Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Obama: Let's Overcome Partisan Gridlock." Meantime, Count Dracula: "Let's Rise Above Indiscriminate Blood-Sucking"...

Far from its moniker of "Black Friday," yesterday was more like Gray Friday, with cloudy skies, a cold wind, and an overall gloomy disposition. And for that reason, I'd like to thank the individual we currently have as president for at least making me break out in laughter when I saw that the theme of his so-called Thanksgiving address was "Let's Overcome Partisan Gridlock."

I'm just surprised he didn't toss in, for good measure, a gratuitous, "Let's Grow Beyond Being Radical Partisan Ideologues," while he was at it. And then maybe, as well, "Let's Get Past Politics and Campaigns Dictating Every Single Action We Take." Shit, he would have been on a damn roll at that point! But alas, my prior invitations to this white house to add me as a consultant to their speech writing team have yet to garner even a polite declination. Their loss.