Friday, April 6, 2012

The $15.6 Trillion National Debt Is the Most Dire Issue Facing This Country, and Yet Obama Couldn't Care Less. Instead He Cares Most About...

...weighing in on and creating faux national issues out of such pressing matters as prophylactics, local open criminal files, and the policies of the Augusta National Golf Club (link at bottom) -- all as a part of his grand 2012 campaign strategy to divide and conquer the American electorate along racial, ethnic, gender and income "class" lines.

I really can understand people who can't bring themselves to vote for a gop-er (particularly in this year's weak-ass field) for president. Hell, I can only rarely (see 2010) bring myself to vote for one of those right-wing assclowns.

But what I can't get is how any person other than a brainwashed, non-thinking partisan zombie could ever possibly bring himself in 2012 to vote for the individual we currently have as president. He's that awful. The man is a walking Webster's Dictionary illustration for the term, P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. He's one of the two absolute worst presidents of my lifetime, along with W Bush (and I was alive during Jimmy Damn Carter!).

Never forget: There are other options. Vote for a third party candidate as a protest vote, as I have in every presidential election in which I've voted after 1992.

Or hell, even: Stay home. I for one would rather hang out all day in an Alabama shithouse in early November than ever cast a vote for the individual we currently have as president. My only request would be for a big can of Febreze, if you please (both for said shithouse and for every time I have to listen to our current president's steady stream of horseshit).