and weeks a steady stream of leftist pundits and "mainstream" media members to liken gop-er Florida Senator and right-winger Marco Rubio to Sarah Palin -- advice posited as a good-faith "warning" that Romney would be wise to pick someone else for VP.  But as noted at the top, the very simple translation is as follows: The last person the democrat party wants to see as Romney's VP selection is Marco Rubio.

I've already spotted a couple such articles late this week (links at bottom).  CBS News' John Dickerson: "Marco Rubio is this election's Sarah Palin."  MSNBC's Joe Scarborough (and yes, I realize he's an ex-gop-er congressman): "Rubio is not ready to be vice president . . . just like Sarah Palin."

And truth be told, the left-slanted "mainstream" media, the democrat party, and such party's leftist 20 percenter base have plenty of reason to fear Rubio. In short: Comparing him to Palin is like the proverbial comparison of Chocolate Mousse to cow dung.

Say what you want about Rubio (he's way too far to the right for my tastes), but he sure as hell ain't no Sarah Palin. Dude's a true rising star in a business (politics) that's constantly anointing false "rising stars." He has consistently struck me as a very talented and smart right-wing speaker, thinker and politician (and I don't dole out compliments, even somewhat backhanded ones like that, lightly or very often). The deranged right-wingers are incessantly searching and clamoring about for their next Reagan. Rubio, when it's all said and done, might be it.

To me, the only valid comparison between Rubio and the nutty, shrill-voiced (yet very hot) Sarah Palin would be justified criticism and/or concern over youth and inexperience.  But let's see: Who's that individual who's been masquerading around the White House as a "president" for the past four years? Any democrat party attack campaign aimed at Rubio's experience level will be utterly laughable (not that the same will stop the leftists from said endeavor, because it won't).

Rubio's the real deal, and that (plus his Hispanic ancestry and the fact he'll energize the right-winger base) is the reason why (as stated) he's the last person the democrat party wants to see on Romney's ticket.  So let the "warnings" about Rubio begin and ensue from various media members and democrat partisans so seemingly concerned about Romney making a poor choice for VP. Such generosity and charity, these leftists!