Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Lost Her Crown and The Other Allegedly Lost Her Top! Two Queens Making News This Weekend for Very Different Reasons. Plus Brooklyn Decker Update!

The two royal family members are Italian glamour queen Marika Fruscio (first pictured hottie wearing a crown at the top) and Miss San Antonio Domonique Ramirez (the second pictured crowned lady above). Marika is a regular pair (err, face) on my Ladies Panel, while in February I discussed in this space the curious case of Domonique being stripped of her beauty pageant crown for "eating one too many tacos."

Well, good news for Domonique this weekend, while the news is just plain oddball when it comes to the Italian glamour model Marika. And yes, as promised, I have some breaking Brooklyn "Double" Decker news as well down below:

She Lost Her Top, or Did She?

The Net has been abuzz this weekend with the so-called "story" that Marika Fruscio took off her top and showed her sizable rack late last week on an Italian television show (as if she hasn't already done that same thing plenty in the European glamour rags!).

But alas, as best as I can tell, this is just a Facebook hoax. According to the linked report, the alleged video is making the rounds on Facebook, but don't click on it! The report says that if you do, "you will basically be spamming your friends by liking the page automatically and posting it on your wall."

Jeez. Glad I ran across that dude's report before trying to watch or imbed that stupid thing in here. BTW, I got wind that something was going down with Marika after receiving a lot of traffic this weekend from people apparently looking for this reportedly sham "story."

"One Too Many Tacos"? The Judge Didn't Buy It

Also a lot of traffic here this weekend from people looking for the latest on the former (and now restored -- read on) Miss San Antonio, Domonique Ramirez. She was stripped of the Miss San Antonio crown a few months back because the pageant board (through its spokesperson) said that Ramirez had "one too many tacos" and "too many chips and soda," allegedly putting on weight as a result.

Domonique took the pageant board to court, and late last week she won her case! The pageant board now has to restore her crown, and the "board" is reportedly none too happy about having to do so (link at bottom). There may be a hitch, however, as the pageant board is making noise about possibly appealing the judge's decision.

A link to my earlier post on this story is down below. My prior conclusion on this story was that even though the pageant board gave lip service to its decision also being based on Domonique being "late" to one or more of her post-pageant scheduled appearances, it was very clear to me that a significant factor (and perhaps the overriding factor) in the pageant board's decision to strip her crown was the board's view that Domonique had put on weight.

Of course, that was a completely pathetic decision since these "beauty" pageants are supposed to be about a lot more than just physical beauty, such as intelligence, ability on one's feet, and academic achievement. I'm glad to see the judge restore her crown, and hopefully that's the end of it. Stay tuned…

Brooklyn Decker Downsizes!

No, she didn't downsize her mammalian protuberances! Thank God. I'm talking about her hair, where the Net is going crazy this weekend with accounts of Double Decker (the blonde pictured three times above) chopping 10 inches off her curly blonde locks, allegedly to "mimic" Jennifer Aniston (link to People Magazine's story below) (see the last picture immediately above for the new "do").

Two points here: First, I don't think this completely hot supermodel is trying to do anything to "mimic" much of anyone, including Aniston (Aniston herself, admittedly, being one of the absolute hottest early 40-something ladies anywhere on the planet).

Second, if Brooklyn Decker wants to shave her head bald, stick a Frankenstein-style iron rod through her gullet, or even tat and pierce up every inch of her gorgeous melon, she's still going to be one of the most insatiable young ladies to visit the planet since the birth of Christ. If you don't care for the shorter locks, then get over it already! Dame is hot, regardless! If I was an early 30-something dude, I might even consider dating her myself.