Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dog Turd Tells Cow Patty It Stinks: Leftist Writer Claims "Single BIGGEST Story of 2012" Is the gop-er party Moving to the Right!

Two things here in response to the above claim from Huffington Post leftist 20 percenter "Dan Froomkin":  First, when a "story" is a big "No Shit, Sherlock" and has been ongoing for quite awhile, that ain't exactly "news" nor newsworthy.  The gop-er party's been moving more to the right?  Stop the Press!  The Biggest News Story of 2012!!  Or not.

Second, what we've consistenly seen throughout the 12 rotten years of the current century has been both of these two crummy parties moving incessantly farther towards their extreme bases.  In short, there's little place in either party for anything but the most devoted of ideologues anymore. 

And for a democrat party leftist to accuse the gop-ers of moving more to the extreme would be a bit like Henry "Pigsnout" Waxman accusing John "Party Time" Boehner's tan of impersonating a circus freak.  "Froomkin":  Hypocrite.