Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My, Aren't We Presumptuous, Inevitable, & Entitled: Hilary the Hoary Ordains That It's Still to be Decided What Hubby Bill's Title Will be When She's Elected President...

Hilary's title, in contrast, is largely set in stone. To wit: Hilary the Hoary I (i.e. the First of Her Name), illustrious and esteemed successor to His Lord Majesty King Nothing Obama. Make Way!

But what shall we call slimeball Bill?  Suggestion: Slick Willy should play off the ol' ball-and-chain's title for purposes of his own moniker, but keep it far shorter:  If she's the Hoary One, then he should be, simply put, Billy the Whorey.

Thus: Different meaning and word, but same pronunciation. Voters of the democrat party and gop-er party need that sort of simplicity to keep everything straight.