Friday, October 28, 2011

See, No Weapons Here, Officer! Maniacal Topless Broad Allegedly Takes Cops on 128 MPH Car Chase at 4:00 AM, Then Tries to Trash the Police Cruiser!

She might of gotten away with it, too, if only she was Danica Patrick. Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "speed thrills," cops in Hiram, Ohio say the pictured 28-year-old Erin B. Holdsworth stripped down nearly buck naked this week before embarking on a wild joy ride at speeds well in excess of 120 MPH around four in the morning.

When, after a car chase, the cops finally got this bare-skinned broad's ass pulled over, the surveillance video shows the denuded dame stumblin' and staggerin' all over the road -- topless and all -- like a hobo who just fell out a freight car on the Union Pacific Flyer.

Once cops had a chance to inventory this dish's wardrobe (or lack thereof), the final tally was no top, "fishnet stockings, a g-string and high heels." No word whether her car came equipped with a stripper pole and a couple of patrons in the backseat.

And this leafless little number was reportedly none too happy that cops had brought her stark-naked highway streak to a screeching halt. Surveillance video shows this top-hating threadbare raisin' a ragin' ruckus right in the back of the damn police cruiser!

Now this dish without a stitch may have to do her topless routines in the community shower in the ladies' lockup, since cops have hammered her bare ass with a veritable bevy of criminal charges relating to reckless and impaired driving, fleeing cops, and tearing up the back of the cruiser (allegedly).

I just hope that before they let this disrobed doll behind the wheel ever again, she's forced to take a driver's edumacation course and the instructor learns her the critical lesson (which may save her life someday) that high-speed topless turns can cause a car to capsize.