Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's Good 4 the Goose is Good 4 the Gander: I Criticized Newt Gingrich Over Comments Aimed at Nancy Pelosi Last Year, & Today I Say the Same to Her

Gingrich's spewings last year accused Pelosi of being a liar, despicable, dishonest, vicious and trivial. Today's comments from Pelosi accused resigning New York Congressman Eric Massa of being "a very sick person" (first link below). You'll find that I'm an Equal Opportunity critic over here, and in that spirit, I say today to San Fran Nan the same thing I said to Gingrich last year: Pots really should not kettles black. It's just not overly becoming of them.

BTW, check the second link below for my Gingrich/Pelosi post from last year -- a link which also (and much more significantly) sets forth my recipe for a personal culinary invention of mine: The low-fat Slimeball Sandwich. I invented those babies in college (the high fat version), but in recent years have tailored the concoction to a much healthier version. And either way, They Are Delicious!


Postscript: I watched an interview that Massa gave today to crazy right-winger Glenn Beck, and I gotta tell ya -- Massa is, at a minimum, a bit nuts. But what I did appreciate was his use of a new funny phrase that I have not heard before: "The Whole Schmazole" (sp.). I love that! That's the one of the best ones I've heard since "Jeezal Peezal," circa 1986, from old school baseball Coach Petrillo! And lest we forget as well, "Can of Corn!!!"