Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Body Damage: Plump Buck-Naked Broad in San Fran Reportedly Goes Berzerk on Man's Windshield for No Good Reason -- All Out in the Middle of the Street!

He just wanted to take his car in for some repairs, and all he got for his efforts was a lotta more hurt! And this plus-sized broad must REALLY hate Volvos -- or at least Volvos driven by skinny people who are fully clothed...

25-year-old John Knight of San Francisco probably wouldn't have even been out on the road one Saturday earlier this month if not for the fact that he needed take his Volvo in for repair work. And little did he know just how big that repair job was gonna be!

Knight says he was driving through Noe Valley when he came to a stop and saw a big, burly broad -- weighing in at around 250 pounds -- wrapped in a blanket with a bunch of (obviously deranged) gawkers surrounding her. And that's when all hell broke loose...

Next, and no for apparent good reason, the ample dame threw off her blanket to reveal that she was wearing nothing but a pair of walking shoes. Without a stitch of clothes (or, apparently, a stitch of sense), this leafless lard lady made a beeline straight to Knight's Volvo and allegedly went ape (as pictured at the top).

Knight says this bare-skinned big-ass broad first leapt up on his hood and put a big boot to his windshield -- shattering it with a single fell stomp (pics above). And she was just getting warmed up at that point, as she continued kicking at the lifeless Swedish import vehicle until the cops showed up to finally put an end to her big fat foot attack (allegedly).

For some reason, cops hauled in the buck naked boot babe for a psychiatric evaluation. (No word whether the gawkers staring at a naked fat chick were hauled in for evaluation themselves).

Meantime Knight thinks insurance will cover the damage and he says he's not interested in pressing any charges. Now that's a classy guy putting his best foot forward -- especially since he doesn't have to foot the bill on this one.