Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Super Dupe Old Poop: Hilary the Hoary Lays the Smackdown on Old-Fangled socialist Grouch Bernie Sanders on Tuesday. Makes Me Wonder...

In recent days we've seen the Sanders supporters pouring their efforts into organizing protests and disrupting crazy Trump ramblings (errr, rallies) for the general election. Well, you might've instead just wanted to spend a little of that time and focus on helping Bernie, ya know, actually win something on Tuesday night in the primary elections (rather than Bernie getting squash matched by the Hilary and democrat party Machine like a Long Island louse -- officially relegating the Feel of the "Bern" campaign to Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Toast).

But then again, few would ever accuse radical leftists like Sanders supporters (see, e.g., His Majesty King Nothing) of exactly being the brightest bulbs on the ol' Christmas tree. As long as they have a good park bench or street gutter to occupy, these angry acolytes seem as happy as Larry David tokin' the schwag during a bad Curb episode.