Friday, December 23, 2011

Gutter Ball Boor: South Carolina Man Allegedly Attacks Broad with a Damn Bowling Ball for Refusing His Offer of Free Drinks!

While a babe's odds are typically about 99% of remaining unscathed after refusing a man's offer to buy her drinks, there's still that 1% of the population (in addition to the millionaires and billionaires) known as slimeballs. And keep in mind that if you're dealing with a crumb-bag like that, such type typically doesn't accept rejection with a great deal of grace or manners...

Cops in Rock Hill, South Carolina say 31-year-old Omar Sheree Stevenson (pictured on right) was just such an individual, hanging out at the local bowling alley and looking to help one of the female patrons get her drink on through an offer of some free booze. But this alleged bowling boobjob Stevenson got bowled down faster on that offer than the pins on an Earl Anthony final frame.

Having been rejected, Stevenson reportedly first went about his business as usual, waiting until it was his turn to bowl and then picking up his 12-pound ball. But something in this bowl bum allegedly snapped at that point, like a bad episode of "Bowling for Dollars" and as if he had just had a 7-9 split disallowed or something...

In particular, cops say Stevenson went ape on the broad, taking his bowling ball and tossing it right at her head like it was the last pin needed for a game-winning spare. And he reportedly pounded that melon with a direct hit from the bowling ball, sending the dame sprawling to the ground.

Cops say they found this little number rolling around on the floor next to the snack bar, bleeding profusely from the top of her head. Gruesomely, cops say they "could see her skull through the cut." Miraculously, however, she was not seriously hurt and was released from the hospital after receiving seven stitches (with no skull fracture).

When cops caught up with Stevenson, he claimed he had just "lost his temper" and "regretted the incident." But now he may just have a very long extended vacation for expressing regrets and bowling out in the yard, since cops busted his PBA-reject ass for attempted murder. Forget the "three strikes" statute: Proceed down the alley and straight to the hoosegow.